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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Do we need critics? NO!!!

We perhaps need people around us who can give us some new perspective and honest feed back but that is not the same thing as a critic or as I like to call them, "Professional Criticizer". Personally I am sick and tired of all critics on the planet lol. It seems to me that making a living off of criticizing other people and often trying to tear them down because you are too much of a coward to create or attempt to create anything yourself makes you pathetic, sad, and frankly a little wicked. But hey to each their own. I mean if you have nothing better to do and nothing better to offer the world than your negative thoughts about the work of others who at least have the courage to try...well it seems to me you should grow up and get a life; but again to each their own lol. 

Now getting other people to give you some honest feed back, having beta-readers, and sounding boards, and even if need be editors, well great...but critics to me are worthless because they have nothing real to offer other than their own opinions which carry very little if any weight in real life. Also and I truly mean no offense by this...I have a lot of friends who are "book reviewers" and I have even done some reviews myself. I however have never read or not read a book based on someone else's review or opinion. Reviews have their place and it is to put the readers thoughts out into the world and that is fine. If you base your reading decisions though on other people's opinions...well that just makes you silly and a little pathetic to me personally. I have read reviews and done some as I said. I did it really as a study to help myself analyze my own thoughts about a particular work or what have you and I shared those thoughts or read someone's thoughts. Never did I ever base my decision on someone else's opinions.

So to everyone...stop listening to all the negative nellies and all the voices of nay-sayers and start listening to your own voice and to Spirit! Listen to your own creative impulses and go live life to the fullest.  

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