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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Energetic (spiritual or metaphysical) Body!

Information on the subtle body system and all its components;

Five fold human being (the soul being, the elements of humanity):

Body: physical and energetic body systems.

Associated element: earth (soil, metal, stone, minerals, wood, etc…)

Mind: reason, intelligence, knowledge, common sense, actions, perception, conscious awareness and understanding.

Associated element: air

Heart: emotions, reactions, feelings, experience, instincts, intuitions, primal urges synthesized with higher wisdom and will power (self control, self discipline,). This is the intersection where all other human elements merge.

Associated element: water

Spirit: eternal being, personality, divine presence, and divine essence or spark. This is that part of us that is a direct part of God’s being and energy.

Associated element: spirit, ether, time, space, energy, and any and all unknown elements

imagination: creative intelligence, prayer energy, higher intelligence and intellect, the unconscious or sub-conscious mind.

Associated element: fire, light, divine energy (Awen)

Basic Chakra info. :

The chakras are the major energy centers of the body. They help regulate all of our energies. There are organs and organ systems associated with each chakra, as well as spiritual symbolism. I will not list the organ systems or the meridian systems associated with the chakras here, as I feel that is advanced information that will require its own article that I may write at a later time. Therefore this article is for the most basic information I feel that needs to be understood about the subtle bodies.

Chakra names:

Crown chakra; sahasrara
Brow chakra; ajna
Throat chakra; vishudda
Heart chakra; anahata
Solar plexus chakra; manipura
Womb chakra; swadhisthana
Root chakra; muladhara

Chakra center colors:

3 clear transversal points
white chakra (spirit shield)
pink love cord (rose cord, or rose line)
purple Crown chakra (halo)
indigo Brow chakra (third eye)
blue Throat chakra (voice chakra, or manifestation center)
turquoise thymus power point
green Heart chakra (the golden lotus)
lime diaphragm power point
yellow Solar plexus chakra (prayer field)
orange Womb chakra (sacral chakra, creation center, creative chakra)
golden white core star (hara)
red, blue, and gold kundalini
red Root chakra
earth toned stem cord (metallics, brown, dusty rose, dark green, etc…)
black earth chakra with white core star (void chakra)

chakra vowel sounds:
(toning the crown chakra will tone all above points, toning the womb chakra will tone the surrounding points of the hara and the kundalini, and toning root chakra will tone all points below)

transversal points and white chakra is a pure a as in awe, or o as in oh

Crown chakra; om, aum, or ng (as in ning, ng is the activator and om is the toner)
Brow chakra; ee as in key
Throat chakra; eh as in wet
Heart chakra; aah as in cat
Solar plexus chakra; ah as in top or awe
womb chakra; oh as in home
Root chakra; ou as in you

Earth chakra; o as in oh, or om

Cauldron toning vowels (a celtic shamanic technique which tones the three power points called the three cauldrons): a as in awe, I (ee) as in key, and o(h) as in home. A is the masculine energy, I is the unified balanced neutral energy, and o is the feminine energy, these sounds not only represent the three cauldrons but the three rays of God’s Awen.

Chakra musical notes:

Transversal points; c
Crown chakra; b
Third eye; a
Voice chakra; g
Heart chakra; f
Solar plexus; e
Creative center; d
Root; c

A new clarification on the subtle body system:

