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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Gift of Inspiration…

Recently I had a birthday. Now it passed the way all of my birthday’s do, utterly without much merit or ado. I often jokingly (or perhaps not so jokingly) say that my birthday is slightly cursed. It is either boring or bad things tend to happen. Plus I don’t really relish the aging process lol, so I don’t celebrate my birthday that often and when I do it is rarely if ever actually on my birth-DAY. Because of who I am as a person non of my groups of friends get along, they are such very different kinds of people with different personality types. I made the mistake a few years back to try and get all of my friends together just once to help me celebrate my birthday in order to try and break the so called “curse”. It was a horrible disaster that I shall never again try to repeat and I was saddened and disappointed that my friends could not make a small effort for me on one day out of the year. Separately however they are terrific people who would give me the shirts off of their backs if I needed it; and vice versa. I am blessed with friends who are true friends despite the fact I must enjoy them separately. Just the other day a very close friend, a lovely woman whom I am privileged to know, took me on a small adventure to half price books and spent a small fortune on me lol. I was very sad that I had recently missed an art exhibit that I had very much wanted to see. I told her that I was lamenting the loss of the arts in my life over the past several years. I miss going to festivals, going to live theater performances, concerts, lectures, adult enrichment classes, the opera, the symphony, the ballet, and various art exhibitions. My current financial situation and life circumstances make it impossible for me to do much of anything. I am even teaching less than I used to. This is probably a huge part of the reason why most of the posts on this blog are for various book tours these past couple of years. I told her I felt the need to have art, and beauty, and inspiration back in my life to help me move on and makes some much needed changes. I feel like I need to recapture certain parts of myself that I have let go and pushed aside in order to survive my current circumstances. She kindly took me to the book store and she purchased for me, many terrific art books. The kinds that would normally cost large sums of money, are the size of your torso, done by academics, and can be found on the tables and book shelves of wealthy homes lol. I got to bring these wonderful masterpieces home with me and begin to read parts of history I had never truly known much about, and I now get to look at these remarkable works of art from the great artists of our past ages. I feel truly blessed to have such a remarkable and generous friend, and benefactress; and also to be surrounded by the energy of beauty and art once again. Thank you my dear friend, you know who you are and what you mean to me. I want to thank all of my friends for your friendship and the awesomeness of your beings. I love you all. I want to encourage all of you who may read this to go out and enrich your life with the arts if they are not part of your life already. Your soul will be elevated just to be surrounded and come into contact with such beauty and inspiration. Inspiration is after all, what drives us to evolve and create change. I think we and the world in general could all use some positive change, especially with everything that is going on in the world right now. I wanted to specifically thank The Creator as well, for being The Ultimate Artist and creating souls that can birth beauty into the beautiful world you created. Life is good, and you can see it as so if you only let yourself! 

P.S. No matter what the physical age, I am 19 - Plus till the day God takes me home...no there is nothing after the plus...it is just plus!!! lol 

To pass on the grace and blessing in order to get you started, I leave you with just one example of the beauty I look at every day now…

One of the many versions of a well known Arthurian Saga character (one of the most tragic characters in the saga); The Lady of Shalott, left to us from the artists of ages gone by…

This one was done by William H. Hunt
Circa 1888 – 1905

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