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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Aphrodities War Post for Staccato Autumn Family Line Up Tour!

The O'Raven Chronicles is very pleased to Present The Spot-light Post For Aphrodite's War by Donna Milward as Part of The Staccato Autumn Family Line up Blog Tour hosted by TTC & B2B Book Tours.

Book Spot-light; 

Aphrodite's War

Book Synopsis:
Aphrodite despises Aries and when Zeus proposes a contest, the prize being expulsion of her enemy from Olympus, Aphrodite cannot resist. The catch: should Aries prevail it is Aphrodite who must leave her home. Risks aside, she cannot refuse the possibility of a future without her former lover.

The challenge: two mortals must fall in love. It is simple. However, the players could not be more ill-suited. Poetry, a free spirited artist and Adrian, a defense attorney would not normally choose one another. But when gods interfere anything is possible.

Book Excerpt; 

Time crawls for bored gods. With no worshipers and no true purpose they grow weary of existence and long 

for distraction. Aphrodite and Ares, once lovers, now bitter foes, engage in a contest of wills using humans like 

toys. The stakes are high and the mortals are oblivious. 

Circumstance and chance brought Poetry, a jewelry artist and Adrian, a defense lawyer together. It’s an 

unlikely but charmed meeting. Neither knows they are pawns in a battle much larger than their ordinary 

lives. Their world comes apart as they struggle through their feelings for each other...

Because Ares always cheats.

Where can you find the first book? 
  Amazon / Kobo / Barnes and Noble


Author Spot-light;  
Author Bio: 

Donna Milward lives in Edmonton, Alberta in a tiny house with a huge yard. She’s been writing all her life, but decided to put writing on hold to get ‘a real job’ as a meatcutter and build a future with her beloved troll, Dan and her cats Freya, Sully, and Spartacus Jones.

Twelve years later, an invitation to a Romance Writer’s Conference in Washington D.C. led not only to new friends and new knowledge, but to the inspiration to write again. Thoeba was completed the following year.

Donna likes to mix her fascination with reincarnation and all things paranormal with her love of mythology in her work, and has even written her own myth ‘The Sacred Truth” (on earthtothoeba.blogspot.com) as the lore behind Thoeba and future novels to come.

Donna enjoys fishing, gardening and canning. Despite these hobbies, she much prefers city life.

Author links: 

 Publisher Site
 Author's Goodreads page
 Thoeba Blog

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