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Friday, November 6, 2009

state sanctioned gay bashing!

(i had written this first section back when the rainbow lounge raid first took place. the following section i wrote today because i found out that the cops in fort worth are not going to be disciplined or punished for their crimes! and frankly it makes me sick to my stomach that once more cops are getting away with criminal activity, and then have the nerve to arrest people for breaking the law! this is joke, but it is not funny!)

section 1............
So apparently it is acceptable behavior now for the fort worth cops to go into bars and beat people because their gay. And on the anniversary of stonewall no less.
The cops, and the t.a.b.c. are claiming that there was no prejudice, however many people were injured and one man at least was almost killed. State sanctioned gay bashing, hate crimes, and murder. you have to love Texas!

section 2..........

well i guess everyone heard the news about the fort worth police cover up! now they police are saying that they never used excessive force at the rainbow lounge raid! this is bullshit! not only did they not fire these bastards but they gave them a pathetic excuse for a punishment that amounted to less than a slap on the wrist! this is so typical of cops! they would rather protect their own even if they don't deserve it than see that justice is done. they would rather ignore what is right and do what is easy! i for one am tired of people in power having god complexes and being above the law! that what cops are is above the law just like most rich people. they don't have to subject to the law because they make it up as they go along! they can do what ever they want to and never pay the price or deal with the consequences or fall out! they can tazer collage students and old women to the brink of death and it is alright for them to do it. there is no legal action taken against them. they can due to their hatred of gay people break into a club and beat them, and arrest them on trumped up charges and never even be punished! they can beat a defenseless man almost to death, and leave him in a hospital with a bleeding brain, and then not only do they still get to keep their jobs, they are rewarded with some time off! then to top it all off they have the nerve and audacity to be angry that before his almost lifeless body was taken to the hospital that he wasn't given a citation or arrested! there is something rotten in denmark people, and by denmark i mean fort worth! these cops and i mean every last one of them who were involved in this incident need to be fired and forever band from being cops ever again! this is the only action that will make it right! as it stands, firing them should be the least that is done! A public apology from the city and police departments of fort worth need to be issued, polices need to be changed so this type of discrimination does not happen again! however the way things were handled these cops were simply suspended for 3 days for almost beating an unarmed man to death for no other reason than that he was gay! When will we as american citizens stand up and say no more; when will we demand our rights and demand justice be done; when will it stop; when will it end? when will america ever truly become the land of the free and the home of the brave; and stop living in the delusional lie that it already is? we need to wake up people and demand that those in positions of authority and power be held accountable for the actions and wrong doings. this was more than wrong however! this was a hate crime committed by the very cops that are suppose to protect us! this was evil! and whenever human evil presents itself it must be wiped out! come on america and make your stand! stand up for what is really right not just for yourself or your religious beliefs, but what is right for your country as a whole! enough is enough! STAND!


if you want to read about this latest news go to box turtle bulletin and read all available material on the rainbow lounge raid!:)

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