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Sunday, November 29, 2015

We stand with France our Friend and Ally

Recently France was attacked by islamic cowardly pig dog scum. When they did the same to us France stood by us in support, and despite what stupidity is going on with all of the governments of the world, I think we the people of America have showed that we understand, and empathize with the people of France, and that we will stand in support of them the way they did for us. This attack has just made our nations fondness for each other increase and our alliance that much stronger.

The juvenile evil people among us on this planet can and will continue to attack us all in an effort to make us affraid...in an effort to make us submit, or give up and die, but we never will! We will not back down, we will not give up, we will stand and we will fight, we will not submit or give into fear! We will live free and when the time comes die free, and make sure all the future generations of earth are free to truly live!

To our friends, brothers, and sisters in France...Peace! May God be with you and with us all. May you stay strong and may you rebuild quickly and find healing, comfort, and joy! Remember we stand with you and pray each day that Love lifts you up, and that the light of your beautiful country dispels the darkness and returns once again, and that life itself not only continues to go on like before; but that it finds you blessed and well in all good abundance and that you thrive and always overcome adversity!

Blessed Be!

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