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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book Reading and Signing Virgin!

Today was my first time to go to a public reading and book signing by a famous author whose work I love!!!!! I was and still am so excited about my day lol! Here is my journal entry that I wrote before the event and after!;


Anticipation grew as we waited for the author to arrive! She had written the story of one of those couples; you know the kind! The ones in the fantasy novels whose love literally change the world! As I looked around at all of my fellow fans, I could see the same look in their eyes as in mine! We all dream of a love like that! It is fascinating to me that we are all so different. Many races, religions, personalities, and life styles were all gathered there! We were America! We were the whole earth! Yet we were all drawn here by this one woman’s vision of Love; by the same one hope for love! In that we were all the same! This hope gave me pause to stop and think about the secret life inside everyone! That secret place inside that belongs to us and us alone! That place that we do not invite another soul into. Though we all long for a soul to come that we could feel safe inviting in! We all share this common hope, whether or not we are willing to admit it even to ourselves! This grace, this magnificent hope that lives inside us all brings me to my spiritual knees; in awe of The God of Beauty and Love! This Love is the only Truth; and even to witness The Hope of it, or The Faith in it, causes my soul to worship in spite of myself!

As I sat waiting in the temple of books I let my eyes peruse the various sections! Then the author arrived! The kind and pretty store employee, ever helpful; came to make sure everyone had what they needed, was ready, and understood how things would happen! Then a hush fell over the crowd as she introduced the author! Applause erupted as the author stepped onto the floor! She opened her book and began a passionate reading of her work! It was a reading so well done and so heartfelt that Shakespeare himself would have been proud and moved to tears! She captivated us with her spellbound words, taking us into a world she was herself ready to leave behind! Afterwards she spoke a little to us on the nature of her work and her vocation! She spoke about Love and Inspiration! Then she proceeded to do a question and answer period! The crowd was shy; only four or five questions! A girl asked about process; good, I didn’t have to! Another asks a question she has already guessed the answer to; which we had discussed before the event! This caused us to laugh (Chapter 16, those of you in on the joke will understand). I was the second person in line to speak to the author and get her to sign my books; as I was in group A and wearing purple! It came my turn, and she signed my books asking if I had read the latest installment in the series and wondering which was my favorite! She was so nice to talk to and I found myself unable to ask the thousand questions that were in my head! Next I had my picture taken with the lovely woman! The contrast between her and I was sadly very stark indeed! Then the next in line took their turn and I left; and as I left, I considered the day. It was a good day! The book series was Fallen, and the Author was Lauren Kate!


Lauren Kate and I lol

Lauren Kate, My Friend Tammy, and Myself! lol!!!!! This day was so fun!




A Poem I wrote Inspired by (Not based entirely on) The Fallen series By Lauren Kate;


~ Fallen Love ~

3 words “I love you”
You said, “I love you”
The Heavens opened and I fell!

A blast of Truth ripped open the starry floor,
and the sky swallowed me!

Fallen, Torment, Passion, Rapture
The Divine Revelation of Love before The Throne, ripped even the glory of Heaven apart at the seems!

The Chief Angel’s words, as he was officiating the marriage of our souls echo even now through my head; ringing like accusing church bells! “What God has joined together, let No man put asunder”!

But what if our ending was caused by no man, but by The Throne itself?

What then of our Great Love?

Love so powerful that it split the Heavens, and the earth itself quaked; like our bodies; when our passions ignited the fiery stars above!

3 words, “I Love you”
You said “I Love you”
The Heavens opened, and I fell

My wings opened but could not grip the air enough to catch me, as the earth rushed to meet me! Heavy things shedding weight and feathers as I plummeted! Blood like tear drops were lost in the high places!

When my body full of Grace hit the ground, the sound of it shattered the peace of the universe and time itself stopped as the wave reverberated back to me!

I laid curled like a baby in the embrace of the earth longing for death, longing for your embrace!

Your words hung there in The Eternal Heavens of my mind! You claim that you Love me, but where are you now, after such a declaration? Was it only I who fell? The sky swallowed me, and I could not see!

And where are the rest of The Heavenly Hosts? Where are their ancient celestial songs to sing the sun to my heart again and awaken me from my ancient sleep! Rouse me Starry ones, I pray of thee, rouse me to Love still again with thy sweet refrains!

3 words, “I love you”,
You said, “I love you”,
The Heavens opened and I fell…

and I fell!


By Lucien O’Raven (A.k.a. Rev. Loush M. O’Raven) In the year of our Lord 2012, on the Eighteenth day of the month of Oak-Moon / June, during the Celtic Festival season of Litha!

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