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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shamanism and The Ways of Power; The difference between energy and majik!

some of this information I found on a site years ago about these people who call themselves christian witches. Now although I disagree with the use of this term personally and some of their ideologies, conclusions, and practices; I do think they they had a lot of good information that is worth knowing, and it did send me on another quest to learn about certain aspects of certain topics that I had never studied before. In the interest of educating people I do not believe that they would mind me using the information that they provided when I wrote these articles for my students. So here are the articles I wrote; some of the original information came from a website called my christian witchery page at;
http://www.fortunecity.com/marina/fishermans/2035/id76.htm and http://witchychristian.tripod.com/links.html


The word shaman comes from the tungus language. It means “walker between the worlds” traditionally. It has also come to mean “one who knows”, and “wounded healer”. The female equivalent to shaman is shamanka or shamaness.

Other words that are comparable to shaman are medicine man (or woman/ medicine people), druid/ drui (bandrui / bendrui), and curandero (curandera/ la sabia). The celtic shaman or seaman has a few names including taibhsear (pronounced tah’shar) which is a Scottish word for “vision seer”. And secondly and perhaps the most appropriate word for a celtic shaman is a welsh word; awenydd (pronounced awen-ith) meaning “inspired one” (the plural form is awenyddion, although in modern times this word has been demoted to mean a muse). Fili: (pronounced several ways including fee-l’eah, philly, fee-lee, fih luh, etc…) This was a druidic or celtic poet seer, A shamanic oracle, one who enters into imbas forosnai, one who enters the realms of the otherworld to gain knowledge and comes back with knowledge, a type of poet bard, a type of druidic or celtic shaman that used words to wield power – energy- authority- or even healing, related to the seanachai (pronounced shawn ah key of shawn uh k-eye) who were the story tellers of the celts but the fili had a more spiritual or religious nature to their work, seanachai were also called cyfarwydd (k-eye far with). draoi - means druid, but could also mean wizard, or magician.

This refers to any person who practices any form of medicine and dose so from a spiritual or religious perspective. The idea of the wounded healer is that the greatest healers are people who were wounded deeply in some way and so can understand the human condition better. But this does not have to be the case. A healer is one who walks in the way of compassion. This is called good medicine power, walking in beauty, and walking the good red road in Native American traditions. The ancient shamans were medicine people who could walk and work within the spiritual realms just as they did in the physical world around us.

Many people today say “no spirits, no shaman” meaning that a shaman must call upon disembodied spirits to do their biding. This is simply not true. We who are medicine people learn to work with the Bre’hon (the spiritual aids that God sends us, be they angels, saints, fairies, good spirits, spirit guides or teachers, ancestors, or totem animals/ plants/ and stones). However when we who are Christian shamans work with these helper beings, we have tested them or should have tested them to see if they are of God, and we pray to and worship God and God alone. We do not pray to spirits or any being other then God and that includes angels. We ask God to send us helpers and show us our helpers, and we work with them, but God is always given all the glory for the work that gets done.



Well from the pagan perspective there is almost no difference at all, but from a biblical world view there is a vast difference!

We must begin by defining majik. Magic means slight of hand, the art of stage illusion, as practiced by people like Houdini, and Chris Angel. Majik on the other hand is a force that is utilized through certain forbidden occult sciences by pagan peoples. Practices that constitute majik as laid out in scripture through the original languages. Majik is what is practiced by the kashaph. Contrary to popular belief which is instilled through the English translation of the bible (which is full of a great many mistakes) the words witch and witchcraft do not exist in the original bible. Two verses very common are “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”, and “witchcraft is the sin of idolatry”; what it actually says is “thou shalt not suffer a kashaph to live”, and on further examination of the verse touted in so many churches about idolatry what scripture actually says is that “rebellion is as the sin of the kashaph, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry”.
Rebellion here is referring to rebellion against God, and stubbornness is referring to arrogance, small or narrow mindedness, haughtiness, a person who does not know how to compromise on some things in life, false prideful-ness, arrogance / egomania / egocentricity / narcissism before God (this is someone who idolizes themselves and worships themselves).
There is no exact translation of the word kashaph in the English language. They were evil sorcerers; some by intent, and others out of spiritual ignorance. A kashaph is someone who utilized the following forbidden practices:

Necromancy (summoning of the dead, disembodied spirits, and demons).
We do not need to summon anything. All we need do is ask God to send us the help we need, or think we need or want. Now we can ask for certain aids by name but we are asking God to send them. For example if I feel the need for great protection I will pray to God and invoke the name of Michael the Archangel when asking God for assistance. But I pray to God not to the angel. a necromancer in the bible is called an ob. The most famous ob in the bible is the woman who is now called the witch of Endor. But the word witch is misused when trying to render scripture here. The word is ob and it means necromancer. Séances are also therefore strictly forbidden in the bible.

The practice of Anan is forbidden. Anan means watcher of clouds and is usually wrongly misinterpreted as “observer of times”. Cloud watching as referred to here does not mean that God was forbidding the game of “what does that cloud shape look like to you?”, nor was it referring to the modern practice of meteorology. What it is referring to is the practice of predicting future events by cloud augury. predicting future events here isn’t referring to storms or whether but referring to personal predictions. For example if I were to look at clouds and divine that you are going to win the lottery, or loose a spouse, or have a baby in exactly two years then I would be committing the sin of Anan in scripture.

Divining the future called Qesem in scripture. This does not mean seeing the future as God shows it to us sometimes but rather it speaks of foretelling future events apart from the spirit of God. God shows me sometimes through a vision or through an oracle what will or may come to pass. But I give the glory to God and never seek to know the future outside of him. In fact I never seek knowledge of the future at all, though it is sometimes given. However if I tried to divine the future without God’s sanction or help then it would be a sin. Oracles should be about the present circumstances, the current life questions and events, the here and now, and decision making. The apostles cautioned people to use oracles with gravity and authority each with the gifts God had given to them, in the authority of Christ. The apostles threw lots to choose the replacement of Judas. Many today think this meant to cast a ballad or vote. However throwing lots was a form of oracle back in biblical days and can’t really be compared with voting at all. It was not a democratic decision they were seeking. The wants of the majority didn’t matter in the least. What they were seeking was a word from God about who he wanted as a replacement. Another oracle existed for the priesthood of the old testament that was similar somehow to the lots. The oracle of the Levite priesthood was a set of two mysterious stones called the urim and the thummim. Not all divination is bad; what is specifically forbidden is the divination of the future outside of the spirit of God. We are suppose to trust God for the future. We must believe that things will happen according to his divine will for the highest good of all. When I read an oracle I personally don’t care at all what will happen in the future. I have enough to worry about here and now. What I am concerned with is the present.

1 Pet 4:10-11
10 As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.
11 If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

the sin of spell casting. A spell despite the noble intentions or sentiments of pagans, is ritual usually involving the use of words whereby a pagan tries to manifest their desires in the world through their own will, power, and authority with little consideration of the divine will, and usually calling upon the aid of disembodied spirits, false gods, and even demons. Pagans will contradict me here and say that spells are concentrated sending of prayers. However I have studied and witnessed enough spell casting to know better. Many spells end up becoming curses. Spell casting in the modern bible is usually and wrongly rendered or translated as whispering enchantments. Enchanting is a ritual now commonly called charging or empowering and is not a sin in the least. However enchanting can also entail using sensuality, seduction, gifts, talents, abilities, beauty, glamour, charisma, or other tools to inspire change, awe, growth, and evolution in the souls or realities of others. Now even though enchanting isn’t bad in and of itself, it can be used for bad or good.

The sin of Idolatry; the sin of human sacrifice, or animal sacrifice after new testament times, offerings to foreign or false gods. Idolatry is the sin of putting anything before God in your life, and this includes narcissism and the love of money which is the root of all evil. “Thou shalt have no other God’s before me saith the Lord”. “Hear oh Israel , the Lord our God is one God”. Another aspect of the sin of idolatry is temple prostitution. The temple prostitutes were said to be channels for various false gods. Sleeping with a temple prostitute is the equivalent of worshiping false gods. Another aspect of idolatry is gambling. This is not referring to setting a side a small sum of money to play games of chance with, but about throwing away and wasting large sums of income and the gifts God bestows on you on games of chance and putting yourself, your family, and your friends in bad positions. There is also talk of passing through the fire. This refers to two distinct practices in ancient times. One of these was sacrificing someone to a fire dedicated to a certain false god. This also refers to fire purification rituals or hot coal type of rituals if the fires are dedicated to false gods. Now if you do a hot coal ritual or pass through a Beltaine fire for purification for example and the fire is not dedicated to any false god, but is left undedicated or it is dedicated to the one true God then it is not a sin. Another issue here is the use of amulets, talismans, fetishes, and totems. This is all about perspective. If someone is placing their faith in these objects then their misplaced faith is a form of idolatry. If however they are using these objects as tools to keep their minds focused, to be mindful, and to remember God, and their faith is in God and in the energy of the prayers and blessings placed upon the objects by the Grace of God, then there is nothing wrong with using any of these tools.

The sins of unlawful behavior; these sins include adultery, fornication (unlawful sexual relations, like bestiality or incest), uncleanness (and un- hygienic-ness), lasciviousness, lies, hatred, rage, wrath, strife, heresies, enviousness (covetousness), murder, rape, and drunkenness.

The sin of pharmakeia; Pharmakeia is the use of any substance to try and control other people against their will, to poison or kill people, to hypnotize people without their knowing, brainwashing people, causing people to go mad, or trying to force others to act against their own will or nature.

