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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Fame & Fortune Audio-book Tour Stop Post

The O'Raven Chronicles is pleased to present this stop post for Author T. M. Smith, and The Fame & Fortune Audio-book Tour

Fame and Fortune

An All Cocks Story book #2

Victor Dimir moved to America with his traditional Romanian parents when he was just a child. His Romani parents taught him their traditions and how to be a shrewd business man. But it was the attention of a classmate at school that taught a teenage Victor about his sexuality. When he came out to his parents he knew it would be difficult for them to understand, but he never expected them to disown him.

Andrew Jones grew up with a single mom and his grandmother teaching him about life, he had an absentee father at best. The only thing the man ever did for Andy that stuck was buy him a camera for his thirteenth birthday. When Andrew went off to college on a scholarship to study photo journalism, he wound up falling in love with his Romanian roommate.

They became inseparable and wound up starting their own business together; a gay porn website where people could go and watch romantic gay porn instead of the rough and tough, or wham bam thank you man crap that was flooding the internet at that time. After ten years together they were still perfectly happy, they didn’t even realize something was missing, until they met a broken young man that needed a family.

Matthew Carlson was homeless, jobless and broken. He’d been on his own since he was sixteen when he ran away from home after being brutally assaulted by several other young men that he thought were his friends, and then being told he brought it on himself for being gay by his parents. Matthew has done a lot of things these last few years just to get by. When he finds the flyer for All Cocks, he decides to call and see where it leads. What has he got to lose?

Matthew has deep rooted scars that aren’t usually visible on the outside. But when he walks into All Cocks, both Victor and Andrew see them, they also see him. Can three men that didn’t even realize they needed each other get past the stigma of society to find a place of happiness, together? 

*Advisory warning: This story contains a scene of sexual assault.*

Buy links: Amazon | Audible

Guest portion of the post: 

Everyone please welcome both T. M. Smith and her fantastic Narrator for this book!  

Would you Rather with Author TM Smith and Narrator Joel Leslie...

Cuddle up in front of a fireplace or light your fire in bed?
Tams: Cuddle up in front of a fire because I could still light my fire on the rug.
Joel: I am a big, big fan of cuddling.  Although things would probably progress from there lol.
Accidentally send a dirty text to your boss or a sexy voicemail to your mom?
Tams: Dirty text to my boss hands down.
Joel: dirty text to boss, no question. 
Tease with hot wax or with ice cubes?
Tams: Ice Cubes are extremely erotic and don’t leave scars.
Joel:  Brrrrrrr…. I’ll go with wax J
Get a massage with peanut butter or maple syrup?
Tams: I’ve had a massage in a certain area with peanut butter, so I’ll go with maple syrup, see what the fuss is all about. 
Joel:  Is there another option that won’t make my dogs wanna eat me for three days after? 
French kiss Betty White or Miley Cyrus?
Tams: See, normally I’d say Betty White cause Miley is skanky. But, she’s engaged to Liam Hemsworth so by extension I would be kissing Liam Hemsworth. So, Miley.
Joel:  Miley – I might learn how to keep a man like Liam happy J
Walk in on your parent's making love or have them walk in on you?
Tams: Them walk in on me! That cannot be unseen people, just… no!
Joel:  Enter the witness protection program on both counts.
Have a naked picture of you become an internet meme or be caught on camera naked during a live newscast?
Tams: Caught on Camera, that meme is out there forever and ever. 
Joel:  Caught on camera… can I have warning to cut out carbs three days before?
Be kinky or be romantic?
Tams: Somewhere inbetween.
Joel: I’m a fan of both… but romantic makes me melt.
Sweat profusely in the bedroom or have insatiable dry-mouth?
Tams: Sweat profusely, I mean, it’s to be expected, right? 
Joel:  I am weirdly finicky about room temperature during sexy time… so I’d have to go with the dry mouth.
Be on top or on the bottom?
Tams: I have a feeling Joel’s answer to this one is far more telling than mine. LOL! While both have their merits, I’ll go with top because climbing on and riding is just too much fun. 
Joel:  Being versatile is twice the fun J  But being with a guy who is exclusively one or the other flips a totally different switch in my psyche.  It’s like a Jekyll and Hyde thing lol.

