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Monday, October 15, 2012

Artist Spotlight and Interview for Ibrael!


His website;      http://www.ibrael.com/

I am so pleased to be doing this Artist Spotlight. Meet Ibrael, an extraordinary Artist whose art depicts one of my personal favorite subjects as you will know if you read my blog lol….namely the male form. Ibrael is one of the artists whose work inspired several aspects of my own writing and it is an honor to have had the chance to talk with him online the other day and I want to thank him for allowing me to do this Spotlight and also a brief interview with him for The O’Raven Chronicles! I can't tell you how excited I am; not only is this my first Interview, but it is with a great artist! So another first for me on this Blog, I have been having a lot of firsts lately.

Ibrael is a proud 34 year old Gay artist in Spain. I have been a fan of his animated men for a while now. He is partly responsible in fact for the creation of some of my characters in the novels I am writing; one in particular.

It was hard for me to select which out of all his fabulous works I wanted to highlight here. I have so many that are personal favorites and it has taken me all day to try to shorten the list for this post. I wanted to show a range of his work to you so you can see just how talented this man is. So here is a series of 8 works of art. It starts with a face, then goes to clothed bodies, and then gets into the nudes. Within the beginning of the nudes there is a series of 3 that are particular favorites of mine. They show one model in the same position who transforms from a seriously hot man, to a fucking hot angel, and finally into a sexy little devil! I hope these selections properly demonstrate his range of work and his talent.

So without further ado here are the pieces he has generously allowed me to select to share with you;

Please go check out his pages and his works! 

The Interview; 

Question;  "How long have you been doing art and what inspires you"?
Answer; "I’ve been drawing since I was a little child; but only on march-2011 I started drawing on my computer; so I can honestly say that I’ve been very little time doing it this way.
On the other side, I started writing stories based on gay characters since I was 18 years old (that means a long time ago ;D).
The beauty of the young human male body, and the normalization of the homosexuality with gay characters is my main inspiration, and the relationships between them and the world; on my illustrations and stories, I use too a big variety of situations, from superheroes, angels/demos, to fantastic middle age, actual/realistic age… I’m always traying to change and make something new".

Question; "When did you first, really get into art"?
Answer; "The first time I started drawing seriously, trying to improve and feeling real nice with the good feedback of my friends, came when I was 15 years old, trying to draw the best “Dragon Ball” (a manga serial) characters I could. It seems I did it well ;D".

Question;  "Who are some of your favorite artists"?
Answer; "Ismael Alvarez is the one who inspired me most to do it on the way I do actually. But I’ve been reading comics (American and manga) since I remember, and I’m sure that influenced me a lot. The new comic line of DC Comics (those doing the line “the new 52” are awesome) are now top of my list".

Question; "Can you share some of your favorite Books, Shows, Movies, and Music with us"?
Answer; "Books: The Lord of the Rings is the best one. Currently I’m reading Game of Thrones, and the rest of them… well, its difficult for me to know the translation of their tittles in English.
. Films: Alien and Prometheus, many of superheroes (Superman, Batman, Spiderman…), Silent Hill, Constantine, Matrix, of course the Lord of the Rings again… and in “gay” subjet, Get real is very good, as well as  Shortbus and KingSize.
. Music: I like hearing celtic music in general and Enya in particular. I like pop music like Owl City, Madonna, Roxette…".

Thank You Ibrael for Gracing The O'Raven Chronicles with your warm presence and your terrific works of art! 

On a side note people.......isn't he seriously nice to look at lol?!!! 

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