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I am an Ordained Minister, a Shaman, a Reiki Master Teacher, an Aromatherapist, a Massage Therapist, an Herbalist in training, & a Crystal Healer in training! I am also a Writer! I am one of the Neo- Celí Dé (a form of Celtic christian mysticism based on original early Christianity, & certain Celtic philosophies, perspectives, & certain Druidic elements). I am also a proud member of Clan MacKay. NO PARTIES, JUST PATRIOTISM!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

More on Rev. Loush M. O'Raven!

getting to know me a little bit better...

About Rev. Loush MacKay O’Raven:

He is of mixed heritage, encompassing many cultures, but is mainly of Celtic and Native American ancestry.

Rev. Loush is one of the Celi’ De’ (a form of celtic Christian mysticism and a group of people who practice it). The word Celi De (also called ceile de, culdee, and kuldee) literally means spouses of God. It has also been translated (in implied translations) to mean, vassals, servants, vessels, friends, warriors, and children of God. The Celi De practiced original Christianity through unique celtic eyes, and a distinct cultural perspective. Rev. Loush is a follower of the grail quest and the Arthurian mysteries. He is an ordained minister, a practicing shaman, and a Reiki Master teacher in the Uusi Reiki Ryoho tradition of Reiki (or Uusi do). He is trained in Sekhem (pronounced say-kim or sei-chem) an ancient Kemetic (Egyption) style of spiritual energetic healing, which is a lot like Reiki. the sekhem as practiced and taught by Rev. Loush has very little connection to the Sekhem practiced by Mr. Patrick Ziegler. Rev. Loush is a well trained Aroma-therapist who has practiced this art for approximately sixteen years. He is a trained massage therapist and has practiced this skill for about fourteen years. He is a ritual herbalist; which is some one who is not a master herbalist though they are well versed in and work with the medicinal and spiritual attributes and benefits of the major herbs. He is in training to be a crystal healer and currently implores this skill to a degree. Loush is also a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. He teaches a variety of classes, and workshops, and is always planning new classes and workshops for the future. He works with the perelandra flower essences. He is also a distributor for starchamber water and products.


His mission statement: “I am devoted to the ideology and practice of helping people through natural and ancient methods of healing body, mind, and spirit”! Rev. Loush


A little of his philosophy:

“ what I do for people is create the sacred space in order to give them the time and opportunity to heal, then I facilitate that process, and serve them to the best of my God given abilities. I hope to uplift the human spirit to aid in the natural (as well as the metaphysical and supernatural) healing process, by taking the minds of my students and clients on a journey to experience sacredness. I hope to instill in people their own sense of worthiness and sacredness. I hope to impart to people the knowing that they are literally temples of the divine. We are all made in the image of God. My vocation is also my ministry; in my own small way I am spreading the gospel of Christ, using my vocation as a vehicle or tool to do this. My ministry is the reason God put me here, it is my meaning, and my purpose. As a Christian mystic and a lay healer my mission is to help people help themselves to a deeper, richer, more holistic life through the path of healing. this can be achieved I think through connecting people to God, nature, and their own sacredness as it was in ancient times. When we expand our awareness and change (or enhance) our perceptions we can see life clearly; see the big picture, and then we can change anything. I aid peoples own natural healing process through the ancient shamanic practice of laying on of hands healing. my own healing tradition Spirit-Hand is based both on the Christian concepts of healing and age old multi-cultural healing techniques, and practices. The energy of intention, and the power of prayer can create healing. my people have always believed strongly in the connection between this world and the next. I think it is imperative that people embrace the best parts of their own cultures and religions and the best of everyone else’s as well. We have a lot to learn from our ancestors and those that came and went before us. We have a lot to learn about ritual and the importance of it in our modern world. We need to remember what we have chosen to forget. It is for these very reasons that I employ even in my basic massage sessions a ritual atmosphere with candles, incense, world music, aromatherapy, ritual tools, holy water, and even ceremonial dress. My reiki master Rev. Laura Dematteis received a massage from me one time and said I was “very thorough, really good, and that every move was intentional”. I thank her for the complement and can only say that the intentional thing is partly true. Most moves are intentional, and some are intuitive guidance. I love to serve God and serve my clients and my students. I am a seer and I come from a long line of seers and ministers. I am a Grail Priest of White Avalon and I serve the White Christ. I hope that God, and my ancestors are looking down on me and that they are happy that this exiled child (as we celts in America and Canada, and other places away from Europe call ourselves) is learning and practicing as much of his culture as he possibly can. I am learning more all the time. During any kind of healing session that I do I become a vessel for divine energy to work through. I achieve this desired state through prayer, both for myself and my clients so that God can use me as he sees fit. I like to try and create earthy, dramatic, and spiritual experiences for my clients, and give them a very real sense that they have gone through some type of initiation into healing. I am a facilitator of sacred health, that is who I am and what I do” Rev. Loush

Blessed Be!

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