To clarify our understanding of the subtle body system as a whole, we must revise what we think we know; in light of newly received information from source on the subject of the subtle bodies! This new information is in regards to the rose line a planetary bio-corporeal technology that while having been perceived in the past has not been fully understood! Recent events brought my attention to how this knowledge might prove important to our race in our evolutionary future! I am a Reiki master teacher amongst other things! I was teaching a class to two new students! Two women; and more than any other students that I have ever had these two women posed some profound and in depth questions! Questions that would make any teacher stand up, take notice, be proud, and most of all challenged! While I was in the process of explaining the entire subtle body system, we broached the subject of the Chakra system. Unlike many other Reiki masters that I have met, I go in depth into the study of how the chakras work together for my students and their future clients sake! This is due to the extraordinary training that I have received from my Reiki master Reverend Laura DeMatteis. I had a little knowledge from my esoteric studies about the Chakras. However, when I took my Reiki training from Laura she changed my perception of the human body completely by giving me an understanding of the Chakra system that is sadly lacking in most Reiki training today. However many wonderful teachers around the world have seen the failings of this over sight and have more than begun to correct it! I was explaining to my students the things about the chakras that are vague or unspoken of in books. There are the seven major chakras that we have all seen posters of, and that are spoken of at great length. But there are other chakras that I have always perceived and now thanks to people like Carolyn Myss, I have much better understanding of! There is the eighth chakra which is white and is located above the crown chakra. There is the Hara, and the kundalini which exists as a three in one chakra unit; in conjunction with the womb chakra. I call these the circles of being. There are the transversal points, of which I always perceive three; though there could be more, and these are located above the white chakra. Then there is the earth chakra located at the bottom of the feet most of which is just beneath the surface of the ground. Then there were always two cords that I perceived while viewing peoples auras! A pink cord running from the white chakra into the crown chakra. I always referred to this cord as the pure love cord for reasons that are still unclear to me. Also there is a cord that resonates to earthy colors running from the root chakra to the earth chakra! I always saw this as silver brown, and sometimes copper, rust, burgundy, and in some rare cases a really dark green! To me this cords soul function was to transport information back and forth from the earth chakra to the root chakra in order to give our bodies information as to what was going on beneath the ground, and I call it the stem! And it is activated by grounding! This is how some human beings who are very in touch with their own senses know where lay-lines or earth meridians exist underground with no instruments to aid them! The earth chakra or the ninth chakra which is a hollow black sphere with a white core star in the middle helps connect us to mother earth. Sometimes this is also called the void chakra. When we visualize energy roots running into the earth while grounding ourselves, the “roots” are actually coming not from our feet directly but rather from this core star located at the heart of the black earth chakra! Moving up to the womb chakra which exists I have learned, not as a chakra alone unto itself but in unison with the energy centers surrounding it! Around the womb chakra there is a larger center called in literature “the Hara”! The Hara being the absolute energy center of our entire being; our core star! This is our Center! It is emanates as a golden white light. All other chakras are like fractured light from a crystal; radiances of the one light source within us! This is not to say that chakras do not exist as whole centers unto them selves apart from the hara; but rather it is a clarification as to what they are, and how they work as a part of the larger whole! The seven chakras are still the ones that we read to gain information while working on clients or ourselves. Because they channel all the information of our subtle bodies into them. Surrounding this center is a field of energy like a thick skin, called the kundilini center. The hara is our eternal energetic battery from God. The kundilini holds, stores, and distributes much of our information involving sexuality, gender, and identity for the womb chakra. As well as holding some information on our personal power from the solar plexus chakra. Moving up there is the halo around the crown chakra! Actually this is the outer rim of the crown chakra upon further inspection and the two can not be truly separated from each-other! The pink cord distributes information to and from the crown chakra to the white chakra above it! The white or arch-typel chakra holds all information regarding pre-life contracts, the akashic records for our spirit shield, giving us past life information, as well as being our connection to the collective unconscious, our higher self, and all symbolic understanding! Above this there are three; possibly more; transversal points which are like a clear unbroken cord running to God, connecting us like an unbroken umbilical cord! Previously I thought that the pure love cord and the stem cord were two separate cords! They are in point of fact one long continuous cord that reaches from the earth chakra to the transversal points! Due to our use of the word meridians when it comes to the lay-lines found in our bodies, as well as recent resurgence of the antique information mentioned in the DaVincci code, I have chosen to call this cord the rose line! The Rose line is and axis upon which we as human beings exists upon this planet! It is indigenous to this planet! It is our personal north and south pole! Although our seven chakras move with us in any given direction in space, some of our chakras do not move off of this axis! We pivot and rotate on our hara, as if our poles where orbiting a sun, or like our planet spins around its own core! When we spin and change directions in space our hara does not move from the rose line, nor do our white chakras, our transversal points, or our earth chakras! The remain on the line! However the rose line and our earth chakras are actually perpetually created by our hara’s! now while we are in earths atmosphere no matter how high and far away from the ground we are this rose line stretches to accommodate us, and facilitate our connection to the planet! So