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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Politcs; more indepth!

It has been a long while since I have written anything. I have been very busy as of late. So much has happened. So much is going on in the world. I thought I would write a blog about my major political views, to give people a better sense of who I am. So I will start by talking about my country. Then I will speak to parties. Then I will move on to major issues. And finally I will talk a little about my views of certain other countries.

I would like to start by saying that for most of my life I have been proud to be an American. With everything going on right now however I have mixed emotions about my country. I still think it is one of the greatest nations on earth. But with the world in the state that it is in right now that is not saying much.


On parties;

well I loath the republicans because they feel like they can tell the rest of us how to live. They are power mad control freaks who are selfish and greedy. They also want this country to be a theocracy instead of a democracy. We can all look at history to understand why this can never work. The thing that is really bothering me about republicans right now is that they do not want democracy. They want to stay a constitutional republic. The dream of our founding fathers was for us to eventually become a nation of pure democracy. They have taken to changing the history texts books to espouse their evangelical pretend Christian views. It was these people who sat on school boards and thought it was alright to violate people’s civil and constitutional rights by introducing illegal dress codes into school. Since they can’t force their beliefs on the rest of us, they have started to go oversees to places like Uganda and brainwash the highly superstitious people that live there. They have told them that gay people are to blame for all their problems. They have lies to them and told them that gay people are an abomination. They have told them that god cursed them with poverty and disease as well as social unrest because of gay people. They have told them that natural disasters are a punishment from god because of gay people. They have told them that America has been cursed because of allowing gay people any freedoms; and convinced them to write new laws making being gay illegal and punishable by death and life long imprisonment. They tell them outright lies like that all gay people eat each others feces and want to come into their country and eat the feces of their children. they have taken to showing extreme fetish pornography in their churches, but only how the gay photos to further prove their point. These people have caused a new genocide and possible future holocaust to try and come about; a genocide against gay people. They have made it their life’s work to self-righteously and arrogantly dictate morality and religion, as well as politics to the rest of us. They are an evil and a threat and must be stopped. And if they are not evangelicals than they are roman catholics. They have made it their mission to make up a so called homosexual agenda that would lead people to believe that gay people want complete anarchy and the total breakdown of heterosexual marriage and the traditional nuclear family. In reality there is a heterosexual evangelical republican agenda to deny all equality and freedom to people who are gay or anyone who is different than them. The heterosexual agenda must be ended at all costs! They are now making a sincere effort to convince gay people that there is something unnatural and wrong with them, and that they need to be cured or in worse cases exorcised of homosexual demons. These people are a dangerous threat and we must stand against them! The pope has made it his mission to always blame gay people or the victims in cases of priests who molests people. The nazi-pope has made it his mission to set himself up as a god-king. He wants to set up first an American, and then a world wide theocracy with him and his minions has the leaders of us all. The roman catholic church has become a threat to mankind, and so the papacy for the good of the world needs to be put into check. And most definitely its coffers need to be drained. Since they no longer want to do charity work for people that disagree with them than the money needs to go back to the unsuspecting people who gave it in the first place thinking it was going to do the work of the cause of Christ! Also, the Vatican has locked up much of our human heritage in its vaults. The vaults need to be taken over by all the museums of Europe so that humanity once again has access to our historical treasures.

