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I am an Ordained Minister, a Shaman, a Reiki Master Teacher, an Aromatherapist, a Massage Therapist, an Herbalist in training, & a Crystal Healer in training! I am also a Writer! I am one of the Neo- Celí Dé (a form of Celtic christian mysticism based on original early Christianity, & certain Celtic philosophies, perspectives, & certain Druidic elements). I am also a proud member of Clan MacKay. NO PARTIES, JUST PATRIOTISM!

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  • Twilight book saga, and movie series by Stephanie Meyer's!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Rant on people who call themselves Christians and yet say everything is evil...

Going back to things said to me yesterday I have to get one more thing off my chest. If you call yourself a Christian and then only choose to see the things that are wrong in the world and you never see anything beautiful....well, you are not a true christian then. I will never understand people who say they believe in God but then only spew forth vile from their mouths; saying the world is only dark and evil. These people only ever talk about darkness, hell, damnation, judgement, wrath, hate, and negativity...not to mention invoking the name of the dark one far more than they speak about God or His mighty mighty Love and Light! Consequently More often than not, these people only ever talk about the old testament, and very little about The New! There is good and light and love and beauty in the world if only we choose to see it! Light was, is, and always will be more plentiful than darkness.


 If you can't wake up and look out your window and see God than there is something wrong with you!  If you speak about darkness more than God and Hell more than Heaven than there is not only something wrong with you, but you are an idolater of the worst kind because you have made evil your god. People I think it is time...way past time...that we started seeing all the things that are good in the world instead of only the things that are bad. I think we need to start talking about God, His Light, Her Love, It's Beauty and Grace! I think it is time that we acknowledge God more than Evil. I think it is time we learn to be grateful for all of our gifts. I think it is time we see that Life is a gift....every moment of it no matter what; and that we act accordingly to live in that gift mentality! I think it is time we started changing our thinking and looking at the world through new eyes; heavens eyes...with a brand new perspective! I think that...Maybe it's time for a Miracle....because Miracles not only can and do happen every moment....but all of life is a Miracle! 

For God looked Upon His Creation and saw that it was Good! 

Fear Not then said The Lord! 

I think Maybe It's Time for a Miracle!

And That Ladies and Gentleman...is my Rant for the Day!

My Rant about People who think that the tornado was God's Wrath on a "God-less" Nation!

God doesn't need to punish people...we do a good 

enough job at punishing 

ourselves and each other! All Work that needed to be 

done, all things that 

needed to be accomplished, and All judgment that 

needed to be dealt out was 

done by the sanctifying work of Christ on The Cross! 

So.... No....No I say 

emphatically; to the people who said to me that the 

tornado that killed all those

 people was God's Judgment for us turning our back

on Him. This is not the old

 testament and God Doesn't need Wrath anymore!

 We are living in the New 

Testament times and We are not bound to the law of 

stone which was Fulfilled! 

We are bound to Freedom which is brought by Grace 

through Faith in Christ 

and The Law of The Spirit of Love! 

Those innocent children who died in the 

storm and all those other people were not being 

punished by God for 

ungodliness! We created this horrific series of Natural 

events when we polluted 

the earth, throwing Nature so far out of Balance. 

Natural Disasters have 

always been; Now they are just getting worse! God 

just told us that these 

things would happen, but it is We... who are the ones, 

who did it! NOW WE 


miss the mark...or the 

point / target! So let's Rise above our sins and Do 

what we were Put on this 

earth to Do...Manifest The Glory of God which is inside 

of us; In order to help 

Usher into the physical plane, the Kingdom of God 

which is already here In 

Spirit,  all around us!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Triad of The Three Candles of Virtue By Rev. Loush O’Raven;

Triad of The Three Candles of Virtue By Rev. Loush O’Raven;

Three Candles of Virtue that will Illumine every darkness; Authenticity of Love, A Knowing beyond Faith, and The Hope for The Highest Good in all situations.

Commentary on The Triad of The Three Candles of Virtue;

Authenticity of Love is the Courage to Be Honest and True of Intent and Stand in Your Power and Live out Love to the best of your ability as it has been given to you! It is Living Out Compassion and Healing as a service...as a way of Life; of living, being, and doing! It is a sincere Desire to Cherish and Appreciate Life and all Blessings and Abundance as The Divine Gifts they are! 