if we are in a plane we are still energetically linked by this Umbilical like cord to the planet! However, were we to leave Earths atmosphere we would loose our earth chakra and our rose line! All information stored therein would revert back to the hara! This is important in the case of astronauts! It may also be important to understand in the distant future of humanity if we begin to Tara-form and colonize other planets! If we were to enter into another planet’s atmosphere our hara would create a new rose line and planetary chakra, in harmonic stability and frequency in keeping with the energy of that planet! Our white chakra and transversal points which do not move from a roseline would again become stationary on an axis cord! The white chakra and transversal points exists as a part of our auric field, and our auric field is a radiance of our chakras! There fore they all travel with us unlike the roseline and the earth chakra! Were we to astral travel our rose lines and our earth chakras would remain with our physical bodies but our seven chakras, auras, transversal points, and white chakras would create holographic echo’s of themselves and travel with us! This process of traveling is called doubling or energetic bi-location, and is commonly referred to as astraling, or projecting! This also explains the silver cord a little better! The silver cord mentioned in scripture refers to three things, two of which are physical objects and one of which is called our “soul cord”! There were in ancient houses in the east (belonging to the upper classes) oil lamps, which where golden bowls hanging from three silver cords or chains! If even one cord broke than the oil lamb would fall to the ground and brake! Symbolically this was used as a term for the body and the soul! Meaning the body represented by the golden bowl breaks down when the soul represented by the silver cord departs! The silver cord also refers to an umbilical cord! Energetically however for those in the past and the present who have astral projected, or had a near death experience there is an experience many times of feeling “safe and connected” due to a silver cord that ran from the stomach region of the etheric self to the physical self! This new information clarifies that when we astral project there is a cord created or released by our Hara which connects our etheric self to our physical body!
I discovered this very telling information because of a number of questions posed by these two women! One of which was “were we to stand on our heads do our chakras and our auric fields move with us”? Now being as the subject of standing on my head never came up, I was unable to give her a decisive answer as to what stayed still and what moved! There were four theories that immediately came into discussion! One was that our entire subtle body system moves with us in whatever direction that we move in space! A second was that our two “cords” after a certain amount of time and stretching “detached” themselves from the white and earth chakras and switched places before reconnecting to the stationary chakras! A third was that we exist on an axis cord that stretched into the furthest reaches of the universe from this planet! Even though there were many more possibilities there was a fourth that was then mentioned albeit not yet understood! The fourth theory was that we exist on an axis cord but that it was indigenous to the planet! I was stumped! I called my fellow Reiki masters and put the question to them! What I got were as many different schools of thought as the amount of Reiki masters that I called! It seems the subject of standing on ones head never came up in any of their work before either! Including the ones that practiced yoga, who had never even considered this idea; but then again it takes a singularly unique mind to form such a question! I wanted to do experimentation with changing my direction in space but in order to do that I needed a swimming pool and had no access to one.
While musing over the question at great length in my head over the next couple of days I would receive an answer! I was giving a foot massage to my student, friend, and then business partner, Reverend Twila Hodges, when a thought came to me as if from above! “I need to go in right now and see where her transversal points are, and where her earth chakra is”! What I discovered amazed me! Her seven chakras were of course laid out with her, but her white chakra, earth chakra, and transversal points remained (both above and below her) suspended on a translucent opaque cord of energy that was in appearance like white lightning or a fiber optic rod! I had never seen this cord before! At least that is what I thought until she stood up, and there it was! I had seen it before, at least parts of it! It became pink between the white and crown chakras, and earth toned between the root and earth chakras! It was one continuous line of energy that simply gained visible hue in two very specific areas! I have to assume that the reason for the color change in those areas is because of the information exchange and energetic interaction there. Then the next day a little more information was given to us by one of Twila’s guides! Still not completely clear but certain I was onto something big, I called my Reiki master back with a confidence that she had never seen with me, nor I with myself for the most part! I told her about the rose line that I had “discovered”, while she listened intently albeit shortly and posed another question as to whether or not the rose line was indigenous to this planet since it did not travel with us during astral projection! After that conversation I prayed and mused the question over more until I was given most of the answers I wanted, but still all the answers that I needed! The summation of those answers is the information given in the beginning of this paper, in regards to the new understanding of the subtle body system and the rose line! The information given to us by Twila’s guide was for me to go and look for two books that were on our shelf! These books actually belonged to me, but I had not looked at them in at least four years, since I quit teaching Reiki full time! I forgot that I had even had them! They were “hands of light” and a sequel “light emerging” by a woman and fellow lay healer Barbara Ann Brennan! Unsure as to why I was told to look at these books, I flipped through the wonderful illustrations inside and lo and behold there they were! Pictures of the rose line! The pictures were mainly line drawings and mainly black and white, but the implication was unmistakable! I had been given true and clear information that in my opinion will somehow be important to the future of all those in my profession! I do not know how or why as of yet, but I am certain this information will become invaluable to our understanding of the human subtle body system!