Thank you both again for coming on here and sharing some of your personal lunacy with us lol. No seriously it was a pleasure to have you both, Thanks for coming! 

About The Author:


A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel.

Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love!

Author links: Amazon || ARe || Smashwords || Goodreads || Website || Blog || Twitter

So Sorry for the delay in getting this post up today everyone...we were experiencing some technical difficulties, but better late than never they say. lol 

Tour Schedule...

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Love Bytes {Spotlight & Exclusive Excerpt} 
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August 24th
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August 25th
Making It Happen {Review & Excerpt} 
Sinfully Gay Book Reviews {This or That with Author and Narrator} 
Prism Book Alliance {Review &Narrator Interview} 

August 26th
Gay Media Reviews {Review & Guest Post}
Jennivie Writes {Review & Spotlight}
Wicked Faerie's Tales {Spotlight}

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Staying Hopeful in this time of unrest...

People might think I sound crazy, but the worse things seem to get, the more my trust in God increases. It seems as if the more darkness gathers around us during these troubled times, the more hopeful, and peaceful I feel. I know a peace beyond understanding. It is so easy to turn on the television, the internet, or the radio and see and hear, and be bombarded with all the wickedness, the pain, the hurt, the negativity, the unrest, and the constant sorrows and troubles going on out in the world. This is a tool of the enemy to distract us. It is meant to keep us uneasy…to steal away our peace and faith itself. If one can simply see it for what it really is in the highest sense, then one can overcome its bondage. It is nothing in the end but sound and fury. I am not saying that there are not plenty of real issues and problems, and a great host of things that are just wrong. No sane person could deny that. I am not saying there are things we shouldn’t be concerned with, because of course…there are. I am saying that worry gets you no where. Fear equals paralysis which then becomes death. Look, life is neither perfect nor fair. There will always be things that are…not right. But in looking at all that is wrong with the world, please don’t ever stop taking a moment out of each day, and seeing all that is good and beautiful in the world…in life itself; because there is so much goodness and beauty in the world. Don’t forget to wake up in the morning and say “Thank you oh God, for the gift of life…the gift of…being alive. Thank you for everything. Thank you for the gift of your love, and your light in times of darkness. Thank you for everything…amen”. So that's my advice...that's what I think. If you want to stay hopeful and maintain a higher perspective of Beauty...learn to see God in all things, and practice being Grateful every single day for the gift of every single day! If you really want to understand what I am saying here, there is a movie with this message and I suggest you watch it. It is called "American Beauty". Happy Viewing for any of you who decide to take my advice and watch this wonderful film.

Blessed Be! 

Apologies to Author T. M. Smith for the mishap...

The O'Raven Chronicles would like to publicly apologize to Author T. M. Smith for the mishap of posting the wrong post during the wrong tour. This Blog thus did not fulfill its obligations to the author for The Cellar Audio-book Tour and so we promise to do a special post for it later on. We also posted in advance a post for a future blog tour for a different book, thus possibly leaking important information early. This Blog and its author will work hard to maintain quality posts, and make sure this type of situation does not occur again.

All Lives Matter

I believe that all lives matter except those that do not get this simple truth!!!
Wow I have watched my country become a totally different and scary place within the last decade. We are loosing our right to bear arms, we have lost our right to free speech, and our religious and cultural freedoms. Our so called president who never had a right to be elected in the first place took office and has allowed the evils of “radical” islam to sweep through our nation and change us in unconscionable horrific ways. I have watched so called black leaders speak great evil and racism and have watched as people clapped and applauded. I watched as one in-particular told thousands of black people, especially men to start killing white people and cops. I have watched as the internet news sites have shared stories about the wickedness and stupidity taking place at our universities.  islam and atheism have taken over almost all universities along with anti-American liberal ideologies, racism against white people, loathing of any religions that dare speak out against atheism and the so called “scientific” establishments, or the horrors of islamic doctrines. At universities now which once introduced a plethora of ideas and world views so as to broaden the perspectives and horizons of their students, now there are “safe rooms” (I shit you not), so that poor itty witty young “Adults” can go there and color and watch videos of puppy dogs, fluffy rabbits, and playful kittens if they encounter “scary ideas” they do not agree with. Furthermore these same universities which now exist to indoctrinate young people and turn them into brain washed drones of the state, have zones way out in the middle of now where, where it is the only acceptable place to them, for students and people to exercise their right to free speech! No seriously…this is actually happening people. Go educate yourselves about these things. Any free exercise of any religions other than atheism and islam have been banned at most if not all public schools. I have listened to recordings of university professors telling their white students that they are the biggest problems on earth and that they should kill themselves to make the world better. Then watched as these same professors were lauded and applauded, and given awards and tenure. I am thoroughly disgusted by these things.