I loath the democrats. They are lazy, selfish, greedy people. They want big brother to do everything for them. They have the mentality that it is alright to rob from some people in order to give it to other people. They are largely atheistic upholding science and technology as the answer to everything! They are communists and socialists. They want to tax the poor people into utter poverty in order to force us to pay for their social programs. They want to force us to use their form of health care against our will; as well as forcing us to pay for the healthcare of illegal immigrants! They want to take away all of our freedoms and our privacy. They want to take away our basic rights, like the right to bare arms. It is the democrats who pose the biggest threat to our way of life. If they have their way then this country will be overran by fundamentalist radical muslims intent on destroying this nation from the inside out by turning this country into a muslim nation and introducing the so called “sharia laws”, like they did in Europe. Europe is now almost totally under the rule of muslim immigrants. After mass muslim immigration in many European countries the countries allowed muslims to introduce these evil sharia laws into their nations and are now regretting it. Many places are now loosing tourism because people don’t feel safe anymore. In many places they are putting up super mosques that are overshadowing the beautiful wonders that have always attracted tourism historically. Violence against non-muslims has broken out all over Europe. Anti-Semitism and crimes against Christians and gay people, women, children, and white men have risen to new heights recently as have the attacks on the sufi’s the peace love mystics of islam. In nations where sharia laws were introduced, women have became slaves once again. In these nations where sharia laws are allowed to operate a muslim can go kill someone, then because they are muslim they go to a sharia court where they can claim it as an honor killing which is legal and walk away totally free and unpunished. They never see the inside of a real courtroom, as the countries they are in no longer have power to punish their wickedness or crimes. The de-westernization of the west, and total world dominance is their only objective. They want to force the rest of us to live by their ideals many of which are beyond repugnant. The democrats with their political correctness are going to be responsible for the introduction of sharia laws into this country. This is certainly one of the objectives of the president. The president who claims to not be a muslim has consistently broken national prayer traditions and instituted Islamic prayer traditions in their place. Recently obama discontinued the yearly prayer ceremony on the white house lawn, and set up an Islamic prayer day on the hill. This is enough proof for me that he is a muslim; however it is not the only proof. He has consistently lied about his objective, actions, and agendas. He has in fact done the opposite of what he promised during campaigning! For example; he promised gay people he would fight for their equal rights to get married, adopt, serve openly in the military, and be legally protected from hate crimes. What has he done since he got into office about these issues? Nothing! He has done nothing to ensure gay peoples right to adopt. He has spoken out against gay marriage saying now that he is in favor of civil unions which politically and legally are a joke! He has not really tried to repel the evil “don’t ask don’t tell policy”! he is trying to cram his health care bill down our throats and sneak it past us for voting. Most recently he fired the one man who seems to be doing a truly excellent job in the war that bush started and that obama himself is sustaining and perpetuating! This proves to me further that he is an Islamic radical, because it shows that he wants our war efforts to fail. He wants to get soldiers killed! Before he was even elected he went around the world talking to world leaders which is highly inappropriate. He took a private closed doors meeting with the Islamic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, terroristic tyrant ahmadinejad the president of Iran during that period. This is some shady business people. The president of Iran is the incarnation of pure evil! obama allowed the president of mexico to come stand on our on soil and give us a finger wagging and tongue lashing for wanting to dare invoke the same rights that his country has and exercises; and obama spoke not a word to defend us! obama puts his face on television and in front of the cameras more than any president I ever remember! He tries to confuse the american people with lies, half truths, empty promises, and threats! He is a tyrant in my opinion. He fires and arrests people who disagree with him. He uses double talk to confuse us along with other weapons of mass-distraction! His lack of inaction is unparalleled! He releases known terrorists from prison so they can go out and strike again! He is intent on destroying this country from the inside out and so far he is succeeding. And it would be hard to find a president or a first lady that are more racist than obama and his mrs. The democrats might as well be republicans because the attitudes are the same. Both parties want to totally control every aspect of our way of life and force us into living out their ideals instead of our own.

It is only through introducing third independent parties that there is a hope for our political future. I am an ultra conservative in the actual historical meaning of the word. This means that I believe in as little government intrusion into my life as possible. I do not think the government has the right to tell me how to live, who I can marry, or if I can bare arms; as long as I am not out trying to take away the life, rights, and freedoms of others! If you are anti-gay marriage than you are a republican not a conservative. The government doesn’t have the right to tell us how to dress, what to think, what we can say, what we can read, or who we can love and marry! If you are a republican or a democrat you are a threat and you are uneducated and juvenile. I feel sorry for you and I think you need to grow up and get a life. the government also does not have the right to tell us what we can or can not do to or with our bodies. So I think drugs especially marijuana, and prostitution should be legalized and taxed. If we get rid of the i.r.s. altogether and we all give the government a small portion of our yearly income; a flat tax, while legalizing and taxing things like marijuana and prostitution, than we could more than afford to run our country, pay off our debts, and keep from going broke and becoming poverty stricken. The i.r.s. is an illegal organization that is a separate entity from the government! It is not a government ran organization. It was created to collect money to finance world war two. Than it was suppose to be disbanded. This evil organization is allowed to continue because the government gets a kick back from the money that it steals from us!

There are debates running rampant about foreign affairs and our place in them! The most urgent example of this is our war with certain middle eastern powers. First I want to say there is no such thing as palestine. palestine is a newly made up word that has no bases in history! Ask yourself why it is alright that there are over thirty countries in the middle east that muslims can call home, but yet they are trying to deny the rights of Israelis to have their one state. The answer is because they have tried historically and are planning to try again in the future to commit another genocidal holocaust on the Israelites. America only joined in the fight to profit off of it. First it was by supplying both sides with weapons, and now it for rights to control oil. The creation of the concept of Palestine is to create the myth that the Jewish peoples came into a land that first belonged to the predecessors of the Islamic peoples and took it over, and ran all of them out against their will. This is utter non-sense. The jewish faith is far older than the Islamic faith. Just as the Islamic faith is older than the Christian faith. Paganism is older still! The concept of palestine was created to give anti-semitical people a core belief system to help perpetuate their hatred of the jewish peoples whose land they in fact stole. They moved into the area they knew to be the most holy jewish site; the temple mount and they desecrated it, by building a mosque to a foreign god on top of the ruins of the destroyed jewish temple. But as long as they can convince people they were their first with the myth of Palestine than it is alright to hate and kill jews! There is no Palestine. There are people from iran, and people from iraq, and people from Egypt, and people from many other countries. Now if you want to call them all middle eastern peoples than fine, but they are not now and never have been a unified race called Palestine! It is a ridiculous lie!
There are other countries that pose a threat to us now; like china and korea. They have not yet proven themselves to be enemies in my mind, though they are honest about their contempt for us and our way of life. However we should not underestimate what they are capable of. Neither should we forget that Russia is once again a super power and a threat! Maybe these peoples and others like them are our enemies and maybe they are not! Let us not however fall asleep on the watch, or become lazy or complacent! Let us not be lulled into a false sense of security. Remember this; these places, just like America have real power. In some ways that power is absolute, and history has taught us that absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Issues that are important to me and in order;

Religious freedom for all people
, not just people of the three western religions!