So there you go; a complete list of sins that are involved in kashaphism.
Energetic ritual practices are a whole other issue however. Everything that exists in the created universe is made of energy. Every element of nature, every cell of your body, every molecule is energy. We can learn to use, utilize, wield, direct, channel, manipulate, and exercise some control over energy and how it flows and manifests. This is the tool that God has given us to live by. That which we are made of is our gift; our tool to use.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And s we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others”! Nelson Mandela

Rev. Loush M. O’Raven
Mabon, in the year of our lord 2009

note; a word that is very misunderstood that I feel needs to be understood is the word Myth; as this word informs a great many of our historical understandings, misunderstandings, and spiritual prejudices about ritual practices.

MYTH: is a legend, piece of lore, story, or history which may or may not have a bases in reality and or historical fact. The word myth doesn’t historically speaking realate to that which is fanciful or untrue. It is rather a reference to a theme or a traditional story. A vehicle for communicating and relating the lessons that we can learn from God, life, nature, culture, clan, tribe, family, the collective unconscious, spiritual aids, and or archetypes. A story handed down from the past. It is thought by some that the word legend has its roots in the word legacy.

Marie Sjoestedt: “A discussion of the mythological world of the Celts encounters at once a peculiar difficulty, namely,
that when seeking to approach it you find that you are already within. We are accustomed to distinguish the
supernatural from the natural . . . The Celts knew nothing of this, if we are entitled to judge their attitude from Irish
tradition. Here there is continuity, in space and in time, between what we call our world and the other world—or
worlds. Some peoples, such as the Romans, think of their myths historically; the Irish think of their history
mythologically; and so, too, of their geography.

Spiritual Giftings, Basic Healing Work, and Basic Prayer work!

What are your main spiritual gifts?

I would figure out my top two gifts and work with them first. The following is a list of spiritual gifts and what metaphysical gifts they fall under or are categorized by.
The list of metaphysical gifts (extra sensory perceptions and spiritual designations or ministries), and other gifts (personality traits, crafts, skills, abilities, careers, and vocations) that fall under their domain:

Clairsentience (feeling / touching):
Feeling, touching, sensing, intuition, psycometry, Telekenises / psycokinesis, instinctual, gut feeling, discernment, sculpting, gardening, farming, growing herbs, healing, putting on the aromour of God, spiritual warrior, physical or massage therapist, empathy or impathy, comforter, distinguishing between spirits, pyrokeniesis
The ability to tap into the collective unconscious or the akashic records is tied to the gift of psycometry

Clairalience (smelling):
Clairalience, and clairgustence are really extensions or specific types of clairsentience.
Smelling spiritual scents, smelling spirits, smelling the roses (being grateful – thankful – appreciative), smelling when “something is rotten in demark” (this is a type of discernment), hightend sense of smell, good at anointing and aromatherapy, diagnosing, detective work, flower essences, baker, tea maker, healing,

Clairgustance (tasting):
Tasting spiritual tastes, manifesting, miracle working, speaking in tongues, words of wisdom or power, asking the right questions, testing the spirits, prayer warrior, singing and musician, cook, potion brewer, healing,

Clairaudience (hearing / listening):
Guidance, listening to the conscience ~ that small still voice of God within us that will on occasion scream to get our attention, hearing spirits – sounds – and voices in the ethers (the different planes of existence, hearing celestial music or the music of life, hearing teachers, interpretation, interpreting tongues, singing and musician, writing and poetry,
Telepathy, counseling, secretarial work, healing,

Claircognizance (knowing):
Precognition, prophecy (and the office of prophet), premonition can fit into this as well, information receiver, psychic, administration, teaching, preaching, foresight, empowering, organizing, secretarial work could fit under this as well, healing, testimony,

Clairvoyance (seeing):
Seership – the seer, the sight (second sight, third eye, highland sight, fairie sight), visionary, dreamer, vision questing, astral projection and travel, professional traveler, painter, most types of artistry, seeing the spiritual gifts of others and determining the best way to help them tap into – practice- and utilize those gifts, healing, dream interpretation, aura interpretation, chakra reading, seeing the beauty and potential in others, mediumship, casting out unclean spirits and demons,

Now if you are astute you will have noticed that there is one word that went under all of these categories; The word healing. When you are a healer you must tap into all of these to some respect or degree. All of God’s royal children (saved or born again) have all of these gifts within them, however there will always be between one and three that stand out the most as the main gifts of that an individual. God’s other children have many of these gifts although there are some gifts that are reserved for his royal children which is only to be expected. This has to do with spiritual evolution, and having a deep, eternal, abiding relationship with God. However we can all learn how to tap into most of these and utilize them as needed.

Healing work for novices:

This is basic fundamental knowledge for doing healing work;

If you are doing healing work and you can’t seem to get a fix on what the problem is, than just say a prayer; and say, “Lord I don’t know what the problem or the situation is but I know that you do! So please send your power to find the problem and fix it. Please use me as a vessel for your Holy Spirit to come and work through”! For those that have never been trained in any type of healing modality like reiki but wish to do healing work than just ask that God use you as a vessel, and to protect and help you; then lay your hands on the person and pray for them; imagine them being healed, and think good thoughts for them! You should learn at the very least how to ground and center yourself, and how to shield yourself before attempting any kind of healing work. In cases of emergency ask God to protect you and help you, ground you and center you, and shield you! You do not want to take on other people’s issues and energies. This is why learning the grounding and shielding processes is so important!

Remember that your body is a temple of which your spirit is the inner sanctum. “Where attention goes energy flows” said James Redfield. He also said that you could say it this way, “where intention goes energy flows”. Be aware of your self.

“watch your thoughts they become your words. Watch your words they become your actions. Watch your actions they become your habits. What your habits they become your character. And Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.”
Original wise author unknown.

Remember also, you as a healer are not the source of healing but merely a vessel for it!

Further insights on how to pray:

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. We are all familiar with these words. But let me change your perception of them. Be careful what you pray for because you will get it in some way, form, or fashion. Though it may not look like what you asked for at all. Be careful with your words and thoughts because they have power. Prayer is not just what you say. Prayer is an energy that you hold inside you; it is a field that you perpetually generate with your thoughts, words, actions, meditations, contemplations, musings, and even your unconscious thoughts. Praying doesn’t change God it changes us. It is how we connect with God, and a particular thought, or dream, or wish. We make requests from God all the time whether we know it or not. We need to become aware of this and begin to discipline and control our thoughts, and our minds. Take captive every thought. And in this way we can begin to create and generate better, bigger, clearer, purer, and much more effective and more beautiful prayer fields as james redfield calls them. We need to start instituting and restoring true prayer. This has started to happen but we need to accelerate the process. Because now that we are no innocent of it and we know the truth about prayer and have it in our consciousness then we will be held more responsible for how we use it, and what we co-create and manifest with the power God has given us to wield. We need to not place demands on God because it is rude and dangerous for us to do so. It works against our own best interest. Because we can not always see the inherent danger of what we might ask. Be careful about what desires that you allow your heart to linger on. They will take their toll. If they are good then you will find the energy of grace blessing you, and if they are bad then you will doom yourself to allowing negative energy to pollute and toxify your being, your body temple and the inner temple of your spirit. “Where attention goes energy flows” said james redfiled. He also said that you could say it this way, “where intention goes energy flows”. Be aware of your self.

“watch your thoughts they become your words. Watch your words they become your actions. Watch your actions they become your habits. What your habits they become your character. And Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.”
Original wise author unknown.

One should never pray for God to just give them wisdom and knowledge. They will not respect the information they did not have to earn. Wisdom that isn’t earned can become dangerous. One will not truly understand the power they wield or see all the ways they can go awry. One should instead pray that God help them to become wise. That he make them wise. Then he will bless them by having events happen in their life to teach them wisdom, as he did for Solomon of old.

One should never pray that God give them unspecified power. They should ask that he help them to step into power, that he give them a specific power, or that he make them powerful by becoming the power that they seek.

Ones prayers should mainly consist of worshiping God, talking with him as a friend and a lover. One should keep petitioning prayers at a minimum. Just talking to God and saying thank you is a very good prayer. He already knows your prayers, needs, wants, desires, and longings. Praying doesn’t change him it changes us. Prayer changes our internal and external reality. He will give you what you ask for so be careful what you ask for. Though he always answers our prayers, sometimes for our own good he supersedes our free will and says no to us. Sometimes when we say we don’t want something to happen he gives it to us despite our request. God always answers our prayers; and he has three answers; yes, no, and later! We should not seek to live life by our will; we should learn to say “this is what I pray Lord, yet not my will but thine be done! Make my will one with yours Lord God! I will to will they will”!

If you read the lords prayer and truly understand what Christ taught us about praying it will change the way you pray; your attitude toward prayer. Christ didn’t espouse a weak prayer saying “oh God please give this retched miserable sinner some food and drink, and cloths, and money, and status, and health”. No he prayed a prayer of power that is an affirmation more then a request. He said God let your kingdom come and your will be done as above so below. Then he went on to say give us this day our daily bread, protect us, teach us what is right, and forgive us for our sins. The most miraculous thing about everything he told us to ask for was the tone of the request. He requested things in such a way as if to say that God had already given them to him. He said give us this day what we need and then he moved on, because He already knew The Father was taking care of it.

Always test the spirits and know who you are dealing with. Scripture says that any spirit that professes that Jesus (Yashua) came in the flesh is of God. So ask whatever spirit you are dealing with if Jesus came in the flesh, and if they say yes then they are ok, and if they say something else then send them away.

