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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Staying Hopeful in this time of unrest...

People might think I sound crazy, but the worse things seem to get, the more my trust in God increases. It seems as if the more darkness gathers around us during these troubled times, the more hopeful, and peaceful I feel. I know a peace beyond understanding. It is so easy to turn on the television, the internet, or the radio and see and hear, and be bombarded with all the wickedness, the pain, the hurt, the negativity, the unrest, and the constant sorrows and troubles going on out in the world. This is a tool of the enemy to distract us. It is meant to keep us uneasy…to steal away our peace and faith itself. If one can simply see it for what it really is in the highest sense, then one can overcome its bondage. It is nothing in the end but sound and fury. I am not saying that there are not plenty of real issues and problems, and a great host of things that are just wrong. No sane person could deny that. I am not saying there are things we shouldn’t be concerned with, because of course…there are. I am saying that worry gets you no where. Fear equals paralysis which then becomes death. Look, life is neither perfect nor fair. There will always be things that are…not right. But in looking at all that is wrong with the world, please don’t ever stop taking a moment out of each day, and seeing all that is good and beautiful in the world…in life itself; because there is so much goodness and beauty in the world. Don’t forget to wake up in the morning and say “Thank you oh God, for the gift of life…the gift of…being alive. Thank you for everything. Thank you for the gift of your love, and your light in times of darkness. Thank you for everything…amen”. So that's my advice...that's what I think. If you want to stay hopeful and maintain a higher perspective of Beauty...learn to see God in all things, and practice being Grateful every single day for the gift of every single day! If you really want to understand what I am saying here, there is a movie with this message and I suggest you watch it. It is called "American Beauty". Happy Viewing for any of you who decide to take my advice and watch this wonderful film.

Blessed Be! 

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