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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spiritual Giftings, Basic Healing Work, and Basic Prayer work!

What are your main spiritual gifts?

I would figure out my top two gifts and work with them first. The following is a list of spiritual gifts and what metaphysical gifts they fall under or are categorized by.
The list of metaphysical gifts (extra sensory perceptions and spiritual designations or ministries), and other gifts (personality traits, crafts, skills, abilities, careers, and vocations) that fall under their domain:

Clairsentience (feeling / touching):
Feeling, touching, sensing, intuition, psycometry, Telekenises / psycokinesis, instinctual, gut feeling, discernment, sculpting, gardening, farming, growing herbs, healing, putting on the aromour of God, spiritual warrior, physical or massage therapist, empathy or impathy, comforter, distinguishing between spirits, pyrokeniesis
The ability to tap into the collective unconscious or the akashic records is tied to the gift of psycometry

Clairalience (smelling):
Clairalience, and clairgustence are really extensions or specific types of clairsentience.
Smelling spiritual scents, smelling spirits, smelling the roses (being grateful – thankful – appreciative), smelling when “something is rotten in demark” (this is a type of discernment), hightend sense of smell, good at anointing and aromatherapy, diagnosing, detective work, flower essences, baker, tea maker, healing,

Clairgustance (tasting):
Tasting spiritual tastes, manifesting, miracle working, speaking in tongues, words of wisdom or power, asking the right questions, testing the spirits, prayer warrior, singing and musician, cook, potion brewer, healing,

Clairaudience (hearing / listening):
Guidance, listening to the conscience ~ that small still voice of God within us that will on occasion scream to get our attention, hearing spirits – sounds – and voices in the ethers (the different planes of existence, hearing celestial music or the music of life, hearing teachers, interpretation, interpreting tongues, singing and musician, writing and poetry,
Telepathy, counseling, secretarial work, healing,

Claircognizance (knowing):
Precognition, prophecy (and the office of prophet), premonition can fit into this as well, information receiver, psychic, administration, teaching, preaching, foresight, empowering, organizing, secretarial work could fit under this as well, healing, testimony,

Clairvoyance (seeing):
Seership – the seer, the sight (second sight, third eye, highland sight, fairie sight), visionary, dreamer, vision questing, astral projection and travel, professional traveler, painter, most types of artistry, seeing the spiritual gifts of others and determining the best way to help them tap into – practice- and utilize those gifts, healing, dream interpretation, aura interpretation, chakra reading, seeing the beauty and potential in others, mediumship, casting out unclean spirits and demons,

Now if you are astute you will have noticed that there is one word that went under all of these categories; The word healing. When you are a healer you must tap into all of these to some respect or degree. All of God’s royal children (saved or born again) have all of these gifts within them, however there will always be between one and three that stand out the most as the main gifts of that an individual. God’s other children have many of these gifts although there are some gifts that are reserved for his royal children which is only to be expected. This has to do with spiritual evolution, and having a deep, eternal, abiding relationship with God. However we can all learn how to tap into most of these and utilize them as needed.

Healing work for novices:

This is basic fundamental knowledge for doing healing work;

If you are doing healing work and you can’t seem to get a fix on what the problem is, than just say a prayer; and say, “Lord I don’t know what the problem or the situation is but I know that you do! So please send your power to find the problem and fix it. Please use me as a vessel for your Holy Spirit to come and work through”! For those that have never been trained in any type of healing modality like reiki but wish to do healing work than just ask that God use you as a vessel, and to protect and help you; then lay your hands on the person and pray for them; imagine them being healed, and think good thoughts for them! You should learn at the very least how to ground and center yourself, and how to shield yourself before attempting any kind of healing work. In cases of emergency ask God to protect you and help you, ground you and center you, and shield you! You do not want to take on other people’s issues and energies. This is why learning the grounding and shielding processes is so important!

Remember that your body is a temple of which your spirit is the inner sanctum. “Where attention goes energy flows” said James Redfield. He also said that you could say it this way, “where intention goes energy flows”. Be aware of your self.

“watch your thoughts they become your words. Watch your words they become your actions. Watch your actions they become your habits. What your habits they become your character. And Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.”
Original wise author unknown.

Remember also, you as a healer are not the source of healing but merely a vessel for it!

