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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grounding and basic energy work!

well I have been remiss in posting as of late. there are several things that i have been wanting to write about, there is so much going on that I have just felt overwhelmed about where to even begin. Then in my Reiki classes I have found that people were coming who had no clue about how energy worked at all. so I had to go back the absolute basics for them. I decided that on my blog site I should also put a few posts about beginners energy and ritual work and healing. so thought that I would start with grounding which is the most important and the most basic. It is also the bases for all energy work or should be!


Beginners grounding methodology

Drink copious amounts of water not just to hydrate the body, but in order to keep the electromagnetic field connected through the entire body.

Take off your shoes when you first start learning to ground, as shoes can short circuit the natural grounding mechanism in your subtle body interfering with the body’s energetic connection to the planet. Eventually this will not be a hindrance to you.

After sessions if you feel there is still “dirty”, stagnant, or negatively charged energy in your field than you can do a variety of things; soak in a warm bath of sea salt and or essential oils for twenty minutes or more, or smudge yourself with white sage and or juniper and lavender. Another way to release unwanted energy in your field is to go outside and get on your knees on the ground and this will activate the small chakras in your knees which will help give you a slight grounding naturally. Simple contact with the earth will activate these chakras. Taking the unwanted energy out of yourself and putting it into the air or the earth will cleanse you, and clear and recycle the energy into pure energy. Carrying a grounding stone is another good way to keep connection to the planetary energies; crystals, black stones (like hematite or onyx), and green stones (like malachite or jade) work best for this. Putting a true copper penny in your shoes, or wearing copper, silver, or magnetic jewelry will help in the grounding process.

Imagine a waterfall (of pure water, or pure light) flowing down over your head, keeping you connected to the planet and washing away any unwanted energy within or without. This will help keep your energies clear, healthy, and focused.

Imagine a shaft or fiber optic rod of light starting just over your head and going down deep into your spine, and then extending down into the earth. Imagine then that all the dark energy is being swept up in and by this shaft of light, being carried and taken down into the earth; allowing you to utilize the pure energy of the shaft of light leaving you energized and powerful.

When you take a shower you can close your eyes and imagine the water flowing over your head and down your body is filled with the energy of light. It starts out clear, and then turns white, followed by gold, and then silver. Then it turns all the colors of the rainbow and the chakras; red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, cobalt or indigo blue, and then purple, followed by pink, before finally turning white and then pure clear again. This pure water with its bright illumination showers you with life force, energy, power, and knowledge. Imagine this liquid light created by God grounds you and centers you. Ask God to help you to become wise!

Spirit-Hand Grounding and Centering method

To begin to learn to ground properly go outside if possible. Connect with source or Spirit (The Divine / The Creator and the universe); however you do this whether through prayer, acknowledgment, or visualization. Maybe you just allow yourself to feel connected to the world around you, and this is alright too. Visualize any symbols that mean life, healing, protection, and faith to you. In Spirit-Hand there is a grounding prayer that we like to utilize silently to ourselves;
(Spirit-Hand quick Grounding prayer);
“God ground me and center me in You,
in Your Divine Presence,
in Your Divine Word,
in Your Divine Spirit,
and in all the I need
ground me in Your Divine Awen,
in Your Divine Reiki,
in the energy of Your Green-world,
and surround me with Your Holy Hosts,
this I ask Lord, this I pray
in The Holy Name of Christ Yashua,
and the authority of The Most Holy Trinity

Sometimes I also visualize the being connected to the great tapestry of the universe, and the sacred heart beats of Christ and of the earth. I ask God to make me a worthy vessel for His healing power to flow through that I may be in eternal Communion with Him! I affirm that I know that God Makes me worthy through the sacrifice and resurrection of Christ. All these prayers and affirmations may take only a few seconds and are almost always silent.

Then you can move to in-taking the Prana;

Imagine that all the air around you, and that everything is made of pure energy or white light. Inhale this white light. Concentrate on your breathing. Breath in the white light and breath out the white light. If you feel like you are holding negative energy then breath in the white light and breath out the negative energy as black mist until you feel you are clear and then breath in and out the white light. Imagine this light filling you with life energy, and Spirit; quickening you! There is a power phrase that I say sometimes as an acknowledgment of God as the source and provider of my life; “I breathe in all Your Life and Light”! Then I begin the physical aspect of grounding visualization.

Imagine that a great tree trunk of light comes down from God, from heaven (the sky); and runs through you; into you and around you, and goes down into the earth. Imagine roots growing from your feet into the earth. Previously you brought The Divine Energy down into you, now bring the earth energy up into you through the roots you have visualized! In time you will learn to ground with your shoes on, and in less than a minute. You can do this quickly and in complete silence so others are not even aware that you are doing it.

Eating salt will help ground you. Toning will also help you ground (use low tones). Wearing earth tones, black, red, orange, yellow, copper, brown, and green will help you ground. White will also help you center and ground.

The definition of centering and grounding (in Spirit-Hand philosophy);

To center ask yourself what you are doing right at this moment; ask yourself “what is my purpose or task right now” and let yourself become aware of the answer. Centering is the focusing of the mind to purpose or task at hand. Centering means “clarity, purposed, and focus of the moment”. It is the ability to withstand and be unshaken by events or rapid changes, whether positive or negative in your perception. To stand in faith and hope. The knowledge that all things will work out for the highest and greatest good as determined by God / Spirit. In the Spirit-Hand Tradition we say that the act of centering can not and should not be separated from the act of grounding.

There is a line from an old gospel song that I use as a grounding power phrase; “Christ the rock on which I stand, all other ground is sinking sand”! This line helps me to remember and empower myself in the process of Grounding; in the reality of Christ.

