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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Review of The Good Fight Series, By Author Andrew Grey

Recently I read a Trilogy By Author Andrew Grey.

I was truly moved by the series and so I wanted to do a review about it. I don’t often review books. I spot-light Authors and Books, but don’t do a lot of reviews. The Series was The Good Fight Series. It is about three “White” men falling in love with Native American Tribes men. However it was so much more than three interracial love stories. It dealt with many large cultural issues, It had Deep Characters and great plot-lines. I think my favorite part of all the stories; something they all had in common, was watching Men who seemed unsure of their feelings grow into themselves; grow secure and strong in who they were, and who they loved. In fact it was their falling in-love that really evolved them and that is always a terrific theme to me. It is part of what made me love The Fifty Shades of Grey Series. To quote from the Movie… The Jane Austin Book Club,  “Love is an act of sanity”!

Book one; 


Jerry Lincoln has a problem: his Sioux Falls IT consulting business has more work than one man can handle. Luckily, that means he can hire some help. Jerry just hopes his new employee, John (Akecheta) Black Raven, ends up being more helpful than distracting—but John’s deep eyes and long hair are very distracting. 

John came to town for an education and a chance at a life he couldn’t have on the reservation, but what’s important to him now is getting a job and keeping it. Six months ago, his sister died, and now her children are in foster care. Despite having the law on his side, John can’t get custody—can’t even see his niece and nephew. 

As Jerry and John grow closer, John discovers he doesn’t have to struggle alone. Jerry helps him win visitation rights and provides much-needed support. Yet their victories aren’t without setbacks. Child Services is tangled up with money, politics, and red tape, and Native American children are their bread and butter. But John and Jerry are determined to fight the good fight and to win—in more ways than one.

Book two;


Bryce Morton needs a change of scenery. Since his partner’s death a year ago, he’s become withdrawn and quiet, so his friends, Jerry Lincoln and Akecheta (John) Black Raven, convince him to go camping with them on a Sioux reservation. Though he’s not immediately sure he’s done the right thing, Bryce becomes more interested when he meets Paytah, the man who owns the reservation's trading post. 

Paytah Stillwater's life is filled with hurt, and sometimes the only thing he has left is pride. After being abused as a child and disbelieved when he spoke up, he has withdrawn into himself—but he can never truly put his past behind him, because the source of his pain still lives on the reservation. Paytah is proud of his heritage and careful with his heart, but when Bryce commits a selfless act of kindness for one of the reservation’s children, the walls around Paytah’s heart begin to melt. 

Bryce and Paytah each fight the pain within them. When Paytah's abuser sets his sights on one of the reservation youngsters, Bryce and Paytah must set their individual fights aside. Finding a way to stop the abuser unites them to fight their way forward—together.

Book three;


Will Martin’s racist father, Kevin, hates Native Americans and wants to keep them off his property, never mind that part of the ranch land is sacred ground for the Sioux. When they request access for prayer, Kevin refuses—but Will doesn’t share his father’s views. Ever since he first saw Takoda Red Bird during one of the Sioux sacred ceremonies, Will has been fascinated. He grants the tribe access. 

Takoda defies Kevin on a regular basis. He often sneaks to the sacred site on the rancher’s land for prayer and knows Will has seen him there. When, out of spite, Kevin places the land up for auction, Takoda knows it is time for action and bands together with Will to stop the sale.

In the fight that follows, Will gets more than he expected. He starts out helping the tribe preserve their identity… and ends up finding his own.

Companion Book to the series; 


Ok some Announcements;

From here on out all reviews whether for Shorts, Novella's, or full length Novels shall receive a Rating from 1 to 10 Quills


So first I will talk honestly about issues I had with the book. Then I will follow it up with what I Loved about the books. After this, I will talk about what they made me think and how they made me feel.

So fair warning from here on out; there will be some Spoilers ahead, so Spoiler Alert lol…


This would be The Review Section lol... 

