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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Urgent health care alert!!!

...In case any of you have not heard there is another attack on the freedom of religion and health of american citizens. the powers that be in our government are trying to once again destroy our rights. like the right to say no! there is a bill they are trying to pass which will get rid of once and for all our right to do what we see as best for ourselves and our children! they are trying to make it to where it is federal law that children must receive flu, booster, and immunization shots which are very dangerous! they are trying to get rid of all philosophical and religious exemptions to forcing people into putting their poisons into our bodies! we must all be vigilant and patriotic and fight this bill and all other bills like it! say no to shots, and opt for building up your immune system they way nature intended; using foods / diet, lifestyle, essential oils, and herbs to make your body resistant to illness and imbalance. prevent your self from getting sick by making your body, and your immune system; strong, powerful, and healthy! they have gone too far in trying to control us people! it is time for us to stand up for or rights and say hell no we won't let you inject us with your poisons anymore; inject yourselves instead!
blessed be!


another article about the attack on your religious and health freedoms which i wrote awhile back...

Urgent alert:

Rarely has there even been such an attack on freedom of health spirituality and religion. An unprecedented and unparalleled attack is being committed right now on the alternative medicine movement and the holistic health care industry. Also under this same attack is the freedom to teach, learn, and practice spiritual, metaphysical, energetic healing traditions and modalities, tribal healing traditions, ancient medicine and health systems, and your very right to pray for people. This is not a joke or someone being over dramatic. It has started in Arkansas and New Mexico. They are passing evil bills that will spell the end for health freedom and choice, spirituality, and religion. In Arkansas they are trying to dissolve the state board of massage and transfer all rights, authorities, responsibilities, jurisdictions, and privileges there of to the state board of health. This will lower the standards of education, as well as cutting out the freedom of education choices. There are even more serious and dangerous consequences to this action still that are to numerous to go into. An even bigger threat is a bill being considered in New Mexico that will force all practitioners of alternative medicine to be called and considered “unlicensed health care practitioners” which will strip them of many rights and privileges now held by them under the law. Further more it will strip away the professional standards, and public regard and awareness that it has taken them such a long time to build up; the general public is far too slow in accepting the legitimacy and health benefits to be derived from alternative holistic medicine. This bill will also make far too easy for therapists who use alternative modalities to be sued for “pretending to be doctors and real therapists” as the authors of this bill imply. It has taken years to build up public trust, conscious awareness, accessibility, respect, reputation, and good opinion of alternative medicine and with one blow it could all be undone. They have gone so far as to say explicitly in the bill that they want people to be licensed through the state board or health in order to obtain the “legal right” to pray for people. We can not let this stand. Everyday those of us who are spiritual and religious people come under more attack, and lose more of our rights to worship freely as we so choose which is supposed to be guaranteed by the most sacred trinity of American documents the declaration of independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights. We have seen these types of injustices in the past when women and “minorities” could not vote, we see it now in the denial of the basic human right to get married to the G.L.B.T. community, what will we see in the future. Where is this all leading? What is becoming of this country, where is it heading, where are we going? Or should I ask, where are we being mislead? This country no longer seems like a democracy or even a republic! This country is heading towards communism, dictatorship, socialism, and tyranny of the worst kind. In the future will we who are religious and spiritual followers be forced to register with the government like the poor citizens of china are forced to do? Where will we draw the line and make our stand? Where will it stop? I personally have not seen such evil, and crafty documents since President Bush helped write and enact the patriot act. Isn’t it bad enough that they can take detailed pictures of us and our houses from space with out our permission and post them on the internet for thieves, rapists, murderers, and terrorists to help locate us easier and find our vulnerabilities? There is also a bill before congress that will give the F.D.A. all power to “regulate” our herbs which means they will be grown with chemicals, hormones, and pesticides! Help us stop these bills and all other future bills like them. I do not speak from a fear based mindset, but a place of concern! I did not write this to speak forth doom and gloom, I speak from a place of hope, because I believe that we can stop this and change this. We can create a new paradigm! This is a call to action! I am asking all of my fellow citizens to write their congressional representatives, their governors, mayors, their party elders, their leaders, and even the president to help put a stop to this and help reverse the damage these bills have already done to the alternative health care industry and all of its practitioners! You can read more about these bills at www.massagetoday.com , go to this site, look for the current issues page, and look for an article on bills that are attacking state boards (April 9th 2009 issue). Follow the links to the Arkansas and New Mexico websites to read the bills in their entirety. Help put a stop, an end to these types of attacks on our freedoms. Write, call, or e-mail the governing bodies and those two states and let them know how you feel about this, about these ridiculous bills!



house bill 1162

bill 664

join us in wearing white ribbons for equal marriage rights, dark purple ribbons for religious and spiritual freedom, and dark green ribbons for health freedom (freedom of choice for what type of medicine you want to use, and what type of medicine you are free to learn, teach, and practice. Freedom for alternative medicine and the holistic health care industry).

Rev. Loush M. O’Raven 2009

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