Do not pray to or worship anything but God. Do not pray to Mary or the angels. We are to pray to God alone and give him all our worship. If you feel you need an angel then ask God to send you an angel. For instance, if you feel you are being spiritually attacked and want Michael to come then say God please send me Michael. Then only safe invocation directly to angels that I have ever heard is in the ritual of the casting of the nemeton. Where you have already asked God to send you the angels and aids that you need. Then the ritual invokes and welcomes the five main arch angels. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to, work with, and say thank you to your spiritual aids. You should do all of that. but prayer is a form of worship that is to be reserved for God and God alone! If you work with Mary, than welcome her and say thank you for your help and leave it at that; and the same goes for any other help you have. Ask God to send you whatever help you need! Sometimes you will be amazed at who he sends, and who shows up to help!

Test every spirit: the bible gives God’s people a way to test every spirit, or spiritual being. In some of the secret teachings of Christ to his apostles, he explained to them that every spirit that professes that Yashua of nazareth the Christ came in the flesh is of God. (insert bible verse). Simply ask whatever spirit that has shown up “did Yashua of nazareth the Christ come in the flesh?”. If the spirit professes that Christ did indeed come in the flesh then that spirit is good and of God, and if it gives any other answer then send the spirit away and banish it immediately by saying “ get thee away from me, leave this place, I banish thee to the arid places to await the judgment, where you shall be cast into eternal hell, I banish thee in the name of God the most high, the most holy trinity, and in the name of Yashua of Nazareth the Christ!, leave this place and never return”. When you have sent the unclean spirit away you must say a prayer. God come into me and into this place with your holy presence, your holy spirit, and your holy hosts, cleanse this place of all that is not of you and set up your holy temple here in this place.” Then if you want to say anymore prayers, or worship with music, or read bible verses out loud into the atmosphere of the place this will help cleanse, clear, and purify the area of residual negative energies. You can also smudge the place and anoint the place and your self, and anyone else present with holy oil and or holy water! There is a spiritual mystery that I will tell you here. For people who like myself have had to help spirits that were lost or confused cross over to the other side into the light of God, test those spirits the same way. They may be confused about where they are, and if their dead; however the grace of God implants in the good but lost spirits the answer to the divine question “did Yashua come in the flesh?”, even if they don’t know why they will be compelled to say yes to this question unless they are an unclean spirit who can’t answer yes to this question. This is divine decree. Do not attempt an exorcism on people unless you have experience or are with some one who has experience, and you are right before God meaning that you have confessed your sins to him and asked forgiveness and salvation. Also do not exercise someone without their permission unless you know that God has told you to do so. Do not try this with out letting the person know what you are doing! Do not exercise someone who is not fully prepared and willing to turn their lives over to God. Surrender to him, ask for his salvation, and live in a right way. Otherwise this is pointless and dangerous work. The unclean spirit if cast out, can come back and bring seven other spirits with it to reoccupy the person even worse then before unless the person gets cleansed and becomes a vessel temple for God and gets filled up with the word of God. Scripture says that a person must be filled up with the word to avoid repossession of an unclean spirit. Do not hold conversations with demons and evil beings, it is dangerous and pointless. They are full of craftiness and lies, and have had thousands of years to practice out smarting people into doing their will instead of God’s. so to cleanse a person by an exorcism also called deliverance work, say “be gone out of this person unclean spirit, I banish thee to hell in the name of God the most high, the only true and living God. In the name of the most holy trinity, and in the name of YASHUA of Nazareth, the true Christ. The lord God is one God. Be Gone with thee.” Then say “Lord God I ask you to come with your holy fire, your holy presence, your holy spirit, and your holy hosts and cleanse this child of yours and fill them with your holy breath, save them, and let them come into your kingdom. Bless them and make them your holy vessel temples for all eternity. Let your divine will be done! Surround us Lord God we beseech thee? Fill us with your holy word. (this is a good point to say the lords prayer)”. Remember do not hold conversations with the unclean spirits as it is not a good idea. Simply banish them and help the person get right with God in their souls. If you are cleansing a place then ask God to come and set up permanent residence there and reclaim the land and make it holy and sacred. If you are cleaning an object then ask God to cleanse and bless it and consecrate the said object unto him. Thank him for everything.

Do not worship any being but God: Angels ceaselessly tell people not to bow down and worship them, they are neither the message nor the one who sent the message, they are just the messenger. This also means that we should not pray to angels but only to the God who created and sent them. Angels are our brethren. The only way to properly invoke an angelic presence is by first invoking God and asking him to send you his angel(s). then after you have acknowledged God as the source then you can request of him the specific angelic presence that you need, if you want to get into specifics. You do this simply by saying “name of angel come and be welcomed here, and thank you God for sending my all the help that I need and sending your servants to my aid!” it is ok to have manners when working with angels, this is just common respect for all beings, it is not worship to have common courtesy. You can say please and thank you to angels for their assistance. I always say “thank you for your help, and for being a good fellow servant of God”. I always begain and end these types of situations by saying thank you to God first and last. That is proper and befitting. We need to Love God and reverence him, through worship, devotion, respect, gratitude, and thankfulness. This is how we show our love and appreciation to God, for all that he has done, is doing, and will do for us. Scripture says take every thought captive, and it also says make a joyful noise unto the lord.

Names and why they count: names carry spiritual essence and power. Look at the biblical examples of how God changed peoples names to suit their destinies; or how when parents names their children due to special circumstances, visions, or spiritual encounters with angels and like beings the children always lived into their names. Ask yourself does your name suit you; does it define you? If your name does not really speak to who you are at the core of your being maybe you should consider changing your name and choose a new one for yourself. Names carry the energy of who and what you are; and in the end what you have done with that name on behalf of God is all that you carry with you to the next life. You can bind and loosen spiritually speaking by knowing the name of the being you are dealing with. You can know who to ask God to send you in order to aid your current situation. It is a universal law that if you demand in the name of God for a being to tell you their real name they must tell you.

Manifestation charm:

(pray to God and ask him to hear your prayer, align yourself to divine will for the highest good of all, visualize, and intend desire)

my power is one with the all power
my speech is one with the word
my will is the will of heaven
my prayer will now unfold

I pray to the God for guidance to reveal to me my path

I pray to the God for work something good to last

I evinvoke to my life abundance prosperity and grace

That all my needs may be met

And my wants to fruition swiftly pace!

So shall it be!

note; i combined the words evoke and invoke into evinvoke for my own ritual work. it is quicker and easier and Spirit knows what i mean!

Shielding for students made easy;

some of this article I do not take credit for writing; some of it I have found in books or on the internet over the years and it has aided my spiritual practice greatly. so when I give my shielding articles to people I include any and all information that i think could help them, even if some one else wrote said information. I always inform them that I have taken, borrowed, and adapted certain writings, practices, rituals, and techniques. one such ritual that I borrowed is listed below as the four elements centering meditation. I borrowed this from a pagan or druid site many years ago and adapted it a little. some of the shielding information was also taken and heavily adapted from someone else's internet site.

Shielding for students made easy;

Say …
Lord surround me with your Holy Light.
I am part of The Divine Light.
I am one with the Light of The Holy Spirit.
I am a light to strong to fight.
I am one with The Light, I am one with The Light, I am one with The Light!

Then imagine a shield made of light surrounding you! A sphere going out in all directions like our sun-star. Imagine any symbols or images that mean protection to you. Remember and acknowledge the aspect of God which shields us; “Yahova Magen” which means “The Lord God our Shield”! You can project the symbols out like a bolt of lighting to strike at anything that comes near you that you feel is undesirable. Or you can project the symbol all around you like a hologram that acts like a bubble that you are inside of! You can use several symbols of protection all around you by projecting an energetic grid.

In cases of extreme need to shield, imagine the shield around you becomes so physical and so dense that it begins to become physical metal; like a silver steel circle or even sphere around you! You can also imagine a blue egg of light around you, if you need shielding in healing work or stressful times. In times of psychic or spiritual attack you can imagine a silver white reflective pyramid around you, or a pyramid of hematite that will help reflect and deflect any negative energies or poison arrows being sent at you! This pyramid will act as a mirror sending the energies back to where ever they cam from, but at a greater force than that which they were sent out with! This will give a good blast and warning to the source of the negative energies!

One should always be grounded and centered when shielding ones self, or others! Just like we need to be grounded and centered when casting a nemeton around a place, a person, or an object!

Prayers of shielding and protection are always good to aid the process of shielding. Toning can also help this process by amplifying it. Use a deep medium tone for defensive and a high pitched tone for offensive! Wearing and anointing your self with certain essential oils, holy oil, and holy water can help facilitate this process as well! Wearing certain talismans, amulets, medallions, and stones will aid this process! One such stone is hematite which draws in positive energy while pushing away and deflecting negative energies. There are certain tools like star chamber tools which will also greatly help this process.

symbols that are protective:

The cross
The sacred heart
Any and all trinity symbols
The Triscal
Family crests and shields
Personal shields and or medicine shields
Hexacles, pentacles, septagrams, and ennegrams (also called nonograms)
The all seeing eye
The Hamsa, khamsa, chamsa (also called the hand of Miriam, Sarai / Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca, Deborah, Magdalin, Fatima, or etc…)
the ankh
the blue egg
the pyramid (white, black, or mirrored/ silver)
the sword
the tree of life
the sei-he-ki
the raku
the cho-ku-rei
There are many more symbols of protection. It really comes down to person choice, tastes, and your internal reality and imagination. What symbolizes protection to you?

