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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Celtic Cosmology of Rev. Loush O’Raven part 3;

The Celtic Cosmology of Rev. Loush O’Raven part 3;

The classifications and definitions of the spiritual hierarchy that exists within the realms of Spirit.

There are terms one needs to know if one wishes to understand how I see the universe. There is a spiritual hierarchy at work. Though I do not pray to or worship any being but God, I work with many different spiritual beings after I have tested them according to biblical tradition.

These are the terms;

First and Foremost there is God, Creator and Lord of the Universe. Everything is ultimately under his command and control.
In Gaelic, God is said in the following ways depending on how you are using the word;

Dia (Dee ah or Jee ah) = God 
A Dhia (Ah Yee ah) = God when you are talking directly to him/her 
Dé (Day or Jay) = of God 
Céile Dé (Modern Gaelic) literally means Spouse(’s) of God
Implied meanings: children of God, servants of God, Companions of God, Friends of God, Vassals of God, Warriors of God, Minister of God, Vessels of God, Followers of God.

The bre’hon: 
This is an old druidic Celtic term. In ancient times in the Celtic lands this referred to a group of druids who sat as judges to here different political and legal issues and gave rulings. However in my belief system, like so many Gaelic Celtic terms or words, this word came from one of the many fairie languages. I was told by my elemental teachers that this term was originally used by the fairies to describe all beings who are not incarnate humans, and who serve God by helping humanity. The Bre’hon are all of the spiritual aids that God sends us. This group includes the angels, the angelic beings, the saints the crowned saints, the ascended masters, spirit teachers, spirit guides, Reiki guides, the martyrs, the ancestors, the elementals, and the totems. So in my tradition this is the word we use for our spiritual helpers. Judges is a fitting way to look at our spiritual helpers. Even the bible says, “…and He shall give his angels charge over thee”. The bible also talks about “the cloud of witnesses” constantly around us.

this is a race of beings who live in heaven with God, and work for him throughout the entirety of the universe. Humans do not become angels when they die. Angels are a different phylum. However despite what popular new age teachers like Sylvia brown say, angels do have names; as everything in the universe has a name even if we humans do not know those names. With the exception of the incident found in geneses angels have never been human and never will be. They do often take human form to walk and work amongst us. Most of the angels we deal with we never even know we dealt with them. That is why scripture tells us to be careful, because we never know when we are entertaining angels. God sends them to help us constantly. We do not want to offend them with our bad behavior. There just might be very negative consequences to our bad actions, and misdeeds. Angels are here to help us and to serve God like we do. They are not to be worshiped though they are higher then us in certain ways. They are to be respected. Humans and angels learn from each-other scripture tells us. The angels are also called the celestials, and the heavenly hosts.

Celestial beings:
these beings and creatures often called The Terrestrial Hosts have a similar energetic frequency of angels and usually dwell amongst the angels but they are different then angels. They are a class of or race of beings between angels and elementals. They do not have the exact same degree of authority that angels do. They are under the command of the angels.

Ascended masters: 
these are people, saints, spiritual teachers, and beings that have attained an extremely high level of spiritual wisdom, knowledge, power, and a small degree of spiritual authority. They reside with God in heaven and he sends them to teach the people who are mentally and spiritually evolved in the slightest. They are like advanced spirit teachers if you will.

 Crowned Saints: 
saints of high authority in heaven, like the apostles. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, St. John, and St. Luke are amongst these people.

the people of God who have died for the final time and entered heaven for all eternity. Unlike what is popular mythology from various traditions like the catholic traditions it does not take debate, earthly sanction or three miracles to become a saint. It only takes being a believer in God and living a life of faith. Some just may call this group “good spirits”.

God’s people who were slaughtered for their beliefs, and became crowned saints. When someone is made a martyr their spirit is given an enormous amount of authoritative and spiritual power. Their shed blood is a witness to the Glory of God, and to the quality and character of their own soul.

Elementals (fairies): 
a race of beings akin to angels but tied to one or more of the four basic elements of nature; water, air, earth, and fire. They are spiritual beings who can but seldom do, take even more physical form then the angels. They are the angels of nature so to speak.

spiritual power aids given to us by God that help us on the energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual, and imaginative levels. These include stones, animals, spiritual animals, “mythological creatures”, and plants (plants, spiritual plants, herbs, flowers, and trees). These aids are like personal angels in their functions. Some people call carvings of their spirit animal totems, but they are also called fetishes traditionally. Hair charms and similar charms are also called fetishes, as are rabbits feet and other like objects. Then there are totem poles which tell tribal history and stories in the form of carvings and sculpture.

Spirit guides:
these are spirits that God gave us to help guide us like personal angels. We have childhood spiritual guides, and then usually around puberty we are given the spirit guides that typically stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Spirit teachers:
these are spirits and beings that God sends us throughout our lives and in our dreams, that teach us the things we need to know. Most people are unaware of all of their spiritual aids.

Reiki guides:
these are beings who are in between the spirit teachers and the ascended masters in the wisdom, power, and authority. They help guide us in the use of God’s healing energies and power. They wield the Reiki with great force, and precision. They help people learning healing traditions learn.

The ancestors:
these are literally our physical or our spiritual ancestors. Physical ancestors is a term that is self explanatory. They are also called the ancients. These are the people we descend from or have been adopted by in some cases. Then there are our spiritual ancestors. If we belong to a certain spiritual or religious tradition then these are the people who came and went before us in those traditions. Two terms that coincide with these two types of ancestors are bloodline or (Family-Line in case of adoptions), and spirit-line. Artistic Hero’s could also be counted as spiritual ancestors if they are dead, and whether they are living or dead they could be considered part of ones Spirit-Line.

In later volumes I will post about My Celtic Cosmology I will write about what spiritual meanings certain words and phrases have for me as opposed to what they mean literally or historically; as well as adding some more important words and phrases and what they mean in my tradition. 

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