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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Be The Spark of Light in the dark;

We are sparks from The Great Spark, we are flames from The Great Fire. We are always being made New. We are Reborn; Re-birthed from The Light of The Great Fire like The Phoenix!

"Be The Change you want to see in the world"! Mahatma Gandhi

There is something I would really like all of my christian friends to hear and understand. Sometimes I really really wish that you could all remember that even though Christ died for us on his 33rd year on earth, for 32 years before that, He LIVED. Try to remember that He lived and that you should too and allow others to do so as well. We were never meant to police the morals of the entire world. We were put here to live, learn, and love; To be examples for the world. To lead by example not by petty judgments being heaped on other people. No one was ever helped that way or brought to The Truth in such a manner. Being good examples of Christ will do far more for the world than the spreading of hate, negativity, and judgmental non-sense that seems so prevalent in today's so called churches. Live in Love and that is how to win the hearts of minds of people. We are not here to convert people, only God can do that.

We are simply here to be lights in the darkness, reflections of THE LIGHT! 

We are here to bear witness. We are here to Stand! So make a good and true stand, and walk in Love...this how we truly walk with God!


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