Meanwhile children are forced to take certain sections of so called science classes they do not agree with, and they are forced to not only learn about islam in their text books, but are forced against their will and sometimes even their knowledge to pray to the evil demon ancient eastern pagan god allah. We can no longer draw political satire cartoons which bad mouth the wicked faux-prophet mohammad lest we be fined, imprisoned, put on trial, or even murdered. It is now acceptable to break the law by desecrating the American flag. The government is tyrannically breaking American law and seizing peoples homes, and ranches under this treasonous and highly wicked practice called imminent domain. Right now sharia law and its evil is spreading in certain American states when it has no business in this nation, anywhere, at all, ever, for any reason. I have watched as Queer people, cops, and others were murdered by cowardly evil psychopaths…and then I have watched as guns were blamed instead of the people misusing them to fulfill evil terroristic agendas. I have watched as idiots who were breaking the law put up road blocks so that other people had to listen and be abused by the terroristic evil racist movement called “black lives matter”, as if they were the only lives that mattered. The corrupt organization called the united nations has isis ran armies right here being trained to wipe us out, and then to try and destroy our ally Israel. Right now in this county the united nations along with f.e.m.a. and other government bodies and agencies have started to construct concentration camps. These things however are not mentioned on almost any media coverage on television. We are now in trillions of dollars of debt to other nations who could call in their loans and bankrupt us in the blink of an eye, mostly thanks to obama. Certain walmarts have been emptied out and hundreds of Islamic families and people are now being housed in them. These people are being brought in for a variety of utterly unscrupulous and in fact evil reasons and machinations.

 I have watched as hillary clinton one of the most disgusting human beings if one can call her that to have ever walked this earth, is praised and worshiped, and running for president of America. I have watched as people have gotten laws passed to force wicked murderous vaccinations into other people and their children. I have watched as the evil terroristic nazi like organizations called “Home Owners Associations” have wickedly enforced their anti-American wills on other people, and force them to run their homes and their lives by the will of the organizations, when they are not paying for the bills of the people on whom they enforce their warped wills. I have watched our elderly, our young, and the male gender along with queer people be beyond disrespected. We no longer value our elders. I have watched race wars be incited by the governments, and also by black so-called leaders. I have watched as the brave people who dared to tell the truth and say “All Lives Matter”, get attacked for being “racist” or “ignorant”. I have watched as the planet on which we live has been polluted and abused beyond understanding and have witnessed as only a few have tried to do anything real about it.

I have watched as my fellow queers and my gender have been attacked again and again, and all their rights stripped from them.

The one truly positive right now, is that we now is that we Queers have a federal law forcing people to give us the equality that we deserve. However as the democratic party spreads the evil power of islam those rights will disappear.

I have watched as politicians like the so called president, and hillary clinton get on television and say that we have to change to agree with them, and become more like them; when no we don’t! I have listened as he tried to justify sending millions of dollars to terrorists and saying that we have to change our attitudes towards them; well no we don’t.

I have watched as cities around America have launched attack on the most fundamental basic human civil divine rights, like the right to decide what medicines we take, and what we are allowed to eat. Like the Nazis they went into the schools and have now told parents what their children are allowed to eat or not eat, and have encouraged the brainwashed parents to bully and ostracize the dissenters in an attempt to force them to adhere to the will of others. I have watched as wicked arrogant politicians have tried to enforce their will about health on citizens by making illegal “laws” to way over-tax drinks and foods they consider unfit.

