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Tuesday, November 24, 2009



When hell is all you ever known,
when war has torn you to the bone,
when your tired and give out,
and find yourself subject to doubt!
Then you'll welcome death to come in!
He'll seem like an old and faithful friend!
The devil everywhere you look!
No one to let you off the hook!

When every word in every book,
has run the course that silence took,
now your back right at the start,
still no peace, so dies your heart!

Every child soldier knows,
there's no escape from what we stole!
Generations come and go,
searching for a peace they'll never know!

So they'll look unto the end
for lord death, their only friend!

Where is love and where is God?
Where is the peace in this facade?
This life is very cold indeed,
if the best part's just to be freed,
from this sinful mortal scheme!
(And I hear them scream)
Death God's gift please come for me!

Look to hell; the children’s eyes!
What you'll see will then surprise!
Speaking of the sacrifice;
Every child soldier knows they'll die!

the end!

I dedicate this one to all the children affected by war, having to fight a war, or who have been ravaged, damaged, orphaned, imprisoned, raped, or killed by war!
Blessed Be, "suffer the little children" indeed!
Rev. Loush

This poem which I wrote several years ago (which I revised for this blog) was inspired by two major things! One was a clip in an Avril Lavigne video, for her rendition of knockin on heavens door! The clip shows very young children with empty eyes smoking and holding large loaded guns! The second inspiration was a song by Pat Benatar called hell is for children! there was also a documentary about child soldiers that i watched which also influenced me in writing this!

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