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Saturday, October 10, 2009



Sekhem is an Egyptian word meaning power, strength, or might. Sekhem is also the Egyptian equivalent of the Indian term prana and the words Reiki, and Awen. as used to denote the all-encompassing essential force that binds the universe together and is present in all life. Every culture and religion had its own name for this energy and kemet or Egypt is no exception. Sekhem is both all around us and in us.
Sekhem is living light energy as well as an ancient Egyptian system of healing and wisdom.
Reiki and Seichim are stand alone healing systems that until recently have been taught and applied separately. The healing system of Sekhem is a powerful tool for transformation that accelerates our personal development and aids us in achieving our full potential. Sekhem is the healing art that was practiced by the priests of the high temples in ancient Egypt, usually but not always in a spiritual or healing context. It is a channeled energy, not our own, drawn from the limitless sea of the Living Light Energy of the Holy Spirit and is guarded over and guided by the angelic like being called sekhmet once thought by the slightly misguided ancient egyption priesthood to be a “goddess”! this is the same energy that permeates throughout the universe and which we all need to power our bodies, minds and spirits, and to use for the sheer joy of living and loving. It is set to a specific frequency for healing, divine justice, mercy, forgiveness, and karma. It is a strong path of compassion. It is also a method of spiritual warfare, for light warriors. Sekhem is an intelligent energy that guides us with an awe-inspiring speed, precision and strength to the root cause of any problem or issue we are working with. It connects with and clears the physical, emotional, mental and subtle spiritual bodies with an incredible completeness addressing the deep aspects of cause. Sekhem helps release thoughts and core beliefs held in our subtle bodies that create symptoms of blockage and disease in our physical form, while at the same time it rebalances our energy systems and fills us with light and wisdom. One of the very powerful ways in which Sekhem aids us in our personal growth is by connecting us to the universal energies of destruction and regeneration. It is the powerful synthesis of these two essential aspects of creation and evolution that "makes the world, and us, go round". Life is cyclical and an essential part of growth is the death or destruction of the old, of that which no longer serves, so that space is made for the new to be built on a better, more solid foundation. It connects us to the alpha and omega cycle of life, as well as “as above so below” philosophical teachings of balance. Sekhem is an extremely powerful, yet loving and gentle energy that opens our heart center to more unconditional love, joy and compassion, and allows us to bring forth our inner truth and vision. Sekhem combines and works beautifully with other energies healing methods and traditions. As we work with Sekhem, it assists us in purifying and clearing the channel, i.e. ourselves, very quickly. There is only one Source of true power, and true love; but how we tap into Universal Law, the level of our own personal integrity, spiritual enlightenment and development all have a direct bearing on the power and clarity of the energy we channel. As the Living Light Energy is in a state of continual flux in accordance with the universe, Sekhem continues to evolve with more information being revealed to us all the time; a trend that will continue as mass consciousness rises. The Sekhem energy, both old and at the same time new, is very exciting as it equips us to make the appropriate changes necessary to take us with confidence and calmness into the future, while at the same time staying balanced, grounded and confident. Sekhem is an important transformational step toward removing the helplessness from human experiences, both our own and those of others. With sekhem you can make a positive and healing difference in your life and the world around you, and thus look forward with excitement and an inner calmness to whatever experiences the changing world will bring. We live in exciting times and we are very privileged to be here, to influence and participate in these changes. Sekhem: The living power that permeates the universe, animates every being, and pulses in every cell. It usually but not always resonates to the frequency of the color blue. The spiritual power that stretches out from God to us, and from us to God, the shared breath between. The power flowing from roots to curling leaves, from mountain to pebble, from one heart to another. It indicates essential life force. Sekhem is a very powerful, loving and high vibrational energy healing, connecting us to Divine, living light, and the source of all love. Healing can take place on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and the energy can work directly at a soul level, expanding our own vibrational frequency and bringing about personal growth and changes we wish to manifest in our lives.

Sekhem as is usually taught in the west, (unlike the way it is done in Egypt) is a natural energy healing structure and wisdom which originated /re emerged from 1979 when Patrick Zeigler was initiated to Seichem energy at the Great Pyramids in Egypt. The Seichem energy system was originally developed by Patrick and some of the great Reiki Masters; T’om Seaman and Pheonix Summerfield. Diane Shewmaker in her way greatly furthered patricks style of sei-chem. Sekhem is often associated with the angelic being called Sekhmet. Sekhmet, helps reside over destruction and rebuilding, symbolizes the breaking down of things that are no longer required to allow for rebuilding, rebirth and truth to emerge. She was patroness of healing, light warriors, divine justice, karma, and if need be divine wrath. Learning Sekhem includes attunement at a number of levels, depending on whether you are already a Reiki Master. these initiation attunement rites utalize many symbols (including some that are common to Reiki and other Seichem related structures). Anyone interested in expanding upon the frequencies they are able to access and work with will benefit from learning Sekhem.

Sekhem (pronounced say-kim or sei-chem) an ancient Kemetic (Egyption) style of spiritual energetic healing, which is a lot like Reiki. the sekhem as practiced and taught by Rev. Loush has very little connection to the Seichem practiced by Mr. Patrick Ziegler, though Rev. Loush did learn some of his sei-chem tradition and gives Mr. Ziegler credit for “rediscovering” the sekhem energy to some small degree. The sekhem practiced by Rev. Loush is based far more on ancient egyption traditions, and on the spiritual guidance he receives from God and the Sekhem spiritual guides, and teachers. Sekhem is a living tradition that is still practiced by a few people in Egypt and never completely died. The sekhem being practiced in Egypt is very different from Mr. Ziegler’s tradition.
Sekhem uses, colors, ancient symbols, and visualizations, as well as certain meditations to affect our lives and our health.

disclaimer: "I have no wish to demean Mr. Ziegler in any way, form, or fashion. I personally think he has done tremendous work on behalf of healers every where. however due to certain events, historical facts, and writings, I personally disagree with some of his philosophy. so I approach this healing system and energy from a different place. I think everyone should work from a place of internal guidance. to each their own; everyone should follow their own path in life"! Rev. Loush

Blessed Be!

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