Further insights on how to pray:

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. We are all familiar with these words. But let me change your perception of them. Be careful what you pray for because you will get it in some way, form, or fashion. Though it may not look like what you asked for at all. Be careful with your words and thoughts because they have power. Prayer is not just what you say. Prayer is an energy that you hold inside you; it is a field that you perpetually generate with your thoughts, words, actions, meditations, contemplations, musings, and even your unconscious thoughts. Praying doesn’t change God it changes us. It is how we connect with God, and a particular thought, or dream, or wish. We make requests from God all the time whether we know it or not. We need to become aware of this and begin to discipline and control our thoughts, and our minds. Take captive every thought. And in this way we can begin to create and generate better, bigger, clearer, purer, and much more effective and more beautiful prayer fields as james redfield calls them. We need to start instituting and restoring true prayer. This has started to happen but we need to accelerate the process. Because now that we are no innocent of it and we know the truth about prayer and have it in our consciousness then we will be held more responsible for how we use it, and what we co-create and manifest with the power God has given us to wield. We need to not place demands on God because it is rude and dangerous for us to do so. It works against our own best interest. Because we can not always see the inherent danger of what we might ask. Be careful about what desires that you allow your heart to linger on. They will take their toll. If they are good then you will find the energy of grace blessing you, and if they are bad then you will doom yourself to allowing negative energy to pollute and toxify your being, your body temple and the inner temple of your spirit. “Where attention goes energy flows” said james redfiled. He also said that you could say it this way, “where intention goes energy flows”. Be aware of your self.

“watch your thoughts they become your words. Watch your words they become your actions. Watch your actions they become your habits. What your habits they become your character. And Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.”
Original wise author unknown.

One should never pray for God to just give them wisdom and knowledge. They will not respect the information they did not have to earn. Wisdom that isn’t earned can become dangerous. One will not truly understand the power they wield or see all the ways they can go awry. One should instead pray that God help them to become wise. That he make them wise. Then he will bless them by having events happen in their life to teach them wisdom, as he did for Solomon of old.

One should never pray that God give them unspecified power. They should ask that he help them to step into power, that he give them a specific power, or that he make them powerful by becoming the power that they seek.

Ones prayers should mainly consist of worshiping God, talking with him as a friend and a lover. One should keep petitioning prayers at a minimum. Just talking to God and saying thank you is a very good prayer. He already knows your prayers, needs, wants, desires, and longings. Praying doesn’t change him it changes us. Prayer changes our internal and external reality. He will give you what you ask for so be careful what you ask for. Though he always answers our prayers, sometimes for our own good he supersedes our free will and says no to us. Sometimes when we say we don’t want something to happen he gives it to us despite our request. God always answers our prayers; and he has three answers; yes, no, and later! We should not seek to live life by our will; we should learn to say “this is what I pray Lord, yet not my will but thine be done! Make my will one with yours Lord God! I will to will they will”!

If you read the lords prayer and truly understand what Christ taught us about praying it will change the way you pray; your attitude toward prayer. Christ didn’t espouse a weak prayer saying “oh God please give this retched miserable sinner some food and drink, and cloths, and money, and status, and health”. No he prayed a prayer of power that is an affirmation more then a request. He said God let your kingdom come and your will be done as above so below. Then he went on to say give us this day our daily bread, protect us, teach us what is right, and forgive us for our sins. The most miraculous thing about everything he told us to ask for was the tone of the request. He requested things in such a way as if to say that God had already given them to him. He said give us this day what we need and then he moved on, because He already knew The Father was taking care of it.

Always test the spirits and know who you are dealing with. Scripture says that any spirit that professes that Jesus (Yashua) came in the flesh is of God. So ask whatever spirit you are dealing with if Jesus came in the flesh, and if they say yes then they are ok, and if they say something else then send them away.

Do not pray to or worship anything but God. Do not pray to Mary or the angels. We are to pray to God alone and give him all our worship. If you feel you need an angel then ask God to send you an angel. For instance, if you feel you are being spiritually attacked and want Michael to come then say God please send me Michael. Then only safe invocation directly to angels that I have ever heard is in the ritual of the casting of the nemeton. Where you have already asked God to send you the angels and aids that you need. Then the ritual invokes and welcomes the five main arch angels. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to, work with, and say thank you to your spiritual aids. You should do all of that. but prayer is a form of worship that is to be reserved for God and God alone! If you work with Mary, than welcome her and say thank you for your help and leave it at that; and the same goes for any other help you have. Ask God to send you whatever help you need! Sometimes you will be amazed at who he sends, and who shows up to help!