I have watched people venomously attack Donald Trump because he speaks his mind, and tells the truth as he sees it, and for not being a “politician” (the very people who lie for a living); when these are things that I like about him, and that we should want in our leaders.

Yet for all this evil and darkness, I still have hope because all my home and stay is in The Lord God. I still have Love in my heart because God lovers through me, even at times when I think I lack the resources or abilities. I still stand in awe of our Creator each morning that I wake up, and each time is view the beauty, mystery, and wonder that is nature. I can still see the light because I remember to sit in gratitude, beauty, peace, and joy that is in life, and I count all my blessings. I revel in amazement at the friends and loved ones that I am surrounded by, even in the midst of those who dislike me, and all those the least little bit like me. So I want to tell you to remember to count your blessings, and remember to be thankful. I also want to tell you that your life matters, because all lives are gifts from God and each and every one of them matter, unless they make them not to matter. All lives matter.

I pray that all of you would find your way to the light of God’s Love and redemption, and that you come to be fully blessed and evolved as a human being made in His image. I pray that you come to know that your life like all lives, matter. I hope and wish that your life be fully of wonder, mystery, along with beauty, healing, and joy. I hope you come to know the peace that passes all understanding, and the love that surpasses all deserving. I hope that your rights, liberties, freedoms, and equalities be unto you and yours forever; and that if they should ever be taken that you are fully aware of it and that you have the courage, fortitude, and strength to stand up and fight back. May all goodness, happy abundance, and kindness be yours. That is what I wish for you and yours.

The world is changing, but with earnest and hard effort on our part, that change doesn’t have to be bad or negative. We are being allowed to shape our fate and destinies. Let us take care of the planet and its creatures as we are supposed to do. I hope that all of you learn how to stop and smell the roses, and enjoy life, because it passes by so swiftly. I wish for you all that you could come to see God in everything.

Blessed Be! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Strange Emotions Today

(I tried to find pictures that represented hope to me in some way. I asked God what I should put. He showed me these images and so I am using them. I know people might look at the nature picture and wonder why that image. For some reason it has always made me feel hopeful. It makes me think of peace and joy. Both of these images do, so I am sharing them here.) 

What is one supposed to feel when an estranged “parent” is passing and all alone in a far away place?

I guess the best way to describe what I am feeling is mixed emotions. If someone were to travel back in time and tell my childhood self that this was happening and that his future self actually felt sorry, and felt compassion for his abuser; my childhood self would probably scoff and walk away indignity or maybe even break down and cry. As it is however that is some of what I am feeling. I fully and freely forgive all that happened to me in my childhood. I had to let it all go to find healing and some measure of peace at the time when the healing began. It was and is a long hard road to wholeness. I do not know if the road will ever be fully traveled, at least in this life. I am trying though. I remember when I was a child putting a hex on the person who is now laying dying. When I was older and trying to find healing and get myself right with God I had to repent of that curse and ask that it be removed, and truly forgive the man who I can my sperm donor. I can’t rightly call him father or dad; he was never either of those things, except in the biological sense. Yet even though I repented of the sin of cursing someone when I was a child, that child’s curse has come to pass in every way possible. I don’t fully know if there is a way to undo what I did. I have to trust God and the process of life and let it run its course I guess. I also have to find a way to live with the outcome and consequences of what I did back then and how it is manifesting now. Perhaps he will receive a healing miracle and make a fantastic recovery. If not I truly hope that he waits on the family to get to him that is going to see him. I hope that he is surrounded by his spiritual allies, his soul group, his good ancestors, and by God. I hope if he leaves this world it is not alone, and that his house is in the best order it can be. I hope that if he has to transition, that his journey to the next world be painless, smooth, and easy. I hope that if he leaves the world he will leave it knowing that he was loved by some and really feel the love he has for some. I hope that he be at peace and find a measure of joy. I have people who are scattered around the country praying for him. I have people sending reiki. I myself have done both. We do not have a relationship really. We never have and never will. I made up a healing potion for him and sent it with my Gran-Ma. Perhaps it will give him a fighting chance. Maybe all the reiki and prayers and the potion will just help his transition be easy. Either way I trust God with all of that. I feel that I have done my part and do not feel called to be there given our mutual history of…well…unease is a nice way to put it. It is because of me that several of our family members are traveling to be with him. I had to be the galvanizing force and I don’t really mind that, though I did find it strange that it had to be me to get people up and moving. I even had to be the one to call all the hospitals in his last known area and find out where he was. Perhaps it is part of the penance I asked to participate in so long ago. Perhaps it was just an occurrence on my personal evolutionary journey. I know not, and do not pretend to know, or understand this strange situation.

