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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Charlaine Harris, and Sookie Stackhouse! Vampires in The South, oh my!;

I had to write a post about one of my favorite series;

The Southern Vampire Mysteries, also known as The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, is a series of books written by Charlaine Harris. They now serve as the source material and inspiration for the HBO television series True Blood. The series is only loosely based on the book series, and both the television series and books series are simply incredible! The book series is one of the best book series that I have ever read. Charlaine Harris has created a beautiful world full of many various supernatural races. The books are set in the deep south after the vampiric race decided to “come out of the coffin” as they humorously put it! The books start two years after the great revelation and the world has turned upside down. In the town of Bon Temps in the state of Louisiana, there lives a barmaid named Sookie! She is not your ordinary girl; far from it! She is a telepath, a gift which makes her life strange and more than a little difficult on occasion. In walks Vampire Bill to change her entire life, to sweep her right off her feet, and into the path of relentless never ending mortal dangers! You think you know about super-natural’s? Well think again! The author puts her own genius spin on things and seduces the reader into a new and intriguing world! These books are exciting, sexy, and not for the faint of heart! These are a must read for all those who like a new spin on the old vampire genre!









Humans, vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, ghosts, demons, witches, fairies, and other creatures abound in these books and each race seems more splendid or interesting than the last! History and the modern era collide, fantasy and reality melt into each other, and Love and Disgust sometimes keep the same company! This series is truly innovative, and well….Fang-tastic! There hasn’t been a series since Anne Rice, that so captures the current issues of today like this series does! Politics, religion, sexuality, morality, life and love eternal, and mortality; what it means truly die and live are all brought crashing together in one place to be explored and figured out! Just like we find ourselves trying to do in real life! That is what sets this series apart from all the others. All the different supernatural races are not only brought together, but brought into our reality, and we get to see what that would truly look like! There are many of us, who if it was brought into our reality would be more afraid than anything else! I myself would welcome the reality of the world she created; or recreated in her case! This series is what mythology coming to life looks like!

As stated before, like Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris is not afraid to tackle certain difficult subjects. One of the scariest subjects it seems in our time is the subject of sexual orientation, and like Anne Rice’s characters, Charlaine’s characters have all sorts of orientations; heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, try-sexual, pan-sexual, meterosexual and everything in-between! This is why Charlaine’s books, and Anne’s books do something for personally that most other series have not! And that is; include characters that resemble me, who I am, what I am, what I think, and what I feel! Most other series are so afraid to cross those lines and reach out to me as a gay man; and that is often a point of utter frustration, exclusion, isolation, and even hurt and pain to me! Even in my beloved Twilight series there are no characters that resemble me! Sometimes I get so sad or angry about this issue that I stop reading books altogether for a while and will do nothing but watch movies with gay characters just so I can feel balanced. This is part of what I seek to do as an aspiring writer! I want to write the books that tell the stories that were denied to me as a child and young adult! I want fantasy romance and even erotica with gay and bisexual characters that I can actually relate to in multiple ways instead of just having certain personality traits or emotions that I can sometimes relate to! so since very few authors have been as brave as Charlaine and Anne, I decided I would just have to write the stories that I want to read myself, and in so doing I hope that I can give to some young gay men out there what I never had! So thank you Charlaine for being one of the brave ones!


Welcome to the world of True Blood! If you like dark dangerous beauty, if you like torrid raw animalistic sex, and if you can appreciate dark humor, you will love True Blood!


On a last side note; It is great to see all the hot men of all the big vampire movies and shows getting along! it warms the blood lol!

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