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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Basic Color Therapy, ritual color info., and basic Crystal Healing!

Basic Stone Working or Crystal Healing;

all stones have a direct affect on the human body system. This is not magic but rather a natural occurrence because all things especially living things have an electro magnetic field (e.m.f.), we humans call ours an aura. Scientists can now measure this to some degree. So when the e.m.f. frequency of a certain stone comes into contact with the e.m.f. frequency of our body there is a direct response which changes the frequency or vibrational level of our field. This is how crystal healing works. It maybe done through an energy session, or through jewelry, or through elixirs but this is basically how it works no matter what methodology you are using. though when taking something internally as with elixirs than there is also minerals which get absorbed into the body.

basic crystal working:

all work: crystal, amethyst, emerald, peridot, sapphire, moonstone, abulon, turquoise

angel work: metals (gold, silver, copper, titanium, bronze, white gold, pewter, platinum, silica, etc…), pearl, jet, onyx, sodalite, crystal, amethyst

fairie work: labradorite, moonstone, metals (especially copper, silver, and bronze), fluorite, aquamarine, emerald, coral, shell, malachite, opal, wood (petrified, as well as regular)

totem work: amber, aquamarine, mother of pearl, ivory, carnelian, tigers eye, coral, shell, jasper, obsidian, wood, rhyolite, serpentine, tourmaline, zircon, metals (especially white gold)

guide / teacher work: agate, opal, rhodonite, carved scarabs, sodalite, tourmaline, moonstone, spectrolite

ancestral work: alexandrite, aventurine, bone, bloodstone, chalcedony, garnet, shell, jade, lapis lazuli, ruby, sard, sardonyx, topaz, tanzanite, titanium

ascended master work: azurite, chalcedony, jade, obsidian, onyx, topaz, zircon,

saint work: bloodstone, diamond, chalcedony, chrysocolla, onyx, opal, petrified wood, garnet, ruby, tourmaline, titanium

God work / spiritual work: diamond, onyx, petrified wood, ruby, topaz, metals (titanium, gold, and silver), amethyst, crystal

Earth work / sacred site work / elemental work: amazonite, amber, coral, shell, geodes, lapis lazuli, obsidian, onyx, opal, pearl, wood, sard, sardonyx, topaz, zircon, silica

Journey work: rhodochrosite, topaz, zircon, titanium, amethyst, crystal,

Arch-type / symbolic work/ ritual work: sardonyx, tourmaline, zircon, titanium

Cleansing crystals (the basics);

Running a crystal under pure cold running water will help cleanse it.

Letting a crystal sit in bowl of salt for half an hour or more will cleanse it; Sea salt is best, but table will work.

Sitting it on the ground will cleanse and charge it. Sitting it on the grass is alright but on soil is better.

The Shamanic Prana breath will cleanse it. Prana breathing is done by ritual or shamanic breathing. You breath in through your nose and hold for three seconds and then exhaling out of your mouth; make sure to breath from the diaphragm as much as the lungs; imagine all the air around you is bright white light; you breath in this light and exhale this light!

Certain symbols will cleanse, charge, and program crystals. What symbols you use will depend on your chosen belief systems. To cleanse use symbols that mean purification yo you. To charge, enchant, or empower crystals use symbols that mean power and protection to you. To program them, decide what intent you want to program them with (decide what you want to use them for in other words) and use an appropriate symbol(s) for the process.

Smudging will cleanse them; but incense won't cleanse them, only bless them; it has to be white sage and other cleansing sacred herbs like lavender to smudge them clean.

Moonlight will cleanse and bless crystals, and sunlight will charge them.

Programming and charging crystals (the basics);

Programming crystals requires an understanding of the power of symbols, words, and intent. Certain symbols, words, and phrases which equal information can be programmed and stored inside crystals. There are certain symbols and methods that help achieve this process.

