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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Triad of The Three Candles of Virtue By Rev. Loush O’Raven;

Triad of The Three Candles of Virtue By Rev. Loush O’Raven;

Three Candles of Virtue that will Illumine every darkness; Authenticity of Love, A Knowing beyond Faith, and The Hope for The Highest Good in all situations.

Commentary on The Triad of The Three Candles of Virtue;

Authenticity of Love is the Courage to Be Honest and True of Intent and Stand in Your Power and Live out Love to the best of your ability as it has been given to you! It is Living Out Compassion and Healing as a service...as a way of Life; of living, being, and doing! It is a sincere Desire to Cherish and Appreciate Life and all Blessings and Abundance as The Divine Gifts they are! 

That Knowing beyond Faith is The Understanding of Truth, or at least The Openness to The Understanding of Truth! It is The Full Experience of coming to Know God deeper and in a mature relationship which changes your reality so that you no longer have to just believe….you have seen, you have felt, you have heard, you have touched, you have tasted, you have come to KNOW!

The Hope for The Highest Good of all is The holding of The First Two Virtues which brings one to The Understanding and Knowledge….. that Life is moving in The Flow of The Divine Will and that you Know beyond any shadow of any doubt that All Things Will be done in Accordance of Divine Will for The Glory Of God and the Manifestation of His Kingdom upon The Earth! 

God Never Stopped Talking...We Just Stopped Listening.... So Open your Eyes, Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Soul, Your Imagination, and Your Ears..... Because I think Maybe God is trying to Tell you Something!!! 

Let your Light Shine Forth In the Darkness and Let your Life be a mirror and a Flame that reflects The Greater Light of God upon the earth in order to help usher in The Kingdom of God that is already here and Prepare The Way for The Lord who is The Way!!! 

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