Toxic people need to be removed from your life. Now pushing them away or trying to control them is likely to have the opposite of the desired result. So instead you work around that fact. Instead of picturing said negative person or people leaving your life; don’t picture them at all. Picture your life as wonderful and altogether devoid of their presence. Make it in your mind as if they do not even exist in your world. Visualize that and feel it; live into it. When they are around you, shield yourself and say “he / she / or they; do not exist beyond this point, they do not exist in my personal space”. Fill your shield with this intention or mantra. And then let yourself forget about them once you are properly shielded. Ignore them as much as possible. You might need to go one step further and cut the AKA (pronounced ah-cuh) cords (the energy cords that exist between people)! No one should come into your personal space without your permission; and I am not talking about physical proximity because that can’t always be helped; I mean energetically speaking. You need to claim and hold your space. Personal space is usually between 3 and 5 feet around your body. I am more comfortable with 5 feet personally. When people enter my personal space that aren’t welcome, they can feel it without me having to utter a single word out loud. But you also want to be specific in your wording because you don’t want your energies to become an unwelcoming or unfriendly place to other people, like family, friends, good strangers, and clients! Always be specific and focus your energies! If there is a toxic person that you can not cut out of your life ask God to fill your energies permanently with his presence, when people are around that kind of light they can’t help to either be changed by it, or to leave its touch!

Armor of God (basic info.): as laid out in scripture;

The sword (sword, belt, and sheath of healing) of truth / the word

Helmet of salvation / asking for forgiveness of sins, atonement, and salvation; standing in the promise, the hope, and the faith; this is about receiving Grace

Shield of faith / prayer and standing in the power and authority of His Love and Light

Sandals of peace / aligning ourselves to his will, being still and quiet in God in order to hear God’s instruction. This brings rest to the spirit. “not my will but Thine be done”!

Breastplate of righteousness / right action and attitude; standing in virtue, this is where works and faith come together

"Creator, you are the God, the Spirit, and the Breath of Truth. We come together this day in this common prayer for deliverance from the ignorance the blinds us from your Truth. Deliver us, our Creator, from the cowardice that shrinks from The Truth, from the laziness that is content with half truths, and from the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth, so that we may rightly perceive the path to the Truth that will awaken us in union, communion, and Oneness with you."
Author of prayer unknown!

Titus 1:15
Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.

Always test the spirits and know who you are dealing with. Scripture says that any spirit that professes that Jesus (Yashua) came in the flesh is of God. So ask whatever spirit you are dealing with if Jesus came in the flesh, and if they say yes then they are ok, and if they say something else then send them away.

Do not pray to or worship anything but God. Do not pray to Mary or the angels. We are to pray to God alone and give him all our worship. If you feel you need an angel then ask God to send you an angel. For instance, if you feel you are being spiritually attacked and want Michael to come then say God please send me Michael. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to, work with, and say thank you to your spiritual aids. You should do all of that, but prayer is a form of worship that is to be reserved for God and God alone! If you work with Mary, than welcome her and say thank you for your help and leave it at that; and the same goes for any other help you have. Ask God to send you whatever help you need! Sometimes you will be amazed at who he sends, and who shows up to help!


The key to "putting on the armor of God," which is Jesus Christ, for basic shielding purposes is visualization; that makes this a kind of ritual. For the Christian there is the exterior work of calling on the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Other than this, we can do this work if we want to or have to without any exterior ritual. We are blending the two realities, the inner spiritual reality we have by virtue of the faith of being protected or shielded by the armor of God, and the outer physical reality of our ecology.
By our ecology I mean the immediate environment in which we live, move and have our existence. Thus it clearly includes our physical bodies. But it also might include our room, or our entire home. It also might include our family and loved ones.
In the practice, technique, gift, and ritual of visualization we see, with our inner spiritual eyes, sometimes called our "Third Eye," the protective shielding of the power and presence of Jesus Christ as a Light that encompasses us and enfolds us. We see it embracing our actual ecology. It is this level of reality; the reality of Jesus being the Light that leads Christian shamans to confess, "I am a servant of the Light." Jesus said in John 8:12 that he was the Light of the World and we as Christian shamans are servants of that Light, in all we do, including our ritual works.
The color of the Light can be any color. Often in visualization in a shielding a shaman will see the Light in various colors depending on what they are protecting, why they are in need of this protection, or what they are shielding from; it is the same when doing any other ritual work including healing work. As you continue in the sacred paths you will develop your own knowledge of shielding and other kinds of spiritual warfare and you will learn on your own through study and intuition what colors are correct for your usage. For now you can envision the Light as Golden white, because it is the color of precious purity, of wealth, and like purple it indicates royalty; an appropriate color for Christ The Light as our protector.
As with all ritual, you should center and ground first. Then you should place yourself in circle, whether you formally cast a circle or simply envision yourself in circle. Now connect using your grounding. Remember that being grounded means being rooted and anchored in Christ, and in the energies of the earth and the universe.

As you connect with the reality that you are in Christ, begin to visualize that Christ's presence is in you. See this as spark of golden white light (or any color you wish) in your heart. Focus on this spark and expand it into a glowing little sphere. Very slowly, with your "third eye," see this sphere expand bigger and bigger until it is big enough to enfold you. If you are shielding more than just yourself, keep expanding it until it is big enough for all you are shielding. Once you've gotten the sphere of golden white light the right size, begin to focus on "hardening" the light that is the sphere. As you do this, you can say a mantra over and over.

For example;

I Exist
In the Sacred Name of Yashua Christ,
I am Secure
In the Holy Name of Yashua Christ.
Visualize the light sphere becoming more and more firm until it is opaque and solid in your second sight. Then you can say something like;
All Powers
That would Hinder and Bind Me
Are Now Shielded and Blinded
By the Light of Christ
In which I Dwell.
I am One with The Light!

Once you have put up a shield like this, it should remain with you always if you regularly maintain it. All that Jesus wills for your good can pass through it, but no spiritual force that would harm you will easily pass this barrier if you are right with God. Every so often, when you think of it, see the sphere of light again and "harden" it up once more. At times you may have to repeat the whole visualization to focus on the reality that you are standing in Christ's protection.
Shielding like this is good if you are being troubled by bad dreams. A good shield of Christ-Light may stop the bad dreams, unless there is a reason that you are having them. You can put up a shield for someone else, but I wouldn't recommend for beginners to try it. As you become capable in this, only do a shield for someone else if they or their higher selves agree to it; understand what it is you are doing for them, and you know their situation and can see them somehow in your visualization.

Many ritualists in other Traditions understand the function of grounding as a way of releasing extra energy after doing story and ritual work. However, in our tradition we understand the function of grounding as not only something we might find necessary after ritual to release energy, but also as something we want to practice before, and throughout ritual. This difference could be due to the fact that we may mean something slightly different by the term than other Traditions. So if you find another discussion of grounding quite different than our discussion, please refrain from thinking they are doing it wrong or for the wrong purposes (Or on the other hand thinking that's what we're doing)! Let's remember there is lots of diversity among all spiritual traditions and just because one path is different than another doesn't mean one must be better or worse than the other.
So what is grounding in our path? For us being grounded is like being rooted or being anchored.
We ground so we are rooted and anchored in power when we do any ritual work. For us this includes beginning ritual, doing ritual, and releasing ritual afterwards. We ground because for us, as any power that occurs in our ritual and story work is not merely our power. For us being a shaman is not about us having power, it's about us being power, and surrendering to and into the power of the Divine. It is grounding which plugs us into this surrender and connects us with the power of the Divine so that any ritual work we do isn't us doing ritual but rather the Divine Spirit doing ritual in us and through us. It is about becoming The Holy Grail, a vessel, a theurgy!
This makes grounding, as we practice it, one of the most Christian elements of our shamanism. Why? Because first and foremost we, as Christian shamans, ground ourselves in Jesus Christ who is the living Tao, the living Sophia, the living Word, that dwells in all creatures and ignites the beauty of the plains. Think of our grounding in Christ as us recognizing that God not only our Father, or Husband, but is also our Mother and we are going to Her breasts so Her milk may nourish us and fill us.
As Christian Nature Mystics we do not ground in Christ apart from the creation, as if Christ was not the living energy that permeates all creation. One thing for us to remember is that the specific grounding we do at particular times and places is really the repeated manifestation of our continual grounding in Christ and into the earth. Grounding is the outworking of connections we already have through ritual and story. As Christians we have a connection to Jesus Christ. As Humans we have a connection to the earth and to God. Grounding doesn't create these connections, instead it actualizes them by reinforcing them and us; as we remember and activate what already is true for us.
This means the first place to begin with learning to ground is not the specific act of grounding, but instead the general reality of rooting our entire existence in Christ and Christ's creation.

In the mainline Protestant Churches and the Catholic Church it is in Baptism where we find the reality of our being grounded and rooted in Christ. Baptism is great for thinking about our grounding in Christ because it also connects us to our grounding as human beings in nature. Baptism is a "rebirth" and it is our original birth which grounds us in nature; in our natural birth we are born in water, and in our spiritual birth of Baptism we are also born in Spirit.
So at this point, if the seeker reading this is Christian than it is important to ask the Seeker if you are baptized. If you aren't and wish to continue to evolve spiritually as a christian then it is vital that you receive the sacrament of Baptism. If you are already Baptized but have never confirmed it, then it is vital that you receive confirmation through confession of your faith in Jesus Christ. Please talk to your priest or minister (if you have one) about all this and do whatever you need to do.

Now, let's talk about the specific act of grounding, which is simply a renewal of your continuing grounding in Christ and in nature. When we ground we are doing it through the power of remembering. Remembering is simply bringing to mind something we know or have experienced in the past and making it present for ourselves by focusing on it, imagining it, and surrendering into it. we are also empowered by it!
For many of us this is a spiritual exercise we are quite familiar with, we experience it when we celebrate communion, or when we remember our Baptism by touching holy water. We also experience it when those of us who are married witness a wedding and remember ours. A more secular experience of this is when we sing the National Anthem or another song like "God Bless America" and we remember our connection, or grounding, in our country.
A powerful example of grounding, which some of us unfortunately understand, is a negative example- a grounding into something that hurts us and harms us. I'm talking about re-experiencing trauma such as abuse, abandonment, war, or rape. This happens when the past seems to overwhelm us and we lose the distinction between the now and the then and we relive the trauma.
Grounding is like this, except we are reliving a positive reality instead of a negative one, and we are doing it intentionally.

