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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Basic ways to go Green!!!

I have been wanting to just post a blog about the basics of what you can do at home to go green and help out this planet! so here are a few suggestions that I gathered off the net to help you facilitate this process to some small degree if you haven't already!

What You Can Do to Go Green

1. Plug into the hottest appliances. These sleek items are designed to not only look good and function efficiently, but to also
conserve energy. Shop the products »

2. Keep your cabinets and counter-tops green. Purify the air in your home by using sustainable materials that look good and are easy on the
planet, too. Get the goods »

3. Look for eco-friendly dishes and cookware. Prepare your family’s meals and serve them in chemical-free dishes made by Mother
Nature herself. Buy the items »

4. Think energy-saving when you think windows. Surround your house with great style and save the planet while you do it by having insulated
windows installed. View the windows »

5. Recycle with style. Instead of buying new furniture and accessories,
look for vintage pieces or those made from
recycled materials. See some examples »

6. Consider planet-friendly floors. Shop for all-natural materials like cork, bamboo and tile. They’re as chic as they are sustainable. »

7. Make a new bed, organically. From the mattress to the sheets, find out how your bed can be comfy and planet-friendly, too. »

8. Paint it safe. Be environmentally responsible by shopping for products that tout low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). »

9. Switch your bulbs. Replace incandescents with compact fluorescents. They may cost more now, but they’ll save you money in the long run. »

10. Make your family room family- and earth-friendly. Toss out the old carpet and install flooring made from natural raw materials instead. »

11. Furnish naturally. Choose wood products that are formaldehyde-free and accessories made of things like hemp. »

12. Keep your garage gear green. Look for things like nontoxic pegboards to hold your tools and manual-reel lawnmowers to cut the grass. »

13. Go with the low flow. Select low-flow water fixtures such as shower-heads, faucets and toilets to reduce consumption and cost. »

14. Renew your bathroom with reclaimed style. There’s no shortage of stylish but eco-friendly products like tile, counter-tops and fixtures. »

15. Go natural. Keep it chemical-free in the bathroom with everything from organic hand soap to bamboo hand towels. »

16. Stock up on earth-friendly office supplies. Prevent stuff from hitting the landfill by utilizing items like recycled computer disks and earth-friendly inks. »

17. Be green when you clean. Many companies are now making high-efficiency washing machines and dryers that save water and energy. »

18. Choose good wood. Try to find wood for your home projects that has been farmed, clear-cut and stained with natural products. »

19. Plant for the planet. Be economical as well as ecological by searching for plants that require little watering and maintenance. »

20. Keep nature natural. Seek out items crafted out of recycled materials like chairs made from plastic milk jugs or corn-husk planters. »

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