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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Spiritual Home basics!

The Spiritual Home basics;

for those who want to keep a spiritual and clean home, here are some basic techniques you need to know!

Blessing basics:
Words for blessing:
Lord God bless __(state object or person)_ in the name of the most holy trinity. This I pray in the name of thy son Yashua Hamashia The True Christ. Thank you Lord God for everything in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit our Mother, amen.

Things that impart blessing energies:
Incense, essential and base oils, anointing oil, holy water, your own energy after you’ve grounded and infused your energies with divine energy.

Protection basics:
Words for protection:
Lord God protect _______________ from all negative influences and energies, let nothing that is not of you enter this (place or person). Surround us with your Holy Presence, and your Holy Spirit, your Holy Word, and your Holy Hosts. Come and indwell within this place and set up permanent residence here. Make this place your holy temple so that nothing that is not of your love and light may enter here. Drive out, cast out, and banish anything, everything, and all that is not of you. This I ask Lord, this I pray in the name of thy Son Yashua Hamashia The True Christ. In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit this I pray amen.

Things that impart protective energies:
Anointing oil, holy water, your infused energy, symbols, certain colors, dragons blood oil and incense, certain stones and materials, nemetons (ritual circles).

Clearing, cleansing, and purifying basics:
Now the first thing you should know is that these things are different actions even though they sound the same. And the above order is the order they are to be performed in. first you clear (object, space, or person), then you cleanse, than you purify. To clear means to remove or clear away unwanted energies. Then you cleanse, meaning that you remove any left over energies or residue that are unwanted. Than you purify which is where you take a person, place, or thing that has been cleared and cleansed and you do blessing and protection for them; so that they become not only ritually clean but made sacred so that negative things won’t want to touch them again.

Words for clearing, cleansing, and purifying:
Lord God please clear, cleanse, and purify (person, place, or thing). Make sacred this place (or person, or object), that only your loving and healing energies will want to touch them. may it be that this __________ repel all negative energies, and drive away all shadows, all spiritual darkness, and all evil. May the will of God be done in all things and in all ways. This we ask lord God, this we pray in the name of thy Son Yashua Hamashia The White Christ. In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit this we pray, amen.

Things that impart cleansing energies:
White sage, holy water, anointing oil, lavender oil, juniper, cedar, myrrh, frankincense, fire, sacred smoke, called spirit wind.

Empowerment basics:
Words and actions to empower:
Empowerment also called charging or enchanting is filling and person, place, or thing with power or energy. After you have blessed, protected, and or cleansed something or someone than you can charge them. this is best done in a partial nemeton (ritual circle, sacred space, sacred enclosure). I say partial as opposed to a full ritual nemeton. A partial elemental nemeton (there are different types of partial nemetons) is made by making a circle one or three times and asking God to encircle you, then calling in the elemental energies. A full nemeton would also include calling in all your spiritual aids and the angels of the five directions; as well as attributes or virtues of the directions. For simply empowering an object this is unnecessary. You draw a circle and then bring in the five elemental energies of God. In my tradition we start in the west and work counterclockwise or widdershins. So face west and draw the circle circumference. Then go stand in the west again and imagine water (water candles or props / instruments / implements can be used here to hold the called energy if you so choose, and the same will follow for the other elements). Ask God to send his water energies your circle. When you can feel them after you have visualized them, then you can move on. Go to the south and bring in the fire energies in the same way. Then east for air, and north for earth. Then after you have reached the west point aging go to the centre’ (sacred spiritual center) and bring in the energy of spirit. Then you can begin your work.

Words to empower;
Lord God please fill and charge this _________ with your living energies and power. This I pray in The Holy Name of The Sacred Three. Amen.
Fill the person, place, or thing with the elemental energies and then your infused energies. Intent and imaging or imagining is the driving force behind doing this type of work. Words lend another level or frequency to the strength of your work.
Do your work and then close the circle by unmaking it clockwise and release all the excess energies there with Love, and say a thank you to them and to God for His aiding of your work.


When creating a salt barrier around a property sprinkle the salt with intent and the power of word! Always pray first and prepare yourself. Ask The Holy Spirit of God to come and encircle you and the property! Then use the salt and create a barrier line, or a boundary circle mark while speaking out loud to the atmosphere of the location that you are in! You want to record your intent on the atmosphere of the location.

You can say something like the following example;

Example power phrase for salting;
This blessed salt shall be a barrier between the people of this world and the spirits of the next. Nothing that is not of God shall cross this mark. As I lay the salt down may nothing cross over that is intended to do harm. Within this boundary spirits are bound, I bind thee from doing harm, harm against other people, and harm against yourselves. Harm shall only come to beings or energies that threaten those who dwell here.
This place was possibly once yours spirits, but now God has ordained that you share it with the living. They are not a threat to you, neither shall you be a threat to them. There shall be peace within this place! If you are intent on causing war, strife, or unrest and you try and cross this line than the barrier here shall banish thee to the arid places and the nether world forever, and you will never return here!

