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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another false prophet!

There is yet another false prophet that the children of God should be wary of! scripture warned us that there would be many of them who claim to come in his name and that we should disregard them and their ignorant counsel! well years ago I saw this false prophet on evil evangelical television. Last night I just saw him again. And this time he is up to international no-good! So here is my thoughts on him...

Years ago I was watching so called “christian” television. This is something that is out of character for me because I hate to hear all the lies, hate mongering, fearful manipulations, and un-biblical mis-education that is spoken on these channels. I was flipping and ran across the sinful daystar channel. The silly stupid woman named Joni lamb was on! She had a guest that claimed to be a highly gifted man who can interpret dreams in the so called “biblical” way!

Someone had a dream about a spider, and I immediately saw his fear based manipulations go to work. Now, where a medicine man, and a true Christian and child of God might have seen the dream as speaking of God’s plan for that persons life by showing them their place within the great web or tapestry of life; maybe speaking to the person about the fact that God is in control of all things, as he (like the humble spider in the dream) is the great weaver of the web, circle, and tapestry of life; this man said that the spider represented the fact that evil and demons were weaving lies and deceptions around the persons life and that they needed to be cautious! Now I would have first asked the person if they felt the spiders were a good or bad symbol in their feeling and opinion. Then I would pray and reflect on their answer, and look at the positive first; this man immediately went into the fear based mind set where everything is evil and then he tried to instill ungodly fear into the person.

Another person dreamed of a wolf. And before finding out if the person felt the wolf was good or bad he just started telling them that the wolf represented evil demons trying to attack them and rip their soul and life apart. Where as a Christian native American might have taught the person that the wolf symbolizes many good things like, family, and companionship, friendship, marriage, and teaching! A true child of God who is in the know about animal symbolism might have said well God might be calling you to pay more attention to your spouse or family, or maybe he was giving you a calling to teach or to take a class in something. But no this man went to fear and evil immediately. A tactic that evil almost always employs!

This man does not instill love, courage, and devotion in GOD. He intsills fear, misinformation, ignorance, mis-education, and unrest! He is a false prophet and I call him out as such before God’s Church. His name is jhon paul jackson. And he is fixing to become even more rich off people now because he created soft ware for the i-phone (and I believe the i-pod as well) that records, remembers, and “interprets” peoples dreams like a self-interpreting dream journal. People stay away from this man and his machinations. He will lead you down the path of senseless fear; And as we all know from the teachings of the Jedi masters in star wars, fear is the path that leads to the dark side; lol!

There is no such thing as holy fear! Scripture does not say that “fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom”; that is a mis-translation! Scripture says in fact that “devotion to The Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. God is perfect and He is love. And perfect love casts out all fear according to scripture. Fear and love can not inhabit the same temple. You will either fear God or love Him, you can not do both! you can not have it both ways! You can not love what you fear. The first thing that God’s angels say when they come is “FEAR NOT”! don’t be afraid they tell us because God loves us and is with us!

When you have a dream, then pray about it, meditate on it, and ask God to reveal its true meaning to you; and if you feel it is necessary find someone you know and trust with the spiritual gift of dream interpretation and get them to pray with you about it and tell you what they think of it! You won’t find the answers in dream interpretation books, or in this man’s dream loggr technology. You will find the answers within; where God always puts his truth and his answers. You will find the answers in the Living Word of God! You are part of that Living Word! If you have a gift from God, then before anything else; before seeking outside answers, before you take a class, pray and ask God to be your first teacher!

Stay away from false prophets and misguided disciples of false prophets like joni lamb! These people are un-knowingly in the service of evil! Stay with God and ask Him to reveal Himself; His truth to you! If you ask Him for wisdom and truth and insight, He will not refuse to lend! Do not be afraid. Empower yourself in God!

Live in Love, always!

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