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Friday, January 15, 2010

the religion of atheistic science as taught in the public school system!

The religion of science as taught in the public school system:

The prophet of this religion is called charels darwin the diviner of flawless theory which he produces from the great mind called never wrong.

When I was a young man in school, I remember hearing at nauseam that we couldn’t let any form of prayer or religion in school because it was unfair and biased. Yet they require you to have the religion of scientific atheism shoved down your throat. It has recently been suggested to me that science can’t be a religion because religion requires faith. Ok then I would point out that it requires leaps of un paralleled faith to believe in the theories of charels darwin, and others of his ilk; as almost none of them has any proof that their speculations are in any way related to the truth. You have to believe in invisible forces like gravity, survival of the fittest, and evolution; forces like the universal or divine laws of physics and that they can never be broken in order to accept this religion as truth. But hey it’s ok for them to shove their religion down your throats people as long as they say that its not religion. However in reality the word religion comes from the word religio meaning to link back to origin or source. There fore any belief or philosophy that espouses a theory of the how the universe came to be is a religion. There is a story they tell about the origins of the universe; their own version of genesis if you will. This story relates how in a void of nothingness two gases majikally appeared at some point and floated around missing each other for several eons before violently bumping into each-other and through random spontaneous combustion caused the creation of a vary ordered universe complete with it own set of unbreakable universal laws that govern its entirety. Wait how is this not a religion again? the story tells how a majikal protoplasmic like substance; some type of mysterious primeval lake of majik water teaming with these shape-shifting organisms produced creatures that changed form from animal to different kinds of animals before finally becoming humans after billions of years of special evolution. Were they there to witness this event? Has any human ever witnessed a monkey becoming a man? We are just suppose to take their theories as truth by blind faith and not question them. They can't prove hardly any of these theories as a fact beyond any shadow of any doubt. Yet we teach theory as fact in the public school system. Wow, and they think the idea of intelligent design is hard to swallow. They recently found a fish like creature with legs and called it the missing link. This is so typical. Why can't it just be a new type of animal that they have discovered? But no we have to slap a fictitious label on it and make it into something that it isn't. We have to call it a missing link; why? We have to start calling things names that we pull out of thin air, as if we really knew anything at all! Humans are so weird! In any case the priests of the priesthood of this religion are called scientists; they alone know and can extract the mysteries of the universe; are fond of telling everyone else on planet earth how theirs is the only true religion, and how the only way to be saved from the eternal damnation of stupidity is to accept their religion as the only true religion! Their holy men called skeptics keep the righteous path by telling everyone how stupid they are if they dare to believe in another religion or philosophy. They stay holy and important by telling people that the laws of physics can never be broken because they are the infallible unbreakable universal laws. Their teachers are dispersed through out every public school in America in order to indoctrinate the minds of the youth and brain-wash them into having no original thoughts, opinions, or experiences for themselves! If a young person has a spiritual experience that tells them that science is wrong then the sacred teachers of the laws of science and the skeptics quickly rush to tell the young person that they had no such experience, they are confused, mentally ill, or lying; or that there is a perfectly simple scientific explanation to explain away the mystery which they experienced! This is because in the religion of science, one has to believe that the universe is small and flat; devoid of anything that the human mind can’t understand. Be careful boys and girls, do not dare to think for yourselves or to believe in anything outside of, or bigger then your self or nature; or else you are in danger of corrupting your own immortal non-soul, and being crucified by the ever growing atheistic section of society.
The mistake that was made by Americans was the misinterpretation of separation of church and state which allowed one religion to brainwash the youth of America while systematically wiping out all true spirituality and religion from being talked about in any public forum. We are not allowed to have any opinion based on anything spiritual while we are in public. You can only state your opinion in public as long as it is sanctioned by the atheistic religious community. Now, we are having to change the motto, and preamble of every state into something approved of by the all powerful atheistic religion. We are having to change our currency to make sure that they are the only happy and comfortable ones. We are having to massacre and deface all of our court and public houses, in order to remove all traces that all of our laws in one form or fashion came from the three spiritual sources of the Jewish religion, the Christian bible, and the druids. We have to forget that it was the Greeks with their ever evolving spiritual philosophies who taught us how to have schools in the first place. We have to forget that it was the highly spiritual Egyptians and other eastern cultures; who influenced our greatest architecture, inventions, our systems of healing, our national monuments! We have to forget that it was the ever hedonistic highly religious pagan Romans with their ideas of freedom that influenced our system of government, our hope for democracy, our attitudes to social self expression, political savvy, and our technological advances in road ways, hygienic and convenient facilities like bathrooms, and the military.

To make this one small but omnipotent group of people happy we have to deny everything that we are and everything that we dreamed of doing.

