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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Historical Conservative!

I believe in as little government intrusion into our lives as possible. I believe this war should have never started and that it should end. I believe that our troops should come home because they need and want to, and because we need them. I believe that we will have need of them soon. I think we should take care of our own problems here before we try and help the rest of the world. i do not believe in political parties because they are all unpatriotic. I do think that hate crimes legislation are important. while i do not think we should tell people what they can and can not say, I do think that chronic harassment needs to be stopped. and i also think we need to tell them where they can and can not say it. you should say what you want in your home, in your church, and in your personal life and space; but we have social rules that prevent us from saying hurtful things in the workplace and i think we need to extend that idea into other parts of life. I was one of the kids who was harassed at nauseam in school and it leaves scars on your heart, mind, and soul that never fully go away. I don't think preachers should be stopped from teaching what they see fit from the pulpit, but I do think that preachers should be focused on God instead of sex. i also think that they need to realize that outside of church and their own homes and personal lives they come into contact with the rest of the world and that they need to respect that everyone is different. I also think that all these stupid pretend churches should stop standing on the side lines of the pride parades, and funerals spewing out their hatred and their filth. they should be ashamed of themselves and sit in judgment of themselves and stay home. Or better yet they should stay in church and read their bibles because obviously they are missing the point of most of it. now while I do love certain politicians like Ron Paul; there are two major points that I vehemently oppose him on. one is the hate crimes legislation because I think people have the right to go to school, work, and walk down the street with out being verbal or physically attacked. secondly I oppose him on the issue of same sex marriage laws. there should absolutely be a federal law passed that makes every state recognize same sex marriages. every state already recognizes hetero sexual marriages and I think gay people deserve the same right as any other citizen. it is unconscionable that any American citizen does not have basic equal human and civil rights as every other citizen. racial slavery was ended, subjugation of woman was ended, political injustice based on religious bias was ended, and yet there are two sets of people in this country who have little to no rights or have been denied certain rights that are theirs by divine providence and those two groups that are still under social enslavement are children and homosexuals. I urge Ron Paul to reconsider these issues and see that despite his religious beliefs what is best for this country is freedom and justice for all. there should be a constitutional amendment which redefines marriage for all American citizens as a religious, spiritual, and legal institution, union, and a certain type of social contract between two or more consenting adults.
and if you can read between my not so subtle lines you will see that I am also in favor of polygamists being able to get married as long as they are consenting adults. a minor issue i disagree with Ron Paul on is the secession of Texas from the union. i do not want to see this happen. however on almost all other issues i agree with Ron Paul. i think he is the least of all political evils and that he should have been the president.
I hate that marriage went from being a spiritual union to a legal issue, but we have made it so. therefore we need to allow same sex marriage to protect the rights of gay American citizens. because of political, health, and legal issues it is important that we give people a way to defend themselves. For instance; hospitals should not be allowed to arbitrarily dismiss a gay mans lover and give only his blood relatives legal rights and authority over him. His partner should be the one making those decisions. Or in the case of lesbian mothers, the hospital should not be allowed to tell them that only the birth mother is allowed in the room. These are ridiculous situations that have happened. There are also tax breaks that should apply to gay married couples and not just heterosexual couples. We need to do something about this injustice! We also need health and religious freedoms for all people in this country, that we dare to call the land of the FREE and the home of the brave. Exactly how is turning a blind eye on social injustice bravery? And just how are we ALL free. Only some of us are free! We say FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL; well lets put that not only into social practice but into law! In this way we can ensure that we are not being hypocritical.

A new American pledge of allegiance:
I wrote this because the original pledge is not a real American document but came from a boy scouts of America magazine! It doesn’t make sense to me, and it has many flat out lies in it! So I rewrote it as a pledge that I as a Christian, an American patriot, and someone who has many friends who are gay and bisexual, as well as friends from all walks of life can say and I don’t feel like a hypocrite, as well as an idiot! I do not think that we should pledge ourselves to a flag or to a dream that espouses to be a reality! I think that we should pledge our allegiance to our country in its reality! If someone asked me to say the national anthem I would, and proudly but I will never again utter the first pledge of allegiance for all the afore mentioned reasons! We have a separation between church and state! This was not only to protect the state from the church, as many seem to think, it was also intended to keep the governments nose out of religion where it does not belong! I pray that leaders get wisdom, commonsense, and good judgment! I pray that they get courage! And I pray that we get through this national growth process in one piece! As shakkera said “love is lacking leaders, and leaders are lacking love”! This new pledge was inspired by two things! A designing women episode where Julia ran for office! I think the episode is called I pledge allegiance! It is one of the greatest political speeches ever written in my opinion (at the end of the show made by Julia)! Also I saw an advertisement for a documentary where a Muslim baseball player got suspended for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance! I too have refused to say it, back when I was in school. I refuse to do so till this day! I have the greatest respect for our flag as a symbol be it whole, or burning, but I find no merit in pledging my allegiance to a flag instead of our country.

The new pledge: I pledge allegiance to the country; the United States of America, as it stands; one nation some of whose people are under God. I pledge allegiance to this nation that longs to be indivisible, and who hopefully one day will bring justice and freedom to all of its citizens; and who hopefully will continue to fight for the basic human rights for all people on this planet! Long live the government who was and maybe one day will be again a government of the people, for the people, and by the people! May our beloved country grow to its full potential, and may all of those who make themselves our enemy’s parish into the passing mists of memory! To this reality who holds a sacred dream, for the equality of all people; to this country I pledge my allegiance!
Rev. Loush M. O’Raven Oct. 2nd, in the year of our Lord 2006

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Urgent health care alert!!!