The way we activate this is by focusing our thoughts and our imagination (our attention and intention) on the reality which we wish to acknowledge and focus on. For us it is being anchored in Christ and rooted in the earth. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of spiritual discipline it may take you a short time to learn how to do it. But the basic idea is simple. We think over and over again about being in Christ and part of the earth and we use our imagination to image this anchoring and rooting in concrete ways. We continue this thinking and imagining until we are overwhelmed by the reality. A lot of us experience this overwhelming as what we call "feeling the presence," we feel the energy, and The Holy Spirit of God. Others of us experience a profound sense of peace and release, as if we were a baby being held in comforting arms. There are as many different experiences as there are people, because God meets people where they are and reveals Himself to them in many different unique and individual ways!

Like so many of the spiritual exercises you will learn, there are many different ways to do this, but for now you can use the specific method I'm going to describe until you can do it easily. Then you can explore other ways to accomplish grounding.
What you need to do when you ground, is begin to repeat in your thoughts the following sentence: I am grounded and anchored in Christ, I am grounded and rooted in Christ's earth, I am grounded and anchored in Christ. After each thinking of this sentence pause just a moment and return to your center, then repeat the exercise.

But that is only half of the exercise. At the same time you are thinking this in words, image this reality. Imagine an anchor of spiritual energy and being, coming out of your heart and passing down through you into the depths of the earth. Imagine at the same time roots reaching from your feet down through your body and into the earth. Imagine the anchor holding you secure and the roots filled with life flowing. Imagine your being flowing down the roots into the earth and Christ so you are one with Christ and the earth. Imagine the energy of Christ and the earth flowing up the roots to you, the energy of life, of the Spirit, of love, and of being. As you imagine, symbolize this with a downward pushing of your hands, start with your hands at your heart, then push your being down into the ground, then keep your arms extended and keep pushing. Also recognize the energy and presence of God in you, and over you and imagine a beam of love and light coming down from God, from the sky above moving into you and through you, becoming one with you. You can imagine your head and arms as branches of a tree receiving life giving rains from the heavens; just as your body is the trunk of a tree, and your feet are the base with roots drawing up life giving nutrients from the earth beneath!
Keep doing this until you are overwhelmed by the reality that you are grounded and rooted in Christ and you feel grounded and rooted in the earth. You may experience this as an awareness that the earth is a planet and you are riding her. You may experience this as The Holy Spirit; You may experience this as profound peace. Or you may experience this as some other way. But you will know when you are grounded!

Shielding, Spiritual Warfare, and Salvation;

According to scripture it is important that we recognize that our 'fight' is not with other human beings; with 'flesh and blood' most of the time, but with spiritual forces that exist behind the scene.
The battle is with spiritual forces most of the time. These forces might be actual spiritual entities that are antagonistic to us or they might simply be spiritual force that is sent against us by some means. The way these spiritual forces impact us is through attitudes, opinions, moods, values, ethics, morals, energies, and other spiritual realities. We can encounter this battle in two ways; in the world where these spiritual realities create systems and structures that oppress people, destroy justice, freedom and lives, and distort the truth of God. The other place we fight this fight is in our own personal lives where these spiritual forces fight us with moods, doubts, fears, confusions, despair, depression, addictions and other ways to chain our spirits or destroy our lives. For example; God’s gay children are under the most violent attacks of evil known to man; they are not only being denied their basic human rights and freedoms, but they are being beaten, raped, tortured, abused in every way, murdered, and in some places they are under threat of imprisonment, the death penalty, and genocide!
We are called to stand our ground. Our job is to resist them, to stand against them. We are not to run away, hide, or surrender. We are not to cooperate, join or aid them. We resist them, confront them when necessary, and banish them. we are to ignore them if we can and fight them when we can’t! We go on the aggressive or offensive if absolutely necessary and only then, otherwise we need to always be on the defensive!
Our decisions on how to live, what to do, and what values we follow are not made by REACTING to the spiritual forces even though we are to react and do. We are simply to ACT and react based on our faith in God and discipleship in Jesus Christ.
This means we stand against the threat of the negative spiritual forces. We do not let them blackmail or extort us. We give them NO control over our lives, or any place in our lives, no matter how they manifest themselves. If they are operating in the systems of oppression in this world we do not cooperate with these systems; when they oppress and oppose the kingdom of God. In this realm this 'standing' often becomes the non-violent resistance that Martin Luther King, Jr. taught those who resisted the evils of segregation. King got these ideas of non-violent resistance from Ghandi. He got them from Jesus Christ. In our personal lives resisting the spiritual forces means we don't allow the threats or fears of the spiritual forces to affect how we live.

Ephesians 6:10-18a
"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
"Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.

Martin Luther spoke of our spiritual warfare in his great hymn

A Mighty Fortress is our God,
A Bulwark never failing;
Our Helper He amid the flood
Of mortal ills prevailing.
For still our ancient foe
Doth seek to work us woe;
His craft and power are great:
And, armed with cruel
On earth is not his equal.

Did we in our own strength confide,
Our striving would be losing;
Were not the right man on our side,
The man of God's own choosing.
Does ask who that may be?
Christ Jesus, it is He,
Lord Sabaoth His
From age to age the same,
And he must win the battle.

And though this world, with devils filled
Should threaten to undo us,
We will not fear, for God hath willed
His truth to triumph through us.
The prince of darkness grim,
We tremble not for him;
His rage we can endure,
For lo! his doom is sure;
One little word shall fell him.

That word above all earthly powers,
No thanks to them, abideth;
The Spirit and the gifts are ours
Through Him who with us
Let goods and kindred go,
This mortal life also;
The body they may kill:
God's truth abideth still;
His Kingdom is forever.

One little word! The Word (The Logos) that is above all earthly powers. That Word is Jesus, who is The Word of God.

When you must stand against the spiritual powers, simply call out on Jesus and realize that you stand within him like a warrior within a suit of Armor. It is Jesus who protects us.
For me it helps to visualize myself literally surrounded by Jesus. Jesus is the Light and the negative spiritual powers are the darkness. Jesus, the Light, shines in the darkness, but the darkness does not understand the Light; the darkness cannot grapple with the Light. It must flee from it and be undone by it; (John 1:5) As the Psalmist said, "The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?" (Psalm 27:1)
This brings us to the best news there is about our spiritual warfare. You see the powers and authorities may not be admitting it, but they already are conquered by Jesus. This is why we only need to stand. We don't need to defeat them because they already are defeated.

This is how it is put in the beginning of the book of Ephesians in chapter 1 verses 2-23:
"He[God] raised Him[Jesus Christ] from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly realms, far above all rule and dominion, and every title that can be given, not only in the present age but also in the one to come. And God placed ALL things under His feet and appointed Him to be head over EVERYTHING for the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills everything in every way."

All things, all rule and dominion, all powers, everything, is already under the feet of Jesus. Jesus is the head of all things, even those spiritual forces that still oppose us.
There is no battle between Jesus and these powers. Jesus already won the battle. He did this in his birth, his entire life and ministry, in the crucifixion and the resurrection and his ascension to be at the right hand of the throne of God. In this world we don't always see this reality. But whether we see it or not, it is the way things really are.
When we are in Jesus we don't need to fight the powers. Instead we just focus / center ourselves, and ground ourselves, in the reality that we are in our Sovereign Savior Jesus Christ; the Victor and Triumphant One and get busy doing what God calls us to do, free from fear.
The reality that Jesus is our Salvation is contained right in His Name which literally means, "The Salvation of the Lord". It is Jesus, his life and death and resurrection that is our Salvation. Salvation means not only eternal life, but spiritual healing. It is Jesus who makes us spiritually alive and well.

We often think that Faith is something we have about Jesus. But in reality our Faith is a gift of God, a gift whose author is Jesus himself, and a reality that Jesus is finishing in us. Sometimes when we talk about Faith we mean the content of our beliefs; but always in every way, the content of our beliefs should be the person Jesus Christ. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. This is why it is not enough for a mature Christian to just have faith. That is what gets us through as baby Christians. A mature Christian in a deep, evolving, and abiding relationship with God must live into our faith and move beyond it. We must come to have a knowing beyond faith. Faith is for when you haven’t seen or you can’t see; I have seen, and now I know! I don’t just believe in God, or have faith in Him; I know Him! He is real, He is alive, He is at work in the world, and in my life, and He is my everything!
Living in Righteousness does not mean our attempts to live holy and pure lives, for that is only an outward sign of our inner righteousness; a necessary sign, a fruit of The Spirit of our faith and salvation, but not our salvation itself. Our Righteousness is our Savior Jesus who makes us right with God because we are in him; baptized and made new creatures in his blood. We were purchased by and with his blood! It is by his blood that we are made worthy. Our good deeds do not attain our salvation but are rather the proof of it. And once you are truly saved you are always saved, you can not loose your salvation, God does not take the gift of salvation back!
Then in Hebrews 12:2 it says, "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our Faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."
John 1: 1-5, 9-18;
“ 1In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God. 2He was in the beginning with God. 3All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. 4In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. 5The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it…….
9There was the true Light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man. 10He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. 11He came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him. 12But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name, 13who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.
14And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. 15John testified about Him and cried out, saying, “This was He of whom I said, ‘He who comes after me has a higher rank than I, for He existed before me.’” 16For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace. 17For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ. 18No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him.

