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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

we lost our health care freedom!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i just now found out that we have officially lost our health care freedom. obama's repugnant bill passed the other night! Now we will all have to gather together to fight, to take back our health care freedom! People, keep saying HELL NO to vaccinations for your children. You just may save their life. If necessary move to another country! Take your kids out of public school and send them to Montessori school or do home school! Protect yourselves. Treat your selves at home! Go to naturopaths! Learn how to keep your Immune system strong organically! Do what ever you have to do but do not submit to this new machination of tyranny that obama and his minions concocted! Civil disobedience is our only option now! Shield yourselves and keep you and your children off the radar! Don't let them get you, or force you into any decision you know is wrong! We must fight this. We must vote, and petition, and write bills and laws and try to get them passed! We must not be complacent! we must fight!:)We must demand they give us back our freedom!Every one, now is the time to wear dark kelly green ribbons in support for health care freedom of choice! Tell obama that we are neither communists or socialists and we don't want to be, and in fact we refuse to be!

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