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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The basics of how essential oils work:

more articles on Aromatherapy are coming in the future but i wanted to start out with talking about why essential oils work in the body! in future articles this will be clarified even more, but for now these semi-random notes will begin to educate you on why and how essential oils work as the greatest medicine that God gave us for the human body!

The basics of how essential oils work:
(Loush’s young living notes, and aromatherapy research)

Essential oils are plant substances, literally the extracted life blood of the plant (though not all plants will produce oil in large enough amounts to be used by humans and some plants, even some that are safe to eat produce toxic oils that should be avoided). These aromatic substances are made up of vital chemical compounds. There are several methods of application of utilizing the oils as medicines for the body! The three strongest being inhalation (breathing in their aroma), topical application (putting them on the skin, also called the act of anointing), and ingestion (taking them internally as a nutritional dietary supplement). Inhalation is the quickest way to use the oils. Essential oils have chemical compounds which enter directly into the brain when breathed and cause physiological change to happen by altering the current condition of the chemicals within the brain. Topical application is the second fastest way, and possibly the best way to use the oils. By applying the oils or oil blends on the skin they soak directly into the blood stream through the skin tissue much like water, they enter the blood stream and are distributed to the major organs of the body, pumped through the heart and into the brain. Another way to use the oils is by ingesting them. This can only be done with some essential oils and is not really the preferred method of utilizing them, because it does carry risks with some of the oils, and it generally takes three times longer to get the desired results.

Inhalation is breathing the oils through taking deep concentrated breaths of them (smelling them), diffusing them into the air, turning them into vapor or mists, turning them into room sprays, or burning them in oil burners or candles (although burners and candles carry far less therapeutic benefits).

Topical application includes applying them to the skin (and hair, as in the case of hair treatments, shampoos, or conditioners), massaging them into the skin, bathing in them, and wearing them as perfumes, body splash, or colognes. This may also include using them in cases of poultices (cataplasm’s), balms, packs, wraps, plasters, and etc….

Essential oils work to reprogram the cells, the d.n.a. and the r.n.a., as well as give oxygen, negative ions, and ozone to the body. They work on the electrical frequencies of the human body like flower essences. Essential oils have oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, glucocides, hormones, minerals, and amino acids. Part of their function or job is to carry nutrients to the body, and its cells. They can help keep us hydrated for longer periods of time. They perform the same duties for the human body as they do for the plants they come from. They can digest chemicals in the human body.

They can stimulate the secretagogue’s for producing human growth hormones, and anti- bodies for thyroid support. They can stimulate enzymatic activity for better digestive functions.
Essential oils work with the blood. When we bleed after a cut, it’s not just because our body was ripped open like a wine skin and the blood escaped. The bleeding performs a function, which is to help cleanse the area of any possible germs and infections, and deliver nutrients to that area of our body. This is so our body can start the process of tissue repair, just like a damages plant leaf will pour out the essential liquid (resin, juice, or oil) which is the blood of the blood. Blood is like essential oil, and transports what is the main ingredient of both which is oxygen. Essential oils produce the highest amount of oxygenating molecules of any substance known to man other that air and water. Bacteria can not live in ozone or a negative ion filled environment. Because of their chemical components and structure essential oils will detoxify the body, and push unwanted metals (including mercury) and chemicals out of the cells.
Oxygen pushes out toxins and brings potassium back into the cells, reestablishing normal cell function and balance. There has been to date no virus found that has or can build an immunity to essential oils. While most viruses can and do make themselves immune to western chemical non-organic “medicine”, through a simple mutation, and often a multiple microbial reproduction process. It would appear that God made ‘his medicines in nature right the first time. Statistics gathered by several university studies back in the late 1990’s, into the early 2000’s have shown that per year, respiratory, viral, and bacterial infections resulted in four million deaths. Diarrhea and related conditions, which are viral and bacterial in nature resulted in three million deaths, tuberculosis resulted in three million deaths, the hepatitis b virus three million deaths, (protozoa) malaria caused one million deaths, the viral measles caused eight hundred and eighty thousand deaths, tetanus caused six hundred thousand deaths, the aids virus five hundred and fifty thousand deaths, and the killer flu killed twenty million people in the past. These studies did not even cover the amount of deaths cause by cancer, heart disease, hunta virus, flesh eating viruses, strepticocci a, ebolo virus, small pox, or the cancer flu.
Antibiotics are a prime example of peoples stupidity and failings to try and out do what God did. Antibiotics do nothing to cure the root cause of a problem. Indeed all that antibiotics do is suppress symptoms deep into the human body system so that they do not manifest on the outside, Which in an absolute emergency situation may unfortunately be necessary. What this means is that instead of curing an imbalance the antibiotics suppress the warning lights that God designed to tell us that something is wrong! That is their sole function. They have absolutely no other function or ability. One must purge the infection out of the human body in order to be rid of it. Essential oils can kill germs, microbial’s, infections, viruses, bacteria’s, bad funguses, and a host of other things that humans are plagued by (including gangrene).

