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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!!

Have a Happy 4th of July!!! 


God Bless America, and God Bless American Beefcake lol… 

And now for today’s Tirade:

We interrupt your normally scheduled program to bring you this special holiday message from our sponsors…

Have a Happy July 4th Independence Day!

Don’t ever stop celebrating and fighting for ALL your freedoms!

Do not bow down or submit to tyranny or terrorism of any kind!

You have the right to practice your Religion freely and openly as long as it is not physically harming anyone else; even if you are in the military or working for a school or university, or a public service job!  
You have the right to Bear Arms!
You have the right not to vaccinate you or your children!
You have the right not to circumcise your children!
You have the right to practice whatever form of Healthcare you so choose!
You have the right To Love and Marry whatever consenting adult(s) you so choose!
You have the right the right to disagree with your fellow citizens and your government!
You have the right to protest!
You have the right and duty to rebel against your government when it becomes tyrannical!
You have the right and duty to fight against all enemies foreign and domestic!
You have the right to Fight for your freedom and the freedoms of your fellow Citizens!
You have the right not to follow foreign laws on the soil of your own country!
You have the right to live in an independent and sovereign nation!
You have the right to demand your government stand with our Allies and not our Enemies!
You have the right to Privacy!
You have the right to Free Speech, so speak your mind and let your voice be heard!
You have the right of a Citizen to vote, to expect your vote to matter, and to run for public office to aid in setting right the wrongs in this world! 
You have the right to expect your government to serve “We The People” and do that which is right!

You have the right to be proud of who and what you are, your culture, your religion, your heritage, and even the color of your skin; and that includes white people and southerners!!!

You have the right to fly and salute, wear, and even protest the American flag, and also any other flag in addition to that you so wish! You do not have the right to desecrate the American Flag however, that is legally prohibited!

You have the right to expect and demand that your government and it’s people do their best to aid in the protection of the environment for us and all future generations!

You have the right to expect your president and his or her significant other not to viciously slander your country, it’s ways, and it’s people; most especially when they are in another country.

These are Divine, Basic, Civil, Human Rights! They are granted to us by God, by the Constitution, by the Bill of Rights! They are not privileges; they are rights that are inalienable and guaranteed to all American Citizens!

Oh and by the way, one of the reasons we have the right to bear arms is because we not only have a right but a duty to rebel against our government should it, and those running it forget their place! We are to rebel against the establishment to keep it in line! We are not here to serve the state of the government, the state and the government are here to serve us! We are not their servants, they are ours!

Liberty or Death! Live Free or Die Fighting for Freedom!

Don’t tread on me unless you want mangled feet!

Thank you…and now back to your regularly scheduled programs! Lol 


And if anyone finds anything in the post offensive, I am good with that! HAHAHAHA Smooches! XOXOXOXOXO 

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