Reverend Loush Mackay O’Raven
Written in the month of June, in the year of our lord 2006

Chakra essential oil chart:

Crown and above points: myrrh
Also rose, lotus absolute, mint, dragons blood, neroli, onycha, anointing oil, myrtle, balsam peru, and benzoin

Third eye: peppermint
Also jasmine, valerian tincture, vanilla (extract or oil), lemon grass, bay laurel, grapefruit, ravensara, and sage

Voice chakra: frankincense
Also benzoin, eucalyptus, niaouli, basil, blue chamomile, cypress, juniper, and thyme

Heart chakra (the golden lotus): spikenard
Also rose of Sharon, yarrow, eucalyptus, clary sage, hyssop, Melissa, tea tree, pine, cajuput, lime, fennel, marjoram, and petitgrain

Solar plexus: rosemary
Also bergamot, lavender, geranium, lemon, roman chamomile, coriander, and oak moss

Sacral chakra (hara and kundalini as well): cinnamon
Also cassia, sandal wood, patchouli, ylang ylang, cardamom, neroli, orange, nutmeg, palma rosa, mandarin, and tangerine

Root chakra (and below points): clove
Also vetiver, cedar wood, ginger, nutmeg, black pepper, rose wood, and verbena
Base oils chakra chart:

Crown and above points: grape-seed, olive, evening primrose, jojoba golden

Third eye: jojoba refined, castor, rosehip seed

Voice chakra: sweet almond, aloe vera, safflower, calendula

Heart chakra: hemp, avocado, apricot, caulophyllum (squaw root), st. johns wort

Solar plexus: jojoba golden, soya bean, vit. E, sesame, sun flower

Sacral chakra (hara and kundalini as well): carrot, macadamia nut, peach kernel,

Root chakra (and below points): hazel nut, canola, borage, vegetable

Chakra stone chart: (crystal healing)

Transversal points: clear quartz crystal
Archetypal chakra: moonstone (field spar)
Love cord: rose quartz crystal
Crown chakra: amethyst crystal, moonstone (regular, blue shine, or rainbow)
1st cauldron of knowledge: iolite, blue moonstone
brow chakra: lapis lazuli,
throat chakra: sapphire
thymus power point: turquoise
heart chakra: emerald
diaphragm power point: peridot
2nd cauldron of vocation: fluorite
solar plexus: topaz
kundalini: abulon (abalone)
hara: opal
womb chakra: amber
3rd cauldron of warming: tigers eye
root chakra: garnet
stem cord: labradorite
earth chakra: hematite

Alternative chakra stone choices:
Transversal points: diamond, cubic zirconian, sard, zircon, spectrolite, labradorite,

Archetypal chakra: opal, pearl, shell, bone, ivory, amazonite, marble, or any white stone,

Love cord: pink sapphire, spinel, calcite, pink topaz, pink tourmaline, kunzinite, pink jade, rhodonite, rhodochrosite,

Crown chakra: purple sapphire, jasper, sugalite, chaceldony, purple topaz, moon stone, abulon (abalone), purple jade, labradorite, or any purple stone,