If you moved on to a property and cut down trees than plant some in their place! Make sure to cleanse a property or building before moving in. check and make sure there was never a cemetery or burial ground there that you would be disturbing. This could and most likely will cause major problems for you later. If you’re already living some where, and find out that you are living on sacred land that has been disturbed, there are always steps you can take to make sure things stay or return to a peaceful state. Make sure that no murders, deaths, or suicides have occurred on the property. If you are already living there, as stated before there are always steps that can be taken to ensure that things return to a peaceful state if they become disturbed!

Claim control of the property if you are the owner, and after you have proper control, then claim the space for God and consecrate it as holy land! Dedicating the property to God / Christ should make it almost impossible for anything negative to come and stay there again, as long as the property is kept clean of spiritual unclean-liness! There are a variety of methods to cleanse the place and claim it for good. Some of these methods involve the art of smudging, and anointing the place with holy oil, and holy water. Worshiping God on the property through prayer, ritual, song, or reading from holy writ will help consecrate the property.

To cleanse and bless a house:
There are basic steps to take in order to do this. Ground and center yourself. Then ask God to send you his presence and all the spiritual aids that you need! Use white sage and lavender to help cleanse the house! You can also use incense to bless, and to raise energy. You can also use sweet grass to bless and give thanks. Frankincense, and cedar is used for cleansing, healing, and worship. Myrrh, dragons blood, and cinnamon is used for protection. Juniper is used for purification and prayer. Chamomile is used for protection and healing! Bergamot is used to issue Joy and lift depression; and along with crystals and incense can help thin and raise heavy energies!

Use the sacred smoke of the white sage and the lavender (and or juniper) to help clear and cleanse. You can light the herbs and waft the smoke around while praying. This process is called smudging! Some people pray from the heart but there are ritual or practiced prayers that can be used. And example would be a smudging charm.

Example smudging charm;
God please empower me and herbs and consecrate this smoke as holy. Where ever this sacred smoke touches let that place be cleansed unto you. Let this smoke carry my prayer and let my prayer be heard and answered Lord God. Let thy will be done, and let my will be as one with yours. Hear this my prayer;
(the mantra goes as so); by the smoking of this charm I cleanse this space of all ill and harm! By the smoking of this charm I cleanse this space of all ill and harm! By the smoking of this charm I cleanse this space of all ill and harm!
You repeat the mantra part of the prayer until you are done smudging!
After you have smudged than ask God to send his holy spirit and his holy angels to clear, cleanse, and purify the house!

An example house cleansing prayer is;
Oh Lord God Most High, please cleanse this space, this atmosphere, this room, this house, this property of anything that is not of you! Please purify this space and leave no refuge for anything that is not of your Holy Light, and Spirit Lord God! Let the power of All Love, the Love of God enter this place and set up his abode here. Lord God come and set up permanent residence in this place. Let the Word enter in and stay here forever! Lord God let your Holy Archangels come and be here and sweep this place clean and protect this place! Please bless this space! Let Thy Will be done and let our will be as Yours!

When you have done this than you must, anoint, consecrate, and bless the house unto God. You can use holy water and anointing oil to bless and consecrate every door and window! Anoint the house and the front door as well as the other entrances in the name of “The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit; in The Name of The Most Holy Trinity”!

Salt the front and back doors!
If it is the property and not the house that needs blessing you can use similar methods to the ones above to do that work as well! You can change the words to the prayers and the intentions! You can salt and anoint the property and burry crystals, prayers, and other sacred items on the land to keep it sacred. You can ask God to bring cleansing, clearing, purification, peace, and atonement to the land! In some cases you might need to do both the house and the property! In some cases it might be a person associated with the land or the house that needs to be cleansed! Ask God to send any of their attachements outside the property line and create an eternal perpetual shield so their attachements must wait for them outside the property line! In the cases of possessed people do not attempt an exorcism unless they ask for help and are willing to turn their Lives over to God or else their infestation will get seven times stronger, worse, and far more dangerous! Rather bind their spiritual attachments in the name of God; Father God Yavey El Elohe Yisriel, God The Son Yashua Hamashia, and Mother God Sophia El Shaddai The Holy Spirit! The Holy Name of Christ has been given all the authority in the Universe! All things are under His command! After you have bound the person ask God to come into their lives and change their hearts and turn them toward His Holy Light and Love! If you do exorcise a willing person; than after they are delivered make sure they ask Christ for His Salvation and turn their lives over to Him and fill their lives with His Living Word! After you have cleanse and blessed and house, and property, or a person the worship of The Word must take place! This can happen by reading the bible and singing praise and worship songs and honoring God in all like ways! And never forget to have an attitude of gratitude. Say “thank you” to God for all things and for making a hedge of protection for you!