...In case any of you have not heard there is another attack on the freedom of religion and health of american citizens. the powers that be in our government are trying to once again destroy our rights. like the right to say no! there is a bill they are trying to pass which will get rid of once and for all our right to do what we see as best for ourselves and our children! they are trying to make it to where it is federal law that children must receive flu, booster, and immunization shots which are very dangerous! they are trying to get rid of all philosophical and religious exemptions to forcing people into putting their poisons into our bodies! we must all be vigilant and patriotic and fight this bill and all other bills like it! say no to shots, and opt for building up your immune system they way nature intended; using foods / diet, lifestyle, essential oils, and herbs to make your body resistant to illness and imbalance. prevent your self from getting sick by making your body, and your immune system; strong, powerful, and healthy! they have gone too far in trying to control us people! it is time for us to stand up for or rights and say hell no we won't let you inject us with your poisons anymore; inject yourselves instead!
blessed be!


another article about the attack on your religious and health freedoms which i wrote awhile back...

Urgent alert:

Rarely has there even been such an attack on freedom of health spirituality and religion. An unprecedented and unparalleled attack is being committed right now on the alternative medicine movement and the holistic health care industry. Also under this same attack is the freedom to teach, learn, and practice spiritual, metaphysical, energetic healing traditions and modalities, tribal healing traditions, ancient medicine and health systems, and your very right to pray for people. This is not a joke or someone being over dramatic. It has started in Arkansas and New Mexico. They are passing evil bills that will spell the end for health freedom and choice, spirituality, and religion. In Arkansas they are trying to dissolve the state board of massage and transfer all rights, authorities, responsibilities, jurisdictions, and privileges there of to the state board of health. This will lower the standards of education, as well as cutting out the freedom of education choices. There are even more serious and dangerous consequences to this action still that are to numerous to go into. An even bigger threat is a bill being considered in New Mexico that will force all practitioners of alternative medicine to be called and considered “unlicensed health care practitioners” which will strip them of many rights and privileges now held by them under the law. Further more it will strip away the professional standards, and public regard and awareness that it has taken them such a long time to build up; the general public is far too slow in accepting the legitimacy and health benefits to be derived from alternative holistic medicine. This bill will also make far too easy for therapists who use alternative modalities to be sued for “pretending to be doctors and real therapists” as the authors of this bill imply. It has taken years to build up public trust, conscious awareness, accessibility, respect, reputation, and good opinion of alternative medicine and with one blow it could all be undone. They have gone so far as to say explicitly in the bill that they want people to be licensed through the state board or health in order to obtain the “legal right” to pray for people. We can not let this stand. Everyday those of us who are spiritual and religious people come under more attack, and lose more of our rights to worship freely as we so choose which is supposed to be guaranteed by the most sacred trinity of American documents the declaration of independence, the constitution, and the bill of rights. We have seen these types of injustices in the past when women and “minorities” could not vote, we see it now in the denial of the basic human right to get married to the G.L.B.T. community, what will we see in the future. Where is this all leading? What is becoming of this country, where is it heading, where are we going? Or should I ask, where are we being mislead? This country no longer seems like a democracy or even a republic! This country is heading towards communism, dictatorship, socialism, and tyranny of the worst kind. In the future will we who are religious and spiritual followers be forced to register with the government like the poor citizens of china are forced to do? Where will we draw the line and make our stand? Where will it stop? I personally have not seen such evil, and crafty documents since President Bush helped write and enact the patriot act. Isn’t it bad enough that they can take detailed pictures of us and our houses from space with out our permission and post them on the internet for thieves, rapists, murderers, and terrorists to help locate us easier and find our vulnerabilities? There is also a bill before congress that will give the F.D.A. all power to “regulate” our herbs which means they will be grown with chemicals, hormones, and pesticides! Help us stop these bills and all other future bills like them. I do not speak from a fear based mindset, but a place of concern! I did not write this to speak forth doom and gloom, I speak from a place of hope, because I believe that we can stop this and change this. We can create a new paradigm! This is a call to action! I am asking all of my fellow citizens to write their congressional representatives, their governors, mayors, their party elders, their leaders, and even the president to help put a stop to this and help reverse the damage these bills have already done to the alternative health care industry and all of its practitioners! You can read more about these bills at www.massagetoday.com , go to this site, look for the current issues page, and look for an article on bills that are attacking state boards (April 9th 2009 issue). Follow the links to the Arkansas and New Mexico websites to read the bills in their entirety. Help put a stop, an end to these types of attacks on our freedoms. Write, call, or e-mail the governing bodies and those two states and let them know how you feel about this, about these ridiculous bills!



house bill 1162

bill 664

join us in wearing white ribbons for equal marriage rights, dark purple ribbons for religious and spiritual freedom, and dark green ribbons for health freedom (freedom of choice for what type of medicine you want to use, and what type of medicine you are free to learn, teach, and practice. Freedom for alternative medicine and the holistic health care industry).

Rev. Loush M. O’Raven 2009

More on Rev. Loush M. O'Raven!

getting to know me a little bit better...

About Rev. Loush MacKay O’Raven:

He is of mixed heritage, encompassing many cultures, but is mainly of Celtic and Native American ancestry.

