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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Harry Potter Series; How it could be viewed as an allegory of a christian’s walk with God!

The Harry Potter Series;
How it could be viewed as an allegory of a christian’s walk with God!

Installment 1

If Christians could forget for a minute that the novels are set inside a fanciful world of enchantments, wizards, witches, and dragons I think they could begin to see an entirely unique statement about the life that Christians were meant to live upon the earth. The most important and fundamental part of the Harry Potter stories, like so many stories written by so many vastly different humans, is that it is a saga that tells of the battle between Good and evil! And like in all stories that speak to this most basic of all human tales there are factors that remain the same in this story. The first is the promise of a chosen golden child; a messianic figure that will bring hope, redemption, and eventual salvation followed by a paradise like existence! Over and over again in this saga the main characters greatest weapons are his many great virtues that are not shared by his evil opponent. These virtues are loyalty, courage, wisdom, kindness, hope, faith, truth, imagination, ingenuity, and above all Love which is stated many times to be not only his greatest power but the greatest power of all. Scripture tells us these same truths. The three greatest things that a Christian can poses are faith, hope, and Love; Love stated as the most important of these three holy virtues. It is the Love of God that is described to be the greatest power in the universe. it is Love that is implied to be the highest and most holy of all of God’s vast attributes! It is Love that moved God to create existence; his yearning to make children for himself that could Love him in return.
Now the most important thing that needs to be understood before a Christian to understand before they can properly see the story of Christ within the Harry Potter saga is that the bible never mentions the words witchcraft, witch, wizard, or enchantments. Indeed these are English words from a later time when the bible was translated very poorly into the English language of King James time at his behest. The word that exists in the original biblical language is kasheph; and this word has no exact English equivalent. The only words that can accurately describe what a kasheph is in English may indeed be “a person who practices the evil arts of poisoning, brain washing, rape, murder, divination of the future outside of the spirit of God, necromancy, idolatry, and wrongful personal gain”! These things do not necessarily apply or not apply to people who use the title of witch. The second thing that Christians need to understand is that there is very little if any real occultism in the Harry Potter books despite what a lot of evangelicals or Roman catholics like to claim. I have studied the occult very deeply for over twenty years and am well versed in almost all areas of occult philosophy and practices. The Harry Potter books lack most real occult practices and are instead focused on the fairy tale aspect of the world of witches and “magic”! Another thing that Christians might want to consider is the origins of their own religion. The word occult actually means “hidden” or that which is hidden. In the inception of Christianity, Christianity was the occult of its day, as well as being a cult! Christians were the ones running around in caves in the dark of night wearing hooded cloaks to hide their identities using secret symbols and markings to identify each other. The cult refers to a religion in which the followers must pledge their utter allegiance to the living leader of that religion, of which there can only be one at a time. The romans and many others referred to Christians as a cult because of this fact and the fact that we did not participate in the pagan state religions of the day. Now after Christ died and then rose and ascended; no longer being on earth precluded us from having only one living leader on earth to which all followers of the faith pledged their fealty to. This means that we can no longer be categorized as a cult. We no longer hide who or what we are so we can no longer be called part of the occult. I would like to point out at this time that in Harry Potter’s world people are not hiding what they are for the most part. They are openly attending a school and living in a world of witches and wizardry. This precludes them from being part of the occult to a huge degree. also there is no living leader to which all witches and wizards in the stories are expected to submit too. Now the exception to this rule in the story is the dark witches and wizards called the death eaters which are the followers of Voldemort in the saga. Voldemort represents the anti-Christ or anti-messianic character. Although I can also make allusions to him having a lot in common with the pope of the roman catholic church and the archbishop of Canterbury or other world wide evangelical leaders of the protestant churches. I will refrain from doing so at this time as it is not relevant to the point that I am trying to make.
I have seen an endless parade of protests from so called christians who are obviously uneducated about the bible and their own history calling for Christian parents to ban their children from reading the Harry potter series or seeing the movies, as well as trying to force schools to take it out of approved reading time. The Harry Potter books I will point out are almost solely responsible for getting an entire generation of uninterested children re-interested into reading. And not only did they become interested but enthusiastic, avid, and prolific readers. It would seem that God has a purpose for these books and movies after all whether or not modern so called christians like it!
Now in the saga the main character who is the messianic character Harry Potter must face a series of challenges, trials, and hardships in his life. This echo’s the many hardships that Christ and his earthly family and followers went through. Harry is forced to from his own make shift family from friends when his own family had rejected him. This echo’s how most of the Jews of his time rejected Christ and his message, and how he took it to the gentiles many of whom readily accepted it! The story goes on to tell how Harry must eventually face and defeat the enemy of all goodness. It describes how he had to sacrifice his own life in order to save everyone from the darkest evil. It describes how he had to lay down his life and give of his life time and time again. now anyone who can not see the direct correlation between Harry Potter and the story of Christ after what I have just pointed out is beyond spirituality blind, they are just plain ignorant! I am not saying that J. K. Rowling wrote this saga as a spiritual or Christian allegory. I am saying that God has made it to be such (to some of us); whatever the intentions of this brilliant author (who is one of my personal artistic hero’s) were. The books changed in style and grew up with the reader, and in this we can see a correlation in the lives of baby christians as The Word reaches them differently at different points in their walk with God in order to help them learn, grow, and mature in their relationship with him and with life itself!

The Extraordinary Author of The Harry Potter Series J.K. Rowling;

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