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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Facts and benefits of energy healing:

Facts and benefits of energy healing:
promote healing within yourself and others!

“Reiki is enlightenment and compassion in action”
Rev. Loush M. O’Raven 2009

Reiki boosts the immune system. The immune system is the body’s own natural defense and self healing system. stress can damage and when bad enough kill our immune system. Reiki and other forms of healing touch therapy can strengthen, heal, and enhance one’s immune system. By removing toxic and disruptive energy patterns from your own natural healthy energy patterns, deep healing can occur even at the cellular level.

Reiki promotes balance, wholeness, wellness, accelerated healing, and consciousness.
Assists in balancing your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical energies.
Releases stress and tension.
Reiki seeks out the root causes of diseases, and helps reduce and alleviate symptoms and pain. The main purpose of “healing” is to help one become whole.

Healing is defined and described as: Fixing the problem. Balancing the imbalance. Making something broken, damaged, fractured, incomplete or partial, whole again. To restore, renew, regenerate, revitalize, reanimate, rejuvenate, refresh, and resurrect. To fill emptiness, voids, or holes. To repair. To make sound or whole. to restore to health. to cause an undesirable condition to be overcome. To MEND. To end trouble. To mend undesired situations, issues, concerns, worries, problems, and conditions. To patch up (a breach or division). To restore to original purity or integrity. To be healed of sin. to return to a sound state. To negate wrong. To end fear, violence, or evil. To bring together that which has been wrongly separated. To make authentic. To nourish. To nurture. To comfort. To act compassionately (a compassionate action). To reframe an experience and change one’s perception of that experience to something positive. To be made whole. To be remade, reborn, refurbished, reenergized, etc…

Reiki is a power of force emanating from the Holy Spirit. This force helps us to become whole and spiritually evolve.
“Becoming whole expresses the true nature of healing”. Author unknown

Reiki helps boost one’s energy levels or relax ones energy levels as needed.
Learning to recognize, accept, and utilize this energy is what the training classes are all about. Training opens you up further and attunes you in a deep, vast, profound way to the energy. Reiki is an awesome tool for accelerating not only the healing process but our personal, evolution as well. Our personal earth school enhancement learning process, our life’s journey quest, our spiritual enlightenment can and will be enriched with and through Reiki.

Reiki can improve the connection between the different aspects of the five fold nature of the human soul being; the metaphysical body unit including the auric field (subtle metaphysical etheric energetic bodies) the chakras, the meridians, as well as the physical body. The proverbial heart, the mind, the spirit, and the imagination.

Reiki can be an important vehicle for accessing, experiencing, and expressing “Spirit”.

Reiki is not a religion but a spiritual art, practice, discipline, therapy, technique, and tradition that cuts across all religious and cultural barriers.

Reiki is about experiencing God-power, the true and highest power which is the divine will of the light of love. This process is all about transformation.

Reiki works well when blended with other healing modalities.

Reiki cleanses, clears, and purifies the body and in fact the entire soul being of toxins.
It enhances medical treatments. Enhances and accelerates the immune system, aids us in repairing cell, and D.N.A. damage. It also repairs higher soul damage and soul loss, even that which is located in the higher self.

Reiki can minimize negative energies and feelings until they dissipate. Feelings like helplessness, powerlessness which one may experience in times of crises of trauma, or in cases where one is battling attacks like cancer or disease, or even mental, emotional, or spiritual attacks. Reiki repairs and revitalizes the recipient and the therapist. Reiki therapists are vessels, Channels, and priests of this energy. they know how to invoke and wield the energy. Reiki works on the client by repairing any and all damage on any and all levels that the client allows themselves to be affected and healed on. It reduces stress and all the effects of stress. It can help awaken one to a new perception of life; one’s true calling, vocation, mission, meaning, purpose, and destiny. It can help you ask yourself, and receive and answer to those age old questions “why am I here, what is my higher purpose, where is this all leading, where do I come from, who am I really, and where am I going”? Reiki can help one take that one giant step, that one quantum leap forward in ones evolutionary soul journey to a deep abiding eternal loving relationship with God. Reiki is true progress.