Rev. Loush is one of the Celi’ De’ (a form of celtic Christian mysticism and a group of people who practice it). The word Celi De (also called ceile de, culdee, and kuldee) literally means spouses of God. It has also been translated (in implied translations) to mean, vassals, servants, vessels, friends, warriors, and children of God. The Celi De practiced original Christianity through unique celtic eyes, and a distinct cultural perspective. Rev. Loush is a follower of the grail quest and the Arthurian mysteries. He is an ordained minister, a practicing shaman, and a Reiki Master teacher in the Uusi Reiki Ryoho tradition of Reiki (or Uusi do). He is trained in Sekhem (pronounced say-kim or sei-chem) an ancient Kemetic (Egyption) style of spiritual energetic healing, which is a lot like Reiki. the sekhem as practiced and taught by Rev. Loush has very little connection to the Sekhem practiced by Mr. Patrick Ziegler. Rev. Loush is a well trained Aroma-therapist who has practiced this art for approximately sixteen years. He is a trained massage therapist and has practiced this skill for about fourteen years. He is a ritual herbalist; which is some one who is not a master herbalist though they are well versed in and work with the medicinal and spiritual attributes and benefits of the major herbs. He is in training to be a crystal healer and currently implores this skill to a degree. Loush is also a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. He teaches a variety of classes, and workshops, and is always planning new classes and workshops for the future. He works with the perelandra flower essences. He is also a distributor for starchamber water and products.


His mission statement: “I am devoted to the ideology and practice of helping people through natural and ancient methods of healing body, mind, and spirit”! Rev. Loush


A little of his philosophy:

“ what I do for people is create the sacred space in order to give them the time and opportunity to heal, then I facilitate that process, and serve them to the best of my God given abilities. I hope to uplift the human spirit to aid in the natural (as well as the metaphysical and supernatural) healing process, by taking the minds of my students and clients on a journey to experience sacredness. I hope to instill in people their own sense of worthiness and sacredness. I hope to impart to people the knowing that they are literally temples of the divine. We are all made in the image of God. My vocation is also my ministry; in my own small way I am spreading the gospel of Christ, using my vocation as a vehicle or tool to do this. My ministry is the reason God put me here, it is my meaning, and my purpose. As a Christian mystic and a lay healer my mission is to help people help themselves to a deeper, richer, more holistic life through the path of healing. this can be achieved I think through connecting people to God, nature, and their own sacredness as it was in ancient times. When we expand our awareness and change (or enhance) our perceptions we can see life clearly; see the big picture, and then we can change anything. I aid peoples own natural healing process through the ancient shamanic practice of laying on of hands healing. my own healing tradition Spirit-Hand is based both on the Christian concepts of healing and age old multi-cultural healing techniques, and practices. The energy of intention, and the power of prayer can create healing. my people have always believed strongly in the connection between this world and the next. I think it is imperative that people embrace the best parts of their own cultures and religions and the best of everyone else’s as well. We have a lot to learn from our ancestors and those that came and went before us. We have a lot to learn about ritual and the importance of it in our modern world. We need to remember what we have chosen to forget. It is for these very reasons that I employ even in my basic massage sessions a ritual atmosphere with candles, incense, world music, aromatherapy, ritual tools, holy water, and even ceremonial dress. My reiki master Rev. Laura Dematteis received a massage from me one time and said I was “very thorough, really good, and that every move was intentional”. I thank her for the complement and can only say that the intentional thing is partly true. Most moves are intentional, and some are intuitive guidance. I love to serve God and serve my clients and my students. I am a seer and I come from a long line of seers and ministers. I am a Grail Priest of White Avalon and I serve the White Christ. I hope that God, and my ancestors are looking down on me and that they are happy that this exiled child (as we celts in America and Canada, and other places away from Europe call ourselves) is learning and practicing as much of his culture as he possibly can. I am learning more all the time. During any kind of healing session that I do I become a vessel for divine energy to work through. I achieve this desired state through prayer, both for myself and my clients so that God can use me as he sees fit. I like to try and create earthy, dramatic, and spiritual experiences for my clients, and give them a very real sense that they have gone through some type of initiation into healing. I am a facilitator of sacred health, that is who I am and what I do” Rev. Loush

Blessed Be!