A crystal should be cleansed before it is programmed. Once encoded with a piece of information it will always to some degree be part of the crystal. We can upload and down load certain information into and from crystals but their metaphoric hard drive can never completely be erased with any methods currently known to mankind. Crystals can be programmed with more than one intent but do not overload them; because believe or not they can and will shatter. Like wise after using a crystal during a ritual or healing you need to cleanse them lest they shatter, or become toxic!

You can program crystals by holding them in your right hand (for about 20 minutes) and intending them to be so. You can also add a mantra or power phrase to your efforts in order to make the process stronger. It is best to use the word, or mantra 9 times 9 times.

You can use a crystal or symbol grid or matrix to achieve this process. You can also leave the crystal on a picture or write a word or phrase on a piece of paper and leave the crystal on it for up to three days.

You can carve symbols into crystals to strengthen your intention.

You can place the crystals in a bowl of water and tone over them or play music over them to help program them; or you can place them on a speaker, or in front of one to do this. You can on some instruments lay the crystals on them and play them instruments. You can use tuning forks to accomplish this as well. Or you can hold them in your left hand often, and tone over them with your own voice.

To synchronize them to your energy, you can use the same process used to synchronize essential oils. Place the crystal in your left hand and use the index finger of your right hand. Circle the crystal in your left palm 9 times counterclockwise, then three times clockwise. Then tap the crystal three times.

To charge crystals there are a number of ways. Sitting them on the earth between 19 and 30 minutes is a good way. Sunlight will charge them; you can leave them in sunlight for half an hour or so. You can simply hold the crystal in your right hand and use your chi (life force energy) to fill it up, but I prefer to use higher energy vibrations like Reiki to do this. You can place them on an alter or in a sacred vessel and use your casting hand (the right hand, or dominate hand to some traditions) to circle the crystal 9 times and then use both hands to contain the energy till it has time to absorb into the crystal.

Place the crystal on a very large pre-programmed crystal can aid this process. You can use substances like starchamber water, holy water, certain essential oils, and holy oil on the crystal to empower it as well. Taking the crystal to a sacred place and letting it absorb the earth energies there can also accomplish this task. You can also use the elements to charge and bless the crystal. Let it touch running, falling, or sacred water; let it briefly touch flame and smoke (from candle, oil, or incense); let touch the earth; and let the wind blow on it, or use prana breath (breath of light and life) on it; and finally ask Spirit to come and bless it, and hold it close to your beating heart, stone to flesh (actually touching your skin)! You can also use tools like ritual tools like wands or starchamber tools to help accomplish this. Sitting it on different color fabrics will help program it for chakra work, and color therapy.

Sitting the crystal in pots besides certain plants can help this process. Or sitting the crystal at the base of an old very large sacred tree for half an hour can accomplish this as well. Many plants can energize crystals. One such plant is rose. Rosemary, lavender, lemon trees, and peppermint are all good for this work.

Holding the crystals in your right hand and praying over them can empower, and program them.

There are many more ways to accomplish these tasks but these are a few of the basics!

Suggested crystal books:

Love is in the earth
By melody
Isbn# 0-9628190-3-4

Booklet of stones and their properties
By hal robinson, illusions into reality

stone power
by dorothee l. mella
isbn# 0-446-38696-0

natural magic
by jhon Michael greer
isbn# 1-56718-295-x

the dewey color system (choose your colors change your life)
by dewey sadka
isbn# 1-4000-5062-6

suggested places to get the greatest wands, staffs, and stones

owls clover is a great place to buy crystals.
open each saturday from 11 to 7, and each Sunday from 1 to 5
Gail Carswell and Michael Foltz
(phone# 817- 921- 5809)

Power of the rainbow (crystal shop)
549 parkhurst dr. dallas tx. 75218
Tray Bradford, pat cook
Phone # 214-327-3241