Cleansing, regeneration, and immunity can only be achieved through working from both the outside of the body to the inside, and the inside of the body to the outside simultaneously. Essential oils can help us to achieve this. One member of the essential oil chemical family groupings is especially important for the human body as medicine. That is the sesquiterpene’s, which have the unique and possibly extreme bennificial ability to go beyond the blood brain barrier. This has the potential of curing multiple scleroses, Parkinson’s disease, lou gehrig’s disease, and alzheimer’s disease. Oils that are high in this chemical compound have the ability when inhaled to increase oxygen production in the limbic system. Particularly around the pineal, and pituitary glands, and the amigdala. This also increases the secretion of certain anti-bodies, endorphins, and neurotransmitters. many diseases, and disorders of the human body have already been proven to be cured by essential oils including diabetes. Blood glucose levels are balanced by certain oils. Many cancers including breast cancer have been successfully treated, cured, prevented, and sent into regression (remission).

Essential oils have a natural harmonic coherent frequency that ranges between 52 and 300 hertz. man made things such as unnatural light (which usually carry a frequency of 60 hertz), or electronic appliances have incoherent chaotic frequencies which fracture the human electrical field. The fields can be healed and maintained between fractures. through the use of essential oils, and certain tools or practices such as Reiki, crystals, tuning forks, the q-link pendent, star chamber water (and tools), and etc…..
Spending time in nature is also essential to the health of our fields.
To keep our fields healthy we must have oxygen, anti-oxidants, and increased frequency.
Our bodies are electrical and everything around us has an electrical field and frequency. Essential oils and flower essences work on this electrical level and have electrical fields that are directly harmonious to our fields.
The cells of the human body must be kept healthy, hydrated, and oxygenated in order to be receptive to blood transports, vitamins, minerals, proteins, hormones, enzymes, amino acids, and nutrients. There is a direct coloration between the health of our cells and the health of our fields. Essential have the power to keep our cells healthy, and our immune system strong and properly functioning. When our immune system is weak or shut down, essential oils have the power to stimulate, rebuild, and turn on our immune systems.
The average persons body or field frequency ranges from 62 to 68 hertz, with their brain hertz frequency being 10 degrees higher in the day. At night this reverses and their body’s frequency raises in the night while the brain hertz frequency lowers. Coffee brings our field frequency down 5 points just by holding it, and it brings it down about 12 points when it is ingested (although it must be taken in small doses so as not to trigger an accelerated aging process). The field does not restabilize to the right frequency by itself for about three days. With essential oils however it can restabilize in about twenty one seconds. Disease begins at 58 hertz frequency. This shows how easy it is for our fragile but complex, and impressive systems to fall into disarray. The flu happens usually at 57 hertz, candida at around 55 hertz, Epstein barr at around 52 hertz, and cancer starting at around 42 hertz. This also shows theoretically how easy it is with the proper tools at our disposal to repair our human bodies and fields. This gives us greater understanding of the biblical teaching that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. “fearfully” in this instance actually refers to God planning the design of our bodies and beings, so well that it defies full human comprehension. A better word than fearfully in our modern tongue is “meticulously”. There are perhaps even better words than this in the English language, but meticulous seems the most appropriate in this capacity. When we do things to ourselves that compromise our human body frequency we can become a victim. Essential oils help reestablish the normal frequency and balance of the human cell.

