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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A new World, A new You, A new Baptism; A post for 12:12:12 through 12:21:12 and beyond.

A post for 12:12:12 through 12:21:12 and beyond.

So what is happening on these….the supposed last days of the world? 

Well more weddings, more births, more sex, more praying………in short more living! The Mayan calendar being a circle does not end but rather starts a new cycle. The ancients were cyclical thinkers just as we should be. They understood life in a series of circles. the hour, the day, the year, a life, a death, a new birth. The tides and seasons of nature…all circular cycles. It is the end of the middle of the great shifting and the end of the old ways of life we have known. That is not to say that certain things won’t remain the same, but the world as a whole experiences a new start with the rising of the sun tomorrow! It is a new world, a new reality, a new paradigm, a new hope, a new chance for a new age. It is a brand new world and a brand new day…so lets all try to make it a good day people.  What will you do with your new start? How do you want to do things differently from here on out? You and the entire world need to ask these questions. This is the time for forgiveness and healing, for hope and joy, and time to move on from the old and grow into the new! Live in the present moment with Gratitude! 

As for me…I want to serve God more and better, and I want to continue living an authentic life, I want to learn new things, teach in new ways, inspire and be inspired, and keep following my passions with a new fervent vigor. I want new vitality for my life and the lives of those around me. That is what I want and what I will in all faith and love strive for with all that I am!

Many images and thoughts fill my mind as I write this. I see butterflies and flowers, a cosmic egg of light, a seed of life, an impregnated embryo. I see a dolphin leaping out of the waves, and a phoenix rising from the ashes, the most prevalent image I see though is Christ having risen out of the water just being baptized and then rising from the grave after conquering death and bringing about a new world and a new glorious hope. I see myself being re-baptized as well. This is a fresh start...a time for renewal! Dec. the 22nd is the perfect day for a baptism ritual. We as a planetary society need to really adoptive the practice of mediation focusing on contemplation, and reflection as we go forth into this new era of thinking globally.

 Baptism shower/ bath ritual;

For a bath put salt in the water, and for a shower first take a cup of salt water and anoint yourself with the salt water. Holy water is a great base for the salt water mixture. Essential oils like lavender and juniper would be great to add to this mixture as well.

Pray for cleansing, clearing, purification, and blessing.

An long formal baptism shower : example prayer;

“Oh Divine One
I ask of thee thy grace and blessing.
I pray of thee and beseech thee for thy
Cleansing, clearing, and purification.
Baptize me, anoint me, and consecrate me to thyself I pray.
Quicken my soul unto Thee once again
and renew a right spirit within me.
Create within me a clean heart oh Lord of Love
Wash me white in the blood of The Lamb.
White as the first winters snow,
White as the moonlight on ocean foam during night-time tides,
White as the unicorn in winter light,
White as the bride adorns herself for the bridegroom.
I pray that I may approach Thee always in this purity.
Just as the water washes un-cleanliness from my body-temple
So let Thy Holy Spirit wash my soul as white as purity itself.
Wash over my Life I pray of Thee giver if Living Waters,
wash away the sins and inequities where found there in.
Let Thy True Essence fill me now and always”.

Stand in the shower or sit in a bath. Visualize the water is made of pure light. White light contains all the colors of the light spectrum. But you can also go through the seven basic colors of the rainbow / chakra system and add pink and white. You can use the following sequence.

Visualize the water made of light turning; White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, and then back to white.

You can then use a grounding and centering visualization if you wish, which will help really strengthen this energetic process. Toning will also really allow you the full benefits of this ritual process.

Here is a link to a post I did on the basics of meditation if you want that information;

Basics of Meditation post 

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