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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Joie Luck

If you like reading Erotica Romance (and Fantasy) with all types of sexual preferences and orientations woven into beautiful story lines there is a young woman with a blog site that you should check out! Her name is Joie Luck and her website is called “WrittenLove”! Three of my favorite stories that she has done or is working on are “You can thank me later”, “Package deal”, and “Say you’ll love me anyway”! Her Blog-site is free and the stories are well written and thoughtful! Joie Luck shows a lot of Promise, if you get a chance please go check out her work and show your support!


Joie Luck;




Here are two excerpts from Say you'll love me anyway;

“……Showing that I wasn’t the only one that had moves she pulled back from me a little a turned around putting her bottom in contact with my cock and she started a slow sexy grind in time with the music that had me semi erect. “I love this song” her voice now a little breathy I had brought my mouth to the crock of her neck and let my breath hit the sweet spot there.
“I never heard it before what is it” put my thigh in-between her legs and began to grind on her again she tensed up but after a minute she relaxed
“Inside out” she answers her accent becoming more pronounced
“Where you from pretty lady?”
“Puerto Rico”
Running my hands along her back, I cup her lush ass and rocked her against my thigh in time to the music. Smiling against her ear when I hear her let out a little breathy gasp. I paused for a second cause I thought I felt something but I wasn’t sure but when I went to continue our dance she pulled away from me so fast I couldn’t stop her.
“Sorry did I get carried away” moving forward I captured her hand again
“No it’s okay I just remembered I have to go that’s all “she said her breath coming out slightly heavy…….”

"....Sitting up I get out of bed and head into the bathroom. Opening up the shower stall, I turned the hot water on full blast and went over to the sink. There was a stereo in the wall by the light switch so after few minutes of playing around with the thing I had it turned on and was even able to find a country station. Dropping my boxers in the hamper I brushed my teeth wiping the mirror off with my hand when it began to steam up too much then I got in the shower. Hissing as I tipped my head back under the waterfall stream, I stood there while my body adjusted to the hot water.

Stepping back from the stream I grabbed for the soap, rag, and got a good lather going. Setting the soap down i started with my chest then arms. Next, were my feet and legs by the time I worked my way up to my thighs and butt my thoughts drifted from home to Fiona. ‘Damn I wish she wouldn’t have run off like that’ shaking my head as if I that could clear away all of my jumbled thoughts. I didn’t mean to freeze on her while we were dancing but ‘I could have sworn for a second there…’ trailing off I shake my head again. I just had a few to many beers and scared the girl half to death no wonder she ran off. But damn she was sexy pretty soon my thoughts began to go to how her lush ass looked in that tight skirt Imagining how she felt when I was holding her to me grinding to that song. Shit, my dick is hard as a rock with my hand still covered in soap I slid it around from my ass to gently soap up my balls.

Shuddering with arousal, he moved up to grip his cock, which was pointing straight out like an arrow and aching from lack of use. His hand which was still slick with soap he griped himself the soap giving him a slippery friction. Moaning he began to increase his strokes adding a twist when he reached the broad tip of his cock spreading the precum before he went back down to the base. Soon his thoughts drifted to Fiona’s small perky bust and how good they felt smashed against his hard chest. Increasing his strokes, he was soon moaning helplessly as his balls tightened up almost painfully. Gripping his cock in vice hold, he slowed his strokes as the first stream of cum shot out from him. Increasing his strokes, he moaned continuously as stream after stream shot out of him and onto the floor of the shower.

Suddenly weak I got back under the water leaning against the wall for support out of breath. Shutting off the water, I got out grabbing the towel off the rack and wrapping it around my waist. Ignoring my soaking wet hair dripping down my back I went straight through my room left and went to the kitchen for breakfast before it was time to get dressed....."

Hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!

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