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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Religious and all other Freedom under attack!

Different does NOT mean wrong! 

As a gai minister I am very horrified by reports that I am getting that preachers that don't want to marry gai people are being arrested, fined, and jailed for practicing their freedom of religion, and churches that don't want to be used as gai wedding venues are loosing their non-profit statuses. I fully believe as a human that you have the right to believe and practice anything you want to that does not have a direct negative physical effect on others. Freedom of religion is what this nation was founded upon. The separation of church and state is there to protection both the church and the state from each other. One horrific set of stories that I am hearing involves the mayor of Houston i think it is, having preachers arrested for not conducting gai weddings. If this is true than the public servant called the mayor should be immediately impeached from office and bared from ever serving in any position of authority again. If this particular case isn't true as some reports are now indicating, what is true is that Religious freedom is under attack by certain politicians, political organizations, and Atheists. What is happening to us? I may not agree with any of the stupid things you say but I will fight for your right to say them. Our freedoms are disappearing people right in front of our eyes and we are just doing nothing about it. 

Congress shall make no law respecting an

establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free 

exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,

 or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to 

assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress 

of grievances.

 Did everyone just forget those words? The Patriot Act is a huge part of the problem now, and is the most Anti-American document ever concocted and it needs to be abolished now!!! We are sacrificing the soul of our nation and for what? Political Correctness, and the cowardice of comfort at the expense of what is right and good! We need to wake up people and change this!!!!!!!! Why would any gai couple want to get married in a venue that doesn't want them? Why must people go into other peoples places of worship and start making demands, It is unconscionable. I would love to see people try this crap with the muslim community. The back lash would be instant and severe and all the politically correct people would back off and shut the hell up! No this is an all out war on my religion. As a Christian Minister, A Proud and Defiant Gai Man, and A Human Being...I say this is WRONG on every level. If I was getting married I would go to some place that is sacred to me, that welcomed me and marry there. Likewise if I was getting my cake made it would be made by someone who was rooting for me and not against me. I don't like bad juju in my food lol. I certainly wouldn't sue someone for refusing to make my cake unless they said they would and then at a much later date reneged when it was too close to get a new cake made from somewhere else. In which case I say sue away people. We are not talking about public forums that are not allowing people in, but private places of religious worship. This is wicked and needs to stop.

 “People willing to trade their freedom

 for temporary security deserve neither and

 will lose both”. Benjamin Franklin

                                             LIVE FREE!!!!!!!! 

God as The Great Mother; The Divine Feminine;

For those of us who believe in God as a Trinity, We understand that God is far more than we could ever truly fully comprehend. However in understanding that God is a Trinity Being, we can just begin to see glimpses into The Eternal Nature of The Divine. We have all heard of God as he Father, and God as The Son, & God as The Holy Spirit. How many people understand though that The Holy Spirit aspect of God meets all of our needs and the requirements to be called in rightness and in truth, Mother.

All of the names for The Holy Spirit are either gender neutral, or feminine. That will come as a great surprise to many, but shouldn't! Don't we understand by now that God The Creator of The Entire Universe, meets ALL of our needs? God did not just create men, He created Women. Where did their essential nature come from? It is like our own masculine nature my fellow men, part of God's make up. We are created in the image of God, with His blue-print and Spiritual D.N.A.. We all have both these gender qualities of God within us, we are all both feminine and masculine, & just like that elusive other quality of God not fully understood; that gender neutrality...we are both and neither in our very center. This is what allows us to be full vessels of potentiality and possibility.

The Feminine Nature or Essence also came from God, and out of God into women when He created them.

So this post is to educate people about this aspect of God and to Honor God our Mother, Our Everything!

The Holy Spirit;
The Mother Aspect of The Most Holy Trinity God Head. Mother God, The Divine Feminine Principle of The Creator. She has been called of old; El Shaddai, To Hagios Pneuma, Ruach HaKodesh, Sophia (The Holy Wisdom and keeper of The Gnosis or Holy Knowing), The Shekinah, & others not listed here. This is the Counselor, The Comforter, The Nurturer, The Fierce Protector, The Great Mother, The Third Person of The Trinity. She watches over us and protects us like a Mother Bear or a Lioness. She is Sweetness itself and The Origin of all Kindness. She is All Love. She is The Ever and All Present Spirit (Omni-Presence). She is Beauty itself Manifest. She is the giver of Gifts.


Prayer of Praise to The Holy Spirit;

Holy Spirit,
Giving life to all life,
Moving all creatures,
Root of all things,
Washing them clean,
Wiping out their mistakes,
Healing their wounds,
You are our true life,
Luminous, wonderful,
Awakening the heart from its ancient sleep.

Hildegarde of Bingen - 12 century


Fiery Prayer to The Holy Spirit of God;

Fire of the Spirit, Life of the lives of creatures,
Spiral of Sanctity, Bond of all natures,
Glow of charity, Light of clarity, Taste
of sweetness to sinners, Be with us and hear us.
Composer of all things, Light of all the risen,
Key of Salvation, Release from the dark prison,
Hope of all unions, Scope of chastities, Joy
in The Glory, Strong Honour, Be with us and hear us.



 "Mother is The Name for God on the lips and hearts of 

all children"! Eric Draven (Branden Lee); taken from the 

film; The Crow. 

Blessed Be To The God Most High & Holy and to Sweet 

High Sophia Our Great Mother! Blessed Be To The Most 

Holy Spirit of God, The Most Holy Trinity!!! 

Be The Spark of Light in the dark;

We are sparks from The Great Spark, we are flames from The Great Fire. We are always being made New. We are Reborn; Re-birthed from The Light of The Great Fire like The Phoenix!

"Be The Change you want to see in the world"! Mahatma Gandhi

There is something I would really like all of my christian friends to hear and understand. Sometimes I really really wish that you could all remember that even though Christ died for us on his 33rd year on earth, for 32 years before that, He LIVED. Try to remember that He lived and that you should too and allow others to do so as well. We were never meant to police the morals of the entire world. We were put here to live, learn, and love; To be examples for the world. To lead by example not by petty judgments being heaped on other people. No one was ever helped that way or brought to The Truth in such a manner. Being good examples of Christ will do far more for the world than the spreading of hate, negativity, and judgmental non-sense that seems so prevalent in today's so called churches. Live in Love and that is how to win the hearts of minds of people. We are not here to convert people, only God can do that.

We are simply here to be lights in the darkness, reflections of THE LIGHT! 

We are here to bear witness. We are here to Stand! So make a good and true stand, and walk in Love...this how we truly walk with God!


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