1st cauldron of knowledge: blue moon stone, aquamarine, sodalite, lazulite, lazurite,

brow chakra: azurite, iolite, fluorite, tanzanite, spectrolite, blue moon stone (or any kind of moon stone), or any dark blue stone,

throat chakra: blue topaz, blue tourmaline, aquamarine, apatite, lapis lazuli, turquoise,

thymus power point: fluorite, aqua apatite,

heart chakra: malachite, jade, peridot, blood stone, rose quartz, tourmaline,

diaphragm power point: chrysicolla, tourmaline, jade,

2nd cauldron of vocation: see all alternatives for solar plexus, womb chakra, and root chakra, it is also thought that any kind of agate will work here, along with any of the psychic stones of the crown, third eye, or heart chakra’s,

solar plexus: tigers eye, beryl, sunstone, amber, citrine, fire opal, labradorite,

kundalini: ruby, sapphire, gold, fire opal, alexandrite, aventurine, puca shell, many kinds of shells are also indicated for this center,

hara: pearl (and mother of pearl), shell, bone, ivory, calcite, alabaster, chaceldony, white quartz, flint rock,

womb chakra: alexandrite, jasper, carnelian, coral, azurite, jade, aventurine, amber, pyrite, fools gold, agate, beryl, sardonyx, jacinth, rose quartz,

3rd cauldron of warming: geodes, druzy quartz,

root chakra: ruby, sardonyx, alexandrite, carnelian, jasper, blood stone,

stem cord: wood (petrified), agate, rock, stone, granite, smoky quartz, rhyolite, porcilaine, sand stone, serpentine, silica, all metals, tigers eye,

earth chakra: jet, onyx, obsidian, rutilated quartz, black pearl, glass,

notes: all stones will actually work on all chakras to some degree if used with intent for all stones have a direct affect on the human body system. This is not magic but rather a natural occurrence because all things especially living things have an electro magnetic field (e.m.f.), we humans call ours an aura. Scientists can now measure this to some degree. So when the e.m.f. frequency of a certain stone comes into contact with the e.m.f. frequency of our body there is a direct response which changes the frequency or vibrational level of our field. This is how crystal healing works. It maybe done through an energy session, or through jewelry, or through elixirs but this is how it works no matter what methodology you are using. Agates can work on any chakra depending on their color and type. All stones will work on the stem cord.


To interpret the auric field correctly one must understand many things. First one must understand that the aura is a complex radiance of the chakra system. Science calls this field an electro magnetic field (e.m.f.). it has thirteen known layers on incarnate human beings. All things whether alive or inanimate have an e.m.f. of some sort. The aura (and the meridians) feed information to and from the chakra system. Our field surrounds us and helps filter energy for us and protect us. The field is our subtle or energetic body system. The field is subject to damage and there fore may need healing from imbalance or wounding. The field must be kept healthy and repaired from any and all damage to maintain proper health of our entire body system. the colors themselves are direct radiances of our chakras. The colors also have personal meaning to both the healer and the client, and those meanings must be understood. What does a certain color mean to the client, and what does that same color mean to the healer. Only in understanding both can one hope to understand what the field is saying in a given situation. Another thing one must understand is what layer of the aura they are dealing with. What happens when one compares the function of that layer with the function of the particular chakra whose color is appearing? Then one must take this comparison and compare that with the overall meaning of the color agreed upon by both parties. What does all of the accumulated information tell you about the current state of being for your client?
One must also understand that the aura is not just spiritually manifest energy, but physical, bio-mechanical energy. It is affected by lifestyle, diet, habits, exercise practices, sexual status, environment, internal pollution levels (toxicity), behaviors, mindsets, belief systems, health status, and emotional status. The aura can also have an affect on all these things. So it can affect and be affected by all of the afore mentioned factors. One usually has to learn to crawl before one can walk. So learning to feel the aura, and work on this level with it, is just as important if not more important than seeing the aura. Learning to see the aura can give you great insight. However the most important aspect to working with, and healing the aura is learning how to perceive through ones feeling ability. This feeling ability is used to sense areas of imbalance, areas in need of repair, areas under attack by stress, parasites, and general neglect. One must be able to feel dense spots, hot spots, cold spots, and spots with more or less activity that are indicators of damage and imbalance. One must also allow their own energy, spirit, and intuition to tell them where to give healing in or on the field. Learning how to see the field will allow one to see “dark” or dingy spots, tares, blurred spots, or dirty spots that are areas of discord. One must also be able to feel the frequency of the colors. If one sees blue, is it a good blue or a bad blue? Many think that every time one sees brown, black, or gray it is bad but this is not always the case. You must be able to feel and intuit if it is a positive black or a negative black, and so on and so forth. Different colors mean different things to and on different people, so one must bare this in mind. A general color guide to traditional color interpretations has been included to help you with this. What does the color red mean to you? What might it mean to your client? ask them what it means to them. Somewhere between your interpretation of the color, their understanding of the color, and the traditional correspondences to that color lies the true meaning of a color for that particular aura reading. On some people red may mean anger, while on another it may mean sexual passion and arousal, while still on others it may mean blockage, agitation, and frustration. So take this into consideration when you are trying to read someone. It is only by understanding all of these factors that you can truly help someone heal their auric field.

