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Monday, July 23, 2018

The self inflicted downfall of hans hirschi the author;

As a reader but also as a writer, an artist, and a human being I would be outraged by the sentiments of a one hans hirschi if I wasn’t too busy being thoroughly disgusted.

Apparently hans who is an author of “gay romance” or gay fiction, has stated that the only reason why women write and read gay male romance is to and I quote “get off”. He also goes on to list other grievances with gay romance or gay fiction not written by himself or other gay men. He says women as somehow destroying gay literature. He claims there is no such thing as gay for you which refers to straight male or female characters who meet a gay person they connect with and enter into some sort of gay relationship with that one person. It is funny he said this, because as a gay man I have known several of these situations that lasted for years in the real world. I have had no less than three gay friends this has happened to and about five straight friends this has happened to. He then goes on to complain that the idea of fantasy shifter creatures which by definition are neither human nor real would have the males of the species giving birth; because to hans that is just stupid and doesn’t happen in real life. I would refer hans to a very real world creature called a sea-horse where indeed it is the male of the species who gives birth, and then I would refer him to various types of animals like certain frogs who have been known to change gender half way through their lives. However who cares about any of this since we started out talking about non-human fantasy creatures? Why shouldn’t the men be the ones to give birth in these imaginary worlds? Does hans despise his own gender? Is that the real problem here?

I would like to understand the insanity of the statement that women are destroying gay literature. The vast majority of “gay romances are written by women for women. If it were not for women there wouldn’t be much of a gay literary world at all. People might think this is an exaggeration but I assure people that it is not. The gay literature world is dominated by heterosexual women who are “Dorothies” or straight female friends and allies of the gay community which is also affectionately sometimes called “OZ”.

I would also like to talk about assertion that these women only read and write gay male romance to get off. Now this is probably the most astounding and stupid thing he claims in his post. In what fantasy realm does he live in that this could possibly be true? If this was true several other things would also be true. One, they could just watch gay porn and be done with it. Then there is the fact that if this was true they would only write sex scenes and trade them back and forth. Is that what these people are doing? No, of course not. They are reading and writing whole stories. These writers are creating worlds with characters they care an awful lot about. I know because many of these people are very dear friends of mine and they truly love their characters, most of them at least. As writers and readers they are truly invested in these characters, these worlds, and their stories. I have had the chance to meet many of these readers and fans and I am all the better for it as a person. These people are so excited and joyful to share these stories, and to take these adventures and live out these fantasies. Many people know the joys of reading, but not like the true die hard fans of a series or an author. I can attest to this because again, not only am I a writer I am also a huge fan of a lot of the authors I know. Even though several of these people are my friends I still get as excited as a kid at Christmas or a teen girl meeting a rock star she loves when I encounter these authors in real life and get to talk to them.

I would like to add something to all of this. Let us pretend in some insane universe that hans is right and that somehow all of these women who spend so much time and energy reading and writing these books, and starting online groups, and book clubs, and fan clubs are doing all of this, just so they can get off. My question is “WHO CARES” and so what?

Why should any gay man complain about people getting off? As a gay man, an artist, and also as a minister and a healer, I want people to “get off” more. The more people experience orgasms the more happiness and less fighting there will be in the world. Remember the old hippy phrase “make love not war”; well seemingly according to some tests that have been done over the last several decades, this is a truth. Don’t take my word for this, go a research it. Why would I as a gay man care that any of these women might be getting off on this? That mr. hirschi stated it like it is a terrible bad thing. It is not a bad thing at all. In fact I find it both fascinating and flattering that these women might find the men of the gay community and our sex lives such a turn on, even if it is the sex lives of fictitious members of our community.

He had the idiocy to complain about cock-walks, and to this I can only think he was referencing GRL’s cock-walk where money is raised for gay charities. I was proud to donate to the walk and to purchase tickets so I could give something back to the gay community. Shame on him for complaining about something so worthy.

