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Thursday, May 16, 2013

On this new stupid trend of Breast mutilation when you don't have cancer...

To all the people out there who think it is a good idea to mutilate the human 
body in case one day they might get sick....for example a woman being duped 
by idiot doctors into cutting off her breasts because she might one day get
 cancer....this is what I have to say; 

I think we should all cut out the brains many of us are not using just in case 

one day we might get a brain tumor. Also I think we should cut off our arms and 
legs in case one day we might get gangrene. Also I think we should start 
aborting all babies in case one day they might grow up to be serial killers. I 
mean how far are we going to take this utter stupidity. let's not do half 
way...let's go all the way with this so called logic of prevention. I think we 
should blow up all our cars just in case one day they might break down on us. 
Heck ...let's just nuke the planet in case an asteroid starts heading for earth 
one day. there ...all our problems solved because we don't need faith in God 
anymore....we have the new so called logic of prevention! hahahahaah and that Ladies and Gentleman is my rant for the day.

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