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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Library Christmas Blog Tour

The O'Raven Chronicles is Honored to host this opening post for The Library Christmas Blog Tour

Opposites Book series spot-light; 

** Warning, Opposites is an adult dystopian majorly m/m series ** 

Book one, Opposites 


In the year 2081 our planet survived global warming of an apocalyptic scale. When the dust settled and the water receded Dr. Anthony Smith, one of only a few hundred survivors of GWI, started society anew. Having come to the conclusion that injudicious breeding played a huge role in the destruction of Earth as we knew it in the twenty first century, he worked closely with other survivors to isolate the Dionysus gene. This gene has the ability to manipulate human DNA to ensure that all male children be born gay, and all female children be born lesbians. A new society is born.

In the year 2300 Dr. Smith’s descendants are ushering in the twenty fourth century having maintained control of the government that still rules society. Twins Aiya and Aiyan are preparing to meet their matches and take control of House Gaeland, the current ruling House. But not everything is as it seems.

Love is Love.. it knows no gender and doesn’t conform to restrictions and boundaries. Aiyan has found his soul mate in Kaden, the prince of House Devi that he is matched with and eventually marries. But when the person Aiya falls in love with tests the boundaries put in place after GWI, all hell breaks loose. And in the midst of one secret unraveling, another will emerge. There is a growing anomaly that threatens to destroy over two hundred years of progression. This anomaly is known as Opposites.

*WARNING* Opposites is a majorly M/M New Adult novel that contains explicit sexual content and relationships between gay, lesbian and straight couples

The Library, an Opposites novella


Three gay couples run amuck in this short story where clothing, beds, even four walls are all optional!

Want to know what happened that night in the library?
Cirian and Rian had a fight in the library and Rian ends up naked on the desk, on his back, at Cirian's mercy.

Want to know how far things went with ice cream?
A romantic evening by the fire feeding his husband ice cream leads to a lot more than heavy petting for Aiyan and Kaden.

Want to know what was going on when those birds fled?
Travelling hundreds of miles, battling the rebels and then travelling back to House Gaeland will take it out of you. But when Tanis wants something, he takes it. Raven is about to be bent over a tree!

A Note from the Author: I've taken three scenes from Opposites that were cut short and elaborated on the shenanigans that ensued. I also focused more in the beginning on the relationship between Cirian and Rian, to give readers a chance to know them and their inner workings better.

**Warning, The Library is a novella set in the same world as Opposites. It's an adult dystopian M/M novella that includes consenting and explicit sexual relationships between gay couples**

About The Author;

Smith is an outspoken advocate for Autism and equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

Her Opposites series is based outside the normal parameters of social acceptability, examining a 'what if'... What If to be gay or lesbian were the norm? What if to be straight labeled you as an Opposite and made YOU the Outkast?

Author Amazon page: T.M. Smith on Amazon
Author website: Author Web / Blog site
GoodReads book: Opposites Goodreads page
GoodReads author: Author Goodreads page

Raven and Tanis spot-light;

This Link to The Library Release post will give you other links many which are to previous posts about Raven and Tanis:            The Library Release Post 

Insight into Raven and Tanis (from the real life Raven)

Given that I am the real life inspiration for Raven I thought I would share some personal reflections. Please note that these are my thoughts and do not reflect those of The Author. 

Raven differs slightly from me in that he struggles with maintaining his relationship with God while pursuing a human love affair. While this would never be an issue for me now, it certainly does reflect much of my personal turmoil in my preteen years. There were many dark times when I gave into suicidal thoughts and tried to take my own life. As you can plainly tell, I am still here alive and kicking. I survived Abuse and Bullying. I grew up in a family which has long been in the ministry. When I was young there were a lot of mixed messages I received about sex. One message came through loud and clear though....Homosexuals were bad, Homosexuality was a sin; I was inherently born wrong...though I was also told it was a choice. I knew it was never a choice for me. I used to beg God to crush me up into little pieces and re-make me "the right way". After I reached my sixteenth year the darkness was passing. I became very Spiritual and Religious but not in the same way that I grew up understanding either of those terms. I renewed my relationship with my Creator. I still struggled with coming to terms with my sexuality. It was shortly after my seventeenth birthday all that would change, I had a spiritual experience which altered me forever. One night as I was staying with a friend, I took a walk in the wooded area beside her apartment complex. I remember this crushing weight on me, on my head, on my chest. I looked up to the light of the full moon. I looked up above even that into the darkness of space and to the stars that were shining like diamonds, bright and clear white fire adorning the deep vastness beyond our world. I fell to my knees and cried out loud and prayed. "Oh God, please help me....help me come to terms with this...help me bear it...please give me peace"! The wind began to blow through the woods, through me....filling me. I felt like I was being heard...being cleansed. I felt all the weight of all my years being lifted from me. All the agony....all the pain....all the hurt, and the heartache just blew away. I was left feeling a type of euphoric awe! I heard a voice say to me (and this is a very abbreviated version lol)... "Oh My child, My child...why do you weep? Don't you know how beautiful I have made all of My children? Don't you know that I created everyone as they are, with a purpose and a place? I created you with a purpose....be at peace after this with who you are...feel My presence ever with you....feel My love and be at peace"! In that moment I was utterly transformed. I had never felt so safe, and protected, and loved, and cherished....uplifted, validated, and called. Yes that is how I felt....like I had been called into service. Much later after finding my true Religious and Spiritual path and Faith Tradition, and being trained as a Healer....I became Ordained as a Minister. I also started to educate myself on what scripture does and does not say about Homosexuals and people of alternative sexual orientation. In fact scriptures says little to nothing on the subject. Like the character of Raven I had made peace with my self.