Another strange thing he has complained about is that gay romance authors have the stars of adult gay films on their covers. I am floored. I am also at a loss as to why this is an issue for anyone? What exactly is he objecting to? That fact that porn stars are working other jobs like being cover models? Is he trying to convince us he has never watched porn and gotten off to it; because if he is I don’t believe him at all. Is the problem that some of these stars are gay? Is it because some of them are straight and only do gay for pay? Is the problem that they cost more to get on covers than stock images? Is he jealous that he can’t afford to have them on his covers? Perhaps the problem is that none of them have agreed to be on his covers. Why the prejudice against these cover models or the authors of the books for that matter? What I find utterly strange is that he even cares about what covers, or cover models other authors use. I mean what is all this complaining really about? I think there might be a lot going on in his personal life and all of this is just his way of not dealing with it. Why else all the prejudice against things that are usually embraced by the vast majority of the gay community? Personally I have friends who are models and porn stars and I really truly just love them. They are some of the kindest, sweetest, honest, and frankly best people I have met in many many years. He wondered why people like him are not on covers? Well sir for the same reason that I am not on covers; like you and I have met you in person during GRL, I am as ugly as sin and would make a terrible cover. And no personally I don’t find you masturbation material at all since you brought it up. He seems very preoccupied in his article with things having to be “realistic”, and all I can say to that is he can have his realism. A huge part of why I love reading is to escape mundane and often terrible reality. According to him there are almost no black heterosexual female writers they are all white, he seems preoccupied with race here. Racism? I have to wonder. Now, where I can almost understand his complaints is that most gay romance is written by women for women and it shows. I don’t think anyone I know would really argue with that. I can almost always tell if a man wrote something as opposed to a woman. Women have different things they pay attention to in their work, they have a different style and different sensitivities. There are even certain words and phrases my female writer friends despise and refuse to use which I as a gay man love and use all the time. Does any of that matter? No. Does it stop me from reading the books by women and loving and enjoying them? No. I love how the moron hans throws around words like appropriation and starts talking about our last refuge and bringing up being thrown off of a reservation as if he has ever set foot on a reservation. There is no such thing as cultural appropriation but I expect nothing less than a libtard like hans to throw that racist concept around. I as a gay man love the fact that so many women love gay male romance. Many of these female friends of mine who are authors and readers read books written by gay men all the time and love them. I do slightly agree with hans that this whole movement about #ownvoices is a load of total bulls#it and I refuse to adhere to it as should all writers and artists. I want to say to hans however that no one cares about how he FEELS, because it is of zero consequence to anyone but himself. Hans also feels that rough sex is the equivalent of rape. Well hans you can’t rape the willing. I have read many times how women’s “insides” were torn apart by her lovers cock. Why shouldn’t we be able to read and write about rough sex in the queer community when so many of us love rough sex; as an example I will point to the leather community and a great many porn videos as well as many gay men I have known who love to describe their lover’s “wrecking” their holes.

I do agree with hans that much of the so called diversity in the gay community is limited to certain types of people. I for one am not accepted by the vast majority of the queer community because I am a Trump loving hardcore constitutional conservative who despises the democratic party. I don’t want to exclude democrats from the gay literary community however. Is true diversity needed? Absolutely! What I can’t understand with hans is that he wants to exclude so many people to achieve his strange idea of diversity. It is sad how ignorant and arrogant hans seems to be.

To the idiot woman who told hans that she wants her male characters to suffer at the hands of their lovers the way she did at the hands of her rapist…all I can say is that you madam are sick and twisted as the f*ck head who raped you. That is something truly disgusting. Find a journal and write it, and keep that crap to yourself. I would also like to add that due to the me-too movement I don’t believe most rape stories now. That is the true problem with the me too morons. They have shoved their crap down all of our throats so bad, that a great many of us just don’t believe people anymore and what’s worse is that many people have stopped even caring. Since I have friends and relatives that have been raped I feel this is a shame. The me too movement is hurting real rape victims not helping them at all. The author hans wants us to think about all the atrocities happening to gay men around the world right now. Well hans I don’t have to think about it or consider it, I have lived it! Is that real enough for you hans? You don’t like the thought that people get off, and personally I say shame on you for wanting to horde all the worlds orgasms for yourself. I hope everyone can get off as much as they want to because of anything that is good and legal and right to get off to. I have very rarely met any man gay or otherwise who doesn’t like to be thought of as a toy boy or a sexual fantasy. Most men I have known want to be fantasized about. Can we at least acknowledge that reality hans?

So in closing I would like to say dear Mr. hirschi please go get a real life and stop complaining about what other people do with their lives; and stop preaching down to us so condescendingly with your idiotic feelings and prejudices. You as a gay man should know better! Also I know that you happen to be an adulterer and that your husband and child deserve better. I have seen one very young man you were having an affair with and you could have been his grandfather almost. Normally I would say good for you on that one, but since you are married I would like to say, shame on you. If this were the ancient world you probably would be taken out and stoned to death. As it is I think you probably did a lot of damage to yourself with your post, since you have alienated so many people. You basically murdered your own career and I guess that is its own sort of justice now isn’t it. As for myself I have nothing to loose really by stating what I think about your article so I did. My feelings don’t matter any more than yours really but at least I can admit that. Bye Felicia.

P.S. To whatever idiot evil c*nt of a femi-nazi who told hans to stop manspalining…go F*ck yourself you utter fool of a moron piece of stupid skeezy trash! Stop womansplaining to the rest of us.

Now everyone can get back to their usual life schedules, which I hope include reading and or writing about whatever the f*ck you want to. Never let anyone tell you what literature to like and enjoy.

Happy Reading!

That is all.

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