That Knowing beyond Faith is The Understanding of Truth, or at least The Openness to The Understanding of Truth! It is The Full Experience of coming to Know God deeper and in a mature relationship which changes your reality so that you no longer have to just believe….you have seen, you have felt, you have heard, you have touched, you have tasted, you have come to KNOW!

The Hope for The Highest Good of all is The holding of The First Two Virtues which brings one to The Understanding and Knowledge….. that Life is moving in The Flow of The Divine Will and that you Know beyond any shadow of any doubt that All Things Will be done in Accordance of Divine Will for The Glory Of God and the Manifestation of His Kingdom upon The Earth! 

God Never Stopped Talking...We Just Stopped Listening.... So Open your Eyes, Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Soul, Your Imagination, and Your Ears..... Because I think Maybe God is trying to Tell you Something!!! 

Let your Light Shine Forth In the Darkness and Let your Life be a mirror and a Flame that reflects The Greater Light of God upon the earth in order to help usher in The Kingdom of God that is already here and Prepare The Way for The Lord who is The Way!!! 

My Rant on People who Think Christians can't talk about sexuality or use Certain Colorful Adjectives!

My Rant on The Sacred and Profane and those so-called "Religious people who have a problem Recognizing Both, and That a Believer can have both aspects within themselves...

Apparently I am confusing to some people because I am a Christian Minister who posts nude pictures and dares to talk about every aspect of sexuality. So let me clarify myself for those who seem to need it. I am a Christian and a Minister who believes that Sex should be sacred and beautiful. Nudity has long been celebrated by Artists, Creative Thinkers, and Spiritual People. Sexuality and the Human form are things that were and are created by God and they are good and should be seen and treated as such. Why are we not allowed to celebrate sex and the human form? If we believe we are created in the Image of God surely that includes at least a little bit of our physicality and our physical reality. Our Bodies are Temples. Are we just supposed to ignore our sexuality and pretend it doesn’t exist? Are we supposed to be ashamed of that which God instilled within us? My answer to this is an emphatic “FUCK NO”! Is that clear enough for people who are confused by me? Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck……That’s right…I a Christian Minister said Fuck and I talk openly about Sex, I write about it, and I show sexually graphic images on my PERSONAL ADULT BLOG! The only person who turns certain words into bad language that must be ignored and shunned; the only person who turns and word or anyone’s sexuality and the human form into something dirty, wrong, wicked, or shameful is THE FOOL! Grow up all you people out there who are so offended by the words idiots in modern times have deemed “Curse Words”. Grow up and get a life and a conscience all you people who turn sex into something bad, or think and say the human form is something to be ashamed of. Who are you to call God’s creation Wrong, Wicked, Bad, Shameful, and anything else Negative? Shame on you for thinking that way, it is shear Arrogance. Now to all the people out there who are like me and are not afraid to claim both their Spiritual side and their very Mundane Human Physical Worldly side…To you I say BE STRONG, never let anyone talk into being Afraid or Ashamed….Never let anyone make you Less than, or talk you our of Being Courageous and Authentic! Don’t ever be afraid to be everything you are and everything it means to be a whole human being! Sacred and Profane, Spiritual and yet a citizen of the world. As long as you know that you are Right with God, and are doing your best to follow his ways as He has taught them to you…than let that be enough and live in Joy and Love, and Peace. Don’t let anyone Rob you of your peace…ever! If God wants to convict you because you have done something wrong in His Eyes, He doesn’t need help to Convict you; your Spirit will be convicted, if only you ask for Guidance! So Go Live and Be as Good as you can be and Do as much Good as you can do! Live out Love in your Everyday Life. Remember to treat other as you would want to be treated and do not judge lest ye be judged. Remember that what we reap is what we Sew….So, Sew Goodness and Right Ways and Actions into the world. Be a Light in the Darkness; a small Mirror and Light that reflect The Greater Divine Light, and shine the Light into ALL and Every Dark Place and leave no refuge for the Dark. Let That Light Shine!!! AND BE MOST EXCELLENT AND……….. FABULOUS! And that is my rant for today!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Shattered Illusions Book Blog Tour;

The O'Raven Chronicles is proud to host the first stop on The Shattered Illusions Book Blog Tour Hosted by TTC & B2B Book Tours. 

TTC & B2B Links;
Tams Two Cents Book Blog

Bookend to Bookend Book Blog

Book Spot-light; 

Shattered Illusions synopsis:

When Sam, a propietor of a local cafe is shot dead on the street, four strangers become the unwitting witnesses to a seemingly accidental crime. As the investigation progresses, this quartest of accidental onlookers find themselves not only haunted by the homicide, but pursued by their own pasts.