We also have Christ telling us about himself saying in john 14:6 “I Am The Way, The Truth, and The Life”! Then again in the famous first chapter of John we have scripture saying of Christ that he is the assurance of our salvation by grace through faith in him; “He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God; children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s (or wife’s) will, but born of God. The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth”. And the famous third chapter of John again reiterates this point further by telling us that; For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
For God sent his Son into the world not to condemn the world; but so that the world through him might be saved”.

John 1: 11-12 He came to that which was His own, but His own did not receive Him. Yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God! (some translations have “those who called on His Name”.)

The Four Elements
A Centering Meditation

Arriving Phase
It is suggested that you begin with grounding and casting a nemeton;

* There should be an lit candle in the Center, as well as the Incense, some stones (or crystals or soil), a feather, and a bowl of water (or a chalice of holy water or bottle of flower water perfume).
These symbolize the Four Elements.
stand in the Center. Be silent.
* Light the Candle in the Center, sound a musical note,
and say a prayer.
*Go to the West and say, May there be Peace in the West.
* Go to the South and say, May there be Peace in the South.
* Go to the East and say, May there be Peace in the East.
* Go to the North and say, Mat there be Peace in the North.
* Go to the Centre (sacred center), visualize Peace throughout the Earth, and
the Circle within which you stand. Say,
May there be Peace in this Circle, in this my body temple, and throughout the whole of the Earth (or planet gaia).
* Sit where you are comfortable within the Circle, and be silent.

When you are ready . . .

The Offering Phase

(In all cases, the wording is a suggestion. Say something like . . . )

Earth beneath me, Sustainer of Life;
Air around me, Inspiring all of Life;
Fire of Stars above me, Empowerment of Life;
Water within me, Refreshing of Life.
Spirit within me essence of life.
Great Holy Spirit source of all life.


Take the incense holder and the feather in your hand, if you wish, or picture it with your Otherworld sight. Smell the incense smoke rising around you. Breathe deeply and feel the Air enter your body. If you are outdoors, feel the breeze blowing across your skin. (If you are inside, you may wish to use a small fan so that you can feel the Air moving about you.) Let your awareness begin in your lungs, and emerge from your nose and mouth to spread outward from your body in a dome. Sense the Air all around you. Extend your awareness farther, through clouds, through flying birds, and be aware of the Air that envelopes you and all the Earth. Concentrate on your breathing and imagine that all the air around is made of a pure white light that you are taking in. you inhale the light and exhale the light. Breath in and hold the breath for about three seconds. Make sure your diaphragm is rising as much as your chest so that you know that the air is getting all the way down into your lungs. Start out breathing in through your nose and out through you mouth. Then once you are relaxed into the meditation and comfortable just allow your body to breath and out through the nose. Be one with the Air.

Say something like: May the Life-giving purity of the Air inspire me, enrich my blood, and be always a part of my being.

When you are ready . . .


Take the candle in your hand, if you wish, or picture it with your Otherworld sight. Feel the warmth of the flame as it glows before you. Imagine the Stars overhead, or, if you prefer, the Sun. Imagine Sun or Star directly overhead, beaming light and warmth through the Heavens toward Earth, toward you where you sit. Down, down through the atmosphere, the beam travels, the energy-giving, living power of Fire. Imagine it entering your head and illuminating the brain cavity. Your brow begins to glow, as your head is filled with Light. Fire in your eyes is a sign to the World of your inspiration. Imagine the Light traveling down further, to your heart, Fire of Love; to your stomach, Fire of Metabolism; to your loins, Fire of Creation. Feel your oneness with Fire. You can also visualize the burning bush, the pillar of fire, a torch, or a lamp. Be at one with the fire.

Say something like: May the empowering energy of the Fires of the Universe ever be a part of my being.

When you are ready . . .


Take the bowl of Water in your hands, if you wish, or picture it with your Otherworld sight. Dip your fingers in it. Feel the cool wetness. Raise it to your lips and drink, a deep drink. Feel the cool wetness as it goes down your throat and enters your stomach. Or you can simply anoint, baptize, or consecrate yourself with the water. If you are carefully aware, you can feel it begin to radiate out through your body’s tissues. Feel the coolness as it spreads through your cells. Be aware of the water that makes up most of your body. Let your memory go back to the womb-water from whence these waters came, and further back to the sea water from which your ancestors emerged. You can also imagine the Jordan river, or any other river. You can imagine the ritual bathing, hand, and foot washing that went on at the temple. You can also visualize the mists of Avalon, and the waters surrounding the holy isle. Feel the currents and tides your bodily fluids. Be at one with Water.

Say something like: May the cleansing and refreshing power of Water ever be a part of my being.


Take the stones or dirt in your hand if you wish, or picture it with your Otherworld sight. Sit quietly, become aware of your breathing, and your body. Become aware of your Grove around you. Feel the ground under you, and become aware of the Earth. Image a tap root extending from your body down into the ground, into the rich, fertile Earth, through stones and roots, through Earth creatures and bedrock. Feel your rooted-ness in the Earth. You can also visualize being in special locations like newgrange, avebury, stone hinge, the garden of Gethsemane, or the empty tomb of Christ; or even mount Sinai or the temple mount. Be one with the Earth.

Say something like: May the stability, richness, and fertility of the Earth be always a part of my being.

When you are ready . . .


Sit in silence. Feel the Elements surrounding you. Be in balance between and among them.

Farewell Phase
Closing prayers (and any other workings), and grounding.

* Open your eyes, and return to your natural sight
* Thank God for everything, then pay respects to the elements, the guardians, and any other helpers that may have came (the bre’hon).
close the circle. In my tradition we always create ritual space counter clockwise and close the space clockwise. Most pagan ritual practitioners will greatly disagree with me on this issue. They are welcome to their own opinions. My opinion is this; I create sacred space counter clockwise or widdershins to banish negative energies and to work outside of time and space. I close the sacred space clockwise to release the creative energies that I have wielded to do their workings in the world. Be sure and release any and all excess energies with all love and appreciation.
* Sound a musical signal
* The Rite is concluded
this concludes the four elements grounding, centering, and balancing meditation.

Basic Color Therapy, ritual color info., and basic Crystal Healing!

Basic Stone Working or Crystal Healing;

all stones have a direct affect on the human body system. This is not magic but rather a natural occurrence because all things especially living things have an electro magnetic field (e.m.f.), we humans call ours an aura. Scientists can now measure this to some degree. So when the e.m.f. frequency of a certain stone comes into contact with the e.m.f. frequency of our body there is a direct response which changes the frequency or vibrational level of our field. This is how crystal healing works. It maybe done through an energy session, or through jewelry, or through elixirs but this is basically how it works no matter what methodology you are using. though when taking something internally as with elixirs than there is also minerals which get absorbed into the body.

basic crystal working:

all work: crystal, amethyst, emerald, peridot, sapphire, moonstone, abulon, turquoise

angel work: metals (gold, silver, copper, titanium, bronze, white gold, pewter, platinum, silica, etc…), pearl, jet, onyx, sodalite, crystal, amethyst

fairie work: labradorite, moonstone, metals (especially copper, silver, and bronze), fluorite, aquamarine, emerald, coral, shell, malachite, opal, wood (petrified, as well as regular)

totem work: amber, aquamarine, mother of pearl, ivory, carnelian, tigers eye, coral, shell, jasper, obsidian, wood, rhyolite, serpentine, tourmaline, zircon, metals (especially white gold)

guide / teacher work: agate, opal, rhodonite, carved scarabs, sodalite, tourmaline, moonstone, spectrolite

ancestral work: alexandrite, aventurine, bone, bloodstone, chalcedony, garnet, shell, jade, lapis lazuli, ruby, sard, sardonyx, topaz, tanzanite, titanium

ascended master work: azurite, chalcedony, jade, obsidian, onyx, topaz, zircon,

saint work: bloodstone, diamond, chalcedony, chrysocolla, onyx, opal, petrified wood, garnet, ruby, tourmaline, titanium

God work / spiritual work: diamond, onyx, petrified wood, ruby, topaz, metals (titanium, gold, and silver), amethyst, crystal

Earth work / sacred site work / elemental work: amazonite, amber, coral, shell, geodes, lapis lazuli, obsidian, onyx, opal, pearl, wood, sard, sardonyx, topaz, zircon, silica

Journey work: rhodochrosite, topaz, zircon, titanium, amethyst, crystal,

Arch-type / symbolic work/ ritual work: sardonyx, tourmaline, zircon, titanium

Cleansing crystals (the basics);

Running a crystal under pure cold running water will help cleanse it.

Letting a crystal sit in bowl of salt for half an hour or more will cleanse it; Sea salt is best, but table will work.

Sitting it on the ground will cleanse and charge it. Sitting it on the grass is alright but on soil is better.

The Shamanic Prana breath will cleanse it. Prana breathing is done by ritual or shamanic breathing. You breath in through your nose and hold for three seconds and then exhaling out of your mouth; make sure to breath from the diaphragm as much as the lungs; imagine all the air around you is bright white light; you breath in this light and exhale this light!

Certain symbols will cleanse, charge, and program crystals. What symbols you use will depend on your chosen belief systems. To cleanse use symbols that mean purification yo you. To charge, enchant, or empower crystals use symbols that mean power and protection to you. To program them, decide what intent you want to program them with (decide what you want to use them for in other words) and use an appropriate symbol(s) for the process.

Smudging will cleanse them; but incense won't cleanse them, only bless them; it has to be white sage and other cleansing sacred herbs like lavender to smudge them clean.

Moonlight will cleanse and bless crystals, and sunlight will charge them.