My Issues with the series;

There were a few times in this series where it wasn’t clear who was talking at a given moment. Having said that, I could usually figure it out after a minute or two. This might not be an issue for other people, but it was one for me. There were many Racial issues brought up. As many of you will know who either know me, or have read my blog, although I have native ancestry I consider myself a Celtic American more than anything else. Also you will know that I have had many bad online experiences with Native American people who treated me with hatred, racism, and ignorance. This has somewhat colored my perception of Native Americans to a degree. For instance I take issue with anyone calling someone else a plastic medicine person, or using the term Cultural Appropriation. I consider these terms to be of the utmost Racism and Ignorance. I can’t stand it when any race blames all White peoples for all of their problems. Having said this, I do understand many of the hard feelings Native peoples have with what they call outsiders. Native peoples as we all know have had many wrongs done to them. So I have many mixed feelings about issues of Native Racism and this series brought those issues home for me and at times upset me. I don’t necessarily think having the series upset me was a bad thing. Self-Examination is always a good thing I think. Also on a religious note, I do think the Author believes that one of the only things for someone to scream out loud during sex is blasphemy by taking The Lord’s name in vein lol. I laugh but it actually did bother me a little. Then again, I am a Christian Minister so I am biased. Finally my last issue is this. I wanted More of everything lol, because I loved the series so much.

As any of you will know who have read the few other reviews I have done…I have my own rating system as to the length of a book. Novels are 400 pages or more, Novella’s are 200 pages to 400 pages, and Short Stories are anything less than 200 pages. These Books on my laptop fall into the short story range; however they read more like Novella’s to me. Still I loved the characters so much that I wanted the stories to be longer; I wanted more detail, and more back ground, and more descriptions. This isn’t because these things were missing however, but just because I loved this series so much I wanted more! lol

What I loved about this Series;

Well there are so many things but the main thing is the Love stories this series tells, as well as the characters and their development. These were timeless, classic, great love stories that I will probably revisit many times. They were adult and full of rich passion. They were Romantic, Authentic, Loving, and Erotically Charged in a very good way. The Eroticism which I love was bountiful and abundant in these stories. The Characters were real and honest. They were passionate; they had real weaknesses and issues, strengths and talents. There was not a single one of the six men; of the main couples, that I didn’t fall in-love with. They all made me laugh at times and want to slap them at other times. They made me question, feel, and think! That is something that is rare from many writers today and it was most welcomed, and refreshing to have in a book series! The plotlines were sound, logical, and reasonable. They were also dramatic, intense, and adventurous in many ways. This is the second series I have read… in more years than I can count right now, that wasn’t paranormal; and yet held my attention because I love the paranormal genre so much. That a non-paranormal series could hold my attention speaks a lot for that series. I read these on my busy schedule within a few days and that is saying something for me. The Author is good at painting pictures and bringing you into the story. He also makes you care about the characters very deeply, which is another rare talent that I admire greatly. I think he must care a great deal about his characters because he is a master at making me care about them.

I haven’t read the companion book to this series but I feel certain that it is as fantastic as the other books in this series because Andrew Grey is a master storyteller; in that he can make you so identify with the characters if you are open to the experience!

So now let’s get down to some brass-tacks.

The Covers are great and my only complaint is that the men are not shirtless lol. My personal favorite cover is from Book 2 in the series, The Fight Within. My favorite models are as follows. My favorite Native Model and in fact my favorite model of all, is the model for Paytah. For Fuck’s sake… that man is so beautiful he needs to marry me lol; and as for the models for the “White guys” Jerry and Will are probably my favorites, but not a single one of the six men are hard to look at. The covers are great and I would have wanted to read these books even if my friend hadn’t suggested them to me, based on covers alone. I have no problem telling people…That I am a Cover-whore lol.

The Six Main Characters;

I loved them all. My favorite Character would probably have to be Akecheta Black Raven. His winning personality and sexual prowess made me fall hard for him and wish I was a literary character named Jerry lol. I loved Jerry, Bryce, and Will. If I was going to fall madly for one of them I would probably fall for Bryce or will. Jerry for me was the most down to earth out of everyone, and possibly the most kind and bighearted. That really attracted me to him. He made me laugh and at times he made me cry. Paytah was easily the most surly out of all six of the main men. He was harder to love in some ways, but when you finally did love him as he let his guard down to allow Bryce to love him, you fell hard for him and wanted to protect him. At the same time for me; part of me wanted to be dominated by him like with Akecheta lol. Takoda was not quite as hard, but hard enough to allow his character to develop. To me Takoda was the most spiritual out of all of them and that is what draws me to him. There was a great sense of Presence and Power about him, and Spirit, and Good Medicine. I wanted to be there with him when he prayed and meditated. I wanted to be there with him as he made love, because it was almost like another form of prayer and that appeals to someone like me. Will was a complex character to me and I loved him for that. He was conflicted for many different reasons, some of which he himself didn’t know. He was of mixed heritage like me and so I connected with that aspect of him. He was strong and passionate, and willing to take the lead and also to be led; which I can make a type of connection with. He cared deeply and didn’t mind living in the mystery of life to a degree. I kept thinking about him naked on horseback and wanted to be there with him. He was one sexy hot cowboy I wanted to ride and save a horse lol. Bryce always bright, loving, and sweet; you can’t stop from loving him. He is always so full of life and ideas. He is one of those strange individuals who is always in the flow of Spirit and Inspiration. Akecheta or John as he is usually called is someone that if I met them in the real world I would fall head over heals for and probably get my heart broken. I wanted to be Jerry so I could be dominated by him. He was the hottest out of all the characters for me, sexually speaking. I wanted to feel him take control of me lol. John was devout in his heritage and beliefs, he was even tempered usually and he knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to work for it. He was a warrior through and through. When he loved, he loved totally. He was cocky and comfortable in his own skin. He was vibrant and present. He held nothing back in many ways, and to me that made him the most authentic besides Bryce. As for courage; it would be hard to say who was the bravest brave lol, but for me it had to be one of three characters…Paytah, Bryce, or Will. If you can’t tell already I love these six men (yes I do know they aren’t real outside of literature and my head) lol!