Sekhem is an Egyptian word meaning power, strength, or might. Sekhem is also the Egyptian equivalent of the Indian term prana and the words Reiki, and Awen. as used to denote the all-encompassing essential force that binds the universe together and is present in all life. Every culture and religion had its own name for this energy and kemet or Egypt is no exception. Sekhem is both all around us and in us.
Sekhem is living light energy as well as an ancient Egyptian system of healing and wisdom.
Reiki and Seichim are stand alone healing systems that until recently have been taught and applied separately. The healing system of Sekhem is a powerful tool for transformation that accelerates our personal development and aids us in achieving our full potential. Sekhem is the healing art that was practiced by the priests of the high temples in ancient Egypt, usually but not always in a spiritual or healing context. It is a channeled energy, not our own, drawn from the limitless sea of the Living Light Energy of the Holy Spirit and is guarded over and guided by the angelic like being called sekhmet once thought by the slightly misguided ancient egyption priesthood to be a “goddess”! this is the same energy that permeates throughout the universe and which we all need to power our bodies, minds and spirits, and to use for the sheer joy of living and loving. It is set to a specific frequency for healing, divine justice, mercy, forgiveness, and karma. It is a strong path of compassion. It is also a method of spiritual warfare, for light warriors. Sekhem is an intelligent energy that guides us with an awe-inspiring speed, precision and strength to the root cause of any problem or issue we are working with. It connects with and clears the physical, emotional, mental and subtle spiritual bodies with an incredible completeness addressing the deep aspects of cause. Sekhem helps release thoughts and core beliefs held in our subtle bodies that create symptoms of blockage and disease in our physical form, while at the same time it rebalances our energy systems and fills us with light and wisdom. One of the very powerful ways in which Sekhem aids us in our personal growth is by connecting us to the universal energies of destruction and regeneration. It is the powerful synthesis of these two essential aspects of creation and evolution that "makes the world, and us, go round". Life is cyclical and an essential part of growth is the death or destruction of the old, of that which no longer serves, so that space is made for the new to be built on a better, more solid foundation. It connects us to the alpha and omega cycle of life, as well as “as above so below” philosophical teachings of balance. Sekhem is an extremely powerful, yet loving and gentle energy that opens our heart center to more unconditional love, joy and compassion, and allows us to bring forth our inner truth and vision. Sekhem combines and works beautifully with other energies healing methods and traditions. As we work with Sekhem, it assists us in purifying and clearing the channel, i.e. ourselves, very quickly. There is only one Source of true power, and true love; but how we tap into Universal Law, the level of our own personal integrity, spiritual enlightenment and development all have a direct bearing on the power and clarity of the energy we channel. As the Living Light Energy is in a state of continual flux in accordance with the universe, Sekhem continues to evolve with more information being revealed to us all the time; a trend that will continue as mass consciousness rises. The Sekhem energy, both old and at the same time new, is very exciting as it equips us to make the appropriate changes necessary to take us with confidence and calmness into the future, while at the same time staying balanced, grounded and confident. Sekhem is an important transformational step toward removing the helplessness from human experiences, both our own and those of others. With sekhem you can make a positive and healing difference in your life and the world around you, and thus look forward with excitement and an inner calmness to whatever experiences the changing world will bring. We live in exciting times and we are very privileged to be here, to influence and participate in these changes. Sekhem: The living power that permeates the universe, animates every being, and pulses in every cell. It usually but not always resonates to the frequency of the color blue. The spiritual power that stretches out from God to us, and from us to God, the shared breath between. The power flowing from roots to curling leaves, from mountain to pebble, from one heart to another. It indicates essential life force. Sekhem is a very powerful, loving and high vibrational energy healing, connecting us to Divine, living light, and the source of all love. Healing can take place on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and the energy can work directly at a soul level, expanding our own vibrational frequency and bringing about personal growth and changes we wish to manifest in our lives.

Sekhem as is usually taught in the west, (unlike the way it is done in Egypt) is a natural energy healing structure and wisdom which originated /re emerged from 1979 when Patrick Zeigler was initiated to Seichem energy at the Great Pyramids in Egypt. The Seichem energy system was originally developed by Patrick and some of the great Reiki Masters; T’om Seaman and Pheonix Summerfield. Diane Shewmaker in her way greatly furthered patricks style of sei-chem. Sekhem is often associated with the angelic being called Sekhmet. Sekhmet, helps reside over destruction and rebuilding, symbolizes the breaking down of things that are no longer required to allow for rebuilding, rebirth and truth to emerge. She was patroness of healing, light warriors, divine justice, karma, and if need be divine wrath. Learning Sekhem includes attunement at a number of levels, depending on whether you are already a Reiki Master. these initiation attunement rites utalize many symbols (including some that are common to Reiki and other Seichem related structures). Anyone interested in expanding upon the frequencies they are able to access and work with will benefit from learning Sekhem.

Sekhem (pronounced say-kim or sei-chem) an ancient Kemetic (Egyption) style of spiritual energetic healing, which is a lot like Reiki. the sekhem as practiced and taught by Rev. Loush has very little connection to the Seichem practiced by Mr. Patrick Ziegler, though Rev. Loush did learn some of his sei-chem tradition and gives Mr. Ziegler credit for “rediscovering” the sekhem energy to some small degree. The sekhem practiced by Rev. Loush is based far more on ancient egyption traditions, and on the spiritual guidance he receives from God and the Sekhem spiritual guides, and teachers. Sekhem is a living tradition that is still practiced by a few people in Egypt and never completely died. The sekhem being practiced in Egypt is very different from Mr. Ziegler’s tradition.
Sekhem uses, colors, ancient symbols, and visualizations, as well as certain meditations to affect our lives and our health.

disclaimer: "I have no wish to demean Mr. Ziegler in any way, form, or fashion. I personally think he has done tremendous work on behalf of healers every where. however due to certain events, historical facts, and writings, I personally disagree with some of his philosophy. so I approach this healing system and energy from a different place. I think everyone should work from a place of internal guidance. to each their own; everyone should follow their own path in life"! Rev. Loush

Blessed Be!

On The Celi' de'...

The Celi De:

The Celi De (also called ceile de, culdee, and kuldee) were the early descendents of the first druid converts to Christianity long before the time when st. patrickus brought the teachings of the roman church to Ireland. While the church of Rome, and the bishop now known as Patrick were very intolerant of those people who still practiced and lived by the old ways of the druid traditions, the Celi De were extremely tolerant. Christianity was first brought to the Celts in the west of Europe shortly after the crucifixion and the ascension of the Christ. The Celi De called Christ, Jesu the white Christ, Christa an-ri (Christ the king), Christa Ard-Ri (Christ the high king). Saint Joseph of Arimathea and Saint Mary Magdalene brought Christianity to the celts of the west. Later Saint John was said to have made a trip for a brief time to the western celts to check on their spiritual progress and administer to their needs. Saint Paul converted a group of more eastern Celts called the Galatians. Some say that Joseph of Aramethia and the Magdalene made the trip at the behest of Christ, while some say it was at the suggestion of Phillip and Matthias. Joseph and Mary Magdalene went to first Gaul now called France, and then to Avalon now called Glastonbury England to preach the gospel and set up the first Christian communities in western Europe. Joseph built the worlds first above ground church at Avalon. Mary stayed with Joseph for a brief time becoming the first Christian abbess or Reverend Mother to bare the title lady of the lake, high priestess of Avalon. She quickly trained another woman to take her place and fill her role there, and then left Joseph there and returned to France to set up the communities she founded there. It is said that Joseph died at Avalon and Mary died in France. Some say Joseph was the uncle of Mary Magdalene, while others say he was the uncle to Mother Mary and a relative of Yashua. It is said that the Magdalene was a prophetess, a great healer, an Essene high priestess, and that she had many spiritual gifts. She is called the apostles to the apostles as she was the first person to know of the resurrection of Christ and she was the first to preach the gospel which means the good news of the resurrection of Christ. Joseph was said to be a skilled craftsman, an architect, a lay healer, an essene lay priest, a seer, a counselor, a scholar, and a judge who knew the Hebrew law, some even go so far as to say he was one of the Pharisees but this is far from being a proven fact. Saint Joseph, the Magdalene, and Saint Brigid are the three most revered saints of the Celi De. Joseph is usually remembered as the benefactor to the dead Jesus, giving him his own pre-prepared tomb, holy anointing oils and ointments, and a burial shroud of expensive linen.

The Celi De kept their traditional celtic druidical style of worship. They simply exchanged the worship of their old pantheon of false gods for the truth of the one true God. Many say the early druids were actually already monotheists of sorts, believing that there was one divine being who had many faces; which this divine being chose to express as a plethora of different gods and goddesses. They emphasized the teachings Joseph brought about God as the Holy trinity. The teaching of the Holy Trinity became the very heart of their doctrines. Later this was used by Patrick when he used a shamrock to teach the pagans he was trying to convert, about the Holy Trinity teachings. The gospel quickly spread from Avalon to the rest of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Then it spread through out the rest of the celtic nations, and the western world. Within a few generations of josephs death these celtic Christians began to refer to themselves as the celi de. The word celi de (also called ceile de, culdee, and kuldee) literally means spouses of God. It has also been translated (in implied translations) to mean, vassals, servants, vessels, friends, warriors, and children of God. They focused on the mystery of the divine, the divine spark within nature, and the divine essence within themselves. They strongly upheld the teachings that we are all made in the image of God, and that the body is a temple of the divine. They were strongly individualistic having no real hierarchy to speak of in the begging. Some lived in small communities, while others became holy hermits. Those that survived into the era of the church of rome taking over, either were martyred by rome, or they were absorbed into the monastic life of the roman monk-hood, where they adopted a hierarchy system of bishops, and reverend fathers, nuns, and reverend mothers.

The Celi De like most of the early celts were extreme examples of gender equality and egalitarianism. Men and women were equal. All people were thought to be able to receive divine guidance and speak directly with the divine presence. They had a high reverence for both nature and what they like their ancestors called “the otherworld”. They had a high reverence for the messengers of God, and most other worldly beings. They placed a great importance on the inner experience of spirituality and religion. They were mystical thinkers, and natural philosophers. Their approach to religion was open but not overly so to new interpretations of the faith, and they openly borrowed themes, terms, concepts, and symbols from the old religions of their locale. They were artists, scribes, bards, and healers, as well as natural priests, and astronomers. They were very spiritually gifted people with a vast esoteric knowledge. They were said to be welcoming and friendly to all in need, kind, and generous, very unassuming, tolerant, and non-judgmental people.

Blessed Be!

The difference between Christian Mysticism, and Gnosticism:

The difference between Christian Mysticism, and Gnosticism:

(these are historical and traditional differences, though they are not true for everyone, and are far from being universal to all christian mystics).

The main differences between the two are as follows;


1) traditionally gnostics believe that the physical world is altogether evil, as is the God who made it.
2) They believe that Christ was never physically here, and that he did not die, and that if he was here his resurrection was of the spiritual not the physical. That is to say that they think if Christ was actually here that he died, thereby freeing him from his human physical body which was in their thinking a prison or trap of sorts.
3) They have a pantheon or smaller gods, and goddesses.
4) They believe one can be saved through special knowledge.
5) They tend to worship the divine mystery instead of the source of divine mystery.


We who are Christian mystics traditionally believe that the physical world is just as sacred as our own body temples which are temples of the divine, and that the earth is a manifestation, symbol, or representation of God’s own divine motherhood.

We believe that Christ did physically come here, that he was all God, all man, human, and divine. That his redemptive work on the cross was all sufficient to cover over all sins past, present, and future, with forgiveness and spiritual freedom. We believe that Christ is the way to salvation, and that he was part of the Trinitarian God-head. We believe that there is one God who is made of three distinct personalities. We believe that we are saved and brought to eternal life by Grace through faith in Christ.
We believe that there is only one God, who is trinity God. “Hear oh Israel, the lord our God is one”!
We do not worship creation though we do revere it.
We worship not the divine mystery, but rather the source of the divine mystery which is God.
We believe that once someone is truly saved then they are always saved.
We believe in sola scriptura, a doctrine that teaches that scripture alone is enough to sufficiently guide one through life, and teach us what we need to know in order to be saved. However we also honor any and all teachers, guides, help, and experiences in life, that God sends us beyond scripture. While we honor and accept this help, and revere all our helpers, teachers, and experiences greatly, as well as honoring tradition, we are adamant that tradition is not necessary for ones salvation. Tradition is merely one more way we choose to participate in our salvation.