Auric layer color guide:

This auric color layer chart is a general guide to the colors that the aura usually portrays. however just because the aura field layers have these colors as a norm does not mean that they are always this way on everyone, nor does it mean that they do not change. Everyone’s aura will look different to you. You will perceive colors differently each time, and you will need to use your own intuition and judgment about what the colors are trying to tell you. As stated before this is not a hard rule of thumb, but a mere general guide to the typical auric layers. The auric field is a complex radiance of the chakra system. When working with aura reading and healing you will need to ask your self not only what certain colors mean to both you and your client, but what those colors mean in their placement and movement within the field? What does the interaction between that chakra color and that layer say to you about the current state of your client, in all aspects of their life? By chakra color I mean that if you see blue on an aura you know, you are dealing with one of two chakras, either the throat or brow chakra. Now if you see blue on a certain field layer, you will need to find out several things. what layer of the field are you dealing with, what does that layer do, what does that chakra, that color, and that layer interacting mean? You also need to know what blue means to you and to your client. The most accurate and truthful aura interpretation lies in the intersection between all of this information.

1st layer; spiritual body:
this layer usually resonates as clear
2nd layer; casual body:
this layer usually resonates as a translucent white
3rd layer; emotional body:
this layer usually resonates as purple or dark pink
4th layer; mental body:
this layer usually resonates as blue
5th layer; astral body:
this layer usually resonates as green, yellow, rainbow, or gold
6th layer; etheric body:
this layer usually resonates as yellow, pastel blue, teal, black or clear
7th layer; celestial body:
this layer usually resonates as orange, white, or a blue that looks like electricity
8th layer; power body:
this layer usually resonates as red, green, or purple
9th layer; sacred body:
this layer usually resonates as pink, purple, blue, white, or black
10th layer; ritual body:
this layer usually resonates as white, blue, yellow, purple, or silver
11th layer; tribal body:
this layer usually resonates as clear, black, red, white, or rainbow
12th layer; temple body:
this layer usually resonates as clear, or white
13th layer; divine body:
this layer usually resonates as clear

The Human Aura:

Well first let us start by saying that plants, animals, angelic beings, and spirits don’t have quite so many layers to their auric fields as incarnate humans do. They have more simplified systems, however this is only efficient. Their fields do almost everything ours does but they have merged fields that don’t require separate layers to accomplish the same functions. For instance a certain breed of dog may have only four chakras that accomplish the same as our nine major chakras. An angel may have only need of three chakras to run their systems. These are not exact numbers but only random examples of what I am telling you. So where as an angel may have only five layers to their aura, we incarnate human beings have many more. This is due to the complex condition of being dense physical beings on this planet. The human aura is made up of thirteen layers of which only seven are for the most part fully understood or properly perceived at present. We really only need to worry about maintaining the health of the seven major layers. If we do this than we will be in good health and our other auric layers will also be healthy in most cases. The aura is a subtle energetic light body. It is a complex radiance of the chakra system. Literally it is the energetic body of our spiritual being. I will now brake down what I know of the different layers for you.

