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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Prayer of The Grail!

I wanted to begin my blogging this year with talking about gratitude and living a life of service. Being a minister I try and live a life of service because, well that’s what a minister does! As a Celi De` minister I believe that I as a minister servant of God am in service to three things; God (The Living Word), humanity, and nature; God being the highest master that I serve. However in service to Him, I am also called to serve Humanity, The Church, Art, Beauty,Truth, and Healing; and I am also called to be a steward of the earth and take care of the planet as best as I can! So I thought instead of just talking about thankfulness and service, that I would just share a powerful prayer of appreciation, service, vocation, and protection with everyone who reads my blog site!

The Prayer of The Grail:

Father God around me in unbroken love holding me in Grace,
Christ with me
Christ before me
Christ behind me
Christ to each side of me
Christ beneath me
Christ above me
Christ within me
Christ without
Trinity God en-circle-ing me
Christ encompassing me
Holy Spirit indwelling in me, flowing through me, and around me
God surrounds me in unbroken Love

This prayer is one of the many "Grail prayers". It is in Celi De fashion (celtic christian mystics, the name means spouses of God amongst other things). I myself am Celi De. In any case this prayer gets me through a lot. it is an affirmation of love, peace, protection, joy, harmony, and power amongst other things. By saying this prayer you are affirming your relationship with God, that he has saved you, that you are submitted to him as his bride, child, and vessel; that you are one with Him and His power. You are saying God, I not only trust and have faith in you; I know you, I know you are here with me closer to me than I am to myself. You are my life my sweetness, my hope and stay, you are my very breath and existence. Nothing can ever separate me from you because in the highest sense of reality I am a part of you, omnipresent Immanuel! You are affirming your faith in Christ who has saved you by Grace through faith in Him. This is a powerful prayer. Be mindful, aware, and respectful when you say it. This is big medicine. You are opening yourself up to being a vessel servant of God, being a Holy Grail by saying this prayer. Be ready to be used when you say this prayer. He will use you and it will astound you the things you are saying and doing for Him; that you never dreamt in your wildest imagination that you would!:) I hope this helps you as it helped me!:)

The Pollen Path Prayer;

Beauty before me,
Beauty behind me,
Beauty to each side of me,
Beauty above me,
Beauty beneath me,
Beauty within me,
Beauty without,
Beauty around me,
I’m on the pollen path,
I walk the good red road,
I make good medicine ,
and I walk in beauty with The God (Creator, Great Spirit)!

This is a Christian adaptation of a very old traditional native American prayer (mantra, affirmation) that I learned. It is in the same style and has the same purpose as the Grail prayer. The fact that these prayers existed in two separate cultures possibly before any contact between the two great races even knew of each-others existence is further evidence that certain spiritual truths are universal to all ancient cultures! These prayers not only keep us mindful of the presence of the divine in our lives; they are prayers acknowledging the protection that we have from God, and they are a way of honoring the daily gifts that God gives us, that we take for granted much of the time. In fact these prayers are designed to keep us from taking anything for granted! These prayers say to us that we should have an attitude of gratitude, that our hearts should celebrate every moment with thanksgiving and thankfulness, and that we should remember to live a life of appreciation and awe of the beauty that God surrounds us with! Life is not only a blessing but full of blessings! This is a prayer for every day yes, and it is also a prayer for the hard times. This prayer is like a brief paraphrase, synopsis, and summation of the biblical book of Job!

There is a very old hymn that was a favorite of the civil war era. The chorus of this hymn is the exact same message of these prayers and all the biblical passages in the bible that tell us to “make a joyful noise unto the lord”! The song is called “for the beauty” and the chorus says;…

“For the beauty of the earth,
for the beauty of the skies,
for the love that from our birth,
over and around us lies,
Lord above (or “of all”) to Thee we raise,
This our joyful song, of (grateful) praise”!

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