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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Arabian Jewish gay love inside hell!

So I just got through watching this depressing documentary called zero degrees of separation, on a two men who were lovers in isreal. One was jewish and the other was arab. You may have noticed I said arab and not palestinian. Well that is because palestinian is a modern made up word with no historical validation. Arab on the other hand is a very old word indeed. I have mixed thoughts on the state of isreal. So these are my random thoughts on this issue. Muslims have over thirty countries that they can live in, and jewish people don’t even get one whole country to themselves. They only get one state and people want to take even that away from them. This is wrong! However there are also other issues to be considered. How you treat people when you come into power is one such issue. The state of isreal has treated the arab peoples who live there beyond horrible. Their actions against arab peoples have been horrific. I don’t see why they have to arrest and torture arab people, or why they had to round them up like cattle and get them out of the state. This is just ridiculous. Two wrongs don’t make a right. In the past jewish people have been abused so they should know better than to become abusers themselves. And before anyone starts calling me an anti-semite, I am most certainly not! I am all for jewish rights, including the right of a free jewish state to exist. I think it should be a humane one however!in fact anyone who knows me, knows of my vast admiration for the jewish people and the hebrew spiritual traditions. i think that isreal has done a lot to help humanity evolve! The jews and the arabs could have lived together in peace and created a new generation of middle eastern people who understood tolerance and knew how to coexist. They could have created a lasting peace, love, and friendship. Instead they are taught to hate and kill each-other. At some point this may have been the fault of the muslim world. However america has played its part in helping create terrorists. But isreal itself is the real source of creating terrorists at this time. If I grew up an arab child in isreal or the surrounding areas I would probably hate the state of isreal too! The two men in the video were ripped apart because of vague laws and another waste of space cop with a god complex who did all he could to have the arab man deported. Maybe the cops wife should be deported as well, so he could know how it feels to loose the one you love! I think it is wrong that America is even in the middle east to begin with. We are out there trying to police the rest of the world when we can’t even take care of ourselves. And we do all this while holding ourselves up as some sort of example as how the rest of the world should live, when our gay citizens don’t have the basic, equal, human, civil right to get married. We feed the worlds starving kids and don’t feed our own. We help out underprivileged families in other countries but don’t even help our poor neighbors here. In fact it is out of the ordinary where i live to even know your neighbors or have interaction with them. The state of isreal is a cruel and merciless beast. Much like the muslim terrorist groups. Is america really so ignorant as to think our presence there will stop their problems? Their problems started a few thousand years ago and never stopped. They have been fighting amongst themselves forever and will continue to do so until their children grow tired of it and say “No More” whether we are there or not! Evangelicals have made it their mission to demonize the arabs like they demonize gay people. Such is the nature of the evil evangelical agenda. In christian teachings being a part of spiritual isreal has nothing to do with being born jewish any longer. After Christ came, those people that accepted him are spiritual isreal. Being a christian is being part of the kingdom of God or spiritual isreal. This is at least the traditional Christian standpoint. I know it is unpopular to say so however, and that this line of thought will not be shared by all, and that is alright! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! Physical Israel; well that has deteriorated to a whole new level of degradation. They have began to erect a barrier to keep out arab peoples. This is nonsense! Didn’t we learn a lesson from the falling of the berlin wall. We as humans need to be knocking all the barriers between us down, not erecting more of them; as if we needed or could survive anymore! The state of isreal will be judged just like the rest of us for how it treats people. It needs to come to terms with that, and begin to make up for all its wrong doing. The muslim countries of the world need to stop picking on everyone else and get a life! America needs to get real with itself and realize that we are helping generate and perpetuate the problems in the middle east, as well as all the ones here. Many jewish people that I have listened to in isreal don’t have problems with their arab brothers. In fact they seem to have a real genuine, and general affection for them. There are many cases where an arab and a jew fall in love. And then the state of isreal or extremist family members on either side, have to stamp out that love. And because the poor people over there are so beaten down already they don’t have the strength to tell the world to go to hell, and their love fails. In fact it feels to many of them as if they are already in hell! I was sad to see these two men who had been through so much, ripped apart. I was sad to see them loose all contact with each other. This war; all the wars need to stop. Will this happen? Most people will say no! I prefer to have hope where none can be seen! If an arab and a jew can fall in love inside hell, then I think there is hope for the entire world to fall in love with life itself once again. I believe future generations will live in love, tolerance, and peace!

I want to personally thank Elle Flanders for having the courage to make this film, to tell their story, and stand up against the bigotry that has appeared in this country since 9/11. I want to thank you for reminding us that no issue is one sided. Jewish people are not always victims, and arab people are not all terrorists, and love can and sometimes does exist between these two peoples. I want to thank you for standing up to the people who have called you anti-semetic and saying No I am not! I do not believe for one second the Elle is an anti-semite. I believe that she told two stories of destroyed love, which reflect a war torn section of the world! I believe that there is hope, that jewish people and arab people can demonstrate the very best of human nature, and that one day they will. I believe that children on both sides will lead the way to a better tomorrow, and I want to thank Elle for rekindling my hope for the future once again! Your film is an inspiration because it is four peoples truths! These four individual truths can help show us all THE TRUTH! And after all The Truth shall set us free!

Bright Blessings! And Bright Hope for the future!

Elle F.

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