Heart songs by ishani
Phone # 828-680-9262

Rosie Roberts wood
booth found at scarborough fair
wands and staffs










Basic quick Color key:
clear: other world, pure health, pure spirit, near death

white: purity, spiritual, clean, initiation, protection, all colors together, spirit,

pink: love, light of the other world

orange: abundance, creativity, fertility, prosperity, sexuality

red: passion, fire, birth, courage, strength

purple: the divine, air, spirit, power, prosperity, royalty, wealth, grace, awen

blue: ritual, (spiritual gifts, power, prophecy, sei-chem), water, healing, sacredness, peace, grace

teal: meditation, healing space, sacred space

green: life, (healing), earth, ancestors, descendents, beauty, fertility, prosperity

yellow: joy, stimulating, divination, thanksgiving, uplifting, fortune, blessing

black: protection, cosmic, solemnity, grounding, absorbing, sacred space, sacred cycles of life-death-rebirth, initiation, ether

brown: comfort, grounding, readiness, wealth, animals, home

grey: mists of Avalon, surrounded by spirit helpers, change, issues of liner time, initiation,

(rainbow) multi-colored: light, power, help is yours, healing, giving to others

metallics: reflection , self examination, angelic assistance, sacred mirror, spiritual contemplation, protection

negative color key:
clear: death, emptiness, nothingness, needs to be filled
white: sickness, death, attack, weakened state, hostility, bareness, empty
pink: loneliness, dangerous fantasies, fear, stubbornness, bad mindset, unrequited love

orange: lust, dangerous apatite’s, consumed by ravenous thoughts, unhealthy mindset

red: anger, rage, fury, wrath, hate, consumed by negative thoughts, evil mindset, sexual preoccupation or addiction , works to hard and never stops to smell the roses, death

purple: depression, laziness, loneliness, given up attitude

blue: loneliness, depression, sorrow, sadness, melancholia, apathy, fatalist attitude

teal: anxiety, too much sadness, need energy, need life, need joy love and light

green: envy, jealousy, greed, sickness, something is just not right feeling, health issues

yellow: cowardice, illness, death coming, spineless, weakened, envy, serious health problems, long term health issues

black: darkness, evil, shadow lessons coming, death, wraiths, mark of cain, sin, all negative colors together

brown: sickness, bad stillness, buried secrets or dreams, longing, hidden, skeletons in closet, unspoken agendas, unrealized potential, wasted opportunities and abilities

grey: sickness, secrets, death, spiritual attack, sin, nor right with God, need something or need help but refuse to ask, pride-fullness, vanity

(rainbow) multi-colored: floating, never being grounded, lives in la la land, unrealistic to ones own detriment, liar, ridiculous behavior, dangerous experimentation

metalics: refusing to look at ones own self, refusing to look at ones actions, refusing to take responsibility, lack of responsibility, spirit of war and rage, under massive spiritual attack from the enemy, victim mentality, hypochondriac, attacking others
General color guide (to colors, their associations, and their actions):

clear: energy, pure spirit, other world, empty space, nothingness, emptiness, formlessness, good health or near death, purity

a more in-depth color guide:

white: cleansing, clearing, purification, light, purity, pure spirit, death, resurrection, origin, innocence, peace, the present, lost, sadness, morality, moral, impatience,
spiritual motivation, protection, calm energy, purity, truth, peace, balancing, has all the colors within it, greater creativity and activity, auric healer, healing ability or experience for those around you, inspiration, spiritual leaders often get white during the performance of their duties, the beauty of white light attracts all spiritual beings at every level of existence (both good and bad), most are loving and want to help your evolution while others need help and negative beings seek to drain your energy or feed on your energy or make you get off your true path, this color indicates a time of transition for you or for other people that you are suppose to help, power of a higher nature, enlightenment, spirit guides, astraling, helps enhance e.s.p. giftings, helps repair broken bones, helps alleviate dental pain, helps nursing mothers increase their milk production and flow, faith, new beginnings, light, freshness, coldness, lifelessness, life, starkness, sharing, scattered, over extended, truth, banishing, karmic retribution, protection from negative energy blasts that returns the negative energy to the one who sent it out, maiden