 In The Library you really get a sense of how far Raven has come in his emotional journey to wholeness in finding his true lover and soul mate in the dashing Tanis. When T.M. Smith my good friend was crafting the story and the character using me as a reference she really took time to try and understand me and who I am as a person and I will forever be honored by the experience. Raven and Tanis were both crafted in a sense after me. Raven was crafted after who I am as a person. Tanis was crafted after what I long for in a lover. Though I have never found my real life Tanis...I still hope and dream that one day my prince will come lol! Tanis is a prince, and a warrior. The Warrior Archetype is something that I am deeply attracted to. In Raven and Tanis's story the clashing and later the uniting of the very different Priest and Warrior Archetypes created this huge unforeseen interesting side story in the series. Neither the author or myself could have guessed that these side characters would turn into main characters. Tanis is pivotal to the story to me because of what he brings to the table, and because of the chain of events he sets off in the story. Tanis shares a lot in common, in my mind; with his fathers and with Aiyan as far as personality traits go. Tanis however has inner turmoil of his own. Though this part of his story has yet to be revealed. In upcoming stories you will be able to come to know Tanis better. Tanis has a fierce love and loyalty like many of the characters...he fights for what he loves; however Tanis has this strange type of bravado and way of coping with emotions that is not like any of the other characters to me. I never considered what his inner story would be when this project started. I admit that I was so focused on what Tanis meant to Raven that I didn't consider Tanis's inner life and world at all. Tanis is a force of nature. He is aggressive and persistent. Perhaps he is even relentless in his pursuit of his priest. As much as Tanis is this big strong man who is going after what he wants...he is also very child like to me. He has this great vulnerability that comes through in his pursuit of Raven. It is almost as if he not only wants Raven at all costs....not only is he terrified of final rejection....but he is just as terrified of loosing Raven...of not participating in the chase and the hunt. He is scared not to try, and scared of what really loving this man means. Tanis is nothing if not a skilled lover in the physical sense...but he has had to learn a lot about how much more there is to true love and a real relationship. Falling in love with Raven forced the wild child party playboy to grow up emotionally and realize that if he is to be a true mate to Raven he has to be able to take care of all his needs, not just the physical ones. In some ways it seems to me that for Tanis, Raven is like several things all rolled into one package that he just can't resist. For Tanis, Raven represents innocence that he must protect and care for. In other ways Raven for Tanis seems like a type of lofty spiritual ideal that he comes to believe in and wants to uphold and defend. In yet another way Raven seems like the biggest best present under the tree at Christmas for that bright eyed little boy who wakes up with the first streaks of light on Christmas morn.

 For Raven, Tanis represents all the things he ever wanted and considered too selfish to dare to ask for. Raven can't be said to have low self esteem I don't think; however there is this part of Raven's psyche that can't fathom that anyone could love him the way Tanis does. I think it stems from what he was sure his life's course was, more than anything else. He had of course resigned himself to being alone forever. Tanis comes into Raven's life and literally rocks his entire world. I think inside on an unconscious level Raven probably views Tanis as Angel or a message from God that is telling him to wake up and look deeper into the mystery of life. Not to be so attached to his own dogma's that he isn't paying attention to everything going on around him. Tanis's love literally wakes up Raven's heart and soul from a type of slumber. Raven has always spoke his mind but he becomes more outspoken and learns to truly fight for what's right in his eyes. This call to wake up and really pay attention will become a huge part of the story. The groundwork for this facet of the story was laid in book one. I won't go into details...it would spoil the surprise and then T.M. Smith would commit grave acts of violence against my personage lol! I will say this...each of the three main couples in the story has obstacles to overcome in their relationships which help propel the story. These themes are part of what make this series so interesting and help enrich the world the author has created and bring it to life in a much deeper way. Again I want to thank T.M. Smith for this opportunity and experience. It isn't everyday that one gets to examine themselves in this way...through a character, unless one is an actor. If you haven't read this series and are only now hearing about it...I want to urge you to get these books and let yourself experience this fascinating world, and story concept! T.M. Smith has really created something special with this series and I hope people really take time to not just breeze through the story but truly absorb the message and take it to heart. What if you were the outcast? What if it was you that was on the outside looking in, just wanting to be seen and treated the same as everyone else? I hope people take this opportunity to ask themselves one of the greatest questions that there is.... "What if"? 

A special Christmas Message from Raven and Tanis ~


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