This is one of the most personal posts I will ever write, and one of the most honest because it is so personal. Perhaps I am just getting old. I am definitely feeling my age right now on some level. I might even be feeling older than what I really am, at least physically. Recently some friends and I were discussing missing having a church and spiritual community. We decided we wanted to start getting together in a cell group at my house on occasion and having prayer and worship, bible study, and perhaps even hold ritual together. I am really looking forward to that. I asked my friends where they wanted to start and as it turns out they are wanting to start the study and discussion in the same place that I do. We want to talk about hope. The hope that comes from having a personal relationship with God. The hope that comes from peace; and deepening and evolving our relationship with God. It was said once by a great thinker that “Bidden or unbidden God is there”. I utterly agree with that sentiment. I am blessed to always feel The Divine Presence around me and with me. I think my hope starts with sacred listening. I recently saw a TV. show and a movie that both spoke about how people believe that God doesn’t talk to them anymore. And my response is this; It is not that God stopped talking. It is just that we have stopped listening. People have become so arrogant, stupid, and “busy” that they just don’t hear God. They don’t, won’t, will not, and or refuse to hear or listen to God. They have no time for that small still voice. If we could just sit and practice being quiet and still, and listening in this the sacred manner, then perhaps we could begin to hear God again personally and collectively. I personally speak to God all the time, and no matter what people think, or say about it or me…God talks back to me. God speaks. It is not always what I want to hear, but it is what I need to hear. That gives me peace. That gives me hope.

I don’t feel like I am possibly loosing a parent. It is more like possibly loosing a distant cousin or something. We are connected, but only tentatively. I feel at peace with that.

I hope with all the human compassion, and agape love I can muster for a fellow human being that I am somehow connected to, but have no relationship with; that the man who I call my sperm donor can hear God and feel Him. I hope he can get well if it is possible. I hope that he can know that peace before he leaves this world and the he carries it with him into the next. I think this is progress for me. I think this is good. I hope so anyway.

I hope also that all of you who might read this, also have that or come to know that. Perhaps you had it once and let it go or lost it somehow. In that case I hope you regain it. I hope that you all listen in the sacred manner. I hope that you all enter into a deep abiding, ever evolving loving relationship with God, with life, with Spirit! I hope that you come to have hope. I hope that you come to know peace, and that you carry that with you all the days of your life, and with you into the next. I hope that all this is carried within you and within us all, and that it spreads like a brush fire to all you encounter because they see the light in you and want it as well.

Blessed Be Most Excellent! 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Live for Love Blog Tour...

The O'Raven Chronicles is pleased to present this stop post for the Live for Love tour for Author T. M. Smith 

Join me in welcoming the latest book in the All 

Cocks Series, Live for Love. 

I would like to apologize that this post went up so late but here it is and better late than never it is said. 

Live for Love, An All Cocks story book 5 
Beauregard Boudreaux is a native of New Orleans Louisiana, born and raised there, he never thought he would ever stray far from home. The untimely death of his first love left Beau lost, adrift, looking for a place as far away from the pain as possible. Initially, he came to New York to visit a friend, the city growing on him, so he decided to stay. His law degree comes in handy at the LGBT Center he runs, but his bar is his baby.

William Richards grew up in Chicago, his family oddly normal and very accepting of his sexuality. Modeling paid the bills, gigs across the country as a model, male entertainer and a personal trainer giving him the opportunity to see the world. He hasn’t experienced loss or pain as Beau has, the common denominator between them is the loneliness. As All Cocks big, brooding bottom Connor, William has found friendship, family and an outlet for his craving to be more submissive than men of his size and stature usually are.