It can help us reframe our life experiences to see things from a larger picture, a higher truth and awareness, a higher perspective, to see things through heavens eyes the way God sees them. This is Christ consciousness. It facilitates learning, growing, wisdom, knowledge, righteousness, right action, thankfulness, freedom, balance, harmony, optimal health, peace, calmness, serenity, serendipity, kismet, synchronicity, hope, joy, Ecstaisis, grounding, and centering.

Reiki can anesthetize pain, and discomfort. It Releases negative energy patterns we carry some of which might be from past lives, or past traumas. It can help reveal and reconnect us with our highest self expression, our true, honest, creative, vital, authentic self, our core identity!

It can align one’s energies to better focus and function. The brain (consciousness, mind, connection to the collective unconscious, cranial sacral system, nervous system, spinal cord, etc…), the unified auric field system (including the meridians and the chakra system), and the heart (proverbial heart, the pulmonary, and the respiratory systems) all play apart in this.

Touch itself is healing, and Reiki will meet, and heal any touch deficit one may occur. Touch deficit is a disease whereby one dies from lack of human touch and contact. We human beings were made interconnected, and interdependent on each other. Reiki can help train our action, reaction response system, and discipline you to help better control your behavior, thoughts, words, and actions.

Re-pattern and reprogram your holographic self ( unified subtle body system), through Reiki, and also through auric field therapy, the chakra system of India, and the five element meridian system of China.

Reiki can alleviate feelings and states of: guilt, fear, fear of failure or success, emptiness, loneliness, needing approval, wanting things that you don’t need that will not serve your greater good, procrastination, aloofness, needing to over power others and drain them of their energy, relationship issues and disharmony, intolerance, worthlessness, disaccord, valueless-ness, stagnation “being stuck”, apathy, constant rage fear anger and paranoia, depression, indifference, indecision, recklessness, lack of discretion and discernment, impaired judgment, dangerous impulsiveness, negative career issues, rigidity, frigidity, perfectionism,
un-inspiredness, un-creativeness, infertility, disempowerment, blandness and
“bla-ness”, arrogance, negative patterning, bad behavior, insecurity, abandonment, anxiety, etc…..

Reiki can foster, manifest, birth, and create feelings and states of: well-being, resonance, joy, hope, faith, love, charity, generosity, gratitude, virtue, mercy, friendship, good health, inspiration, creativity, fertility, fullness, empowerment, enthusiasm, harmony, peace, serenity, synchronicity, energy, calmness and relaxation, clarity, focus, better memory, mental enhancement, activation of desired traits characteristics and genes, expanded awareness and e.s.p. abilities and spiritual gifts, performance enhancement, self realization and actualization, fulfillment, balance, wisdom, confidence, pride, worthiness, value, truth, authenticity, knowing who and what you really are and knowing your limits ; what you are and are not capable of. A deeper relationship to and with the divine, light, Ecstaisis, newness, growth, synergy, coherency, integrity, honesty, prosperity, abundance, potential, and etc…

Release past traumas, all negative energies, old negative out dated ways of thinking that are no longer serving your highest good and best interest, and negative thought patterns!

Manage your behavior (your outward actions), and your internal state (your inner reality). Create positive patterns, reduce all types of pain, and promote healing within yourself, your environment, and the lives of all those around you. Improve your quality of life!

Reiki can help you live into your true and full potential by bringing healing to the four cornerstones (also called the four pillars) of your life:

Relationships; your emotional well-being, health; your physical well-being, vocation/calling/career; your mental well-being, spirituality; your spiritual well-being; welfare; the well-being of your entire five fold soul being “the well-being of your soul being”!

Direct your language to change your life, to help manifest what you want in life! The bible says “take every thought captive”; meaning to discipline, focus, control, enhance, advance, and better your thought patterns, your choice of perceptions, your entire way of living, being, and thinking!

“watch your thoughts they become your words, watch your words they become your actions, watch your actions they become your habits, watch your habits they become your character, and watch your character for it becomes your destiny”! author unknown

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