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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Rant on People who Think Christians can't talk about sexuality or use Certain Colorful Adjectives!

My Rant on The Sacred and Profane and those so-called "Religious people who have a problem Recognizing Both, and That a Believer can have both aspects within themselves...

Apparently I am confusing to some people because I am a Christian Minister who posts nude pictures and dares to talk about every aspect of sexuality. So let me clarify myself for those who seem to need it. I am a Christian and a Minister who believes that Sex should be sacred and beautiful. Nudity has long been celebrated by Artists, Creative Thinkers, and Spiritual People. Sexuality and the Human form are things that were and are created by God and they are good and should be seen and treated as such. Why are we not allowed to celebrate sex and the human form? If we believe we are created in the Image of God surely that includes at least a little bit of our physicality and our physical reality. Our Bodies are Temples. Are we just supposed to ignore our sexuality and pretend it doesn’t exist? Are we supposed to be ashamed of that which God instilled within us? My answer to this is an emphatic “FUCK NO”! Is that clear enough for people who are confused by me? Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck……That’s right…I a Christian Minister said Fuck and I talk openly about Sex, I write about it, and I show sexually graphic images on my PERSONAL ADULT BLOG! The only person who turns certain words into bad language that must be ignored and shunned; the only person who turns and word or anyone’s sexuality and the human form into something dirty, wrong, wicked, or shameful is THE FOOL! Grow up all you people out there who are so offended by the words idiots in modern times have deemed “Curse Words”. Grow up and get a life and a conscience all you people who turn sex into something bad, or think and say the human form is something to be ashamed of. Who are you to call God’s creation Wrong, Wicked, Bad, Shameful, and anything else Negative? Shame on you for thinking that way, it is shear Arrogance. Now to all the people out there who are like me and are not afraid to claim both their Spiritual side and their very Mundane Human Physical Worldly side…To you I say BE STRONG, never let anyone talk into being Afraid or Ashamed….Never let anyone make you Less than, or talk you our of Being Courageous and Authentic! Don’t ever be afraid to be everything you are and everything it means to be a whole human being! Sacred and Profane, Spiritual and yet a citizen of the world. As long as you know that you are Right with God, and are doing your best to follow his ways as He has taught them to you…than let that be enough and live in Joy and Love, and Peace. Don’t let anyone Rob you of your peace…ever! If God wants to convict you because you have done something wrong in His Eyes, He doesn’t need help to Convict you; your Spirit will be convicted, if only you ask for Guidance! So Go Live and Be as Good as you can be and Do as much Good as you can do! Live out Love in your Everyday Life. Remember to treat other as you would want to be treated and do not judge lest ye be judged. Remember that what we reap is what we Sew….So, Sew Goodness and Right Ways and Actions into the world. Be a Light in the Darkness; a small Mirror and Light that reflect The Greater Divine Light, and shine the Light into ALL and Every Dark Place and leave no refuge for the Dark. Let That Light Shine!!! AND BE MOST EXCELLENT AND……….. FABULOUS! And that is my rant for today!

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