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Sunday, June 5, 2011

candle working; ritual candle use!

~Candle Ceremony~

Choose a candle in an appropriate color for you; for your needs and workings. Preferably the candle is the perfect ritual size which is roughly the size of a half dollar in diameter. Anoint the candle and pray over it in order to make it sacred to you. Some people like to carve symbols into their candles, and this of course is up to you. Then you need to charge and empower your candle. Gather your energies in your hands after grounding, use your dominate hand and circle the energy counter clockwise around the candle nine times, set the field around the candle, and energetically and even vocally set your intent for the candle in the field.
When you light the candle you can say something like;
“I light this candle in The Holy Name of God, The Most Holy Trinity, The Light of All Lights. In honor of _____________”.

Light the candles, say your prayers, state your intentions, meditate, and do anything else you need to do.

After you are done; you can let the candle burn for an hour or until it goes out; or you can extinguish it in a more meaningful way; by saying something like…
“As I extinguish this flame on the earthly plain may it burn more brightly in all the ethers forever as my perpetual prayer to God”.
Then you can blow out the candle and smudge yourself with the smoke that rises, or you can use a candle snuffer and simply put out the flame!

~Candle clearing ceremony~
This is a Ritual for Protection, Clearing, cleansing, and purification.

Light the candle in the ritual way.
Gather your energies in your hands and then cup them palm up around the base of the candle.
“I light this candle, to cleanse, clear, purify, and protect my energies and the energies of my entire life. As this candle burns, it cleanses, eliminates, and burns all the negative energies, forces, forms and toxic people out of my life. all physical, legal, spiritual, and psychic attacks that have been perpetrated against me I now banish them all and send those negative energies back to those who sent them out to me, I return them nine fold. All drains, and negative thought forms I now banish away from me forever. I balance my energies with this meditation. There is no part of the lives of those around me, the lives of those I love, or my own entire life and being that is not touched by this cleansing and healing flame. This ward of sacred light now stands between me and all shadows of ill intent. This secret fire, this sacred flame purges all that is not of God from my life and being. All lies against me burn away, all lies burn away. All ill intents and projections disperse and disappear in the light of this ward. Past, present, and future this light wards me in protection. This light heals, protects, cleanses, and wards my entire life, my hearth and home, all my possessions (and or pets), all whom I know and love, my body (and subtle bodies), my mind (and or consciousness), my heart, my spirit, and my imagination; my entire soul being and all my energies. This is pray to The God Most High, The Light of all lights. May his perfect will for the highest and greatest good of all be done as above, so below! I give thanks to God for all his help and all my helpers”!

Then you can extinguish the flame ritually!

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