I honestly don’t know which one was my absolute favorite out of these. If I had to venture a guess it would be book 2 or 3 probably. I don’t know who my favorite couple is either because they all work so well together, and play off of each other so well. They are each the perfect compliment to each other and that is how it should be.

The Main Book themes as I see them (What each book made me think of);

The Main themes for book 1, The Good Fight;

 How White culture can hurt Native Children; How good intentions can quickly turn to greed and wickedness. How One goes about truly letting another in, after years of putting up walls and boundaries; in an effort to protect ones heart, and ones comfortable life style. The courage to follow ones dreams. What the meaning of the word family truly is.

The Main themes for book 2, The Fight Within;

How one person can so deeply affect or wound another out of selfishness, greed, wicked intent, and or monstrous perversion; or how the opposite can be true out of Love. The healing that can be attained after Loss and wounded-ness! How ones culture or religion can be used as an excuse to hide from life or a way to become wholly one with it. How letting go of the past is the only sure way to find healing, peace, and completeness. How Love can be a catalyst for change and even a type of salvation. The connection of the individual to the tribe or community, and what the individual owes to the tribe or community.

The Main themes for book 3, The Fight for Identity;

This Book is easily the most spiritual and so perhaps the most meaningful. How love can save us from ourselves and the past. How Spirit works to free us and set things right. How Love is not just an emotion or feeling, but an action…and usually hard work and effort. How forgiveness can be a catalyst to change not just an individual but an entire nation. How Love can overcome all things. How finding your own identity and even truly living and celebrating your culture and religion can bring you to Spirit; to a place of Power within you and help you to evolve and become! The relationship of the tribe or community to the individual, and what the tribe or community owes to the individual. How location is connected to culture, religion, and history.  

Heat Ratings;
Let’s talk about the sizzle…

Book 1 has the hottest and greatest sex hands down for me. The sex was terrific, perhaps not as graphic as I personally like… but graphic enough to be more than adequate for this lover of erotica. On a scale of 1 x to 3 x, it was about 1 and half maybe 2 x. The way in which it was written however leant to the grace and tasteful eloquence of the series.

Book 2 has the best romance and sensuality for me.

Book 3 has the best love and passion for me.

Having said that, all of these things are in each of the books.


I don’t want to do individual ratings for these books because the stories are for me so interconnected and important to the others, so I will rate this series.  Considering everything I have said about this series and all the things that I feel and can’t put into words… 

I rate this series 8 out of 10 Quills.

Further comments about the Author;

I just have to say that as far as Gay Romance is concerned that Andrew Grey has just become one of my new favorite Authors! He has a unique way of getting a point across, and one of the most authentic and seemingly effortless ways of building the relationships between characters that I have come across.

Author Links;

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My Previous Book Reviews; 


Since I posted the link for my Rant on Native Racists, I figured that some Native voices deserved to be heard as well lol. The Following is a group of videos from Youtube that have a connection of some form or another to the series. 

The Following Video's are about Two-Spirit People... 

I Hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on this terrific series and that you will follow the Author's Links above and Buy the Books, because they are so worth your while! Thank you Andrew Grey for inviting me into this magnificent Love Saga! 

In Closing I leave you with a few pictures of the real life model who was posed as Paytah on the cover of The Fight Within; Good Lord he is Fine!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW...ENJOY! 

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