Programming and charging crystals (the basics);

Programming crystals requires an understanding of the power of symbols, words, and intent. Certain symbols, words, and phrases which equal information can be programmed and stored inside crystals. There are certain symbols and methods that help achieve this process.

A crystal should be cleansed before it is programmed. Once encoded with a piece of information it will always to some degree be part of the crystal. We can upload and down load certain information into and from crystals but their metaphoric hard drive can never completely be erased with any methods currently known to mankind. Crystals can be programmed with more than one intent but do not overload them; because believe or not they can and will shatter. Like wise after using a crystal during a ritual or healing you need to cleanse them lest they shatter, or become toxic!

You can program crystals by holding them in your right hand (for about 20 minutes) and intending them to be so. You can also add a mantra or power phrase to your efforts in order to make the process stronger. It is best to use the word, or mantra 9 times 9 times.

You can use a crystal or symbol grid or matrix to achieve this process. You can also leave the crystal on a picture or write a word or phrase on a piece of paper and leave the crystal on it for up to three days.

You can carve symbols into crystals to strengthen your intention.

You can place the crystals in a bowl of water and tone over them or play music over them to help program them; or you can place them on a speaker, or in front of one to do this. You can on some instruments lay the crystals on them and play them instruments. You can use tuning forks to accomplish this as well. Or you can hold them in your left hand often, and tone over them with your own voice.

To synchronize them to your energy, you can use the same process used to synchronize essential oils. Place the crystal in your left hand and use the index finger of your right hand. Circle the crystal in your left palm 9 times counterclockwise, then three times clockwise. Then tap the crystal three times.

To charge crystals there are a number of ways. Sitting them on the earth between 19 and 30 minutes is a good way. Sunlight will charge them; you can leave them in sunlight for half an hour or so. You can simply hold the crystal in your right hand and use your chi (life force energy) to fill it up, but I prefer to use higher energy vibrations like Reiki to do this. You can place them on an alter or in a sacred vessel and use your casting hand (the right hand, or dominate hand to some traditions) to circle the crystal 9 times and then use both hands to contain the energy till it has time to absorb into the crystal.

Place the crystal on a very large pre-programmed crystal can aid this process. You can use substances like starchamber water, holy water, certain essential oils, and holy oil on the crystal to empower it as well. Taking the crystal to a sacred place and letting it absorb the earth energies there can also accomplish this task. You can also use the elements to charge and bless the crystal. Let it touch running, falling, or sacred water; let it briefly touch flame and smoke (from candle, oil, or incense); let touch the earth; and let the wind blow on it, or use prana breath (breath of light and life) on it; and finally ask Spirit to come and bless it, and hold it close to your beating heart, stone to flesh (actually touching your skin)! You can also use tools like ritual tools like wands or starchamber tools to help accomplish this. Sitting it on different color fabrics will help program it for chakra work, and color therapy.

Sitting the crystal in pots besides certain plants can help this process. Or sitting the crystal at the base of an old very large sacred tree for half an hour can accomplish this as well. Many plants can energize crystals. One such plant is rose. Rosemary, lavender, lemon trees, and peppermint are all good for this work.

Holding the crystals in your right hand and praying over them can empower, and program them.

There are many more ways to accomplish these tasks but these are a few of the basics!

Suggested crystal books:

Love is in the earth
By melody
Isbn# 0-9628190-3-4

Booklet of stones and their properties
By hal robinson, illusions into reality

stone power
by dorothee l. mella
isbn# 0-446-38696-0

natural magic
by jhon Michael greer
isbn# 1-56718-295-x

the dewey color system (choose your colors change your life)
by dewey sadka
isbn# 1-4000-5062-6

suggested places to get the greatest wands, staffs, and stones

owls clover is a great place to buy crystals.
open each saturday from 11 to 7, and each Sunday from 1 to 5
Gail Carswell and Michael Foltz
(phone# 817- 921- 5809)

Power of the rainbow (crystal shop)
549 parkhurst dr. dallas tx. 75218
Tray Bradford, pat cook
Phone # 214-327-3241

Heart songs by ishani
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Rosie Roberts wood
booth found at scarborough fair
wands and staffs










Basic quick Color key:
clear: other world, pure health, pure spirit, near death

white: purity, spiritual, clean, initiation, protection, all colors together, spirit,

pink: love, light of the other world

orange: abundance, creativity, fertility, prosperity, sexuality

red: passion, fire, birth, courage, strength

purple: the divine, air, spirit, power, prosperity, royalty, wealth, grace, awen

blue: ritual, (spiritual gifts, power, prophecy, sei-chem), water, healing, sacredness, peace, grace

teal: meditation, healing space, sacred space

green: life, (healing), earth, ancestors, descendents, beauty, fertility, prosperity

yellow: joy, stimulating, divination, thanksgiving, uplifting, fortune, blessing

black: protection, cosmic, solemnity, grounding, absorbing, sacred space, sacred cycles of life-death-rebirth, initiation, ether

brown: comfort, grounding, readiness, wealth, animals, home

grey: mists of Avalon, surrounded by spirit helpers, change, issues of liner time, initiation,

(rainbow) multi-colored: light, power, help is yours, healing, giving to others

metallics: reflection , self examination, angelic assistance, sacred mirror, spiritual contemplation, protection

negative color key:
clear: death, emptiness, nothingness, needs to be filled
white: sickness, death, attack, weakened state, hostility, bareness, empty
pink: loneliness, dangerous fantasies, fear, stubbornness, bad mindset, unrequited love

orange: lust, dangerous apatite’s, consumed by ravenous thoughts, unhealthy mindset

red: anger, rage, fury, wrath, hate, consumed by negative thoughts, evil mindset, sexual preoccupation or addiction , works to hard and never stops to smell the roses, death

purple: depression, laziness, loneliness, given up attitude

blue: loneliness, depression, sorrow, sadness, melancholia, apathy, fatalist attitude

teal: anxiety, too much sadness, need energy, need life, need joy love and light

green: envy, jealousy, greed, sickness, something is just not right feeling, health issues

yellow: cowardice, illness, death coming, spineless, weakened, envy, serious health problems, long term health issues

black: darkness, evil, shadow lessons coming, death, wraiths, mark of cain, sin, all negative colors together

brown: sickness, bad stillness, buried secrets or dreams, longing, hidden, skeletons in closet, unspoken agendas, unrealized potential, wasted opportunities and abilities

grey: sickness, secrets, death, spiritual attack, sin, nor right with God, need something or need help but refuse to ask, pride-fullness, vanity

(rainbow) multi-colored: floating, never being grounded, lives in la la land, unrealistic to ones own detriment, liar, ridiculous behavior, dangerous experimentation

metalics: refusing to look at ones own self, refusing to look at ones actions, refusing to take responsibility, lack of responsibility, spirit of war and rage, under massive spiritual attack from the enemy, victim mentality, hypochondriac, attacking others
General color guide (to colors, their associations, and their actions):

clear: energy, pure spirit, other world, empty space, nothingness, emptiness, formlessness, good health or near death, purity

a more in-depth color guide:

white: cleansing, clearing, purification, light, purity, pure spirit, death, resurrection, origin, innocence, peace, the present, lost, sadness, morality, moral, impatience,
spiritual motivation, protection, calm energy, purity, truth, peace, balancing, has all the colors within it, greater creativity and activity, auric healer, healing ability or experience for those around you, inspiration, spiritual leaders often get white during the performance of their duties, the beauty of white light attracts all spiritual beings at every level of existence (both good and bad), most are loving and want to help your evolution while others need help and negative beings seek to drain your energy or feed on your energy or make you get off your true path, this color indicates a time of transition for you or for other people that you are suppose to help, power of a higher nature, enlightenment, spirit guides, astraling, helps enhance e.s.p. giftings, helps repair broken bones, helps alleviate dental pain, helps nursing mothers increase their milk production and flow, faith, new beginnings, light, freshness, coldness, lifelessness, life, starkness, sharing, scattered, over extended, truth, banishing, karmic retribution, protection from negative energy blasts that returns the negative energy to the one who sent it out, maiden

pink: love, clearing, sensuality, romance, friendship, loyalty, vocation, innocence, annoyance, frustration, emotional love, nurture, spiritual awakening, emotional and spiritual healing, femininity, honor, morality, affection, stimulates good conversation, heals anxiety and depression, all love, loving, caring, forgiving, faithful, compassion, comfort, contentment, delight, self acceptance, art, beauty, new love, new vision, modesty, playfulness, fantasy, purity

orange: creativity, fertility, abundance, desire, apatite, consuming, lust, whorishness, stimulating to libido apatite and lust, attraction of money, personal attraction factor raised, self control issues (it can help you loose it or get it in balance, or have it), personal strength, authority, power, encouragement, boldness, adaptability, luck, sudden changes, helps heal coughs colds asthma arthritis and exhaustion, sex, sexuality, financial matters, creativity, cheerful, flowing, courage, warmth, abundance, happiness, pride, new awareness, it can indicate emotional imbalance or instability, agitation, worry, vanity, stimulates optimism, hope, activity, generating, treats weakness, strength, alive, artistic, perceptive, creative, constructive, self expression, willing to work, fun, spontaneity, sensual pleasures , stimulates communication, concentration, intellect, rebelliousness, aids in digestion,

red: passion, excitement, sexuality, longing, yearning, need, pleasure, anger, love, sex, sensuality, invigorating, energy, life, life force, blood, birth, death, fertility, physical energy strength and healing, increases magnetism, courage, enthusiasm, helps heal neuralgia and exhaustion, secure, organized, magnetic, strong will or desire, unexpected changes, helps ground, good circulation, urges, achieve results, success, hard worker, push the limits, push your boundaries, live life to the fullest, domination, alive, outgoing, powerful, fun, stimulating of apatite and libido, stimulates agitation and anger, shame, hatred, warmth, aggression, impulse, impulsive, prosperity, fire, attracts money and good fortune, mother