Grounding is the drawing upon (into yourself) of Divine energy from above, and earth energy from below at the same time in order to shift, balance, and align your own chi (life force energy)! This positively affects (and effects) us in many ways. It is a method used to balance, filter, protect, focus, center, and connect yourself better with and from all things (all life). Grounding means to align yourself as a conduit (vessel, antenna, theurgy, or wand) for Spirit to work through.

Why do we ground?

Because grounding is the absolute bases for all energy work. It is the most basic energetic thing that any human being can do, and that every human being needs to do! It is our vital energetic connection to source that we are engaging when we ground. Humans, plants, and animals all can and do ground. Grounding is about gaining our energy from the right source instead of competing for it with each other. We do not need to take energy from others or steal from them if we learn how to ground properly. God / Spirit who is source is limitless, vast, never ending, eternal, all powerful, and all positive. We have in God our own battery or never ending supply of life force. Grounding can help heal and sustain us perpetually. What we want can be called a sacred braid of energy. Divine energy, earth energy, and our own human chi can blend or fuse together to create an ultimate human energy which is trinitarian in its nature; A super energy. It is said that to each is given a measure of power, and this blended energy is power. Outside of God we are limited and can do nothing, but with God all things are possible and nothing is impossible. This is why we ground every day; and every time before, continually during, and after a healing ceremony / session, or ritual. Grounding ourselves is about aligning ourselves to God (and The Divine Will and Living Word) who is the ultimate power! Also while it is not energetically sound to always be too deeply grounded in physical energy all the time, it is always safe and very good to be deeply spiritually grounded all the time.

some further notes on grounding;
some of this information is a repeat of the afore mentioned information, but there are a few notes that i felt needed to be reiterated!

Grounding and centering;
Grounding is bringing earth energy from below, and divine energy from above into your own body and energy fields. This is done to balance, heal, regenerate, filter, and protect you energies and align them to the proper frequencies.
There are many methods to do this; and you should research explore, experiment, and find the methods that work best for you. It is best to start this process outside and barefoot. Eventually you will be able to do it anywhere, and any time, and it will get to where when you are experienced enough it will only take a few seconds. It may take several minutes in the beginning. Eventually you will be able to do it with your shoes on, but this is not the favored way. However eventually you will ground with your whole field and not just your rose line. Women are almost always naturally but shallowly grounded because they are more magnetic. Men are more electrical, so grounding is a much more learned process for men; however when men learn to do it they are so greatly proficient at it that trained female healers will often seek help from them when they themselves can’t ground.

You should always be hydrated when doing anything, so remember to drink plenty of water during the day. Eating salt can help; try sea salt as it is less harmful than table salt. Eating crackers or ritual crescent cakes can help with this process. In my tradition unlike wicca for instance you ground before, during, and after any ritual or work! There are many stones that can help you ground. These would include stones that are green, black, and white. Hematite is a great stone to work with because it not only helps grounding but repels negative energy and draws in positive energy. You can wear copper or magnetic jewelry to help as well. Certain gem stone elixirs will also help.

You start by closing your eyes. Imagine that all the air around you is made of pure white light. You then move to concentrating on your breathing. Move your awareness down to your sacred shaman center located at the womb chakra / hara (this is found between your belly button and the place where your pubic hair starts). Proper ritual breathing is done like so; breath in through your nose, hold for about three seconds, and breath out through your mouth. Make sure your diaphragm is rising as much as your chest; in this way you know that the air is getting down to the deep part of your lungs. Go slowly so that you don’t hyperventilate. As you breathe imagine that you are breathing in this white light and your are exhaling blackness; the blackness is all the negativity and energetic toxins leaving your body. When you feel clear, clean, and pure the air you exhale will become white like the air that you breath in. eventually you will be able to do this with just a few breaths. After your breathing has prepared you, you can move on to other visualizations.

Take a moment and imagine that roots are growing from your feet into the earth as deep as you feel you need to go. This may or may not be deep or shallow. This visualization signals to your energies to connect to the earth energy. Take a moment and pray, and use any power symbols that you feel deeply connected with. Then take a moment and pray; connect yourself with your concept of God / the divine. Once you feel you have properly connected with this energy imagine a tree trunk of white light coming down from the heavens in and around you; Going into the earth. This draws energy from the ground below and The Spirit above. Take a moment and use any symbols that represent God’s protection over you and imagine them around you like a giant sphere, to where they are like four dimensional holograms. Then imagine that one layer of your auric field is expanding around you and forming an egg like shield or cocoon. Imaging a blue egg often helps with this. The most important thing is that you feel safe, protected, re-energized, grounded, and balanced. Then it is time to center your self. Focus on who you are, what you are doing, and why! Centering; it should just take a minute or two in the beginning. Centering is finding the center of yourself and focusing on who you are and what you are doing in an exact moment! And remember to stand in a spirit of truth, love, authenticity, power, freedom, and gratitude! Remember also that we should all also strive to be servants of The Light of God!

This is the basic process of grounding, shielding, and centering. There are man more methods, some simple, some more complex, each have their value and strengths. However find the method that works best for you. Wearing old copper pennies in your shoes; or doing one long, slow, deep, musical tone can facilitate this process. You can also stand in the shower and imagine that the water is changing every color of the rainbow to help you in the beginning. The divine energy and that planetary earth energy from planet gaia has now entered your energy field and merged with it to help make you more complete and empowered. There are also small chakras in the hands and feet that can help you with this process. The knees also contain these small power points. You can get on your knees to help, or you can touch the earth with your hands to aid in this process. In the beginning despite your visualizations your rose line is more engaged in this process than anything else, but after time and practice it will be your entire field that is engaging in this process. If these visuals or methods don’t work for you then ask God for help and guidance and he will show you a method that will work better for you! Listen to your internal guidance and learn to trust it over time.

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