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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Spirit-Hand Healing Tradition


Spirit-Hand as a practice, and a healing art:

Spirit-hand is the healing tradition founded by Rev. Loush Mackay O’Raven in the late nineties. It is an eclectic mix of many healing modalities, ancient philosophies, and practices. One of the core practices in Spirit-Hand is Usui Reiki Ryoho, which is the traditional reiki as taught by Usui Sensei, and which was grafted onto by Master Hayashi, and Mistress Takata. Spirit-Hand also includes techniques from the kemetic (ancient Egyption) practice of Sekhem (pronounced sei-chem, or say-kim, with very little connection to the sei-chem as taught by Patrick zeigler), angelic therapy, as well as infusing the Judeo-christian concepts and traditions of healing, with various methods derived from celtic and native american shamanism (including fairie healing, ancestral guidance, totemic power aids, ritual herbalism, and crystal healing). It also draws on age old wisdom from the hindu and oriental teachings of the body temple(focusing on chakra healing, auric field therapy, and meridian work). It is a system of healing that is always evolving with the Holy Spirit of Christ as its center. In these classes we explore the truth of healing, and the reconnection process. You will learn the full system of the reiki healing tradition in these classes. We will exchange invaluable information to expand our awareness. We feel we learn as much from our students as they do from us. We will help you further develop your own spiritual evolution which is after all why we are all here on this earth school. As we have a Christ based philosophy we advocate compassion, tolerance, and respect for all walks of life, even those we might disagree with. It is open for anyone to take and all are welcome, though we do not say that everyone will feel comfortable. It is taught in the apprenticeship tradition from master (teacher, one that has been mastered by spirit) to student. We create a safe environment, and provide easy ways to intake the information. Group activities, workshops, discussion, and study groups are always being planned, as well as future classes not yet being offered. We feel that one should always have a networking base, and a support system based on our peers and other kindred spirits, and this is what we hope to create at the Avalon Grail Mystery school.


For the information of the general public; the following is a list of religions and ideologies likely to be highly offended by the Avalon Grail Mystery School, and the Spirit-Hand tradition. If you belong to any of these you may want to contact Rev. Loush and ask questions before enrolling in our programs:

Devil worship
Jehova’s witness
Christian fundamentalists extremists (those people in the roman or protestant church who hate other religions and alternative ways of life that differ from their own).
Pagan fundamentalists extremists (those people who are pagan who hate christians and all those with a view point different from theirs).


Spirit-Hand as a philosophy, a spiritual discipline, and a way of life:

Spirit-Hand is unapologetically Christian in its belief structure, and is devoted to honoring the teaching of the Holy Trinity which is the very heart of its ideology. Spirit-Hand seeks to bring true original Christianity back into public consciousness and awareness, and to heal the damage caused to humanity as a whole from the false, re-written so called “christianity” started by the council of nicea, upheld by the roman church, and spread like waste by the modern evangelical churches of America. Rev. Loush feels that Christ God is offended by what the modern church has done and is doing in his name, which is why places like the universal life church and the unity church are so important. Spirit-Hand seeks to bring healing, comfort, and restoration to the souls that have been ravaged by the anti-Christ spirit that blatantly runs rampant in the modern church. Spirit-Hand also seeks to unify all christians together as it was in the beginning of the faith, and to bring them into harmony and peaceful co-existence with the many cultures, religions, and spiritual paths of the world. We are taking the word Christian back, in order to use it as it was originally intended by the Christ, and the early followers of Christ. Spirit-hand aids people in exploring, and finding their true spiritual path whatever that may be. It aids people in exploring the mysteries of the universe. This is essential to understanding our life’s purpose and meaning. We help people explore for themselves the mystery of God, the sacred circle of life, everyday spirituality, the world vision and their place in it. Spirit-Hand exists to help facilitate the process of tolerant and peaceful co-existence between all people of all races, religions, faiths, creeds, and lifestyles so long as said religions, creeds, and lifestyles do not seek to harm anyone else. Spirit-Hand always seeks the highest good of all, and to align an individual with the Divine Will, and his or her own destiny. Spirit-Hand focuses on the mystery of healing and on a variety of healing modalities found throughout the world both new and old. It is focused on healing the five fold nature of a human being; body, mind, heart, spirit, and imagination. This system of healing helps people to learn just how their body and in fact their entire being is truly and literally a temple for the divine. Another focus of Spirit-Hand is the attempt to heal on many levels the eco-system of mother earth which humans have so badly damaged. We seek to practice ways to restore earths ravaged majesty. We give out information to all students to educate them on what they can do in their own personal lives to help heal the environment. We do this by sharing information on recycling, stores, products, magazines, internet sites, statistics, and behaviors that are eco-friendly. We feel it is only through reconnecting humanity to both God, and Nature as in ancient times will there be a shifting in global consciousness that will help bring about a new global spiritual society. Spirit-Hand embraces many ancient tribal wisdoms, and customs. We feel that western medicine is the youngest, most un-educated system of medicine in the world. It is not time-tested or proven compared to the ancient systems of medicine as found in china and the ayurvedic medicine system of India which have success rates dating back thousands of years. Therefore, western medicine in its arrogance has caused great harm and damage to the health of the people on this planet. We do think that there are many great things within western medicine such as the diagnostic arts, and the plethora of surgeries available in its system. So what we seek is a balance between the old and the new as found within complementary medicine. We are in favor of people having all systems of medicine at their disposal so they can make informed educated choices and decisions about their own health care. We absolutely feel it is wrong for the government, the f.d.a., and any and all boards of medicine to try and control the free will of people where their health is concerned. We also feel it is wrong for western medical boards, big business, and pharmaceutical companies to stop the flow and dissemination of any or all information regarding natural and synthetic medicine. Medicine should be about nutrition, and health on all levels of ones being. Medicine should always be holistic. Practitioners of alternative medicine are the new shamans of earth. The word shaman has taken on new meanings in our modern age, and while we respect the old ways, we welcome the evolution of those ways into new ways, and new traditions. The roles of shamans, or medicine people in the modern world has also gone through a transition. While shamans still do most of the things they did before, we begin now to see that humans have evolved to the point to where we no longer have to tell someone what to think, do, and how to live. we can simply be guides and compasses helping and trusting people to discover their own inner guidance, and to do, think, and live they way which they see as right for them. We are here to help people see their small part in relation to the whole; their thread in the design of the great tapestry. Though much of the knowledge of ancient shamanism has been lost to us we are beginning to reclaim, and rediscover the missing pieces. In the end, we are all seeking that essential connection, that feeling and experience of oneness with the entire universe and the divine. Self-exploration, self-examination, self awareness, and self-understanding are the beginning keys to live life to the fullest, the way God intended. One day we believe that we will live in universal harmony.

Blessed Be!

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