Of Christian mysticism it has been said “I am a Christian because of who God is, and I am a mystic because of who I am”. I do not know the author of this quote but I have always felt this way.

The word Christian brings so many conflicting ideologies crashing together that I will not define that word to you here. Everyone defines it their own way in any case. I am no exception to that rule. Let us say here that it simply means “follower of Christ”. I will also add that I am speaking of original Christianity, not the modernized, americanized, or Romanized christianity that is so rampant in the world today. The religion that I speak of when I use this word is loving, tolerant, truth seeking, non-judgmental, non-persecuting, respectful, kind, compassionate, and loving. It teaches love not hate, it says that what happened in the roman and german inquisitions was evil, it says that what happened during the American witch trials was evil. It says that what the roman and American churches are doing to gay people is evil. It teaches us how to walk in beauty with the lord. It teaches us a better way of life. It teaches us about the mysteries of God and the unseen worlds. It tells us how Christ wants us to preach the gospel and be his witnesses in a way that is respectful of people who disagree with us. This is the Christianity I speak of.


I will start defining this word as first saying that mystics are different from Gnostics.
A mystic is one who spends a lot of time on the intense study of the mystery of the divine, and the divine within. A mystic looks for what was revealed by God and what was concealed. One who believes that you can come to know the divine through both subject and objective experience. The word mystic has its roots in the word mystery. A Christian mystic wonders what a the bible says in its original unedited form, with its original wording, and its original context. The mystic concentrates on coming into true and deep relationship and connection to the divine, with nature, with the entire universe, with their fellow man, and with their innermost being. They worship the divine without and cultivate the divine within.

“mysticism according to its historical and psychological definitions, is the direct intuition or experience of God; and a mystic is a person who has, to a greater or lesser degree, such a direct experience. One whose religion and life are centered, not merely on an accepted belief or practice, but on that which the person regards as first hand personal knowledge”!
Evelyn Underhill; mystics of the church.

Blessed Be!

A very brief over-veiw of Reiki

A brief overview of the practice, and philosophy of Reiki:

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word, a practice, and a spiritual discipline. The word Reiki means universal life force energy. It is a form of laying on of hands healing, as well as being a way of life. It is a mystery tradition that despite modern device can only be learned through a master (teacher, or sensei). It is popular now to be attuned in mass attunements, distance attunements, and within a very short amount of time. Some people are even offering weekend or twenty four hour master-hood programs. Any thing that has to do with these false teachings and practices are not real reiki. a true reiki practitioner is one who went through a lengthy period of formal training, and has undergone one or more in person attunements directly from a master teacher who physically laid their hands on them during the reiju (the attunement process, or ritual initiation). A reiki practitioner uses various techniques, meditations, visualizations, advanced prayers, and power symbols to direct or wield the flow of reiki energy in order to heal, nourish, balance, attune, and bless the one receiving the treatment. When one is willing to relax and accept this energy to flow unrestricted through out the entire five fold soul being ( body (both the physical and the subtle energetic etheric bodies), mind, heart, spirit, and imagination), then healing can occur. In addition to the physical benefits which include meeting any touch deficit, and enhancing or accelerating the bodies own natural immune system, there are many spiritual benefits, including enhancing ones feeling or experience of connection to God and the entire universe, increased extra sensory perceptions, enhanced spiritual gifts, a grater metaphysical awareness and a newer, broader, metaphysical experience of reality. Reiki is different from ki or chi (regular energy which makes of our physical reality) in that is intelligent spiritual energy from God which flows through all things, permeates all existence, animates, and inspires all living things manifesting the physical energy which manifests the physical universe. This divine reiki energy can not cause harm, will not manifest anything negative, and is without any harmful or dangerous side effects. It is a divine energy that has been stamped or imprinted by God with the frequency of healing, balance, nourishment, and wholeness. If ki was the body then reiki would be the spirit inhabiting, surrounding, and animating that body. While ki can be used to cause harm, to hurt, and to damage as seen in the martial arts, reiki can not manifest anything harmful, and can not be used to cause harm. Reiki is supernatural, natural, cosmological, and metaphysical all at the same time. Reiki is not a religion but a spiritual discipline that cuts through all religious barriers.


A brief history of reiki:

Since the dawn of mankind, God gave to us the gift of healing energy. Priests, and shamans (medicine people) from every culture and religion used a variety of methods both sacred, and mundane to become vessels for this healing power to flow through. In the Spirit-Hand tradition which draws largely on celtic, and Arthurian symbolism we call this wielding the Awen, and becoming the Holy Grail. Famous people throughout history, legend, and holy writ knew how to do this. Mekezeldek the mysterious priest king of Salem (Jerusalem) who was the first person to give us the ritual of “Holy Communion”, was renowned for his healing skills. Others were also known for their visionary skills and their healing abilities. People like Methuselah, Enoch, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Esther ( Haddasa), Job, King David, King Solomon, Samuel, St. John, Joseph of Arimathea, Mother Mary, The Merlin, Nimue Lady of the Lake, St. Luke, the Magdalene, and of course the most famous and most important of all, Rabbi Yesu ben Yoseph Hamashia (also called Yashua or Joshua, now called Jesus) the Christ.
One method of the art of laying on of hands healing was lost to the world for almost four thousand years. During a mystical experience on a sacred mountain in Japan in the late 1800’s, after a long spiritual quest, a humble Christian minister, a man by the name of Doc. Rev. Mikao Usui (Usui sensei) received from God this lost method of healing. It was given back to humanity at long last. We say in the reiki tradition that he “rediscovered” reiki. Usui sensei taught this healing art to many people. Reiki is a term used for many healing modalities in Japan so we use the terms Usui Reiki Ryoho, and Usui do, to distinguish what we do, and teach in our tradition. Usui Reiki Ryoho or Usui do (pronounced Usui-doe) is reiki as taught by master Usui. One of his students was a great healer by the name of Hayashi (his last name). Hayashi sensei taught it to a woman of profound understanding and insight named Takata (her last name). Takata sensei brought it back to the states to her home in Hawaii. It is possible though not for certain that she was a trained kahuna (Hawaiian shaman), skilled in the art of huna (Hawaiian traditional healing). She became the mother of western Reiki. She taught it to many people in America, and it spread throughout the world. Reiki can now be found in many countries all over the globe. This divine spiritual energetic practice is an advanced form of prayer like the kind Christ taught his disciples. This energy has been called many things in the various languages of the world. In honor of Usui sensei we still use the term Reiki much of the time; as it is known in Japan. All things are made from and animated by God’s Reiki. The Reiki of God is the very power of Creation, as it is channeled to create healing. You too can learn how to become a vessel for this power, and let the Reiki flow into your life, making the world a true and wonderful sanctuary of healing! Come honor God, and let him turn your body temple into a place of sacred healing, so the Holy Spirit will flow through you and touch the lives of all those around you!

Blessed Be!

The Spirit-Hand Healing Tradition


Spirit-Hand as a practice, and a healing art:

Spirit-hand is the healing tradition founded by Rev. Loush Mackay O’Raven in the late nineties. It is an eclectic mix of many healing modalities, ancient philosophies, and practices. One of the core practices in Spirit-Hand is Usui Reiki Ryoho, which is the traditional reiki as taught by Usui Sensei, and which was grafted onto by Master Hayashi, and Mistress Takata. Spirit-Hand also includes techniques from the kemetic (ancient Egyption) practice of Sekhem (pronounced sei-chem, or say-kim, with very little connection to the sei-chem as taught by Patrick zeigler), angelic therapy, as well as infusing the Judeo-christian concepts and traditions of healing, with various methods derived from celtic and native american shamanism (including fairie healing, ancestral guidance, totemic power aids, ritual herbalism, and crystal healing). It also draws on age old wisdom from the hindu and oriental teachings of the body temple(focusing on chakra healing, auric field therapy, and meridian work). It is a system of healing that is always evolving with the Holy Spirit of Christ as its center. In these classes we explore the truth of healing, and the reconnection process. You will learn the full system of the reiki healing tradition in these classes. We will exchange invaluable information to expand our awareness. We feel we learn as much from our students as they do from us. We will help you further develop your own spiritual evolution which is after all why we are all here on this earth school. As we have a Christ based philosophy we advocate compassion, tolerance, and respect for all walks of life, even those we might disagree with. It is open for anyone to take and all are welcome, though we do not say that everyone will feel comfortable. It is taught in the apprenticeship tradition from master (teacher, one that has been mastered by spirit) to student. We create a safe environment, and provide easy ways to intake the information. Group activities, workshops, discussion, and study groups are always being planned, as well as future classes not yet being offered. We feel that one should always have a networking base, and a support system based on our peers and other kindred spirits, and this is what we hope to create at the Avalon Grail Mystery school.


For the information of the general public; the following is a list of religions and ideologies likely to be highly offended by the Avalon Grail Mystery School, and the Spirit-Hand tradition. If you belong to any of these you may want to contact Rev. Loush and ask questions before enrolling in our programs:

Devil worship
Jehova’s witness
Christian fundamentalists extremists (those people in the roman or protestant church who hate other religions and alternative ways of life that differ from their own).
Pagan fundamentalists extremists (those people who are pagan who hate christians and all those with a view point different from theirs).


Spirit-Hand as a philosophy, a spiritual discipline, and a way of life:

Spirit-Hand is unapologetically Christian in its belief structure, and is devoted to honoring the teaching of the Holy Trinity which is the very heart of its ideology. Spirit-Hand seeks to bring true original Christianity back into public consciousness and awareness, and to heal the damage caused to humanity as a whole from the false, re-written so called “christianity” started by the council of nicea, upheld by the roman church, and spread like waste by the modern evangelical churches of America. Rev. Loush feels that Christ God is offended by what the modern church has done and is doing in his name, which is why places like the universal life church and the unity church are so important. Spirit-Hand seeks to bring healing, comfort, and restoration to the souls that have been ravaged by the anti-Christ spirit that blatantly runs rampant in the modern church. Spirit-Hand also seeks to unify all christians together as it was in the beginning of the faith, and to bring them into harmony and peaceful co-existence with the many cultures, religions, and spiritual paths of the world. We are taking the word Christian back, in order to use it as it was originally intended by the Christ, and the early followers of Christ. Spirit-hand aids people in exploring, and finding their true spiritual path whatever that may be. It aids people in exploring the mysteries of the universe. This is essential to understanding our life’s purpose and meaning. We help people explore for themselves the mystery of God, the sacred circle of life, everyday spirituality, the world vision and their place in it. Spirit-Hand exists to help facilitate the process of tolerant and peaceful co-existence between all people of all races, religions, faiths, creeds, and lifestyles so long as said religions, creeds, and lifestyles do not seek to harm anyone else. Spirit-Hand always seeks the highest good of all, and to align an individual with the Divine Will, and his or her own destiny. Spirit-Hand focuses on the mystery of healing and on a variety of healing modalities found throughout the world both new and old. It is focused on healing the five fold nature of a human being; body, mind, heart, spirit, and imagination. This system of healing helps people to learn just how their body and in fact their entire being is truly and literally a temple for the divine. Another focus of Spirit-Hand is the attempt to heal on many levels the eco-system of mother earth which humans have so badly damaged. We seek to practice ways to restore earths ravaged majesty. We give out information to all students to educate them on what they can do in their own personal lives to help heal the environment. We do this by sharing information on recycling, stores, products, magazines, internet sites, statistics, and behaviors that are eco-friendly. We feel it is only through reconnecting humanity to both God, and Nature as in ancient times will there be a shifting in global consciousness that will help bring about a new global spiritual society. Spirit-Hand embraces many ancient tribal wisdoms, and customs. We feel that western medicine is the youngest, most un-educated system of medicine in the world. It is not time-tested or proven compared to the ancient systems of medicine as found in china and the ayurvedic medicine system of India which have success rates dating back thousands of years. Therefore, western medicine in its arrogance has caused great harm and damage to the health of the people on this planet. We do think that there are many great things within western medicine such as the diagnostic arts, and the plethora of surgeries available in its system. So what we seek is a balance between the old and the new as found within complementary medicine. We are in favor of people having all systems of medicine at their disposal so they can make informed educated choices and decisions about their own health care. We absolutely feel it is wrong for the government, the f.d.a., and any and all boards of medicine to try and control the free will of people where their health is concerned. We also feel it is wrong for western medical boards, big business, and pharmaceutical companies to stop the flow and dissemination of any or all information regarding natural and synthetic medicine. Medicine should be about nutrition, and health on all levels of ones being. Medicine should always be holistic. Practitioners of alternative medicine are the new shamans of earth. The word shaman has taken on new meanings in our modern age, and while we respect the old ways, we welcome the evolution of those ways into new ways, and new traditions. The roles of shamans, or medicine people in the modern world has also gone through a transition. While shamans still do most of the things they did before, we begin now to see that humans have evolved to the point to where we no longer have to tell someone what to think, do, and how to live. we can simply be guides and compasses helping and trusting people to discover their own inner guidance, and to do, think, and live they way which they see as right for them. We are here to help people see their small part in relation to the whole; their thread in the design of the great tapestry. Though much of the knowledge of ancient shamanism has been lost to us we are beginning to reclaim, and rediscover the missing pieces. In the end, we are all seeking that essential connection, that feeling and experience of oneness with the entire universe and the divine. Self-exploration, self-examination, self awareness, and self-understanding are the beginning keys to live life to the fullest, the way God intended. One day we believe that we will live in universal harmony.

Blessed Be!

Young Living Essential Oils; my Young Living experiance!

As an aroma-therapist I can honestly say that essential oils have helped change my entire life. They along with Reiki are my primary health care. Especially the young living oils which I am now an independent distributor for. Essential oils are the most powerful natural medicines that God has given us; that he has gifted to us! Change your life, and your health by rediscovering for yourself what Sacred Anointing really means in its fullness! Young living essential oils are simply put the purest and most potent oils on the market today. Learn about these exciting products; that are truly health in a bottle! They will help bring healing to all the levels of the entire five fold nature of the human soul being (body (and subtle metaphysical etheric bodies), mind, heart, spirit, and imagination)! Essential oils will help transform your life and health and uplift you to a new paradigm!

“The most High hath created medicines out of the earth, and a wise man shall not despise them.” Taken from the Book of Ecclesiasticus (38:4)


Jericho; a poem by Rev. Loush


People have always told me how stupid I am,
As if my birth were seventh sin.
They told me I was born to loose,
As if I had no right to choose.

Last night I dreamed a city of sin,
With sky high walls and a roof of tin.
A nation of people about to give in,
Till a trumpet voice sounded in the midst of them.

Shouts, songs, and battle cries arose from the crowd and ascended on high
They circled the city and the walls caved in, and tumbled down not to rise again.

Shouts became silence; a deafening sound.
Ruins laid on soiled ground.
The crowds began to gather in.
A beautiful man emerged from them.

“Don’t let other voices define who you are,
find your own song, follow your star…”

I’ll never forget what Joshua said.
When I lose my lyrics his words ring in my head.

“…Raise your voice, and let the walls come down.
Jericho’s just another town.
Today is just another day.
One more step along the way”!

Sometimes I fall but I rise and mend.
Often I struggle to breath again.
It gets hard to take it; take it all in.
You are what you eat, so I swallow my sin.

I walk, I fail, I work, I strive, I sweat and bleed to stay alive.
I cry, I sleep, I wake again, God only knows where I’m going,
But I know where I’ve been.

Short life or long, if I’m right or I’m wrong,
I will find where I belong, and I will stand and be strong!
I’ll do what I do, and say what I’ll say,
And after it’s over I’ll fly away; far away.

Not in someone else's shoes, not on someone’s terms.
I’ll live, and love, and learn, and loose.
But I’ll do it as I damn well choose!

And after all this time, and how I’ve paid,
I can hear God’s voice in what I say.
And Joshua’s words echo as I pray,
For another day; just another day.


“…Raise your voice, and let the walls come down
Jericho’s just another town.
Today is just another day.
One more step along the way”!


Inspired by various things in the movie “Raise your voice” with Hilary duff, and a song in the new movie version of hairspray with Queen Latifah.
Jericho a poem by Rev. Loush M. O’Raven,
on the 2nd of may, in the festival season of Beltaine, in the year of our Lord 2009

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