purple: the divine, royalty, richness, wealth, spirituality, power, inspiration, mystery, passion, harmony, ecstaises, depression, lofty empty ideals, false morals, sensuality, sacredness, mysticism, inspiration, wisdom, idealism, knowledge, purification, success, peace, meditation, ritual, sensitivity, aids all spiritual qualities and giftings, ambition, household and personal protection, air, helps treat allergies, treats sleep disorders, treats stress related disorders, exorcism, eases difficulties with quick changes, spiritual healing, pleasure, alchemy, humility, spirit, obsession, misunderstood, guidance, artistic, transmutation, unifying, meeting of the heart and mind, meeting of heaven and earth, mundane and holy unified, physical and spiritual married, independence, intuition, oracle, spirituality, worldliness, spiritual evolution, calm excitement, enchantment, deep spiritual understanding, encouraging, vitality, virility, impressive, impression, dignified, motivation, mournfulness, depression, force, healing, enlightenment, deep spiritual understanding, magi, synergy

blue: nature, prophecy, religion, spirituality, giftings, power, truth, secrecy, revelation, sadness, sorrow, calmness, serenity, ritual, nourishment, grounded, understanding, truthful, honorable, tranquil, peace, water, holy fire, holy spirit, quiet, affection, serenity, harmony, healing, power, communication, fulfillment, content, ideals, unity, deep feeling, impathic, empathetic, honesty, inspiration, dedication, seriousness, tenderness, telepathy, mind, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clainsentience, clairalience, claircognizance, clairgustance, intuition, soothing, anesthetic, relaxation, relaxes sensitivity, comfort, esthetic, good listening, transformation, depression, love, learning, study, evolve, untroubled, contemplation, pacifying, unity, sense of belonging, inertia, cleanse the spirit, remove fear, mediation, neutralizes negative energy, heals dementia depression emotional behavioral and mental disorders, mind, higher connection and awareness, inner light, protection from lower energies and stress, understanding, good health, patience, loyalty, intellect, imagination, joviality, laughter, happy, treats insomnia high blood pressure and minor wounds, knowledge, manifestation, beauty, serenity, centering, all spiritual gifts, loneliness, mystery, trust, faithfulness, stability, suspicion, melancholy, all healing, father

teal (and turquoise, and aqua): meditation, initiation, clarity, culture, history, tranquility, serenity, contemplation, seeking, travel, boldness, eccentricity, flavor, aroma, synergy, electricity

green: nature, life, healing, growth, home, rebirth, zest, drive, ambition, nourishment, grounded, envy, fertility, rejuvenation, palengenesis, balance, fairness, newness, hope, grounding, stimulates work, prosperity, attracting money, financial issues, good fortune, luck, ambition, success, brings love and renewal, emotional soother and balancer, counteracts greed and jealousy, treats headaches colds and nervousness, brings life and slows down the death process, earth, compassion, giving, generous, stimulates libido, teaching, endurance, tenacity, constancy, sympathy, high self esteem, energy, calm, responsibility, reliability, dependability, sensitivity, abundance, harvest, planting, reaping and sowing, karma, strength, friendliness, mistrust, self doubt, possessiveness, calms nerves, regeneration, love springs eternal, life springs forth, security, willing to work, wealth, educational cultural physical and material attainments, uncertain, miserly, harmony, restful and refreshing, deceit, optimism, freedom, balance, lad

yellow: joy, celebration, wealth, daytime, hunger, travel, fidelity, honesty, loyalty, cowardice, royalty, communication, optimism, inspiration, needing clarification, over criticalness, action, enthusiasm. Warmth, fire, the sun, variability, expectancy, exhilaration, emitting energy, masculinity, new learning opportunities, confidence, friendship, good fortune, ideas, awakening, quickening, stimulates the immune system, fine tuning the body, spontaneous, stimulates laughter communication and apatite, provokes thought, cheerful, center of attention, radiant, expansive, people revolve around it, movement, motion, acceleration, release from burdens, uplifting, harassment, restriction, problems, shining, happiness, excitement, kinetic energy, imagination, skills, inspiration, concentration, communication, helps heal skin conditions stomach complaints and menstrual cramps, intellect, craftiness, exaggeration, rigidity, optimism, reason, decisiveness,

black: protection, power, solemnity, night time, death, gateway, life, nemeton, justice, mercy, equality, calmness, courage, possibility, potentiality, hate, intolerance, secrecy, hidden, the great mystery, the womb of God, the unknown, absorbing, seductive, sensuality, adventure, shielding, possible imbalances, grounding, time to take note and become aware, inner self, place of power, understanding, higher initiations, burdens, sacrifices, pain or release from pain, manifestation, gestation, crone, flying, sacred cycles of life-death-rebirth, change, warding, burning, deeper levels of consciousness, deeper levels of reality, other worlds, deep meditation, relaxation, cosmic energies, sorrow, mourning, self control, quiet power, resilience, destruction, creation, strength, sexuality, retribution, karma, loss, gain, conflicts or lack of conflict, inner reality and world, truly knowing ones self and standing in ones truth authority and power, authentic self, birth, ritual, sacred space, sacrifice, connection at the core level, independent, darkness, intrigue, allure

brown: hard work, challenge, treat, grounded, dedication, creativity, comfort, home, beginnings, care, courage, conviction, trial, testing, merit, family, roots, earth color, harmony, stabilizing, confidence, feet on the ground, clogging of energies, new growth is ready and waiting to happen, opportunity for change, accomplishment, establishing new roots, organization connection, balance, connectedness, delight, attracts money, buries, emotional stability, eliminates indecisiveness, improves powers of concentration, study, finding lost objects, getting a hold on ones self, aids in protection of familiars family pets and animals, protects hearth and home, protects family, discrimination or lack there of , weight, stability, dinginess, depression, aging, safety, elegance

grey: grounded, mist, odyssey, journey, getting lost when needed, synchronicity, need, comfort, sorrow, strength, solidity, fluidity, movement, motion, change, alone-ness, the past, initiation, illumination, intuition, reflection, contemplation, meditation, energies ready to be awakened, creative fertile imagination, manifestation, fruition, change, lost-ness, loneliness, have or need direction, healing of imbalances physical or otherwise, movement, motion, cycle, revealing of innate abilities, secrecy, all tasks done or left undone, a sacred mirror, centered, neutralizes negative energies and helps send them into the atmosphere and space time continuum to be recycled, constant state of change, ritual working, pondering complex issues, judgment, discernment, helps develop e.s.p. abilities, attracts affluence, amplifies, conducts, learned, wisdom and knowledge, understanding and application, secrecy

(rainbow) multi-colored: power, promise, possibility, potentiality, radiance, brilliance, illumination, tolerance, acceptance, equality, variety, spice, faith, hope, trust, rainbow, elements, newness, the future, giftings, independence, harmony, abilities, talents, dreams, light, inspiration, busyness, pushing yourself down someone’s throat, hidden agendas, head in the clouds

metallics: loyalty, wealth, conduction, amplification, conduit, bliss, reflection, virtues, prosperity, grounded, centered, protection, evolution, adaptation, piecing things together, war, hate, love, adoration, respect, adornment, royalty, amplifies, conducts, angelic energies, understanding, being a sacred mirror, cosmic influences, connection to the ancients and the ancestors, persuasion, charm, confidence, truth love loyalty faithfulness, friendship, shining, the sun and moon, attracts luck gain and wealth, power, virtues, character, integrity, honesty, goodness, my word is my bond, advanced spirituality, spiritual armor and war, all good things, all that glitters isn’t gold, benevolence

colors of days and seasons:

Sunday: yellow, white, orange, gold, amber, red, violet
Monday: white, blue, grey, lavender, silver, ivory
Tuesday: white, red, black, grey, maroon, scarlet, mauve
Wednesday: purple, yellow, brown, white, topaz, light blue
Thursday: orange, red, fuchsia, pink, hot pink, green, turquoise, white, purple, crimson
Friday: green, black, magenta, white, pink, rose, purple, coral
Saturday: black, brown, grey, blue, indigo, cobalt, royal purple, blue violet

Samhein: black, white, orange, red, purple, blue, grey
Yule: white, blue, purple, red, green, gold, silver
Imbolg: black, white, purple, silver, yellow, gold, red, pink, brown, orange, green
Ostara: green, yellow, gold, white, black, blue, purple,
Beltaine: red, green, white, gold, yellow, orange, black, purple,
Litha: green, blue, teal (aqua, and turquoise), purple, white, gold, silver, copper, red, dark pink
Lughnasadh: yellow, orange, red, white, purple, black, dark pink, gold, green, silver, blue, grey
Mabon: orange, maroon, rust, brown, yellow, red, pink, purple, white

Zodiac colors:

Aquarius: blue, purple, teal, black, white
Pisces: aquamarine, teal, blue
Aries: red, white, gold, black
Taurus: yellow, brown, white, gold, red, green
Gemini: pink, green, blue, orange
Cancer: white, dark blue, dark green, grey, silver
Leo: gold, yellow, red, orange, brown, pink
Virgo: pink, white, grey, light blue, lavender, red
Libra: white, silver, grey, royal blue, copper, gold, purple
Scorpio: black, red, orange, dark pink (fuchsia, hot pink, magenta, etc…)
Sagittarius: dark or bright red (crimson, garnet, wine, et…), dark blue, purple, dark pink, dark green, black
Capricorn: black, brown, white, blue, green, dark purple, dark pink

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