1st layer; spiritual body:
this layer is concerned with personality, higher emotions, conscious emotions, and love. Residual self image is one of its attributes. This is a light radiance of our eternal spirit.

2nd layer; casual body:
this layer deals with the physical body, but it is also the transport or body vehicle for the spiritual body. Basically it is an energetic body for the spirit.

3rd layer; emotional body:
this layer deals with primal urges, instinctual urges, base emotions, intuition, and gut feelings. This is where we hear that small still voice deep within. This is our conscience (our inner guide). Unconscious emotions and wisdom are key concepts here.

4th layer; mental body:
monadic layer or psychic body. Conscious mind, intellect, and knowledge are what this layer is concerned with. This layer deals with spiritual, extra sensory, and psychic gifts strengths, talents, and abilities.

5th layer; astral body:
this higher body or shamanic body deals with inter-dimensional travel in conjunction with the power body. Concerned with procedure and protocol of travel.

6th layer; etheric body:
atmic layer or cosmic body which works in conjunction with the astral body. Concerned with the motion, destination, and reason for all forms of travel.

7th layer; celestial body:
heavenly or universal body. Ketheric layer, highest self expression. A secondary light radiance to the spiritual body. Connects us with God and our higher auric layers. Acts as a protective cocoon or bubble for our spiritual body.

8th layer; power body:
merkaba, a light vehicle for the soul being. Energetic nemeton (ritual circle or shield) for the spiritual body. Concerned with the method of travel and the procedure like the astral body. Concerned with issues and mechanics of linier time, space, and eternity. Helps us fold space and time during ritual work, astral travel, and distance healing. Specifically it deals with bending time, and working within or beyond the time space continuum.

9th layer; sacred body:
imagination, creative intelligence, and formulative thoughts are key here. Concerned with arch-types, forms, and structures. Also with formlessness, emptiness, empty space, potentiality, and possibility. This helps us form our part of reality. It is one of the key layers when dealing with manifestation of will.

10th layer; ritual body:
this is our prayer field. Works in conjunction with both the power body and the sacred body in co-creation with the God. Deals with realization, manifestation, will, desire, reality, and experience. This is the layer we send forth out into the world to manifest our wants, and needs, and our experience. This is the energy that we send out during distance healing work.

11th layer; tribal body:
works in conjunction with the temple body and is concerned with information from primary culture, society, family, clan, and tribe. Also deals with planetary, star system, and cosmic information.

12th layer; temple body:
the akashic body concerned with records of all past lives, information about religion, spirituality, cosmology, mythology, and symbolism. Concerned with worship, submission to the divine will, service, alignment or partnership to divine will. This is our spirit shield. Submission in this case means the realization that the divine wants and requires the highest good of all and being not only at peace with that but bowing to the awesomeness of this level of love. And alignment in this case means making your will not only like but one with divine will, serving divine will on a conscious level, and working with the divine in order to bring about the highest good of all.

13th layer; divine body:
the unified body, immortal, or transitional layer. Transcendent consciousness. Works in conjunction with the sacred body. This is the level where we are unified with God. Lover and beloved made one and whole. Concerned with the awen, the reiki, and the neshama (prana).

Ways to perceive the auric field;

See the aura with physical eyes
Perceive the aura (see with third eye), when a person stands in front of you close your eyes. What colors do you see when you concentrate on the persons energies! Or what images do you see, and what do you associate those images with?

Hear the aura; what sounds do you hear when you concentrate on the person and what color do you associate those sounds and emotions with

Smelling the aura; what scents and aromas do you smell or think about when you concentrate on the person

Tasting the aura; what flavors or foods do you taste when you concentrate on the person? And you can program sights, sounds, and smells!

Know the aura; what thoughts, words, or insights come to you when you concentrate on the person? Or what memories come up for you?

Feel the aura; what feelings or sensations do you get when you feel the persons aura and concentrate on them?

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