pink: love, clearing, sensuality, romance, friendship, loyalty, vocation, innocence, annoyance, frustration, emotional love, nurture, spiritual awakening, emotional and spiritual healing, femininity, honor, morality, affection, stimulates good conversation, heals anxiety and depression, all love, loving, caring, forgiving, faithful, compassion, comfort, contentment, delight, self acceptance, art, beauty, new love, new vision, modesty, playfulness, fantasy, purity

orange: creativity, fertility, abundance, desire, apatite, consuming, lust, whorishness, stimulating to libido apatite and lust, attraction of money, personal attraction factor raised, self control issues (it can help you loose it or get it in balance, or have it), personal strength, authority, power, encouragement, boldness, adaptability, luck, sudden changes, helps heal coughs colds asthma arthritis and exhaustion, sex, sexuality, financial matters, creativity, cheerful, flowing, courage, warmth, abundance, happiness, pride, new awareness, it can indicate emotional imbalance or instability, agitation, worry, vanity, stimulates optimism, hope, activity, generating, treats weakness, strength, alive, artistic, perceptive, creative, constructive, self expression, willing to work, fun, spontaneity, sensual pleasures , stimulates communication, concentration, intellect, rebelliousness, aids in digestion,

red: passion, excitement, sexuality, longing, yearning, need, pleasure, anger, love, sex, sensuality, invigorating, energy, life, life force, blood, birth, death, fertility, physical energy strength and healing, increases magnetism, courage, enthusiasm, helps heal neuralgia and exhaustion, secure, organized, magnetic, strong will or desire, unexpected changes, helps ground, good circulation, urges, achieve results, success, hard worker, push the limits, push your boundaries, live life to the fullest, domination, alive, outgoing, powerful, fun, stimulating of apatite and libido, stimulates agitation and anger, shame, hatred, warmth, aggression, impulse, impulsive, prosperity, fire, attracts money and good fortune, mother

purple: the divine, royalty, richness, wealth, spirituality, power, inspiration, mystery, passion, harmony, ecstaises, depression, lofty empty ideals, false morals, sensuality, sacredness, mysticism, inspiration, wisdom, idealism, knowledge, purification, success, peace, meditation, ritual, sensitivity, aids all spiritual qualities and giftings, ambition, household and personal protection, air, helps treat allergies, treats sleep disorders, treats stress related disorders, exorcism, eases difficulties with quick changes, spiritual healing, pleasure, alchemy, humility, spirit, obsession, misunderstood, guidance, artistic, transmutation, unifying, meeting of the heart and mind, meeting of heaven and earth, mundane and holy unified, physical and spiritual married, independence, intuition, oracle, spirituality, worldliness, spiritual evolution, calm excitement, enchantment, deep spiritual understanding, encouraging, vitality, virility, impressive, impression, dignified, motivation, mournfulness, depression, force, healing, enlightenment, deep spiritual understanding, magi, synergy

blue: nature, prophecy, religion, spirituality, giftings, power, truth, secrecy, revelation, sadness, sorrow, calmness, serenity, ritual, nourishment, grounded, understanding, truthful, honorable, tranquil, peace, water, holy fire, holy spirit, quiet, affection, serenity, harmony, healing, power, communication, fulfillment, content, ideals, unity, deep feeling, impathic, empathetic, honesty, inspiration, dedication, seriousness, tenderness, telepathy, mind, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clainsentience, clairalience, claircognizance, clairgustance, intuition, soothing, anesthetic, relaxation, relaxes sensitivity, comfort, esthetic, good listening, transformation, depression, love, learning, study, evolve, untroubled, contemplation, pacifying, unity, sense of belonging, inertia, cleanse the spirit, remove fear, mediation, neutralizes negative energy, heals dementia depression emotional behavioral and mental disorders, mind, higher connection and awareness, inner light, protection from lower energies and stress, understanding, good health, patience, loyalty, intellect, imagination, joviality, laughter, happy, treats insomnia high blood pressure and minor wounds, knowledge, manifestation, beauty, serenity, centering, all spiritual gifts, loneliness, mystery, trust, faithfulness, stability, suspicion, melancholy, all healing, father

