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  • The Harry Potter series! both the movies and the books by J.K. Rowling!
  • Twilight book saga, and movie series by Stephanie Meyer's!

Monday, March 26, 2012

TWILIGHT by Stephenie Meyer;

This series for the first time in a long time offers the reader a fresh take, a new perspective, and yes a semi- contemporary pop culture take on vampires! Vampires in historical literature were indeed to the pop stars of their day! The first real vampire book as we know and understand the genre was a book called "The Vampyre" which is a short story or novella written in 1819 by John William Polidori! He fictionalized his friend and employer whom he shared a slight type of love / hate relationship with; the infamous Lord Byron! He turned Byron into the dashing, sexy, romantic, and dangerous Lord Ruthven! The next famous book is one we all know; Bram Stokers Dracula! Again a story about a dashing Count, eternal Love and Life, and what we would do for those we love! The Twilight series continues that long historical tradition into our modern times and culture! I used the phrase semi-contemporary earlier because there are moral themes in the books which lend themselves to an earlier time, and which we are often sadly lacking today! The fans of the series will know what i am talking about!


Stephenie said that she started writing this fantastic series due a dream! Many of us will forever be grateful for that dream! The series tells the story of the Love between Bella, an anything but average teen age girl, and a Edward a Vampire whose family unlike others of their kind refuse to take human life and opt to live off of animal blood instead!


The book series inspired a fantastic film series and a cult following that surprised the world! I consider myself a TwiHard fan! Stephenie by writing this series gave me the courage to finally seriously pursue my own dreams of being a published author! Thank you Stephenie for all of your terrific work!

There are four main books in the series, two unpublished works, and a novella! The four books have been split into five fantastic films!


I love all of the books, especially Twilight and Breaking dawn, but it is the unpublished work that I love the most! Midnight Sun, and also Emmett and the Bear!



Here is the link for the official trailer for the first film Twilight;



Random philosophical thought;

From meditating on the character of Seth Clearwater from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series!

I was thinking about a scene in the book Breaking Dawn. In this scene Jacob and Seth ran together as wolves make sure the Cullen’s were safe from Sam’s wolf pack in La Push. Seth was hearing Jacob’s memory of speaking with Edward and making a pact with him, to kill him if Bella died due to the pregnancy. Seth rebuked Jacob for agreeing to kill Edward. Later on in the book Edward makes an observation to Jacob that he is lucky to have Seth’s mind to share because Seth was one of the purest mind’s he had ever encountered. Then I thought about the friendship that developed between Seth and Edward. Then Aro’s face flashed through my mind out of no where in that moment. I thought about every word that Aro spoke and how it was always with a hidden and wicked agenda and spoken with a forked tongue. I could not help but note the comparison between the extreme opposites in these characters, and the vast difference between the essence of their virtues and souls. Such a stark observation between the goodness of Seth and the evil of Aro made my mind consider Seth very hard. It was a type of meditation on his character; there is no other way for me to describe it! While thinking about this a thought came to me!

“The quiet rebuke of a pure soul with simplistic words, is more powerful than a loud tongue lashing from a lesser soul with an eloquent speech, and a vast vocabulary! Likewise; A small but Honest praise from a pure soul, without pomp and circumstance, means far more than ten thousand Lauds and Compliments from a lesser soul with lengthy parades and a pageantry of fanfare”!

Aro’s tongue was practiced and pretty in its deliver of words, but it was forked and laced every word with a lie. Seth’s tongue was authentic and simple, and every word was laced with Love, Hope, Faith, Friendship, and Joy! Seth’s words are far more powerful!


From the movie’s Bram Stokers Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola, and Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn

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