The salvation of the environment of planet earth, and clean energy

Gay rights, and marriage equality. There needs to be a federal constitutional amendment declaring marriage to be a specific type of spiritual and legal relationship and social contract between consenting adults. i also want them to legalize polygamy between consenting adults.

Health freedom. We should be able to use whatever form of medicine we want. We should not be forced to buy medical insurance that we don’t want or will never use! No one should be able to tell me what I have to inject into my child. I want a swift and complete end to all immunization, vaccination, and booster shots on children against the will of the parents! We should be able to have public health care for all citizens that should be paid for out of our yearly taxations! We should not be taxed even more than we already are, when the government has taken so much from us already against our will! I also think that putting peoples names into a national medical government ran database against their will is an unparalleled act of aggression and invasion of privacy. and i want the f.d.a. to stay out of my medicine and food. i don't trust them. they have screwed up enough lives and there is no one to hold them accountable for the thousands of lives they have destroyed, or the mutitude of lies they have told!

Appropriate foreign relations;
Ending our part of the war and getting our troops out of every where in the middle east except for isreal. We are leaving ourselves vulnerable with their absence and we need them home.

The rights of women and children. As of yet children have no real legal rights in this country. They need to be given rights and treated like the human beings that they are. A child in custody cases for example should have the rights to say where he or she wants to live, and if they want to see the other parent or not! They should also have the right to get adopted if they want to by gay people instead of any state forcing them to stay in an orphanage. I also think that abortions should be limited and heavily regulated. If a woman needs to have more than one during a three year period than she is not using sexual protection correctly and needs to be educated. There is no reason with all of the pregnancy prevention methods that we have, that an unwanted pregnancy should even occur. There are also “morning after” pills and herbal potions that are used to get rid of any unwanted pregnancy. Women should be held accountable for their behavior if they want equality. Men have they wages garnished against their wills and their babies aborted against their wills, so women should be held to the same standard of responsibility for their sexual exploits. I think if an abortion is given, it should be given in the first trimester and only in the first trimester. If it happens from the second trimester on than it is murder in my opinion! There are special circumstances that may occur such as rape, ongoing molestation, incest, or medical emergencies that may warrnet a necessary abortion but those too should be taken care of in the first trimester and they are rare!

Exposing the mass racism especially against white people, and especially against men! And helping to end once and for all the white power and black power movements that are evil and that run so rampant in this country!

Separation against church and state. Making people realize that we are suppose to be a democracy not a theocracy or a communist nation. Making people realize the separation of church and state and helping them to understand that it is there not to only protect the state from religion, but also to protect the church from the state! Neither should be interfering with the other except in extreme crises!

I want to abolish once and for all the patriot act! It is an evil communist document that has led to the breakdown of all of our rights, and most importantly our right to privacy, our right to a supposedly fair trial, and our rights to bare arms. And I also want to abolish the national names database, as well as the websites and satellites that allow people to invade my privacy from space by looking into my home, and my yard and then placing these things on the net so that murderers, thieves, terrorists, and rapists can better plan their assaults on us!

I want a complete overhaul of the so called American justice system! The system is broken and failed and doesn’t work, so we need to get a better system. Justice should never be blind! Jury’s should be allowed to see all the evidence. And the prosecution and defense attorneys should not be able to make under or back handed deals and plea bargains!

I want a complete overhaul of the public school system in america! There are to many problems to mention in one blog; but a few of them are waste of time classes that prepare and educate you for nothing having to do with the real world. The introduction of illegal dress codes and uniforms systems designed to cut out all freedom of thought, individuality, and self-expression! Unchecked bullying that is often aided by the school employees themselves! And lack of any true sexual education. The people left in charge of schools are religious fanatics and bigots who not only hate gay kids but endorse putting even more lies and inaccuracies in the already too flawed text books; or atheistic scientists intent on destroying any and all spiritual belief’s and expressions among people! both types of people are a very serious and dangerous threat to the children of America and planet earth and need to be put in their place!

I want a complete abolishment of electoral colleges! It is only in this way that our votes can ever really truly hope to matter at all!

Well I hope that gives a better idea of who I am, what I think, how I feel, and what I believe! I will be posting more blogs again soon but I wanted to start out talking about something relevant and important! Please people, wake up and take action now before it is too late. We have a crises in this country; and in fact over this entire planet. It is a crises of perception and we need to come out of it, and be healed of it. it is a disease that just may kill us in the end. And that end may be here sooner than we think if we do not take action now!

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