The deeper into the death they plunge, each is forced to face to face that the loss of Sam is far from their most devastating. Inner anguish reaches a climax point for Ella, Marco, Sarah and Danny as the answers they want continue to elude them, and the evidence they want to escape refuses to retreat.​​​

Book Excerpt; 

YOUR HANDS ARE COLD. Your touch burns through my skin. I want you to hold me, to cradle me like a young child. Tell me that every- thing is going to be okay. Tell me that you love me, that you need me, that I complete you. Cry for me, and never let me go.
I want you to know that I care—not as much as you would like me to, but I care. You care about the world, about the people. I care only for my- self and only want to. This is my last moment to care for anything, and I don’t want to waste it. Continue to sob for me; it will only enhance the moment for the two of us. Do not consider me arrogant or rude, guilty or hateful—I cannot be any of these things now. When you reach my stage in life, you will understand.

Author Spot-light; 

Leigh Hershkovich

Author Bio:

 Leigh Hershkovich’s writing career began almost at infancy. Born and raised in The City by the Bay, Leigh was never seen without a pen and paper by her side, and was never without a story to share. With her vivid imagination and sharp writing tactics, she has taken the world by storm twice over. Now, with her debut novel Shattered Illusions, readers will get a first time glimpse into her first full fiction attempt.

An avid reader, accomplished pianist, passionate scholar of the language and the arts, Leigh currently resides in New York with her imagination.

You can learn more about Leigh and the world of Shattered Illusions by visiting her websiteher blog or by following her on Facebook.

Author Links; 

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Rafflecopter Giveaway;

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

On this new stupid trend of Breast mutilation when you don't have cancer...

To all the people out there who think it is a good idea to mutilate the human 
body in case one day they might get sick....for example a woman being duped 
by idiot doctors into cutting off her breasts because she might one day get
 cancer....this is what I have to say; 

I think we should all cut out the brains many of us are not using just in case 

one day we might get a brain tumor. Also I think we should cut off our arms and 
legs in case one day we might get gangrene. Also I think we should start 
aborting all babies in case one day they might grow up to be serial killers. I 
mean how far are we going to take this utter stupidity. let's not do half 
way...let's go all the way with this so called logic of prevention. I think we 
should blow up all our cars just in case one day they might break down on us. 
Heck ...let's just nuke the planet in case an asteroid starts heading for earth 
one day. there ...all our problems solved because we don't need faith in God 
anymore....we have the new so called logic of prevention! hahahahaah and that Ladies and Gentleman is my rant for the day.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hypocrisy among Authors of Erotica!

I was told recently that a few Authors said that didn't want to use my Blog or blogs like mine, on their tours! This is supposedly because of the Adult content of my Blog. Now if it had been Authors of Y.A. books saying this I would sort of understand, though I would think them cowardly personally. There is a total lack of Adult in these so called young adult books. However when I learned that the authors making these demands were in fact writers of Adult books and a few of them Erotica I was absolutely outraged at their Hypocrisy! However more shocks were to come, because apparently the real reason behind this is... Homophobia. Because my Blog contains Gay content these Writers of Heterosexual erotica have said that don't want blogs like mine used to showcase their books! Well they need to grow up and get a life! It is the year 2013 people....Homo-hate mongering needs to be destroyed once and for all. We have come too far to let attitudes like this continue! So I am calling on people to boycott any authors who have this attitude! Do not read their works, Do not host their book tours or spot-light their work, Do not participate or read any blog tour posts about these authors and let them know that their Hatred of Gay people is not acceptable!!! 

Western Medicine needs a lot of improvement...

So I spent 5 days with my GrandMother in a hospital....Now I must reaffirm my detest for Western  so-called Medicine. There are just so many bad things about the way the entire Western Medical system is ran. Massive overhauls are very much needed! 

Totally Awesome Fake Twilight Porn Pic!!! lol

Totally Awesome Fake Twilight Porn Pic!!! lol Oh My My Taylor...you bad bad naughty boy! hahahahaha

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

~Blessed Beltaine~

Brightest Blessings on this Sacred Day! May all your Energies be blessed and may your Masculine and Feminine energies be Balanced, and your Sexual Energies be full of Power! May Holy Fire be kindled in your heart, and may Purification be yours!

Spiritual Union
Spiritual Communion

~May All Newness Enfold You and May You Be Made New Again~

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