The two men are perfect for each other, their tastes and lives align and the writing seems to be on the wall. But Beau has a secret he shares with a choice few, a secret that not only threatens to keep them apart, it’s deadly. Determined to keep a wall between himself and William, Beau fights the attraction, pushes William away every time he steps closer. Can one man’s determination and strength be enough to tear down a wall that holds back decades of pain and darkness? And if he can, will either of them survive the flood?

Disclaimer: This book is the fictional story of a man living with HIV. I have put a lot of time and effort into presenting this story as true to fact as possible, without going into gory or gruesome detail. If this subject is a trigger for you, you may want to skip this read. But my hope is that you give Beau a chance to capture your heart as he has mine, and William’s.

ARe | Smashwords

Follow the tour!
Live for Love blog tour schedule:

July 1st
Multitasking Momma – Review w/Exclusive Excerpt Part 1
Sik Reviews – Review w/Spotlight
Love Bytes – Spotlight w/Guest Post (The story behind the story)

July 2nd
Happily Ever Chapter – Review w/Spotlight
Making It Happen – Review w/Exclusive Excerpt Part 2
Cathy Brockman Romance – Review w/Song & Scene
Foxylutely – Review w/Author Q&A Part I

July 3rd
Bike Book Reviews – Review w/Exclusive Excerpt Part 3
The O’Raven Chronicles – Spotlight only

July 4th
Wicked Faeri's Tales andReviews – Review w/Song & Scene
All In One Place – Review w/Spotlight
Triple A – Spotlight w/Author Q&A Part II
Gay Media Reviews – Review w/Exclusive Excerpt Part 4
Big Gay Fiction Podcast – Live Interview

July 5th
MM Books Escape – Review w/Dream Cast
Jessie G Books – Spotlight only
Divine Magazine – Spotlight w/Exclusive Excerpt Part 5
Purple Rose Teahouse – Spotlight
MM Good Book Reviews – Review w/Spotlight

July 6th
Bayou Book Junkie – Review w/Exclusive Excerpt Part 6
Smashingly Bookalicous – Review w/Spotlight
Diverse Reader – Review w/Guest Post (This or That)
Molly Lolly – Review w/Spotlight
Open Skye – Review w/Playlist

July 7th
Two Book Pushers – Review w/Exclusive Excerpt Part 7
Inked Rainbow Reads – Review w/Spotlight
Prism Book Alliance – Review w/Author Q&A Part III
Sinfully Gay Romance – Guest Post only (Would you Rather)

You'll notice above that there is an Exclusive Excerpt everyday split over 7 blogs. This is an entire chapter in the book that I've split over 7 of the blogs hosting. So, if you want to read the entire chapter, you'll have to visit each blog to do so. Or, you could just buy a copy ;)

Also, there is a 3 part Author Q&A. Again, to read each part, you'll have to follow the tour. 

The Inspirations for the characters; 

 Joey D. (William A.K.A. Connor)



Model and Adult Entertainer Joey Dhttps://www.facebook.com/bigjoeydmuscle
Photographer KJ Heathhttps://www.facebook.com/KJHeath

  Ryan Hurst  (Beau)






About the Author: 

A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel.

Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love!

Author links: Amazon || ARe || Smashwords || Website || Facebook || Twitter 

Other books in the All Cocks series...

Gay for Pay - Book 1

Fame and Fortune - Book 2

How to Deal - Book 3
 Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon DEB&N | ARe | Smashwords 

Dare to Hope - Book 4
 Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon AU | ARe | Smashwords

Other books by T. M. Smith; 


Up for grabs is an All Cocks Swag pack, US only shipping which includes...
A signed paperback copy of one book in the All Cocks stories, a T-shirt worthy of Beauregard Boudreaux that reads "I'm the one you gotta blow around here to get a drink", An All Cocks logo mouse pad (black/multi) and some fun bobbles and bits unique to the series. Also up for grabs for International entries is an e-book copy from my backlist (excluding Live for Love). 

Keep in mind, if you are International you can purchase any of the All Cocks stories books in paperback from either Amazon or Createspace then email me and I'll mail you a signed 'book plate' for your book to make it a certified signed copy. 

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