European hospitals have treated a verity of illnesses through using essential oils as disinfection agents, cleaning agents, and diffusing them in the air through out the hospitals. Among these illnesses which have been successfully treated are respiratory infections, liver insufficiency, digestive insufficient, insomnia, phlebitis, and thrombosis.
Essential oils work with our neurons, causing the appropriate, intended cellular change.
Diffusion of essential oils actually purifies the air, increasing the oxygen, negative ions, and ozone which we breath in to survive. Essential oils fire synapses (and the axon) and can stimulate the regeneration of damaged nerve tissue. They increase the neurotransmitter that converts in the axon to electron. It fire across synaptic gaps. In birth defects, certain nerves didn’t connect. Essential oils will increase the firing of that synopsis, and it will jump across the gap and connect with the nerve that didn’t connect. Once it start firing it will grow closer until it grows together and hard wires, if this is the appropriate action in the body. The ancient egyptions had a three day cleansing ritual for the body practiced on people who were healthy, and those who were dying and about to enter the after life. They said this ritual cleansed the flesh and blood of evil deities. In our modern understanding what this means is that they were cleansing the body, mind, and spirit, of negative emotions and energies, and removing any memory trauma stored in the being, or cells of the body. Essential oils can clear emotional programming, and help reprogram us. Before an essential oil can be found in a plant, it must first have glucocides, which are the sugars or a plant. This may show a connection as to why glyconutrients help the human body (as in the case of ambertose by manatech). Glucides are conversions of plant proteins and contain hormones. It is worth noting that while protein and iron make blood, protein and magnesium make essential oils. Essential oils are God’s own food for the human body temple. Essential oils can cause enzymatic elimination of things like ammonia. Ammonia toxicity in the kidneys as you might know can cause cardiac arrest, and kidney failure. Essential oils send messages to the cell structure of d.n.a. and communicates genetic information. If we can eliminate the genetic coding which passes disease and such things, from one generation to the next, we can stop all genetic illnesses for future generations. Essential oils can aid us in this undertaking. Essential oils mimic many functions found in the nuclei of the cells, or cell d.n.a. and r.n.a.
r.n.a. is where emotional trauma is encoded. D.n.a. has a helix structure which rotates in a clockwise spiral. Essential oils have or take on a helix pattern in the body which allows them to fit perfectly into the helix pattern of the d.n.a. essential oils are like keys going into keyholes when this happens. Essential oils can take on this helix pattern bond with our d.n.a. helix and reverse the spiral of the d.n.a. helix cell structure. Then when this happens it erases or can erase negative and what was formerly thought permanent genetic encoded information. It will spin counter clockwise. Then when the d.n.a. is cleared of negative information, the helix will reverse itself back to a clockwise spin and normalize itself, making ready to receive new positive information. This is called cellular reprogramming. Doctor Gary Young founder of young living essential oils said that “if we live in the frequency of ecstasy then we will never experience disease”. This statement mirrors a quote from the late great Joseph Campbell who said “follow your bliss”. This means that if we live out our passions, and what we believe to be our dreams, purposes, and meanings; if we live in our truths as our authentic selves our joy which will experience as a result will keep our fields at a healthy frequency through out our lives. This is perhaps the reason why God gave the commandment not to lie. And why Christ gave the commandments that you should not swear or promise, but simply let your yes be yes and your no be no, to treat others how you would like to be treated, you reap what you so, judge not lest ye be judged, and love your God with all that you are! He also said that the truth would set us free, and we are only now beginning to understand what he was telling us on multiple levels!

When oxygen levels are compromised in the body potassium levels shrink, sodium levels rise, and our cell helixes experience a bad polarity shifting of frequencies making us more acidic. As we become more acidic and less alkaline we open ourselves up to disease. Acid breaks down the body. The more acidic we are the more we begin to die, and take on cancers, illnesses, and disease. Bad cells, meaning overly acidic cells will split and reproduce twice each time, and both of those cells will be predisposed to becoming cancerous, and indeed will have the codes for cancer written into them. Then these traumatized cells will repeat the reproduction process, and so on and so forth. Besides toxins, stress can also cause this to happen. The body can be completely taken over, that is to say that every cell in the body can be programmed with cancer in only a hundred and twenty days. The good news is that we can reverse this process. Even our thoughts can help us with this process. It has been scientifically proven that every time we have a negative thought we kill off cells in our body before they have time to replenish themselves, and when our negative thought s become words we kill three times as many cells. However the opposite is also true. Every time we have a positive thought it is a hundred times more powerful than a negative one, and we replenish cells in our body faster, and when we turn these thoughts into positive words then it is one thousand times stronger. That is why a patients attitude in overcoming an illness is so very important. Another important aspect of being healthy is having a clean colon. Clogged, or impacted colons are responsible for much of the disease and obesity in the world. On the energetic level this means that when we do not keep our lives, homes, and body clean of unwanted clutter, and free from stress be it mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual then we open ourselves up to sickness. We must keep ourselves “clean”, and free from the toxins of this world. Maybe this is part of the teaching from the bible that says “be in the world but not of the world”!

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