I don’t know about all you people out there but I for one will fight them back every step of the way. I will pray in public out loud if necessary. I will write the word God on public buildings when they tare down things that symbolically speak to his ever present nature. I will vote them out of office and out of the school systems. I will tell kids that they should rebel against taking their biased so called “science” classes; which is a joke in and of itself because there is so little pure science left. I will never stop until we turn back the clock because say what you will, when kids prayed in school they were less violent. They had some form of self governing, self disciplined morality that caused them to behave themselves and treat their fellow man with respect. All morality is based on spirituality because if we have no divine reason to behave ourselves then the world needs to be a free for all were we kill anyone who gets in our way. After all according to atheism we are all just animals; no better then them, and in fact descended from them, so we should all just kill each other because it is survival of the fittest, and after all that is what animals do?

I think we should let all spiritualities in school. We should be taught about all of them to broaden our minds, and our horizons, and to foster tolerance, respect, and world peace.

Be brave children when you fight back against the hypocrisy of it all. They can fail you in school for not taking their religious instruction classes, known as science classes. If you don’t feel like listening to them spout their religious belief called the big bang theory at you, or if you refuse to cut up an animal carcass then they can hold you back, discipline you, suspend you, expel you, and fail you. Take courage and know that if you fight them you are taking a grate step in helping the freedom of all people on planet earth.

The only solution is to able to teach all religions in schools or none of them. If we choose to teach none of them this would require that any portion of science that talks about evolution, the big bang theory, the supposed age of the earth, the ice age, dinosaurs, natural selection, and certain aspects of health and hygiene classes to be kept out of all school curriculum.

These same people as well as religious fundamentalists implemented a great evil into the school system called dress codes. Recently I learned a little boy was suspended because he had long hair that hung a little past his shoulders and didn’t want to cut it off! Since when is it the job of the public school systems to tell parents how their kids can look. After introducing that great evil, they let in a worse one which was uniforms. Uniforms are designed to cut out all personal individuality, personal choice in appearance, self expression, and freedom of thought! They force kids to say the pledge of allegiance against their will. They tell kids what clubs they can and can not make on public property, often banning gay strait alliances, and religious clubs; especially Christian and pagan clubs! When are we as a nation going to take back our power and tell the public school systems, and the atheistic and religious fundamentalist aspects of the government where to stick it?!

For instance if I were to have children and I raised my children to believe in God and the theory of intelligent design, then I sent tem to public school where they teach them that isn’t true, they undermine my authority with my children and the values with which I am trying to instill in them. But schools no longer teach kids how to think, for themselves, but rather they teach them what to think. If anyone should be teaching them what to think that is the sole duty of their parents, their religious community if they have one, and life itself. But children should be able to hear all sides of an issue and make up their own minds about it. It is the same in the scientific classes, and medical classes around America, where any thoughts and philosophies other than the mainstream atheistic skepticism is stamped out! Atheists are even worse than religious fundamentalists!

Last night I was privileged to see a film made by ben stein called “expelled; no intelligence allowed” where he went all over the states and also to Europe and interviewed scientists, teachers, and doctors about the bigotry that is faced by people who believe in teaching a balanced view of science! So many of these people were fired, lost their livelihoods, their credibility, and any semblance of the life they knew simply because they dared to teach from a more balanced view point and taught that intelligent design was a valid theory just as much as darwinian atheism! People like carl sagan have led the war against teaching balanced viewpoints. However the man that is one of the biggest threats to true education is richard dawkins who is possibly the stupidest man that I have ever had the dis-privilege of hearing open their mouths! He is worse than all of the religious fundamentalists put together! He has openly in his own words waged a war against religion, spirituality, and morality! He is delusional, and possibly sociopathic and psychotic in my opinion! He wrote a book called the god delusion, about how we who have had experiences with the divine are trapped in a delusional lack of reality. Well I am not delusional and I am in reality far more than he is! Does it not strike atheistic people as odd that almost all the people on the planet believe in a higher form of reality and spirituality of some sort? And yet the majority of us humans are the ones who are according to this small stupid minority are the delusional ones? I for one think they are arrogant, stupid, delusional, bullies who need to be stopped! I am not saying that they don’t have a right to be stupid and disbelieve anything or any truth they so wish! What I am saying is that they should not have the right to try and forcibly convert us and our children to their way of not thinking! People, stand up and fight them! Ask the hard questions! And above all, keep the faith! Seek the truth by listening to all sides of an issue, not just one! If you can, get a hold of a copy of the ben stein film called expelled and watch it! It will change your life! It will make you stand up and say no more will I be bullied or allow others to be bullied around me, I am going to fight back!

I was bullied by the atheists and fundamentalist religious bigots in the public school system. I fought them, and then finally, I left school! If you have children, do let these bullies force them out of school, and don’t let them be bullied! Fight back! Sue the schools if necessary. Organize protests, and interrupt town hall and school board meetings until they listen to you and fix the problems of bigotry and imbalance that run rampant in the public school system! Make them dismantle the school systems and remake them if necessary to change this! If your children believe in God, or if they are gay, or if they look different with outlandish cloths, and colorful hair, and piercings, and tattoos, and long hair well good for them all! They should be allowed to be whoever they are and whatever they want to be. Above all they should have the right to hear all sides of all issues and make up their own minds about it! Tell the atheists that they can keep their stupidity because you don’t want or need it! Take back your power!

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