House / temple / space protection charm:

God of goodness let no evil enter here

It shall not enter from the west lest it be sank and drowned

Nor from the south lest it be burned and consumed

Nor from the east lest it be blown and swept away

Nor from the north lest it be failed and forever buried

Nor from above lest it be seen and banished

Nor from below lest it be bruised and trampled

Nor from within lest it be faced and conquered

Nor from without lest it be killed and forgotten

And this is how the fallen darkness shall be undone

Only the fullness of love and light to enter here

Only the good Awen of God is right and near

Only that which is of the God may enter and be made welcome

So shall it be!

Elemental associations:

associated qualities, and actions:

Air – communication, learning, teaching, intellect, manifestation, clearing
Water – life, deep mystery, refreshing, birth, healing, cleansing
Earth – growth, evolution, abundance, grounding, stabilizing
Fire – transformation, purification, healing, light, love, destruction
Spirit – divine love, breath, creativity

parts of our human nature associated with the elements:

Air – mind
Water – heart, deep emotions, deep mind
Earth -- body
Fire – imagination, surface emotions and deepest mind, subtle bodies
Spirit – energy, ether, breath

associated colors:

Air – purple, white, blue, yellow
Water – blue, teal, clear, silver
Earth – green, brown, rust, neutrals, gray, pastels, gold, copper, medium pink
Fire – yellow, red, orange, blue, hot pink, fuchsia, gold
Spirit – white, black, silver, light pink

associated directions:

Air – east
Water - west
Earth - north
Fire - south
Spirit- centre / sacred center

associated times:

Air – spring , dawn / twilight
Water – autumn , evening / dusk / the gloaming
Earth – winter , night
Fire – summer , noon
Spirit – all year, all seasons, all time, no time / eternity

associated ArchAngels:

Air - Gabriel
Water - Raphaiel
Earth - Michael
Fire - Uriel
Spirit – Holy Spirit of God and Ariel

associated ritual implements and tools:

Air – wand, feather, broom, incense, perfume
Water – grail / chalice, bowl, cauldron, cup, shell, cave, drinks, essences, essential oils, sacred waters and other liquids,
Earth – plate / platter, bell, disk, stone, salt, herbs, spices, foods, crystals
Fire – athame (dagger, sword, blade), candle, bo staff,
Spirit – images or symbols of the divine, feathers,

On the Caim;

There are numerous shamanic philosophies and techniques the world over that can be learned and applied to daily living and healing. One such practice is a celtic practice called caim (pronounced came).

The shamanic practice called caim practice means “to bend” (or to loop or to encircle). This is not the practice of casting a nemeton (full ritual circle), but of casting an energetic circle of protection around yourself, others, objects, or spaces; usually with a prayer. This was heavily practiced the Celi De (the earliest celtic Christians; they were also mystics).

An example of this would be this traditional caim prayer (a revised version of the traditional prayer);

“The mighty three, my protection be,
Encircling and encompassing me,
God around my life, hearth, and home,
God around all those I love,
North, south, east, and west,
Above, and below be,
Oh mystic trinity

Essential ritual / essential oil purpose chart: (with some misc. info.)

Myrrh; all purpose ultimate spiritual oil

Lavender; all purpose, clearing and cleansing.

Frankincense; temple, prana (breath of life and light)

Cedar wood; temple, ritual

Rosemary; focus, remembrance

Geranium; masculine energy

Clary sage; feminine energy

Bay laurel; protection, clearing, banishing

Juniper; clearing, cleansing, purification, blessing

Spikenard; life, death, re-birth, royalty, beauty, dealing with grief, anointing, preparing

Olive; healing, beauty, nourishment, anointing, teaching and learning

Cassia and cinnamon ( and neroli, and salt); purification, beauty, truth, grounded, centered, virtue, Christ consciousness, spirit, masculine rituals, work to manifest abundance

Eucalyptus; opening, expanding, awareness, prana

Rose (and valerian tincture); brehon contact, vision work, spiritual

Peppermint; increased energy, power

Citronella; to banish unwanted influences and pests, to create a sacred border

Primrose; night time work, feminine rituals, and brehon contact

Chamomile; bre'hon contact (in Spirit-Hand we use the old celtic druid term Bre'hon meaning judges to reference all spiritual aids given to us by God; like angels and totems, etc...), healing, calmness, day time work

Amethyst elixir; sight, power

Flower essences; planetary alignment, healing, balance

Star-chamber water; light, power, intention, all purpose, energizer, charge, program

Dragons blood; Ultimate protection oil

Bergamot; Joy

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