Test every spirit: the bible gives God’s people a way to test every spirit, or spiritual being. In some of the secret teachings of Christ to his apostles, he explained to them that every spirit that professes that Yashua of nazareth the Christ came in the flesh is of God. (insert bible verse). Simply ask whatever spirit that has shown up “did Yashua of nazareth the Christ come in the flesh?”. If the spirit professes that Christ did indeed come in the flesh then that spirit is good and of God, and if it gives any other answer then send the spirit away and banish it immediately by saying “ get thee away from me, leave this place, I banish thee to the arid places to await the judgment, where you shall be cast into eternal hell, I banish thee in the name of God the most high, the most holy trinity, and in the name of Yashua of Nazareth the Christ!, leave this place and never return”. When you have sent the unclean spirit away you must say a prayer. God come into me and into this place with your holy presence, your holy spirit, and your holy hosts, cleanse this place of all that is not of you and set up your holy temple here in this place.” Then if you want to say anymore prayers, or worship with music, or read bible verses out loud into the atmosphere of the place this will help cleanse, clear, and purify the area of residual negative energies. You can also smudge the place and anoint the place and your self, and anyone else present with holy oil and or holy water! There is a spiritual mystery that I will tell you here. For people who like myself have had to help spirits that were lost or confused cross over to the other side into the light of God, test those spirits the same way. They may be confused about where they are, and if their dead; however the grace of God implants in the good but lost spirits the answer to the divine question “did Yashua come in the flesh?”, even if they don’t know why they will be compelled to say yes to this question unless they are an unclean spirit who can’t answer yes to this question. This is divine decree. Do not attempt an exorcism on people unless you have experience or are with some one who has experience, and you are right before God meaning that you have confessed your sins to him and asked forgiveness and salvation. Also do not exercise someone without their permission unless you know that God has told you to do so. Do not try this with out letting the person know what you are doing! Do not exercise someone who is not fully prepared and willing to turn their lives over to God. Surrender to him, ask for his salvation, and live in a right way. Otherwise this is pointless and dangerous work. The unclean spirit if cast out, can come back and bring seven other spirits with it to reoccupy the person even worse then before unless the person gets cleansed and becomes a vessel temple for God and gets filled up with the word of God. Scripture says that a person must be filled up with the word to avoid repossession of an unclean spirit. Do not hold conversations with demons and evil beings, it is dangerous and pointless. They are full of craftiness and lies, and have had thousands of years to practice out smarting people into doing their will instead of God’s. so to cleanse a person by an exorcism also called deliverance work, say “be gone out of this person unclean spirit, I banish thee to hell in the name of God the most high, the only true and living God. In the name of the most holy trinity, and in the name of YASHUA of Nazareth, the true Christ. The lord God is one God. Be Gone with thee.” Then say “Lord God I ask you to come with your holy fire, your holy presence, your holy spirit, and your holy hosts and cleanse this child of yours and fill them with your holy breath, save them, and let them come into your kingdom. Bless them and make them your holy vessel temples for all eternity. Let your divine will be done! Surround us Lord God we beseech thee? Fill us with your holy word. (this is a good point to say the lords prayer)”. Remember do not hold conversations with the unclean spirits as it is not a good idea. Simply banish them and help the person get right with God in their souls. If you are cleansing a place then ask God to come and set up permanent residence there and reclaim the land and make it holy and sacred. If you are cleaning an object then ask God to cleanse and bless it and consecrate the said object unto him. Thank him for everything.

Do not worship any being but God: Angels ceaselessly tell people not to bow down and worship them, they are neither the message nor the one who sent the message, they are just the messenger. This also means that we should not pray to angels but only to the God who created and sent them. Angels are our brethren. The only way to properly invoke an angelic presence is by first invoking God and asking him to send you his angel(s). then after you have acknowledged God as the source then you can request of him the specific angelic presence that you need, if you want to get into specifics. You do this simply by saying “name of angel come and be welcomed here, and thank you God for sending my all the help that I need and sending your servants to my aid!” it is ok to have manners when working with angels, this is just common respect for all beings, it is not worship to have common courtesy. You can say please and thank you to angels for their assistance. I always say “thank you for your help, and for being a good fellow servant of God”. I always begain and end these types of situations by saying thank you to God first and last. That is proper and befitting. We need to Love God and reverence him, through worship, devotion, respect, gratitude, and thankfulness. This is how we show our love and appreciation to God, for all that he has done, is doing, and will do for us. Scripture says take every thought captive, and it also says make a joyful noise unto the lord.

Names and why they count: names carry spiritual essence and power. Look at the biblical examples of how God changed peoples names to suit their destinies; or how when parents names their children due to special circumstances, visions, or spiritual encounters with angels and like beings the children always lived into their names. Ask yourself does your name suit you; does it define you? If your name does not really speak to who you are at the core of your being maybe you should consider changing your name and choose a new one for yourself. Names carry the energy of who and what you are; and in the end what you have done with that name on behalf of God is all that you carry with you to the next life. You can bind and loosen spiritually speaking by knowing the name of the being you are dealing with. You can know who to ask God to send you in order to aid your current situation. It is a universal law that if you demand in the name of God for a being to tell you their real name they must tell you.

Manifestation charm:

(pray to God and ask him to hear your prayer, align yourself to divine will for the highest good of all, visualize, and intend desire)

my power is one with the all power
my speech is one with the word
my will is the will of heaven
my prayer will now unfold

I pray to the God for guidance to reveal to me my path

I pray to the God for work something good to last

I evinvoke to my life abundance prosperity and grace

That all my needs may be met

And my wants to fruition swiftly pace!

So shall it be!

note; i combined the words evoke and invoke into evinvoke for my own ritual work. it is quicker and easier and Spirit knows what i mean!

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