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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The powerful, and classic Lavender Essential Oil!

The power of lavender oil is staggering! It can be used to heal burns, and insomnia. it has chemical properties which make it anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-biotic, and anti-inflammatory. It is safe to use on any part of the body (avoid the eyes of course). It has been used for healing and beautification. It can be used to treat dry skin because it hydrates and locks in hydration. In fact next to air and water, lavender essential oil is the most oxygenating substance on the planet that we currently know of! It can actually aid in cancer treatments to help reprogram the d.n.a. of the human body to eliminate various cancers and toxins from the body. In other words; It can give signal to the body to boost the immune system so that it can fight off many different germs, illnesses, toxins, microbials, and other interruptions to our balanced health! Now the thing to remember about all essential oils is that to work they must be pure! Only a hand full of companies exist in america that provide such, safe, pure, therapeutic grade, one hundred percent essential organic oils!Among these companies are young living, aura cacia, and flower road therapies! However the purest and most powerful of these in all my many years experience as an aromatherapist is young living essential oils. I have had the most positive, powerful experiences and real results using these oils. This, and talking to a couple of botanists led me to become an independent distributor for Young Living! When you buy an essential oil check the label, and know what you are buying! Besides dry skin,lavender has helped to heal chapped lips, and can be used on every skin type for a multitude of skin issues. Lavender brings calmness. However the one thing it can not be used for is to get energy. Lavender is a sedative, so remember not to use it during certain activities like driving, test taking, at work, or during sex! It can help high blood pressure! When i suffered from high blood pressure i went through four years of no one believing me because i was "too young" to have it. Then one day my nose began to bleed and did not stop for four hours. I was taken to the hospital where it was determined that i was at heart attack blood pressure levels. There they finally looked at my family's pension towards having high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as my weight issues. They immediately put me on some so called medication which for the full two and a half years of me taking it kept me a zombie. Finally i had enough! I got off their poison, which only suppressed symptoms and i began to help myself instead. Through prayer, meditation, visualization, mantras, essential oils, certain herbal combinations, and a change in diet i changed my life, my health, and my course in life! Now i want to help others do the same thing! take back their own power over their lives and health! Lavender can help erase the smell of cigarette smoke. Lavender is the most useful and universal of all the essential oils, consequently it is the most used. To many healers and their clients it has become a cliche'. Well cliche' or not it is a powerful healing substance that works! If you can have only one essential in your possession make sure it is versatile lavender!

bright blessings!

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