teal (and turquoise, and aqua): meditation, initiation, clarity, culture, history, tranquility, serenity, contemplation, seeking, travel, boldness, eccentricity, flavor, aroma, synergy, electricity

green: nature, life, healing, growth, home, rebirth, zest, drive, ambition, nourishment, grounded, envy, fertility, rejuvenation, palengenesis, balance, fairness, newness, hope, grounding, stimulates work, prosperity, attracting money, financial issues, good fortune, luck, ambition, success, brings love and renewal, emotional soother and balancer, counteracts greed and jealousy, treats headaches colds and nervousness, brings life and slows down the death process, earth, compassion, giving, generous, stimulates libido, teaching, endurance, tenacity, constancy, sympathy, high self esteem, energy, calm, responsibility, reliability, dependability, sensitivity, abundance, harvest, planting, reaping and sowing, karma, strength, friendliness, mistrust, self doubt, possessiveness, calms nerves, regeneration, love springs eternal, life springs forth, security, willing to work, wealth, educational cultural physical and material attainments, uncertain, miserly, harmony, restful and refreshing, deceit, optimism, freedom, balance, lad

yellow: joy, celebration, wealth, daytime, hunger, travel, fidelity, honesty, loyalty, cowardice, royalty, communication, optimism, inspiration, needing clarification, over criticalness, action, enthusiasm. Warmth, fire, the sun, variability, expectancy, exhilaration, emitting energy, masculinity, new learning opportunities, confidence, friendship, good fortune, ideas, awakening, quickening, stimulates the immune system, fine tuning the body, spontaneous, stimulates laughter communication and apatite, provokes thought, cheerful, center of attention, radiant, expansive, people revolve around it, movement, motion, acceleration, release from burdens, uplifting, harassment, restriction, problems, shining, happiness, excitement, kinetic energy, imagination, skills, inspiration, concentration, communication, helps heal skin conditions stomach complaints and menstrual cramps, intellect, craftiness, exaggeration, rigidity, optimism, reason, decisiveness,

black: protection, power, solemnity, night time, death, gateway, life, nemeton, justice, mercy, equality, calmness, courage, possibility, potentiality, hate, intolerance, secrecy, hidden, the great mystery, the womb of God, the unknown, absorbing, seductive, sensuality, adventure, shielding, possible imbalances, grounding, time to take note and become aware, inner self, place of power, understanding, higher initiations, burdens, sacrifices, pain or release from pain, manifestation, gestation, crone, flying, sacred cycles of life-death-rebirth, change, warding, burning, deeper levels of consciousness, deeper levels of reality, other worlds, deep meditation, relaxation, cosmic energies, sorrow, mourning, self control, quiet power, resilience, destruction, creation, strength, sexuality, retribution, karma, loss, gain, conflicts or lack of conflict, inner reality and world, truly knowing ones self and standing in ones truth authority and power, authentic self, birth, ritual, sacred space, sacrifice, connection at the core level, independent, darkness, intrigue, allure

brown: hard work, challenge, treat, grounded, dedication, creativity, comfort, home, beginnings, care, courage, conviction, trial, testing, merit, family, roots, earth color, harmony, stabilizing, confidence, feet on the ground, clogging of energies, new growth is ready and waiting to happen, opportunity for change, accomplishment, establishing new roots, organization connection, balance, connectedness, delight, attracts money, buries, emotional stability, eliminates indecisiveness, improves powers of concentration, study, finding lost objects, getting a hold on ones self, aids in protection of familiars family pets and animals, protects hearth and home, protects family, discrimination or lack there of , weight, stability, dinginess, depression, aging, safety, elegance

