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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Manifesto of Hate drafted by The Evil Evangelical Agenda!

Recently several well known preachers who have in the past been outspoken opponents of each other have finally found a cause that they can agree on. These preachers have banded together and drafted a manifesto declaring them-selves the only true Christians. And what have they formed this unholy alliance over? Well you might ask! They have decided that all their petty differences can be overcome to fight the cause of gay rights! Yes folks, you read that right! They have come together to fight gay people from being able to have civil liberties which they say we don’t deserve! But more than this, they have declared war on any other form of Christianity that doesn’t hate the gay community. They have said that anyone who shows love and tolerance, or a Christ like attitude towards gay people are not Christians. Once again the evil evangelical agenda has found a way to manifest in a new and more disgusting form! I call on all the real Christians out there to band together and draft their own manifesto’s and declarations! Let these people know that they are not real Christians, that they are not the only ones willing to fight for a cause, and that the real church will stand up to help wipe out the evil of the evangelical agenda! This new evil document is called the Manhattan Declaration! And people are actually agreeing with this evil document because they are being brainwashed into being afraid of anyone and everyone who is different than they are! They are being told that all their problems can be blamed on other people; like the gay community! The evil evangelical agenda has to be stopped! We must fight this, because in the case of human originated evil there is one truth that stands out above all others; “evil thrives when good men do nothing”! We must stand up and declare the real truth of Christ’s Love, and his holy word! The people who drafted this manifesto of hate and intolerance have nothing to do with Christ; we can see this from their absolute lack of spiritual fruits which scripture tells us is the only way to really tell if someone is a true christian. Christ would not have tolerated these Pharisees. In fact he would have taken a horse whip to these greedy money hoarding thieves and chased them right out of the temple! How do I know this? Because that is just what he did when he was here! These people stand in stark contrast to Christ and the example he gave us! These people make a mockery of the faith! However my real hope is in Christ and not in man, so I always have hope for the future! And because Christ’s Love reigns supreme in all the universe I can see a bright future ahead; past all the troubles, trials, and tribulations! The future looks bright and good to me because I know Christ! Don’t loose heart people! Never give up! Hope is all around us waiting for us to see it, and let it into our hearts!

Bright blessings! Hope is just around the corner! We will overcome by God’s Amazing Grace!

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