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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hypocrisy among Authors of Erotica!

I was told recently that a few Authors said that didn't want to use my Blog or blogs like mine, on their tours! This is supposedly because of the Adult content of my Blog. Now if it had been Authors of Y.A. books saying this I would sort of understand, though I would think them cowardly personally. There is a total lack of Adult in these so called young adult books. However when I learned that the authors making these demands were in fact writers of Adult books and a few of them Erotica I was absolutely outraged at their Hypocrisy! However more shocks were to come, because apparently the real reason behind this is... Homophobia. Because my Blog contains Gay content these Writers of Heterosexual erotica have said that don't want blogs like mine used to showcase their books! Well they need to grow up and get a life! It is the year 2013 people....Homo-hate mongering needs to be destroyed once and for all. We have come too far to let attitudes like this continue! So I am calling on people to boycott any authors who have this attitude! Do not read their works, Do not host their book tours or spot-light their work, Do not participate or read any blog tour posts about these authors and let them know that their Hatred of Gay people is not acceptable!!! 

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