grey: grounded, mist, odyssey, journey, getting lost when needed, synchronicity, need, comfort, sorrow, strength, solidity, fluidity, movement, motion, change, alone-ness, the past, initiation, illumination, intuition, reflection, contemplation, meditation, energies ready to be awakened, creative fertile imagination, manifestation, fruition, change, lost-ness, loneliness, have or need direction, healing of imbalances physical or otherwise, movement, motion, cycle, revealing of innate abilities, secrecy, all tasks done or left undone, a sacred mirror, centered, neutralizes negative energies and helps send them into the atmosphere and space time continuum to be recycled, constant state of change, ritual working, pondering complex issues, judgment, discernment, helps develop e.s.p. abilities, attracts affluence, amplifies, conducts, learned, wisdom and knowledge, understanding and application, secrecy

(rainbow) multi-colored: power, promise, possibility, potentiality, radiance, brilliance, illumination, tolerance, acceptance, equality, variety, spice, faith, hope, trust, rainbow, elements, newness, the future, giftings, independence, harmony, abilities, talents, dreams, light, inspiration, busyness, pushing yourself down someone’s throat, hidden agendas, head in the clouds

metallics: loyalty, wealth, conduction, amplification, conduit, bliss, reflection, virtues, prosperity, grounded, centered, protection, evolution, adaptation, piecing things together, war, hate, love, adoration, respect, adornment, royalty, amplifies, conducts, angelic energies, understanding, being a sacred mirror, cosmic influences, connection to the ancients and the ancestors, persuasion, charm, confidence, truth love loyalty faithfulness, friendship, shining, the sun and moon, attracts luck gain and wealth, power, virtues, character, integrity, honesty, goodness, my word is my bond, advanced spirituality, spiritual armor and war, all good things, all that glitters isn’t gold, benevolence

colors of days and seasons:

Sunday: yellow, white, orange, gold, amber, red, violet
Monday: white, blue, grey, lavender, silver, ivory
Tuesday: white, red, black, grey, maroon, scarlet, mauve
Wednesday: purple, yellow, brown, white, topaz, light blue
Thursday: orange, red, fuchsia, pink, hot pink, green, turquoise, white, purple, crimson
Friday: green, black, magenta, white, pink, rose, purple, coral
Saturday: black, brown, grey, blue, indigo, cobalt, royal purple, blue violet

Samhein: black, white, orange, red, purple, blue, grey
Yule: white, blue, purple, red, green, gold, silver
Imbolg: black, white, purple, silver, yellow, gold, red, pink, brown, orange, green
Ostara: green, yellow, gold, white, black, blue, purple,
Beltaine: red, green, white, gold, yellow, orange, black, purple,
Litha: green, blue, teal (aqua, and turquoise), purple, white, gold, silver, copper, red, dark pink
Lughnasadh: yellow, orange, red, white, purple, black, dark pink, gold, green, silver, blue, grey
Mabon: orange, maroon, rust, brown, yellow, red, pink, purple, white

Zodiac colors:

Aquarius: blue, purple, teal, black, white
Pisces: aquamarine, teal, blue
Aries: red, white, gold, black
Taurus: yellow, brown, white, gold, red, green
Gemini: pink, green, blue, orange
Cancer: white, dark blue, dark green, grey, silver
Leo: gold, yellow, red, orange, brown, pink
Virgo: pink, white, grey, light blue, lavender, red
Libra: white, silver, grey, royal blue, copper, gold, purple
Scorpio: black, red, orange, dark pink (fuchsia, hot pink, magenta, etc…)
Sagittarius: dark or bright red (crimson, garnet, wine, et…), dark blue, purple, dark pink, dark green, black
Capricorn: black, brown, white, blue, green, dark purple, dark pink

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